Foreigners are taking 80 per cent of new jobs in Britain

Britain has ceded its sovereignty over to the EU which now controls its borders and immigration policies. British people have absolutely no say (and therefore no ‘democracy’) over their own internal affairs and so are being radically colonized by foreign invaders as per order of unelected EU “Wise Men”. The true purpose is to so flood Britain with immigrants that the British identity is completely swamped and obliterated. This they have to do because the British, being naturally an independent island people, would not relinquish sovereignty without a huge influx of new blood from Europe and Asia who would be more amenable to integrating with the EU. Brilliant strategy. And now Brown is off to finally sign what’s left of his country away, in person.

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The Times | Dec 11, 2007

by Philip Webster, Political Editor

About 80 per cent of new jobs created in Britain in the past 10 years might have gone to foreign workers, according to an official report last night.

Frank Field, the Labour MP for Birkenhead, released the results of a Statistics Commission investigation after an incorrect estimate of the increase in overseas workers since 1997 by the Department for Work and Pensions.

The Department revised its figures from 800,000 foreign workers to 1.1 million in October. The Statistics Commission report concluded that, of a total increase in employment between 1997 and 2007 of 2.1 million new jobs, more than half were taken by foreign citizens. However, it added that the actual proportion of the employment increase accounted for by foreign workers ranged from just over 50 per cent to just over 80 per cent, depending on the definition of a migrant.

The 50 per cent figure was applicable if foreign citizens alone were counted. The 80 per cent figure was based on a definition by the Office for National Statistics of all those who said they were born overseas, including those who had since become British citizens.

Between 1997 and 2007 the estimated number of workers born abroad increased by 1.4 million and those born in Britain by 0.3 million. In response to a parliamentary question to Mr Field in October, Peter Hain, the Work and Pensions Secretary, stated that 800,000 new jobs since 1997 had gone to foreign citizens. Questioned further, the Government was forced to revise its figures. It emerged that out of 2.1 million new jobs created, 1.1 million were taken by foreign citizens and 1 million by British nationals.

Chris Grayling, the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said that the report had destroyed the Government’s claim of being able to offer British jobs to British workers. “Gordon Brown’s Welfare to Work policies have clearly been an abject failure and all he’s done is create British jobs for foreign workers,” he said.

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