China will oppose mandatory carbon cuts

Forbes | Dec 12, 2007

BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) – China will not accept binding carbon emission cuts in any new global agreement on climate change, said a senior official with China’s economic planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission.

At a briefing held for Chinese journalists on the sidelines of the international negotiations in Bali, Xie Zhenhua, an NDRC vice-director responsible for China’s climate change policy, again rejected the idea that ‘important developing countries’ – China, India and Brazil – should be forced to make mandatory emission cuts.

He said that calls for a ‘single-track’ mechanism in which each signatory country must commit to the same binding carbon cuts were ‘unfair,’ and developed countries must ‘take the lead’ in the fight against global warming.

China hopes that developed countries that have not signed up to the Kyoto Protocol will make specific commitments to reducing their emissions, and that developing countries will ‘implement positive measures to deal with climate change under the conditions of technological and financial support,’ Xie said at the news conference.

The Chinese delegation has already been involved in ‘tough’ bilateral discussions with a number of developed countries, Xie said.

He also noted that China ‘hopes that a technology transfer mechanism can be established as soon as possible, which is a problem that all developing countries need to solve urgently.’

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