Death Ray Replaced By The Voice of God

LRAD mounted with a 50 cal machine gun on a Humvee unit

There are now rumors in Iraq of a devilish American weapon that makes people believe they are hearing voices in their heads. It appears that some of the troops in Iraq are using “spoken” (as opposed to “screeching”) LRAD to mess with enemy fighters. LRAD can put the “word of God” into their heads. If God, in the form of a voice that only you can hear, tells you to surrender, or run away, what are you gonna do?

Strategy Page | Dec 17, 2007

While U.S. efforts to deploy it’s microwave Active Denial System (which transmits a searchlight sized beam of energy which makes people downrange feel like their skin is on fire) continue to be delayed, another non-lethal system, LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) has been quietly deployed to Iraq. And there the story gets a little strange.

LRAD is basically a focused beam of sound. Originally, it was designed to emit a very loud sound. Anyone whose head was touched by this beam, heard a painfully loud sound. Anyone standing next to them heard nothing. But those hit by the beam promptly fled, or fell to the ground in pain. Permanent hearing loss is possible if the beam is kept on a person for several seconds, but given the effect the sound usually has on people (they move, quickly), it is unlikely to happen. LRAD works. It was recently used off Somalia, by a cruise ship, to repel pirates. Some U.S. Navy ships also carry it, but not just to repel attacking suicide bombers, or whatever. No, the system was sold to the navy for a much gentler application. LRAD can also broadcast speech for up to 300 meters.

The navy planned to use LRAD to warn ships to get out of the way. This was needed in places like the crowded coastal waters of the northern Persian Gulf, where the navy patrols. Many small fishing and cargo boats ply these waters, and it’s often hard to get the attention of the crews. With LRAD, you just aim it at a member of the crew, and have an interpreter “speak” to the sailor. It was noted that the guy on the receiving end was sometimes terrified, even after he realized it was that large American destroyer that was talking to him. This apparently gave the army guys some ideas, for there are now rumors in Iraq of a devilish American weapon that makes people believe they are hearing voices in their heads.

This made more sense when an American advertising firm recently used an LRAD unit to support a media campaign for a new TV show. LRAD was pointed at a sidewalk in Manhattan, below the billboard featuring the new show. LRAD broadcast a female voice providing teaser lines from the show. The effect was startling, and a bit scary for many who passed through the LRAD beam. It appears that some of the troops in Iraq are using “spoken” (as opposed to “screeching”) LRAD to mess with enemy fighters. Islamic terrorists tend to be superstitious and, of course, very religious. LRAD can put the “word of God” into their heads. If God, in the form of a voice that only you can hear, tells you to surrender, or run away, what are you gonna do?

Meanwhile, the microwave powered ADS, a non-lethal weapon that looks like a radar dish, languishes in politically correct limbo. The ADS “radar dish” projects a “burn ray” that is about four feet in diameter. It is effective in fog, smoke and rain. When pointed at people and turned on, it creates a burning sensation on the skin of its victims, causing them to want to leave the area, or at least greatly distracts them. The microwave weapon has a range of about 500 meters. ADS is carried on a hummer or Stryker, along with a machine-gun and other non-lethal weapons (like LRAD). The proposed ROE (Rules of Engagement) for ADS were that anyone who kept coming after getting hit with microwave was assumed to have evil intent, and could be killed. The microwave is believed to be particularly useful for terrorists who hide in crowds of women and children, using the human shields to get close enough to make an attack. This has been encountered in Somalia and Iraq.

Deployment of ADS has been delayed for years because of concerns about how non-lethal it really is. ADS has been fired, in tests, over 2,500 times. Many of these firings were against human volunteers, and the device performed as predicted, without any permanent damage. But generations of exposure to lurid science fiction descriptions of “death rays” has made the defense bureaucrats anxious over the negative public relations potential if something like ADS was actually used. From a publicity perspective, using more lethal “non-lethal-weapons” is preferable to deploying something safer, but that could be described, however incorrectly, as a “death ray.” In any event, it appears that the cheaper, smaller (about 45 pounds), gentler and more flexible LRAD has taken ADS’s place in the American arsenal. At least for now.

6 responses to “Death Ray Replaced By The Voice of God

  1. We hundreds of citizens in the U.S. and beyond, being bombarded with microwave electromagnetic radiation, and weapons such as these, are working to find out all involved in using these types of weapons on innocent citizens worldwide.

    Any information would be appreciated. Please contact me at and ask for confirmation of sent email.

    Thank you,

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  3. I’ve searched the internet on information about implants. The first brain implant is said to have been in ohio in 1974 but there is nothing about who or how many or what happened to them. I’ve also seen where electrodes were being implanted in babies heads as early as 1946 without parental consent/knowledge. Also there was an implant called the “rambo chip” used on soldiers during the vietnam war. That was before 1975. So how does Ohio fit in? Did it ever really stop after 1946? Or after Vietnam? The NSA has poison kits to run pharmapsychology drugs into homes. Drugs used to aid in mind control. I’ve found powder in my ears in several places in ohio. I’ve also been harassed by police in indiana and ohio. I was born in 1976. This is 2011. How far has it come without anyone knowing? Why doesn’t anyone believe the technology is there except the people that are harassed and the people who design and use it? Is it possible that most people have implants from birth or the unlucky visit to a doctor who sold out? Implants can control all of your brain functions and can induce and control dreams. Is that how some people who are born deaf dream in spoken english? A survey in Great Britain showed that 7-10 percent of the people hear voices. A psychiatrist suggested to one woman she should talk to the voices. He said they were all part of her subconscious. I believe we all have an inner voice but don’t think we talk to it. I don’t think she’s crazy. I think she has an implant. How many people in this country have an actual “inner voice”? Maybe you have an implant. And if you don’t hear voices or an inner voice that doesn’t mean they’re not watching you.

  4. Look up Jose Delgado, an admitted fascist doctor who worked for the CIA. He was experimenting with brain implants in the 1960s and said that people don’t have the right to think their own thoughts, that if they did think that way they would be surgically mutilated, that it is the right of the state to control their minds and do with them whatever it wills.

    Not sure where I saw this but Vannevar Bush from MIT (also a high freemason) I think was pushing for brain implants as early as the 1930s and 40s. That would make sense since he was the top manager over WWII and post war sci-tech and oversaw the precursor to DARPA. Being both a Freemason and a top level minister in Freemason FDR’s and Freemason Truman’s administrations, you know he had the highest level of clearance in to the “secrets” within the “society with secrets”.

    I believe the technology has progressed probably 10-fold or even 100-fold since the 1960s and Vietnam, such that it is possible to control minds and even track individuals without implants. In 2001 I asked a radar and LORAN expert if “hypothetically speaking”, it was possible to transmit concepts through the air into someone’s brain and he answered very flatly and definitely “Yes”. But he too was a servant to this entire matrix system and when I asked him about microchip implants he called it “progress”.

    But even implants themselves have gone ahead by leaps and bounds. I believe that using nano-technology that they could be “grown” in the human embryo or even injected as a fluid of self-assembling nano-bots that would build upon the structure of the brain so as to integrate with it like a kind of parasite. Weird, sick, but true.

  5. If you hear voices , look if its from inside or outside of your head, if its from outside you been attacked by EMP waves, you can stop this by putting earplugs of foamplastic with a layer of silverfolie and a layer of thin plastic in your ears.

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