Anger over plan to broadcast Muslim call to prayer on loudspeaker in Oxford


Outrage: Proposals for loudspeaker Muslim calls to prayer in central Oxford have been attacked by local residents

Daily Mail | Dec 24, 2007

Muslim plans to broadcast a loudspeaker call to prayer from a city centre mosque have been attacked by local residents who say it would turn the area into a “Muslim ghetto”.

Dozens of people packed out a council meeting to express their concerns over the plans for a two-minute long call to prayer to be issued three times a day, saying that it could drown out the traditional sound of church bells.

But a spokesman for the Central Mosque said that Muslim’s also have the right to summon worshippers.

Dr Mark Huckster, who lives in Stanton Road and works at East Oxford hospice Helen House, told the Oxford Mail: “The proposal to issue a prayer call is very un-neighbourly, especially in a crowded urban space such as Oxford.

“I have lived in the Middle East and a prayer call has a very different feel to church bells and I personally found the noise extremely unpleasant, rather disturbing and very alien to the western mindset.”

He added: “If an evangelical Christian preacher proposed issuing sermons three times a day at full volume there would be an outcry.

“There could be a sense of ghettoisation of East Oxford. Cowley Road would have a Muslim flavour and could become a Muslim ghetto which is contrary to what we want in a multicultural society.”

Dr Huckster was among six residents speaking in opposition to the plans, revealed in the Oxford Mail in November.

Allan Chapman, who lives in East Oxford, said: “We are concerned with civil liberties and civil peace and the right to be able to live in our own space.

“I do not want preaching at. It is not the tradition of this country or the tradition I subscribe to.

“I find this totally, utterly unacceptable and I plan to do whatever I can to stop it.”

David Hutcheson, of East Avenue, said: “I’m very happy for people to practice their own religion but very unhappy about the thought of having a loudspeaker broadcasting any messages into my private space.”

After the meeting, Sardar Rana, a spokesman for the Central Mosque, said he would be happy to clarify any issues and invited anyone to come to the mosque so he could satisfy their concerns.

He said: “The call is going on in so many places in the UK, and we must get the same right as everybody else.

“When they ring the bells in church, we respect it but that is also a call to prayer.

“We don’t want to do anything that will disturb the people or upset the people.”

6 responses to “Anger over plan to broadcast Muslim call to prayer on loudspeaker in Oxford

  1. Change is always difficult , isn’t it? adapting to change is even more threatening!
    It all boils down to one thing, no one wants to change their lifestyle, no matter what. Do you sometimes wonder who is determining our lifestyle in the west? and in the east?
    Happy ponderings!

  2. No one wants to think for themselves. It is much easier to adopt a religion and let assorted preachers, priests, mullahs, gurus and rabbis to do the thinking for you.

    The religions were created and sustained by the elites to control the masses. Who is determining the fate this miserable world? The shepherds of the hidden neo-feudal occult theocracy, of course. They are driving the bleating sheep into their New World Order nightmare and everyone is sheepishly following along, “doing their bit”.

  3. I get (attempted) grief from various sources because many people I call friends so much younger than me… My response aside from past jobs where most of my coworkers were college and high school students, is just most people that age haven’t joined the matrix yet, and many still have sense of wonder and openness to the possibilities of life.

    Which I try to help and encourage them to maintain.

    I’ve noticed all my life, most people seem to crystallize in some form in their 20’s whatever their life or their world culture is then, and that’s the “room” or worldview they live within and carry with them over the course of their time line. Though usually this is referred to as “growing up,” “settling down,” “accepting,” or “finding one’s self.” With maybe a midlife crisis or two to make some adjustments.

    Someone last night was trying to give me the “you’re not a spring chicken any more” line, when I mentioned things I plan to do this year–they seemed surprized.

    I know too many people they seem to be winding down to retirement, and I’m like–ha–I’m just getting started.

  4. Ignorant people try to portray Islam as a cult or somthing damgerous. Why not go to some mosques and meet some muslims to to see firsthand the true face of good muslims. And this needless fear will vanish.

  5. If people would only think for themselves, they would begin to understand why this conflict arose in the first place. It arises because it is engineered by the globalist elite to engender such conflict of cultures. They have taken over Britain’s borders and immigration policies such that Britain no longer has any effective borders. Thus immigrants are allowed to pour in freely from all parts of the globe displacing the native population there. This is bound to stir up conflict and resentment. I ask you therefore to open your mind and try to see the other point of view before you jump to conclusions. The same thing is being done to the US with open-border policies. It is creating a clash between Americans and the relentless influx of immigrants. All this is to divide and conquer America, to soften us up for the stealth North American Union. The same has already been done to Britain as it falls into poverty, corruption and chaos. Order Out of Chaos. That is the methodology being used to get us all fighting with each other while the elite take total control over every aspect of our lives on the way to global totalitarian dictatorship.

  6. the person they interviewed there seemed to believe prayers were going over the intercom instead of a call for prayer….

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