Global Cooling? Saudi Arabia covered with snow in coldest winter for 20 years

RIA Novosti | Jan 11, 2008

Northern parts of Saudi Arabia are covered with snow with schools, mosques and administrative bodies paralyzed, local media reported Friday.

The oil-rich kingdom is being hit with subzero temperatures and snow storms with freezing winds of up to 50 km/h (30mp/h). Some regions have been experiencing problems with water supplies as pipes have frozen, and livestock has died from the cold.

The Saudi Gazette reported late in December that the winter was expected to last 89 days, with temperatures reaching below zero. National media said the winter is the coldest in the country for 20 years.

Morning and afternoon prayers are being combined in many mosques because of the morning cold and some schools will reopen later than scheduled.

The bad weather is fun for children and teenagers, however, who have been making snowballs and building snowmen with enthusiasm.

5 responses to “Global Cooling? Saudi Arabia covered with snow in coldest winter for 20 years

  1. THE planetary shifts are now happening; The ancient inhabitants went through this shift thousands of years ago. It will happen gradually then will speed up.

  2. Yes…….It is all ready to start the rebirth of Mother Earth.

  3. How many times do I have to tell you Monte, get off the computer!! Your dinner is getting cold.

    I suppose you’ll put that down to the planetary shift as well, you no good bastard. my mother was right about you.

  4. WTF? That was a strange comment, but I liked it.

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