Blair kicks off campaign to become EU President

Apparently, since he has converted to Catholicism, Blair can now become the new leader over the entire European empire with the blessings of the papacy

The Observer | Jan 13, 2008

Alex Duval Smith in Paris

Tony Blair launched his campaign to become the first fully-fledged President of the European Union yesterday by describing the notion of left- and right-wing politics as redundant.

With France preparing to oversee the appointment process, Blair set out his vision of modern European democracy at a meeting of the French governing conservative party by also claiming that EU countries could achieve far more by working together than acting in isolation.

‘Europe is not a question of left or right, but a question of the future or the past, of strength or weakness,’ said the former British Prime Minister, speaking in French.

In his most important speech since leaving Downing Street last June, addressing 2,000 supporters of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Blair said globalisation was eradicating traditional party lines and class distinctions and rendering old political remedies obsolete. ‘It’s about today versus yesterday. Less about politics and more about a state of mind; open as opposed to closed,’ he said.

‘Terrorism, security, immigration, organised crime, energy, the environment, science, biotechnology and higher education. In all these areas, and others, we are much stronger and able to deliver what our citizens expect from us as individual nations if we are part of a strong and united Europe,’ he added before supporters of Sarkozy’s Union Pour Un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) party. Blair, a close ally of Sarkozy who advised the French politician during his rise to power, is strongly backed by the French President to become President of the EU Council of Ministers in January next year, a position he has previously said he was not interested in.

Sarkozy, 52, who appeared at the Palais des Sports rally without his 40-year-old girlfriend, Carla Bruni, offered unequivocal backing for Blair yesterday, describing him as an ideal candidate to run Europe. ‘He is intelligent, he is brave and he is a friend. We need him in Europe. How can we govern a continent of 450 million people if the President changes every six months and has to run his own country at the same time? I want a President chosen from the top – not a compromise candidate – who will serve for two-and-a-half years,’ added Sarkozy.

A UMP party grandee, Jean-Pierre Rafarin, wrote in yesterday’s Le Monde newspaper that Blair’s experience in Europe positioned him well for the post. The position of President of the European Council – which meets at head-of-state and government level, usually four times a year – is due to be created by the 27-nation grouping in the second half of 2008, when France will chair EU ministerial meetings.

At the end of this month, Blair will continue his campaign to win the leadership of Europe when he addresses a conference at the Sorbonne of Les Progressistes, a breakaway socialist party group which has joined Sarkozy’s government. Blair is also due to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this month.

After Blair’s speech, Sarkozy took the former Prime Minister for lunch at the Hotel Bristol near the Elysee Palace. Despite support from Sarkozy – who is the architect of the mini-treaty for a European constitution – Blair is an outsider for the EU job. His support for the war in Iraq and Britain’s reluctance to join the euro and other core projects is likely to count against him when EU leaders vote for their president later this year.

21 responses to “Blair kicks off campaign to become EU President

  1. bull shit are realy that fucking dumb , the cathlic church is the NWO number one target , they want religion gone…..

  2. You are so wrong. The Catholic church is and always has been solidly behind the NWO since it’s founding by the Roman elites. They give you an exoteric religion to follow to control your mind (working very well on you!), while they themselves secretly practice the esoteric mystery religion that gives them more power over you. Same deal in Egypt, India and other ancient feudal systems. They are wolves in sheeps clothing and you are a sheep.

  3. O.K.
    So Are you pj and bren, saying that all Christianity is bad ?

    What religion do you believe, is no pro NWO ?

    Do you even believe God Exists ?

    Not argueing, truely desire to know what you believe.

  4. There is Consciousness, therefore there is creation. duh! just look around you. Look at the trees, the animals, the patterns, the MATH! just look thats all I’m saying. things move forward, its called evolution. you can’t stop it. thats wrong and immature. We all have a responsibility that we have been programmed to forget about. We must take care of our largest organism…THE EARTH! just like the cells in our bodies do for us!
    Besides we have 8 million mouths to feed and its going to be awfully hard to feed all these people if we don’t change our ways soon. Think about it.

  5. ALL religions are given to us by the elites. All religions are have truths to hook us but they all controlled.

  6. Too much power and wealth being ever more consolidated into fewer and fewer hands. And less and less answerable to anybody for anything no matter what.

  7. We are all accountable to our creator .
    As far as all religion from elite, well I can say is I will pray for you, so you can manage to get some peace. A lot of the conspiracy related information out there is designed to make you loose faith in every thing and eventually loose your mind.

  8. I would point people to study the Reformation as a Rosicrucian scheme and discover the relationship with Calvin and Luther. The Rosicrucian (Rose Cross) Reformation was an effort to radically alter the entire human society across the board in all fields. It was an agenda of the elites, royalty etc. Religion was just one part of it. People look back and say how wonderful the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, etc were, but the fact is these were all programs and agendas coming from the top levels of the Illuminati which has existed at least since the time of the Pharoahs. They have had a very long range plan and that is why we commoners have found it so difficult to grasp what is happening in any given time period. But if you just look at what is happening all around us, and if we are honest observers, we will see that a totalitarian world government is being set up. The former movements, revolutions, etc were nothing more than building blocks to this terrible situation we are facing, known as the New World Order. The elites, Illuminati, royalty etc whatever you want to call them have been feeding us our culture and our religion from the beginning. We were slaves then and we remain enslaved today though we believe we are free. They gave us these “faiths” and they change them and modify them according to the current phase of their agenda. If you lose faith in the Illuminati and their agenda for control, it means you have gained faith in yourself. Only then can you break out of this system of control and call yourself a free man or woman.

  9. If I could be purged from all of the catholic/christian nonsense… I would…

  10. p.s. history is old and decreped. Do not base any belief on what you can’t see or feel…

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  12. let look at the Illuminati shall we

    This is one the key entrance brotherhoods not very christian so dont give me that bull shit about cathlics your playing into satans hands

  13. The extension of the decrees of the Apostolic See in regard to societies hitherto forbidden under censure is summed up in the well-known Constitution “Apostolicae Sedis” of Pius IX, where excommunication is pronounced against those “who give their names to the sect of the masons or Carbonari or any other sects of the same nature, which conspire against the Church or lawfully constituted Governments, either openly or covertly, as well as those who favor in any manner these sects or who do not denounce their leaders and chiefs.” ……..

  14. Knights Templar banking and commerce business was controlled by the Catholic Church. They were disbanded and absorbed into the Knights of Malta business, including properties, wealth and many members. These are high elite Orders of the occult composed of the the royal families at the top. Both Orders were and are essentially Rosicrucian, that is, the Egyptian mystery schools. The Popes are Rosicrucian as are the Jesuits. That is they are all practicing occultists. Freemasonry is but one offshoot of the Egyptian mystery religion. Rosicrucians today hold occultists like Albert Pike and Aleister Crowley in high regard. Leadership of the occult theocracy reserves the right to purge lower-level members of the various orders at will and they have done so repeatedly to maintain absolute control.

    The leaders of the Big Religions always give the masses one teaching while they practice another. Let the religious fanatics say what they want. They are all nothing but mad dogs with nothing but dogma and brainwashing to show for their loyalty.

  15. Someone around here REALLY needs to be reading…

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  17. Tony Blair is unsuitable for such a position or responsibility.

  18. Oh he’s perfect for the part. Pure psychopath is what the elite want ruling over all Europe.

  19. Charlie, the difference between us is that you are OK with using numbers, knowing that they are incomplete and imprecise. I look at the imprecision and the rampant abuse of the incomplete ratings (without context or descriptions) and believe those are reasons to ditch the ratings.

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