Global Warming Hype Sparks ‘Eco-Anxiety’ Syndrome

News 14 | Jan 16, 2008

By: Claudine Chalfant

NORTH CAROLINA — Former Vice President Al Gore isn’t the only one concerned about the environment, as more and more people are starting to become aware of global warming and experiencing ‘eco-anxiety.’

“People are afraid of the future, they’re afraid of what’s going to happen,” said licensed therapist Melissa Pickett, saying of one patient, “She brought up during the course of our session that she had just read an article about the polar bears and the loss of habitat and she started crying … she said ‘I just don’t understand this.'”

Pickett said fears about the environment are sending some people into a panic. The mental health disorder has grown enough to gain the ‘eco-anxiety’ name.

“It’s causing them to feel anxiety, it’s causing them to feel depression, it’s causing them to have insomnia,” said general practitioner Cynthia Knudsen of patients.

Debra Kincaid is so gripped by the environment and the future of the planet, she can’t even force herself to throw away a broken coffee maker. She has chosen to have it repaired instead.

“It can almost make you want to bury your head in the sand with a sense of hopelessness,” she said. “If everybody tosses their coffee maker into the landfill then pretty soon that’s all we have.”

Pickett said patients think they have to make big changes in their life, when the little things might be what matters most. Things like recycling, turning off lights, unplugging electrical items and carpooling can go a long way to ease the problem.

Children can also suffer from anxiety over the planet. Experts suggest getting them involved in a recycling program or planting a garden.

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6 responses to “Global Warming Hype Sparks ‘Eco-Anxiety’ Syndrome

  1. living beacon

    I wait for the day when ignorance, conformity and apathy become classified as mental disorders, those toxic pill factories wouldnt keep up!
    Psychiatrists could be diagnosed under all 3 classifications! :-)

  2. I hope this doesn’t sound trite–but people need to camp more and go howl at the moon–then come back and relentlessly ask questions of everyone and everything and take no quarter.

    Or as they say in The August Review website–follow the money–and ask questions…

    And when I say camp–I don’t mean staying up all night watching TV or DVD’s in the trailer in over crowded parking lot camp ground…

  3. For all the talk and blather and disingenuous social engineering of going green and saving the planet–human beings are more detached, dislocated and disenfranchised from the natural world that bore us than ever.

    Especially since it seems the mass of humanity is increasingly finding itself living in slums and urbanizing no man’s lands.

  4. Speaking of anxiety–we had some snow and now it’s going to get cold. Newbots just relentlessly drilling in: black ice/fear/concerns/stay home/watch TV for updates/arctic air/frigid/terror/ice/panic/obey/stay tuned/stay home/watch TV


  5. I have lived off the grid for twenty two years; no electric,i recycled building materials,food that has slight brusing etc. I am much more tuned in to NATURE now! I ordered a compressed air car,no polution. Iam despert to turn the insanitys around now! THANK YOU FUTUREIST MONTE

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