Wireless contact lenses transmit computer images and data directly into the eyes

High-tech Terminator vision may be possible with the bionic lens

Telegraph | Jan 27, 2008

Contact lenses with Terminator vision

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent

An electronic contact lens has been developed that will enable maps and videos to be beamed before the wearer’s eyes.

The bionic lens has microscopic circuits fixed to a flexible plastic. The scientists who created the device say the lenses could eventually provide computer-aided vision similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robotic character in the Terminator films.

Drivers and pilots would have essential information – their speed and direction, for example – superimposed in front of their eyes, in a massive advance on the kind of “wearable displays” now available, which are spectacles that have images displayed on the lenses.

A prototype of the lens has been built, with light-emitting diodes – LEDs – embedded in it to flash up information. Its built-in antenna will use wireless technology, similar to that used in the home, to beam information to the lens, allowing wearers to surf the internet without taking their eyes off the world around them.

Babak Parviz, the electrical engineer behind the project at the University of Washington, said: “We have demonstrated some of the key technologies required to make a sophisticated functional contact lens. We hope to hook up a wireless link… for updating images and reporting the state of the lens.”

Microscopic electrical circuits link up the LEDs and the antenna harvests energy from radio waves to power the lens. Holes which are each 1,000 times thinner than a human hair are etched on to the lens.

Electronic components are attached by floating them across the lens surface, where capillary forces suck each one into the right-sized hole. The eye relies on only a small amount of light entering the pupil at a time, so wearers will still be able to see through the lens, while the circuitry is built around the edge.

Mr Parviz plans more sophisticated components to show detailed pictures, and it is possible to include a zoom function. The lenses have been tried on animals but there will be tough safety tests before the technology is developed for people.

Dr Chris Baber, a reader in interactive technology at Birmingham University, said: “The key is how they fit on to a person and ensuring they provide the right information at the right time.”

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Contact Lenses to Display Mobile Phone Caller ID

80 responses to “Wireless contact lenses transmit computer images and data directly into the eyes

  1. Nice future… we shall be able to make love any time with our female or male cyber-lovebots while always keeping the stock exchange quotes in sight huh?

  2. Ew. This can’t be good for vision. Or not good in so many other ways. And again–if radio waves from cell phones are causing a host of problems…

  3. But you see the progression? From outside your body, to ON your body to IN your body which will gradually replace humanity with machines and cyborgs. This is the ultimate elite agenda.

  4. That’s right joachim. You will be able to watch porn and play Halo 3 while you are driving down a busy freeway. There is no need for this, but it is being pushed from the top as part of the transhumanist agenda to bring us all into the Hive-Mind Borg system so that we will all be One and individuality will be a thing of the past. Oh, it is so good, I think I wanna cry tears of joy and wet my pants.

  5. Good if you’re the Borg Queen…

  6. Personally, I would not want to wear them… but they might be good thing for partially blind people… to help them see better.
    Individuality will never be a thing of the past…. check out “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts.

  7. I’d be a little scared of the dreams I’d have when I fell asleep with them in.

  8. Are you a human dreaming you’re a robot, or are you a robot dreaming you’re a human? In future, you will not be able to tell the difference. That is, if we allow this to continue without any discussion, debate or legal restraint.

  9. Captain George Clark

    In todays world anything that man can think of he will do .Good or bad he will do it . Who cleans up the mess. No one .Don’t ask why silly.

  10. pjwalker, you are retarded. the people producing this technology aren’t forcing anything upon you. you are free to not use them, saving your individuality. stop preaching.

  11. The only retard I see is you “anonymous”, too stupid and ignorant to know anything about the elitist plan for a New World Order, much less care about it, and too lacking in moral backbone to question any of it.

    Anyway, it isn’t so much a matter of force. Very little of the NWO agenda is actually forced or mandatory, in the beginning. It is a matter of conditioning, training you through predictive programming to accept the cyborgization of humanity, training you to accept your loss of privacy, your loss of rights, your loss of individuality, your loss of economic power and property, your loss of sovereignty, your loss of humanity and your loss of common sense. And there you are embracing it all like a bleating sheep. So the programming lenses are just the greatest thing in the world are they? No doubt you think DARPA’s LifeLog is a wonderful idea and you enjoy being monitored and tracked everywhere you go too. Oohh, it’s so cool and cutting edge…you can’t wait to get yourself chipped can you?

    Sad and disgusting.

    I’ll say whatever the hell I want, so tough luck for you. If you don’t like it, get your own blog.

  12. Ha! Stop thinking so hard, these could be very useful.

  13. I, for one, am looking forward to this. Gaming could be amazing once these become more sophisticated. :D
    Virtual Reality…

  14. pj…lmao your such a douche bag…lay off the david icke,pat robertson dimebag televengelist garbage…there is no illuminati no masonic conspiracy no alien human treaties …..your just an idiot with a active imagination and in psychology we call it life scripts….believing that garbage has given you a purpose and to spread information about that garbage and the fact no one believes you motivates you even more because your so RIGHT why wont people listen to you ???? if you believe all that nwo bullshit, i have a bridge i want to sell you

  15. I have never ever said anything about alien treaties, nor do I promote Icke or Pat Robertson, so it’s just bullshit garbage that you are slinging without any idea of what the hell you are talking about while you spout your pop psycho-babble in the process in a lameass high-school-level attempt to pretend you know something. Besides being an illiterate goofball, I suspect your mental age is somewhere around 14, though your actual age is probably around 20. I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

    Omar you are an arrogant, ignorant lowlife numbskull with zero knowledge of history or of the elite aristocracy and their activities throughout history and how they have historically deceived, enslaved and otherwise abused the masses of downtrodden humanity and more recently turned their sights towards taking total control over the planet. But you think you are a superior being with a more comprehensive understanding of reality. Laughable. Get yourself a life.

    By the way, did you get chipped yet bonehead?

  16. Don’t know about this. I love tech stuff but you have to draw a line somewhere.

  17. That’s right. The thing is, according to the elites, there is no line whatsoever such that people will have these things surgically implanted or even grown into their eyes if they get their way and some cases it will be mandatory just like the GPS tracking chips and the brainchips. And there really is no end to it in the “post-human” future.

  18. Dont know what to say…

  19. haha you’re a pretty good troll

  20. Electronic eyes with Zoom control – Great News, I’ll be able to see all those tiny screws even if I have left my glasses at home LOL!!

  21. i just want to know how much it,ll cost

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  25. Hmmm… this reminds me of the Solid Eye in mgs4 only… smaller… I think this could go one of two ways. Either it could be extremely useful or just be a step in the direction of controlling mankind much like the Patriots do in mgs4

  26. It’s part of a the transhumanist agenda (google “transhumanism, post-human and eugenics” together). First they give you technology outside and away from the body. Then place the technology on the body itself. Then, put the technology inside the body. Then start replacing every part of the body until it mutates into a total cyborg. They plan to execute this agenda over the next 30 years maximum. See Kurzweil on the subject. The point is to make you into a perfect servant of the New World Order hooked up to the Hive Mind with no thoughts of your own, completely programmed so that you lose your individuality along with any rights at all. But the key is to sell it to you and your children now as something cool, futuristic, pioneering, fun, for convenience and “safety”. People with no knowledge of history, no knowledge about anything of importance, and no common sense, will simply go along with this agenda like sheep herded into holding pens.

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  28. Ok I get the total idea of people not wanting an implant and everything etc but your forgetting its a contact lens it can still be taken out and honestly I would hate having it in at night so I would simply take it out and once again it is totally optional. Mobile phones have already surpassed privacy anyhows so why such the big fuss.

  29. I’ve already gone over it, so if you don’t get it, then what is the use?

  30. well to pjwalker911, couldnt this tecnology be used to fight the new world order? remember, fight fire with fire. the cops aren’t the only ones with guns you know, sometime the bad guys have them to, so why couldn’t this be used to help those who oppose the new world order?

  31. There is a line that this is fast approaching. That line is implantation of neural chips. Once that starts (already has), then we are on the way to Kurzweil’s “singularity” to become cyborgs. Relying on these types of lenses just opens us up to going further. You might then say in 20 years, “but the thugs have brain chips, so why shouldn’t we? We have to keep up with them.” etc. The point is you are on a slippery slope with wearable technology to the point that is is very quickly moving toward becoming a cyborg yourself. All of this is of course gradual conditioning and immersion into the technology until we become not only totally dependent on it, we actually become machines ourselves. The more machine-like we become, the less human and the less humane we will become. But another part of this is there will be very unequal distribution of this technology. There may be some equivalent of the cheap cell-phone for the masses implanted in their brains, but this will only be used to control them, just as the boob-tube does now. The more elite soldiers, bureaucrats, robo-cops, etc will get more sophisticated devices implanted to ensure superior capabilities. And so what happens is there will be this widening gap between the enhanced and the natural humans, most of whom are either poor or the rare few who refuse the technology on moral or other grounds.

    But the real bottom line to all this is that it is not inevitable. It is being heavily funded into existence along an agenda to re-engineer the human species into a servant class (greatly reduced through depopulation) and a few higher classes of elites and elite minions who will lord it over the others with their superior capabilities. If you buy into this system, if you gradually submit to more and more of it, you are just helping the NWO along. You can’t destroy the NWO with guns or technology. You can only destroy the NWO with the truth. That is the only truly effective weapon that we have. Once sufficient numbers wake up and realize there is a war declared upon them by the elite, and once we start living in a culture of truth (we are very far from it now), then and only then does the NWO start to fall apart and lose its power.

  32. lack of amusement

    lol wow this pj guy is a real tool he types in some bullshit on google (caues we know everything on google is true) and all of a sudden he himself is a priest trying to spread the world to save humanity when all hes doing is trying to force you to not wear it… so your kinda contradicting your self if you want people to be individuals then why not let them chose for themselves. i mean is it that hard to let people make there own choice… here you all ranting about dont get these implants blah blah blah… and yet its merely a contact that projects pretty lights that simulate a transparent monitor… also the government is going to give the military and police forces this stuff as a prototype are you telling me the friends and family members wont see a diffrencts in them if they are being controled… also the best wepons are not owned by the military (except maybe nukes and the moab) they tend to get the cheapest of the cheap when it come to supplying our military so most likely just pay that extra cash to get better than they have… and all this bullshit NWO stuff is a joke… lol are you kidding hulk hogan was part of the nwo on wcw … so sounds to me your afraid that hogan wants you to be his slave brother lmao… give me a break. its a contact and hey if you don’t want the implants or whatever don’t get it… also if you really wanted to push a theory of mind control and end of humanity then you should have gone with a more believable story such as its the mark of the beast every chip has 666 on don’t get them.. i mean you did write everything in English and revelation seems to be popular with the usa with the whole bible belt thing… yet your talking bout turning in to a cyborg… Oo now that’s the only amusing thing you have said this entire blog… one day we will be able to have nanomachines in our blood stream to cure cancer to fight against aids to fix failing organs… this is the technology your telling people to fight against. no doubt we should take steps to protect our privacy and i know for one i’ll be calling my hacker buddys up to give what ever i do get implanted a look over and deactivate any type of gps or others anomaly… and yes if man can create it then man can destroy it. so wtf are you worried about. the lies you are spreading about the nwo is in fact the most illogical and rather appalling idea i have ever heard. to think that we are all going to be controlled by chips and our freewill along with our souls will go away are you that lacking in your own logic to question you theory. as a matter of fact history is full of people telling people some tech is bad just to get what ever agenda they wanted you to fight agianst to use it to control people. have you forgotten hitler this guy spread the word to elect him and he would provide food and jobs which he did and with words and mind games brain washed an entire country. the simplest way to control humans is to make them lies about the truth to have what you want in the end… speaking of which even if your theory was realistic and is going to happen. i doubt highly a little google search would turn up the answers you are looking for for the simple fact if these elites/nwo people are going to in the next 30years impement all this why would it bee on google the govment is self deletes info off google all the time to prevent people from knowing things and the fact the site is still up puts a strong stance on the unlikely anything there is true even if there is a group with the the agenda you are talking about i doubt they would be so careless to let this info leak for the worries some ignorant fool to start ranting about it in the blogs with a name of pj… dude your name is pajamas and you want us to take us seriously lol… that or pj is your intials and then you show everyone how careless you are… if you are confused about what that means think about this for a sec your posting info agianst the nwo to stop them yet any pc literate person can hack the site serch for w0hat ip goes with the blog look up ip -> address to where you live… now if i was in charge of the nwo and i seen this blog shuting you up would be fairly easy to do… but no worries for you i have no interest in this debate on way or the other but if your going to talk about all the negative things that could happen then why are you not talking about the positive things as well (must assume this is a sign you belive anything you read). with that in mind you have all this info to share with us so wheres your proof? people dont care about a child writeing about loss of humanity when clearly i doubt you even think for your self most likely many types of psych problems with you. anyone else notice how pissed he got when someone said something psychological? if anything he would welcome the intellctal debate yet all you did was resort to insults and tried to discredit him right away. along with anyone else that said what you said is bullshit. you would rather insult and repeat the same thing then engage in a actual discussion or debate but isn’t that what your telling us to do? id be glad to debate or disscuse this with you anytime but i request you post it here so everyone can see how immature you are. and i dare you to not respond… infact in doing so you will be showing everyone you have no ground to stand on and every word you said is nothing more than a psych case crying for attion…


  33. guess what? you’re never going to be able to provide “the right information at the right time.” never. never ever. unless…..you connect them to the wearers brain. but, if you do that. you might as well forgo the contact lenses and just get a brain implant. woohoo!

  34. That’s the whole point. These and other technologies are first placed ON the body as a prelude for implanting them IN the body. That’s why I have a problem with them because it is crossing the line into cyborgs. But that is the elite’s agenda to dehumanize us and there are plenty of psychopaths out there who are ready and willing to take that transhumanist plunge because they like the illusion of “enhancement” of their powers. Of course, they are all a bunch of arrogant idiots.

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  38. Just-don't-know

    I can see many many ways that this could be a good thing; however, I can also see many many ways that it could be a bad thing. Ultimately it is the people who use them as much as if not more than the people who create them that will decide if it is a good or bad thing in the end. I mean imagin if you will a world where all the information that you need is available when you need it, or emergency services that can be alerted while you are unconscious after an attack, perhaps your child is missing and now you can find them, how cool school would be to see what the teacher was talking about instead of listening to hours of lectures… now for a minute imagine people who have hacked the signal so that the world you see is different than the one that is really there will you see the car coming at you? After long term exposure will you be able to tell the difference between reality and the games? so as you can see there are good and bad points to any advancement in technology it is up to us to make sure we use them correctly and that those around us do too.

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  40. Pj, you’re over-reacting to something very simple. All this is, is a piece of clear plastic with some LED’s and a wireless reciever. It’s not a method of creating a “New World Order” as you put it, it’s a method of rapidly displaying information to someone with minimal interaction on the part of the person viewing it. I don’t see this as anything having to do with cyborgs and such, it’s the equivalent of having a computer screen on your eye. Using your logic, and saying that machines start outside, move onto, and then into the body, you could say that every single machine ever invented was part of an agenda to create the New World Order, from the cotton picker to computers to this little contact lense. And unless you’re saying that there were plans to build cyborgs since machines were first invented, your ideas don’t make any sense.

  41. PJWalker's Father

    PJWalker, why is it that you keep running your mouth like you’re on the forefront of this technology yourself? NWO is a gruop of wrestlers lmao and NWA is a hip hop gruop lol.. IU think you sit at home jerking off to too much Star Trek in the den of you mom’s 1 bedroom apartment. The only person on this blog who doen’t have a life is you. You need pussy dude. I would pay for the hooker so you can get some. Stop fantasizing over your favorite episode of Deep Space 9 with your hand down your pants. You sound like one of those lonely guys that goes to Star Trek conventions and goes home and still won’t change out of that fake ass Capt. Kirk uniform even when you go to sleep. I bet you have a Star Trek tooth brush and Star Trek soap LMAO!!!

  42. I never claimed to be at the forefront of technology, only in reporting on it as soon as it is made officially public. Only a sick, psychopathic, maladjusted type of elitist-wannabe protege lowlife in his mom’s basement would deny and make fun of the New World Order (as if it doesn’t exist) or insult someone who is exposing it. So right there, nobody in their right mind would trust anything you say or show you any respect, which you don’t deserve. I, on the other hand, am far more mature and intelligent than you could ever dream of being and way better educated, live a full life with plenty of attractive women in it, traveled the world, have my own business and lots of interests, run a popular blog and live out in the country, quite independently from my parents, where the air is fresh and the people are kind, neighborly and decent, unlike yourself.

    So what the hell do you do with your time besides insulting honest people on the internet from your mom’s basement?

    Obviously, since you can’t make a rational, informed statement about the technology, you resort to insults because you don’t like it when people tell the truth and just can’t handle it because you are very, very sick, immature, corrupt and evil-minded. You are not accustomed to living in reality (since you get your views from watching the boob tube) or decency or common sense, and when confronted with it, you recoil as though you had seen a cross flash before your eyes. Despite all your arrogant bluster, deep down you’re nothing but a scared little boy, crying for his momma.

    Star Trek was never my cup of tea as it is nothing more than predictive programming planting messages in gullible people’s minds, like Terminator where this kind of technology was first inculcated into the public group-think.

    Anything else punk?

  43. I see you spent a whole day writing that precisely to what you thought an intellegent grown human being would say when face with the truth, you fantasize about women and living in the woods, I take it that the only sex you get is with your closest relative, perhaps your uncle whom obviously molested you as a child and tied you up in his basement with no contact with the outside world “The real world” and left you there to hallucinate by yourself with nothing more than a PC Magazine that you probably used to beat off on when your sick uncle wasn’t doing so for himself. I embrace technology because of it’s potential to better humanity not hinder it. Anybody that spends their whole day watching the syfy network and never see daylight because they are to scared to live in the city where most of America has been since Cow-town was too boring for more intellectual people with a life and can gain a real educatio because the best colleges are in the city. When your balls finally drop, blog about something more interesting instead of how lonely you really are because your internet is the only pleasure you get lil boy. Stop jerking off to this blog and gotta blog about syfy since that’s all you seem to have any knowledge in.

  44. I see you spent a whole day writing that precisely to what you thought an intelligent grown human being would say when face with the truth, you fantasize about women and living in the woods, I take it that the only sex you get is with your closest relative, perhaps your uncle whom obviously molested you as a child and tied you up in his basement with no contact with the outside world “The real world” and left you there to hallucinate by yourself with nothing more than a PC Magazine that you probably used to beat off on when your sick uncle wasn’t doing so for himself. I embrace technology because of its potential to better humanity not hinder it. Anybody that spends their whole day watching the syfy network and never see daylight because they are to scared to live in the city where most of America has been since Cow-town was too boring for more intellectual people with a life and can gain a real education because the best colleges are in the city. When your balls finally drop, blog about something more interesting instead of how lonely you really are because your internet is the only pleasure you get lil boy. Stop jerking off to this blog and get a blog about syfy since that’s all you seem to have any knowledge in.

  45. Actually, I spent all of five minutes on that response to your display of mental illness. This time it’s five seconds.

    You are some kind of sick disturbed transhumanist psychopath mutant punkass. Scifi is for trekkies and morally impoverished nerds. Reality is for grownups. You are the one who needs a life, not me.

    As for the blog, it is plenty interesting to those whose interest is in facts and overall truth, something I know holds no interest for you. Evil is what interests you and it pisses you off to no end to see something good. Your instinct is to try to tear it down but you are wasting your time.

    Let me tell you something. You are the disease…and I am the cure.

  46. I like how people get all worked up over something that is no more than a wearable display. Talk about reality, yeah right.

  47. Josh,

    You’re all up for the brain-chips and the Hive-mind Matrix too I take it.

  48. I for one am divided upon this matter. Now maybe my reaction is simply because I have an overactive imagination or maybe it’s slightly more rational. My view is simply that were this technology to progress to the point of being “installed” on the human eye then there may be a problem because an alternate reality could quite easily be projected by an outside source (a road where there is a cliff or slightly less malicious a clean world when in fact we are killing our world). Now there is a book called “Epic” in which a future society somewhat like that of pjwalkers is given light to. While not as extreme as a total cyborg takeover it does show a good point in where is the line technology must draw? While not averse to the contacts themselves, as in fact I looked them up after having the same idea myself, I do believe there needs to be a line so that humans as a race do not become extinct or mindless with all progress forward stopped by the involvement of automation. Technology or more specifically computers cannot think as a human will, if we were to suddenly employ nothing but machines to do work and sit back for 50 years we would not find that anything had changed for the machines cannot have new ideas. That will always remain a human element to technology and the sciences.

    Simply put I have nothing against this technology and think it is great however we do need to define a line as a people on what will happen with technology.

  49. Another example is that of Wall-E the movie by Disney in which the earth is shown as a filth covered wasteland incapable of supporting life. If we were to allow this technology to be produced could it one day progress to blind us to the worsening state of our planet and would we be able to combat what we have done to our planet quickly enough to prevent the total genocide of the human species? This technology while great is hazardous and we must know the limits of our brilliance before that very same intelligence consumes us and we fall in absolute defeat.

  50. Austin,

    Thanks, at least you are thinking and questioning. I urge you to go through the Transhumanism category (right) and also look into the connections between transhumanism, eugenics, the Huxley family (T.H. Huxley, Aldous and Julian especially), Nazism etc. You are also onto a track of understanding about “predictive programming” in novels and movies.

    Think and question. Don’t just accept whatever technology or political regime is shoved down our throats as “inevitable”. They want us to live in a “post-human” world governed by an all-encompassing “internet-of-things” where people will be no more than just more “things” all hooked up to this Matrix, not much different than the movie. All originally backed up by billions in taxpayer (see Bush/Gingrich Nanotech Initiative and the NBIC Convergence) money to develop it, sell us on it and ram it through.

    This is also a kind of Transhumanist cult, a religion much like Greenie AGW fanaticism to ram through global government. Same types of debased, mentally deficient useful idiots, weened on violent video games, pushing for anything that takes us nearer to a dystopian cyborg society of mutants. These are the ones who attack me for exposing the agenda which is part and parcel of the New World Order agenda which this blog exposes in spades.

  51. I agree with what this PJ guy is saying, Some of you have to give him a little respect. Pj has a point, you all should take it in and stop bitching.

  52. pjwalker911…

    u are the one of the first sane people i have seen. what this guy is saying iz true.. believe him not i dont care. i know where i stand…. if u are going to retort to thiz comment, im not gonna explain everthying PJ has just done over months….

  53. some of u people here dismiss things soo fast. u are close minded. look around u. if u cant see wats happening to us then u are blind.

  54. pjwalker911:
    why are you still posting your bullshit? the real truth is that you can’t stop the government activities you don’t approve of. face facts, humanity is already the collective slave of technology. the pathetically narrow-minded limitations placed on cybernetics, robotics and nanotechnology by the UN and the individual cannot stop the revolution coming. the individual is frail and weak. technological innovation and integration is the only salvation for humanity. stop fighting the future. you cannot stop it, you cannot slow it down. you can only accept it.

  55. YLD,

    I appreciate that. It is nice to once in awhile have somebody on your side, but no matter if I am the only one left on the planet who sees the truth, I will keep on saying it. To stand up against the gradual technological takeover of humanity is the only sane thing to do for a human being today.

    My point is that technology should serve human beings, not turn them increasingly into cyborg robots which is an overthrow of humanity, designed by the elite to distort and control us, promoted and marketed to us through sci-fi predictive programming and other means. There is a minority who believe it is their birthright to rule over us.

    “Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite [the New World Order of today] would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits.”

    “Political strategists are tempted to exploit research on the brain and human behavior [another strange purpose HAARP can be put to]. Geophysicist Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a specialist in problems of warfare, says accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain legions of the earth . . . in this way one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period….no matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages, to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades.”

    “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values…..”

    – Zbigniew Brzezinski, protegé of David Rockefeller, CFR member, founding member of the Trilateral Commission, and National Security Advisor to five presidents. In “Between Two Ages” 1971.

    It is this technocratic neo-feudalism which must be resisted at all costs because the human soul itself is at stake as it is being manipulated and turned into a machine, jacked into a Borg-like Hive Mind as in the NBIC (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) program.

    See: http://ignoranceisfutile.wordpress.com/2008/11/11/obamas-nbic-nano-bio-info-cogno-convergence-agenda/

    The CIA began experimenting with other forms of directed energy in the EM spectrum. Dr. Jose Delgado experimented on four human subjects using radio waves, reporting they experienced different emotions, sensations, and “colored visions.” Delgado stated that these weapons were “more dangerous than atomic destruction.” With knowledge of the brain, he said, “We may transform, we may shape, direct, robotize man. I think the great danger of the future is…that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware they have been robotized.” Delgado was in fact responsible for the development of a brain transponder that was used to robotize human subjects.

    “we may shape, direct, robotize man.” That is the goal of the elite, to robotize and zombify humans, which is why they push the idea of “inevitability” for this type of “human enhancement” or “human improvement”.

    This was over 40 years ago. With the doubling of technology every 18 months, one can only imagine how far along this agenda is in reality. But for sure, the elite are never going to reveal their secrets to the general public against whom the real War is being waged. That would defeat their purposes. It is important to to know that the real thrust behind the CIA research of Jose Delgado was political, to overthrow democratic institutions and replace them with a scientifically controlled robotic communist-fascist hybrid society of servants to the State. He so stated:

    “This new knowledge is so important that I think it should radically change the philosophy of our education system, which believes in the sanctity
    of individuals, thinking that an individual exists at birth. This belief is not true… and this science is going to prove the fallacy of democracy in the sense that we talk about the rights of the individual; this democratic belief is not true…Looking into the future, it may be predicted that telerecording and telestimulation of the brain will be widely used.”

    And he made many other similar statements as a representative of the CIA under the MKUltra program which was and still is vast in scope.

    I recommend people watch this video which runs over 2 hrs delving deep into government mind-control operations:

    Monarch: The New Phoenix Program by Marshall Thomas

    More videos at Marshall Thomas’ Youtube channel

    MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program

    For those who are skeptical, you can watch for several minutes while Claudia Mullen describes her ordeal at the hands of these psychopaths. She was shot dead shortly after giving this testimony to congress:

    Mind Control Survivors’ Testimony 1995 – 3 – claudia mullen

    Many thousands of people, usually starting in childhood, have been subjected to these inhuman experiments and no doubt it continues through black buget programs unseen by the congress itself much less the general public. Thus, this Evil must absolutely be exposed to the daylight, aired out across the planet and brought to a screaching halt as soon as possible. Otherwise, humanity is doomed, not by all the phony “crises” that the elite throw at us, but by they themselves, whose real agenda is and has always been complete and total enslavement of society in general.

  56. you’re a nut job and should be locked up

  57. Haha anonymous, thanks, comin from you, I’ll take that as a compliment.

    You must be Jose Delgado’s grandchild. I’m sure you think he was a great man. Ain’t that right?

  58. Llecarud says: “We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

    If it’s so frickin inevitable why bother with little ‘ol me? Just forget it and go back to your pod and integrate the New World Order, up your ass. Go sit there and wait for your salvation in the Strange Days-They Live-Minority Report-Matrix dystopia nightmare that the elite psychotic powers-that-be have planned for us.

    By the way this crap about “the only salvation for humanity” is just a load of bullshit propaganda hype. The elites create the problems then offer the “solutions” that they already had in mind. It’s called the Hegelian dialectic, Ordo Ab Chao. And you transhumanist/post-human mutant shitheads are helping it along, probably because your mommies failed to potty-train you properly, either that or you got dropped on your heads when you were toddlers and never forgot it, choosing later in life to take it out on God, Nature and humanity.

    The only thing humanity needs saving from is this billionaire technocratic elite New World Order minority (and their low level wannabe minions like yourself) who want to crush all human freedom, particularly free thought.

  59. keep talking coppertop, you’re not helping yourself

  60. Llecarud,

    You’re the one who needs help, not me, but because you don’t recognize your problem (or the Problem of our times, ie the NWO), or just don’t have the guts to face it, or someone has a hold of your mind, or you are just too corrupt to give a damn, you are in denial and refuse the help you need to wake you up out of your pathetic condition of being a willing servant of the NWO.

    A very common condition unfortunately.

  61. and why is enjoying a new world order pathetic? seems to me if you fear the future so much you shouldnt be using it…shouldnt you be hiding in a cabin in the woods in Iowa?

  62. i think this look amazing, i do hope they are suitable for human use in the near future

  63. I think this is such an amazing thing. I imagine this new technology will have so many achievement in the future, like introducing GPS on the lens, or internet connection… Like you said, it’s Terminator style. When will be these lens on market, by the way?

  64. pjwalker911,
    your r a fucked up piece of shit…..y the hell would u keep biting the bait for that long… and u mention “nwo” all the time… and even if you are right you wont even be a live to become a cyborg…. your probably an old shriveled up man that pervs on little kids… who rights that much you spastic shit>>>>>>>>

  65. New World Order? What a load of bullshit. I for one am all up for these contact lenses, and would happily wear them. Let’s hope it doesn’t, uh… turn me into a cyborg? =/

  66. Pj….. you must relize that if it is some (mass consperiacy) people thoughout time have fought against oppression and won most

  67. heyooo

  68. heyooo

  69. They won? Oh really? Name some examples of where the people have won against the elite. Love to find out about this.

  70. why would you go to sleep with them in? theres no point..you might as well take them out when not using them..orr..if there was a wireless watch which turns the contacts on and off when you want..or it comes on only when you need it..its would be amazing! you could have the internet, you could have zoom in and out like binoculars, you could have an ear piece with it and a mictophone implant so you could call people whenever you needed to..possibilities are endless :D..you could watch films with them on or watch tv :P..or wikipedia whenever you need info

  71. This can be useful in training people in fields where they can’t just go look up something (i.e. a surgery resident).

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  73. u guys suck wiener

  74. Discovered you blog site as a result of yahoo I must say I m astounded along with your articles!

  75. All of you are hilarious. First i would like to say like a lot of you, IT’S JUST A STINKIN CONTACT LENS! it can be removed, and tossed if disliked. The whole idea that PJ is reciting is the result of a conspiracy THEORY! keyword there, THEORY. It is not one of those “THISIS GOING TO HAPPEN.” it’s a “hmm what if technology takes this turn?” PJ, the worst way to debate is by attacking the man. You have multiple times simply disregarded someone’s information because of your ideas that they are an idiot and that they have no right to have a say so. by using that argument you yourself are opening yourself up to that idea also. You arguments might also be complete junk just like those who you have crumbled up and tossed into the trash. also, you argument about the whole NWO is all based on a wikipedia page. those things are totally user created and user voted. what i mean is that they are totally not credible whatsoever. I was not allowed to use those pages for sources when i had to research something. your quotes you have posted come from other people who have post on blogs. also not very accurate whatsoever. all of these ideas that you are talking about were created by the general public. i could talk about this species of octopus that lives in trees of the tropical rainforest and have a blog all about their behavior and characteristics and have no one refute it. people would then believe that there is this species of octopus that lives in the trees of the tropical rainforest! your info, PJ, is not accurate whatsoever! now for my take on this contact lens thing, i think it could be very cool to have things that are of importance to me projected into my range of sight that i could not have normally. i could use this technology to get extra information about the newspaper as i read it. i could have it give me information about something that im looking at like the white house or the parthenon. i can see why i could be bad though with kids playing games while at school, or watching movies at the dinner table, but still this kind of thing needs to be progressed so that we can enhance our general living and make more and more things simple and easy. The cotton gin made cleaning cotton easy with less labor, the automobile made transportation effortless for farther distances, the gas powered lawn mower made mowing the lawn less tiring, the computer made editing documents less painful, this contact lens will make checking emails and texts and directions and stocks and so much more a breeze.

    one last note, PJ, if this was an article in the news paper with some sort of commenting system, about the computer that could check your emails, edit documents, show you videos, browse the web and so much more, what would you be saying then? go back a few years when the computer was new and this was, according to you, a movement towards the NWO. so then, why are you using a computer now to make all these unreliable assumptions?

  76. Lol, I cannot believe my eyes. I come here to learn about this awesome innovation and what do I see? A religious nutjob ranting and raving that a secret elite is using technology to control us, who even thinks that TV controls us. And a transhumanist nutjob raving about how humans are flawed and individuals are weak and we are in dire need of being made into robots and collectivized. You two keep up the circus act, I’m really enjoying this. It’s especially funny when you both say that facts and logic supports your fantasies.

  77. The Masked Man

    I hate to inform you PjWalker911,
    But even the plainest eye can see that your “beliefs” are, for a lack of better words, a crock pot of shit. Now I’m all for you questioning “the man” “the elite” or whatever else you may want to call the government. That’s your right. However, I find you to be quite hypocritical in the fact that you, one who preaches of not caving into the wills of others, or releasing your individuality, is forcing his opinions on others. You seem to be the type of person whom enjoys the destruction of the mind, or in simple terms, A Troll. Stop wasting your time and my time. You’re a loony. Plain and simple. I know you will refute with a snide remark about how I want brain implants and what not. You are indeed wrong. OH! Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, is a masterpiece. It’s a great work, a great work of fiction. I recently read it for my high school English course.

  78. Masked Man,

    How am I forcing my opinion on others? No one is forced to visit this blog. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. No one is forced to read the comments much less. No one is told how to think about the thousands of articles presented as it is done normally, except that I do offer my views in the comments which, last I heard, I still have the right to do. That is called free speech. The information is simply placed here in order that people will have the opportunity to examine the facts for themselves and make up their own minds about what it means. That is called free inquiry. The fact is my opinions are outweighed by the parroted propaganda constantly smeared across these pages by those who defend the elite and their institutions. That means that the small minority who do both recognize and oppose the “matrix” system must face a vast army of corrupted, hostile useful idiots (such as yourself), in addition to the elite themselves. Your statement about questioning “the man” is disingenuous and rings hollow and artificial. What you are really saying in your little comment is that he’s a loony who is full of shit BECAUSE he questions “the man” “the elite” which includes all their “inevitable” technology rollouts. This is exactly what they don’t want us to question, but only to accept.

    Huxley was just another elite technocrat. His books and talks were nothing but blueprints, predictive programming, to condition the masses to an “inevitable” future. If you want a real hero, that is one who used his intellect to counter the elite, look to George Orwell whose books were warnings about the elite abuses of power and plans for a Big Brother surveillance society. He hated totalitarianism while Huxley whimsically laid it all out with a barely contained giggle.

    Some quotes from your hero:

    “And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing …a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.”

    – Aldous Huxley, 1959

    “In 1931, when Brave New World was being written, I was convinced that there was still plenty of time. The completely organized society, the scientific caste system, the abolition of free will by methodical conditioning, the servitude made acceptable by regular doses of chemically induced happiness, the orthodoxies drummed in by nightly courses of sleep-teaching – these things were coming all right, but not in my time, not even in the time of my grandchildren….Twenty-seven years later,…I feel a good deal less optimistic… In the West,…individual men and women still enjoy a large measure of freedom. But…this freedom and even the desire for this freedom seem to be on the wane.”

    – Aldous Huxley Brave New World Revisited 1958

    “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”

    – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, foreword to 1946 edition

  79. When and if the public gets to buy this technology, bet there will more car accidents, to to distracted drivers using the lenses!

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