Teacher Forces Student To Relieve Himself In His Lunchbox

cfnews13.com | March 14, 2008

ORLANDO — An Orange County student said his teacher made him go to the bathroom in a lunchbox.

Now the boy and his mother want answers.

Quonterius Thomas said Thursday afternoon he asked his Language Arts teacher, Shaneeka Chambers, at Meadowbrook Middle School if he could go to the bathroom.

She said he only had two options — wait until the end of class or go to the bathroom in his lunchbox.

Quonterius’ mother, Shameka Bryant, went to the school Friday morning to confront administrators. Principal Valeria Maxwell told News 13 and Bryant they are investigating the incident.

According to Maxwell, Chambers was not in school Friday because of a teacher’s conference.

“I’m very upset and I want this teacher here to come forward and stop hiding, and own up to what she has done,” said Bryant.

Bryant said she will be seeking legal counsel to advise her on what she and her son should do next.

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