Author claims 24 years of mind-control by Rosicrucian cult

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Freeman Claims 24 Years of Remote Captivity by AMORC

PRNewswire | Mar 21, 2008

New Book Reveals Secret Indoctrination Techniques of Rosicrucian Order

NEW YORK, March 21 /PRNewswire/ — Pierre S. Freeman’s new book, “The Prisoner of San Jose,” exposes the invasive psychological methods of a secretive Rosicrucian cult based in Canada but with its American headquarters in San Jose, California. Not only does this book expose the shadowy world of the Rosicrucian order — with its secret vows, invisible Masters and omnipotent authority, but also it sheds light on a technique of mind control Freeman calls “Remote Indoctrination.”

The amazing story of Pierre S. Freeman’s enslavement by a mind control cult begins in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, where Freeman was pursuing an engineering degree at the Faculte des Sciences. At this point, a star pupil, Freeman was seduced by the promises of economic freedom offered by the occult and began to invest more time in the Rosicrucian lessons than in his own engineering studies. These teachings were mostly delivered through monographs, developed by Spencer H. Lewis in the early part of the twentieth century. The monographs promised spiritual and material success when followed deliberately. Through these methods, the so-called Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis, commonly known as AMORC, would equip the student to face the world from an elevated spiritual perspective. By entering into these teachings, Freeman would encounter severe poverty, homelessness, loss of career, family and friends.

According to the book, “The Prisoner of San Jose,” the power of AMORC lay in its adherence to many mind control practices chronicled by experts like Stephen Hassan, author of “Combating Cult Mind Control” and Margaret Thaler Singer, now deceased, who wrote “Cults in Our Midst: the Hidden Menace in Our Everyday Lives.” Although Hassan and Singer’s cults were generally centers of highly aggressive in-your-face, person-to-person behavior, Pierre found, to his astonishment, the much less obvious techniques of remote indoctrination, practiced by AMORC, rendered the same kind of personality-altering conditions spoken of by both authors. Pierre found that understanding the conventional methods of cult indoctrination gave him the cues to uproot enough of his mental and emotional condition to reverse some of the psychological damage that led to his inability to let go of the cult and to allow him to begin to reverse engineer his psychological entrapment.

“The Prisoner of San Jose,” subtitled “How I Escaped From Rosicrucian Mind Control,” has been released this month by Wheatmark Publishing in Tucson, AZ. It is available online and at bookstores throughout the United States. Books published by Wheatmark are sold on,,,, and at the Wheatmark Bookstore at

For more information about “The Prisoner of San Jose,” visit

Media Contact Information:

Pierre Freeman: or call 1-520-798-0888. Mr. Freeman will be available for radio, television and print interviews.


19 responses to “Author claims 24 years of mind-control by Rosicrucian cult


    A long time ago I used to think this thing was neat, though it’s call for only 500 million world population curious given the population much more than that.

    Now I wish somebody would bulldoze it or it get hit by tornado.

  2. In the above link, first time I’d heard anything bad or occult about Thomas Paine–I’ll have to look into that one.

  3. Well they were all masons building the New Atlantis in accordance with Rosicrucian plan of Roger Bacon. Most people don’t understand that history was mostly planned the way it happened and continues to happen according to these secret plans of the Illuminati. Guidestones are just another Rosicrucian manifesto of eugenics.

  4. Well the actual spot is very isolated–for now anyway–and peaceful–out in the middle of a cow field. Missed it several times driving by it. It’s mixture of Ok–is that all? But yet quaint out in the middle of farmland that hasn’t been suburbanized yet.

    Of course when I first read about it after it went up–it was like by everyone was saying–“they” can’t do math–haha–half a billion and there are 5 billion (at the time) now–haha. What are they going to do with them?

    But I was less informed then.

  5. What a lot of nonsense this is. I was a member of AMORC for nearly 15 years and met many of the top people there over the years…all sincere, altruistic people with no agenda other than wanting to make a difference to the world. AMORC sends you four pamphlets a month (“monographs”) of which you study one a week. Through a kaizen-type effect, you gradually improve yourself over the months/years and become a much more rounded, thoughtful and knowledgable personality. The problem with the internet these days is that too many people accept rumour and innuendo as fact. Go visit any AMORC headquarters, meet the people, see what they do and take a look around, then try writing a nasty book about them…if you can.

  6. You WERE a member? Why did you leave the Order? Did you join another fraternity?

  7. The AMORC is a fake organization that has claimed to be the true Rosicrucian Order but is not at all anything like the true Order, and they don’t even know the first thing about lab alchemy or how to make any type of elixir.

    But they aren’t wicked and evil people who are trying to control your minds. They are just people who believed the lies of one man claiming to be from France and said he was a member of the true Order who had come to start the Canadian and American lodges. His intentions were probably good as well, but this entire AMORC group is operating on a foundation of lies and betrayal of the members trust.

    Anyway, this man who wrote this ridiculous book said he became poor and homeless, and it even says his primary intention for joining AMORC was to become rich — so he was obviously materialistic and obsessed with nothing but the vein hope of riches, and having failed, he decided to *sell* a book about AMORC and try to make money that way. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize that not many people read this garbage.

  8. Who do you say is the “true” Rosicrucian Order?

  9. Hamish McFeedback

    As far as my experience with the Fraters and Sorors of the Rosy Cross goes, it’s about opening your mind, not washing it.

  10. Opening your mind to what?

  11. Orubu Oghenerume

    The author blames his problems on AMORC.
    AMORC is one of the best organizations on Earth, with doctrines that if well followed man can never be poor in strength and likewise.

  12. Master Samael in The Major Mysteries wrote:
    Others think that by affiliating themselves with the black lodge AMORC, which put “initiations” on the market, they will become Rosicrucians. Such a lodge delivers the word “mathrem” to them as the final synthesis, as the non-plus ultra of Magic; nevertheless, this word is a mantra in order to penetrate into the planes of the black lodge. AMORC is a commercial institution; all those people exploit the Christ with evil intentions.Master Samael in The Revolution of Beelzebub wrote:
    The ritual of the first tenebrous initiation that the disciple Beelzebub recieved in the temple is the same first ritual that the students of A.M.O.R.C. perform today in their room in order to recieve their first degree. Thus, in the same way that the student of the first degree from “Sodom” remains enslaved by the Guardian of the Threshold after the rite, as well Beelzebub remained enslaved by the Guardian of the Threshold. This is is how he started his career as a demon…
    At the present time there is not a Rosicrucian school in this physical world. The only and unique Rosicrucian order is in the internal worlds.

    One recognizes good and evil by awakening the consciousness. This is what is known as the science of Da’ath (Knowledge, Gnosis), the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. By practicing scientific chastity (transmutation), annihilation of the ego, and sacrifice for humanity, one acquires knowledge of both good and evil, both within and outside oneself. Good, we can say, is in relation with the liberated consciousness, and evil with desire or ego. By walking the White Path, one acquires knowledge of both, since we transform our defects into comprehension and light.

    Black Magicians, however, only have knowledge of evil, because they feed and awaken within desire. As Anhefta said, Black Magic is to awaken powers in hatred, lust, pride, envy, gluttony, etc. They use their consciousness in order to willingly feed their defects. The first ritual of AMORC is the first step of this process, by which the student fuses him or herself with the Guardian of the Threshold. The effects of this ritual and ceremony are verifiable in the internal worlds, which is why we do not recommend the practices of AMORC. We base our statements on internal investigation of the practices of Black Magic.

    “By their fruits you will know them.”

  13. I have to admit, this article is very amusing, as are the uninformed comments left by all of these conspiracy nuts.

    The most amusing thing though, is how many people think that they have the story figured out.
    People, if you are not an initiate into any of these fraternal bodies, don’t even attempt to draw any conclusions as to what you think they are all about, because you will always be WRONG.
    The reason there are so many “secret societies” and Mystery traditions is because there is knowledge that cannot be made public, for this very reason. The general population does not have the mental capacity to handle the truth, hence it is held only for initiates, lest the “pearls be cast before swine.”

  14. The general public can indeed handle the “truth” and they deserve to be informed about the real secrets of alchemy, especially the elixir that cures all disease and will bring the pharmaceutical industries of this world to their knees.

    My website Alchemy-Illuminated(,com) plainly reveals how to make the elixir is my book “Covenant of Silence” and I will advertising it on 92 of the most popular American and international TV channels, all day, every day, for this entire year of 2010.

    I will prove that the public can handle such an incredible secret, and they will use it to make the world a better place. Yes there might be some wicked men out there, but they will laugh about my book and call it fake, and call me a fraud. They will never make this elixir for themselves.

    This is the age of Aquarius, where all hidden knowledge and ancient secrets are revealed to mankind.

  15. II have been under mind co0ntrol if you have any information please find a way to show me how to get around thiis I really do need your advice please email me smartin40 avc.eduasap its running my life please phone me at 661-2650081thank you

  16. show me how to make the elixir please show me away to stop it

  17. Mike R. Are you referring about Samael Aun Weor. If you are involved with any group affiliated with this man flee for your life and sanity!

  18. Zophiel Ray

    there is no secret knowledge, there is not understanding knowledge and understanding knowledge…if you don’t see what is all around you, then you are preoccupied with nonsense or being led like a child…

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