The Order of the Alchemists: The Knights of Malta and Cagliostro

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The Order of the Alchemists: The Knights of Malta and Cagliostro

Discover occult and sinister forces at play

…with Philip Gardiner

The Order of the Alchemists, the Knights of Malta and Cagliostro

Count Cagliostro 1743-1795

Almost everybody is now aware of the infamous history of the Knights Templar. But not everybody realizes that there was another Order from the same time and with the same roots. This Order still exists today and has incredible power.

This film & audio book reveals the true history of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and in so doing, we discover occult and sinister forces at play.

Interview with Philip Gardiner

Manuel Pinto de Fonseca, the 68th Grandmaster of The Sovereign Military and HospitallerOrder of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. 1741 – 1773

From the days of heroic battles against Ottoman forces, to the alchemical world of the Grand Master himself, this film explores some very difficult questions:

Who are these Knights?
What was their role?
Who gave them authority?

The story of the Knights of Malta is filled with mystery, intrigue and excitement. Come with us on a journey into the heart of battle.

Featuring cutting-edge computer generated reconstructions and exclusive footage filmed in the Order’s Sacra Infirmeria, Church’s, Cathedral’s, Castle’s and grand buildings throughout Europe.

From Gardiner’s World


Freemasonry in Malta

Many knights of the Order of St. John and some of the Maltese nobility were freemasons. In 1756, the Grand Master of the Order was a freemason named E. Pinto de Fonseca. De Rohan, who was Grandmaster of the Order of St. John between 1775 and 1797, is reported also to have been a freemason, and is said to have helped the spread of freemasonry in Malta and to have been heavily censured by the Roman Catholic Church in Rome. The first Masonic lodges operated in Malta under French warrants generally obtained from Marseilles, but under the guidance of Count von Kollowrat, the Scotch Lodge of St. John of Marseilles petitioned the Grand Lodge of the Moderns in England to obtain an English warrant on the 30th June, 1788. This lodge noted in its petition that the most important members of the Order of St. John ranked amongst its membership. The lodge obtained an English warrant as the Lodge of St. John of Secrecy and Harmony.

Knights of Malta


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