Mass immigration to blame for British crime spikes and knife culture

Cambridgeshire Police Chief Constable Julie Spence complains the force can’t cope

Daily Mail | Jun 4, 2008

By  James Slack

A chief constable gave a stark public warning yesterday of ‘immense’ pressure placed on resources by the unprecedented influx of immigrants.

Julie Spence, who heads Cambridgeshire Police, took the highly unusual step of singling out Poles, Lithuanians and Iraqi Kurds who are carrying knives on the streets.

The comments of such a senior officer in an Parliamentary evidence session will spark widespread alarm at a time when the UK is struggling to control knife crime.

Mrs Spence said: ‘We have had the Iraqi Kurds who carry knives and the Poles and the Lithuanians who carry knives. If it is normal to carry them where you come from, you need to educate them pretty quickly. We have done a lot of work to tell them not to, and we have seen it go down.’

The chief constable  –  who first sparked a nationwide debate on migrant crime last year  –  also said there were problems related to violent debt recovery among Eastern Europeans.

‘There is an assaults pattern going on in relation to debt recovery. There is an issue of confidence in the police.’

Mrs Spence also described as ‘very worrying’ growing labour and sexual exploitation within former Communist communities whose nations have joined the EU since 2004. In the same evidence session, Local Government Association chairman Sir Simon Milton reported a series of ‘spikes’ in crime as a result of mass immigration.

He told the Home Affairs Select Committee there had been an issue with largely Romanian pick-pocketing gangs in the Westminster area.

‘Nationally there has been no crime wave but there are instances where there have been spikes in certain types of criminal activity. Much of it is low-level  –  driving offences, and so on.’

Mrs Spence has given previous warnings of the link between migrants and certain types of crime. Last September she highlighted a surge in drinkdriving, for example, by migrants with ‘different’ cultures and standards.

But it is highly unusual for a police chief to single out certain nationalities as posing a specific crime problem.

Simply carrying a knife in public is a criminal offence, punishable by up to four years in jail.

Mrs Spence, however, is establishing a reputation as an officer prepared to confront uncomfortable truths.

Addressing the Police Federation Conference last month, she warned that the economic downturn could spark tensions among ethnic groups.

Violence has already erupted between immigrant populations in the past. And she warned that the looming financial crisis could trigger unrest as competition for jobs increases. She also claimed that the Government had greatly underestimated the soaring numbers of Eastern Europeans entering the UK.

Mrs Spence said as many as 1.4million had arrived since the borders were opened to them four years ago  –  half a million more than the official figure.

She called for a European-wide police database so officers can easily check whether immigrants they arrest have any previous convictions in their home country. Mrs Spence cited one example of a violent Polish man arrested by her officers who came up as clear on the police national computer. They contacted the Polish authorities and had to wait 24 hours to find out he was a convicted murderer.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said last night: ‘Under Labour, fatal stabbings are up by almost a third and the Government’s lax approach means people carry knives in the street with impunity. We need more effective action to tackle knife possession  –  regardless of who is carrying them.

‘This means taking a zero-tolerance approach  –  including action to confiscate such weapons and punish those carrying them. Only this will send a clear message that we are serious about tackling a problem, which one senior judge has labelled an epidemic.’

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘The vast majority of foreign nationals entering or living in the UK play by our rules. However, we will not accommodate those that abuse our hospitality by becoming involved in crime.

‘In 2007 we removed over one person every eight minutes, including the highest-ever number of foreign lawbreakers, up by a huge 80 per cent to 4,200.

‘The new UK Border Agency has put in place a national network of crime partnerships so that we stand shoulder to shoulder with police forces and systematically target foreign lawbreakers for expulsion from Britain.’

7 responses to “Mass immigration to blame for British crime spikes and knife culture

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  3. hey my grandad is polish and came other and many of the younger members have come over recently and they DO not carry knifes about wiht them considering this would make me part polish i feel that not all immigrants and or who ever else or not to blame they are just doing what everybody else is doing and not everybody does it. i feel that people who are prepared to take someones life need to have there head seen to though im kristen im 15 and if you feel you have something to say on ,y post go ahead my email address is

  4. Massive uncontrolled immigration, such as Britain has due to the fact that it no longer has any control over its borders thanks to the EU, is always socially destabilizing. Whenever a society is destabilized like this, both economic and social problems like street violence and other crimes increase. It isn’t to single out Poles or any other groups, but it is to point out that unchecked immigration in general is overwhelming British society, straining its resources and bringing it down, as it was intended to do by the elite.

  5. this is a joke, i think that in this country, british are the ones without any values and do not respect any other people…Poles carying knives…. im Polish… and Im not saing that we are perfect butt i think that in this country you have lots of problem with British youths who dos not wanna educate themselves and dont even wanna work or do anything else…Im not happy with this articul , Poles don need to be educated, first time when i heard about knife crime was when I came to btitain… I have been living In Poland and none of my friends would ever have knife…

  6. Plus my boyfriend is British and last year has been beaten up very badly by British young people, this year one of my friend was coming back home and has been attacked with knife by two youths, just because they wanted some money. So many times I heard British people calling me really bad names e.g you white Niger go back to your country… I had chewing gum stick to my hair by English girl….I do understand that there is so many problems with immigration but just wanted to say that all human beings are the same….

  7. I am sorry to hear of your bad experience there. It is becoming more and more common unfortunately. The point is not to blame particular ethnic groups, but that in addition to the indigenous crime, another layer of crime is added by uncontrolled immigration thus making Britain into a dumping ground like the US. This is because of the fact that since Britain entered the EU, it lost control over its own borders. This is all mixed into a toxic potion of socialism, family breakdown, economic crisis (looting), drug culture, government corruption, loss of freedoms and subsequent decline in values encouraged by pop culture. Britain was never perfect either, but years ago it was a much better, much safer for everyone including newcomers. People were more friendly, much more polite and overall it was quite a pleasant place to be with its lovely countryside, quaint pubs, seaside resorts and the friendly English Bobby. Most of that is going, going, going…sadly.

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