Punk and Hardcore rockers drawn into the Masonic fraternity

“It’s kind of like a history class that no one else can take…”

Boston Herald | Jun 10, 2008

Frat boys: Masons drum up members among Hub rockers

By Dave Wedge

Stodgy lodges, traditional initiations and secret handshakes would seem to be the antithesis of punk rock.

But a diverse group of Hub rockers are embracing centuries-old fraternal ideals to become the new face of the Freemasons in Boston.

Rockin’ lodge: Musician J.R. Roach of Sam Black Church, master of the Cambridge Amicable Lodge, is flanked by members and friends.

“It’s not a religion, and it’s definitely not a cult,” said J.R. Roach, drummer for Sam Black Church and bassist for The Men, who also is master of the Masons’ Cambridge Amicable Lodge. “Everything is supposed to be dignified. There’s no hazing. We’re all brothers. It’s a movement for guys trying to find a deeper meaning in their lives.”

A new breed of Freemasons has surfaced locally, filling seats occupied for decades by community leaders, politicians and executives. Some join because their fathers or grandfathers were Masons. Others come for the male camaraderie or the intellectual challenge. And some simply want to get out of the house and go somewhere other than a rock club.


“It’s kind of like a history class that no one else can take,” said Dave Norton, drummer for Victory at Sea and The Men. He believes his membership in the fraternal organization will be especially rewarding when he tours Europe later this year.

“I can go anywhere in the world and find a brother,” he said.

According to the organization’s Web site, “Freemasonry is the oldest and largest fraternity dedicated to the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of a supreme being. Although of a religious nature, Freemasonry is not a religion. It urges members to be faithful and devoted to their own religious beliefs.” Its slogan is “making good men better.”

Masons have numbered artists as well as presidents, governors, judges and businessmen for centuries. Famous members include actors Clark Gable and Ernest Borgnine and musicians such as Mozart, Irving Berlin, Nat King Cole and Duke Ellington.

Masonry does have its critics who claim it is a secretive, chauvinistic and cult-like organization seeking no less than world domination. It’s been denounced by the Catholic Church and other religions and has faced political opposition for centuries.

“Some people just aren’t ready for it,” Norton said. “Any man can join. You just have to have the right reasons for it.”

Inside the Cambridge lodge, with its candelabras, velvet-covered pews, pipe organ and paintings of members past, members wear aprons indicating their level of enlightenment. Members meet monthly to discuss lodge business, which ranges from raising money for charities to electing leaders.

Gary Robley, drummer for Dashboard Jesus and J. Geils cover band Blow Your Face Out, said he joined because his father was a Mason, as are many of his friends.

“There were a bunch of musicians I knew in it,” Robley said. “It was kind of a brotherhood. Musicians have always been a part of Masonry since its inception.”

For Hank Peirce, a Unitarian minister and former roadie for hardcore band Slapshot, Masonry provided a safe haven when he went through a divorce.

“It’s important to have ‘men space,’ where we can talk about things going on in our lives,” he said. “The lodge is a sanctuary. When you’re here, you’re doing rituals that men have done for hundreds of years.”


Sam Black Church Myspace

Sam Black Church Myspace on Wikipedia

Slapshot official site


57 responses to “Punk and Hardcore rockers drawn into the Masonic fraternity

  1. Wow.. you are on top of it, keep up the great work

  2. Mmmmmmmm

    The new bling? The new(ish) member’s only?

    “It’s not a religion, and it’s definitely not a cult,”

    …mmmmm….never mind…..

  3. In a different life cycle I would have been all into this. But historically I’ve had bad times with “groups,” since I have this –conformity issue.

    *my dark laugh*

    And what they offer–is not worth what they want me to give up.

  4. “members wear aprons indicating their level of enlightenment. ”

    *weary voice* Ok–so–who is the arbiter/judge/determinator of “enlightenment”?

    Someone has to tell you?

    Either you have it or you don’t. And if you think you are–you probably aren’t. Correction–you definitely aren’t.

  5. “Illumination” is the more correct term I believe which simply means that you got the secret history lessons that reveal the true agenda of the Illuminati and also give you an edge on everybody else what with status, protection, perks and privileges and so forth. There are also some skills and knowledge that are attained that allow one to attain greater success and power. They also learn quite a bit about kabbalistic magic, hermeticism, etc which is about manipulation of reality and other people, ie mind-control. But as far as true spiritual enlightenment, they are as far from it as a person can possibly get because it cannot be had from the occult, cults, religion or whatnot. True spiritual wisdom comes only from inside, from your own inner awakening.

  6. I get weary with prosperity Christianity where god is the great cash cow you have to learn to milk the right way, and if you’re living the right life you’ll be rich and happy and etc.

    I mean, the traditional Biblical Christ didn’t exactly have a happy life.

    All this is another “cargo cult.”

  7. You are truly laughable. Inner awakening is the entire point; illumination by another name. People don’t gain insight by sitting around blogging/speculating about an organizantion of which they are truly uninformed. Get a life…

  8. PeterGower,

    Your “illumination” is Satanic and you know it. Your email address yogsothoth666@_____.com proves it with the “Yog-Sothoth” and the “666” in it.

    “Some authors state that the favour of the god requires a human sacrifice or eternal servitude.”


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Satanic power is what drives the elite and their elitist minions to dominate the weaker and the ignorant and that’s what you are promoting. Freemasons and Satanists are on the same page as far as the New World Order is concerned. They like it and they want to bring it on.

    And that is the reason you attack blogs that are truly anti-New World Order. You will never admit that the NWO is pure evil, guided by evil men and women.

    Freemasons, Satanists, Discordians, Knights of Malta, fanatics and various spooks attack this blog because I simply tell the truth and that is what they hate the most. They have a virulent hatred for the truth. It is like the sun shining in the eyes of a vampire. They just cannot stand it and must fight against it. So this is a war we are fighting here. I’m the good guy and you have agreed to be the bad guy.

    None of you Masons, Satanists et al would know about true spirituality because that requires a sense of right and wrong and compassion for others. The NWO minions have no moral boundaries, believing they are gods above reproach and whatever “good” they do is all contrived to serve their ulterior motives for domination of the lesser beings.

  9. Haha——>>>>> PeterGower. So—-your Vulcan mind meld is up and running and you know my soul/story?

    I laugh back at you and your life–Ha!

  10. Ok–details–when you say Get a life–be more specific. Just curious. I see that phrase occasionally but no one ever spells out what they mean by it.

  11. Why don’t you have this conversation with people who actually know? MasonicPlanet.com, 850+ members and growing!

  12. Yeah, get in with the elite while you still can. If you can’t beat em join em is what you are saying.

    We are all born into this Masonic Matrix system as have our forebears and theirs. This is the New World Order we are entering and it is beyond evil, run by evil men and women who are all at the top, Freemasons, members of the elite fraternity of “noble orders” like Order of the Garter and so forth.

    They are pulling the financial plugs on us. They are ramping up their war on humanity. They are instituting global government. They are actively dumbing the population down as they depopulate the planet. They are systematically stripping us of our rights and sovereignty. They are setting up a massive array of hellish control-grid technologies that make 1984 and Brave New World look like a walk in the park.

    More masonic BS David. Wake up and realize that all this Masonic tyranny is going to impact you and your own family. Please reconsider what you are doing.


  14. freemasonry has two parts. The visible(goyim cattle) and the invisible part(the elite/sociopaths). Those of the visible part are for the most part unaware of the 2nd part. Rockers, actors, etc are probably in the 2nd part, which is where the power is. The visible part is only an illusion to keep the masses confused.

  15. I always find it amazing when people give up everything for short term, temporary gain$. It’s like the experiment with little kids where they’re given a choice for 2 gumballs right now, or if they wait a few days then they’ll be given thousands of gumballs – an endless supply. So many of them say “fuck it, I’ll take my 2 gumball$ NOW… cause I’m extra special.”
    I sure hope those 2 gumballs taste good.
    Chew slowly.

  16. Well of course they are , the Masons are about money and social control. Morality has nothing to do with it , it’s the CASH.
    My family goes way back to the beginning with Masonry…I never got in , intellect doesn’t count for shit in the Masonic lodges.

  17. Sophie Scholl ii

    Must go listen to NOFX’s The Decline about 10 times over now. Good grief, back in the good old days and prior to becoming a grandmother, I was one of the 1st generation punkers with pink liberty spikes and all. The only thing that comes to mind is what a darned shame.

  18. Hey surprisingly, we got several level-headed informed people in a row telling it like it is on Freemasonry. Good to hear from you.

    I do believe that the basic spirit of defiance behind a lot of music is to say “fuck off” to the police state system and especially the aristocratic elite (royalty, bankers etc). But if you join the Masons, you are sucking up to them! Fuck em. It’s all about perks, privileges, status, money and power. The Masons are behind the New World Order, Novus Ordo Seclorum. It’s bad and it’s gettin worse, especially as all these new recruits are going in and taking their blood oaths to the Illuminati structure. They are just sheep, selling their souls, hoping to become sheep-herders.

  19. “In 1871, Pike published Morals and Dogma, detailing aspects of Masonry in which he revealed the true goal of Masonry:

    Masonry is a search after light: the search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah….Kabalah alone consecrates the alliance of the Universal Reason and the Divine Word….Everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of all Illuminati… is borrowed from the Kabalah; all Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols…. Liberty of thought, Equality of all men in the eye of God, universal fraternity! A new doctrine, a new religion; the old primitive truth uttered once again… For the initiates, this [the devil] is not a person but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will…. Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not… Masonry is a worship… Every Masonic lodge is a temple of religion; and its teachings are instruction in religion …. The world will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the universe, and be rulers over the masters of the world.

    Masonry is basically another form of satan worship in which the devotee tries to become an “illumined one,” where satan is a force that can be used for good or evil…”

    The Coming Epiphany p.207

  20. Also, for more information on music and Masonry, you might want to check into Alan Watt’s talks at



    Alan Watt: musicians, freemasonry, oto

  21. queenieofengland

    Hello to all my little satanic children and other minions in the usa. remember now to go and create as much discordance in the earthly bio-metric plane by whatever means suits you best.
    And never again find yourself alone feeling left out, every child of satan belongs to my family and in that sense on this earthly plane you are all royal to . now get on your knees and proclaim my worthiness then get up and go wash the dishes.
    just kiddin its my sarcastic streak at work, isnt it phillip….

  22. “people that actually know” “subject of which you know nothing” Those lil pikers certainly like to pontificate about their “more illumined than thou” BS…But lo’ what mystery is this? That those outside the lodge hath greater light for they stand outside of the dark and foul temples, and do not have their phrenum conjoined to their rectum! Behold, the only profane are the ones who believe they are not! etc. etc.

    Aside from this, good work with the blog good sir, soon scientology will fall and then next on the list of Anonymous is…freemasonry…the speculative fools that wouldn’t know how to lay a brick even if someone did it for them in front of their own eyes…a Cask of Amontillado for the lot of them!

    Best Regards,
    Seumas Twilight

  23. I was amazed when I saw Social Distortion sport Scottish Rite symbols and headgear on their set in NC.

  24. givemespacetorock

    I wonder if this has anything to do with years upon years of playing hardcore shows in Freemason halls….

  25. sour_claw,

    Can you find any pics of of that stuff?

  26. Illumination = old boy network, the same kind which brought us such favorites as the Spanish Inquisition, the KKK, the French Jacobin Revolution, the Mormons, the Process Church and a host of other nefarious and notorious cultist whack jobs. The reason they have to hide and be secretive about their activities is because if they ever actually practiced their beliefs out in the open they would be either ridiculed or beaten to death. Sunlight is the best disinfectant…

  27. Humor is good disinfectant too. Because most have none.

  28. Sounds like the time I went to Nancy Fowler’s farm near Conyers GA for her then monthly Mary visitations a decade ago. Also mentioned “ship” then too.

  29. A. Magnus, well said on sunlight as a disinfectant.

    Wil, also well said on humor as a disinfectant.

    Let’s put the two together and we can laugh, or at least chuckle a little now and then, on our way back to freedom.

  30. LUIZ,

    I can’t let people just copy entire irrelevant webpages and paste them here with no explanation. If you want to post a paragraph or two with a link to the webpage and hopefully a bit of explanation of why it has any relation to the topic at hand, then fine. Otherwise you are just spamming and it will be deleted.

  31. As a real punk rocker from the early 1980’s- these punks are posers. They takes our culture that was there before the internet, had shows created by small groups of people, even things called fanzines that people made and printed on their own.
    Had those dudes shown up for a show on a Sunday at CB’s in the 80’s they would have gotten their heads kicked in for being fags from suburbia. Their band sucks…

  32. dancingmoogle

    Hmm I now see the ideals of Punk and Hardcore rockers have changed from when I was young and listening to the Ramon

  33. dancingmoogle

    Hmm I now see the ideals of Punk and Hardcore rockers have changed from when I was young and listening to the Ramones and the Sexpistols. I miss the old days.

  34. A great novel about sunlight and laughter fighting evil is Ray Bradbury’s “Something Wicked this Way Comes” –it’s what I was thinking of when I mentioned humor.

    I had thought the original idea of true punk was individualism and anti-any type of establishment. The recent articles touting Masons as being the new chic men’s movement–seem to be promoting them as the new bling.

    I think the more basic issue is men trying to find an environment to be comfortable being men–in a society that’s frequently anti-male and variously feminized. Obviously it’s filling some unmet needs for some–I just wonder again about the leaders behind the leaders.

    “Iron John” by Robert Bly also good about “men’s” stuff.

  35. The post which PJ mentioned about Luiz was massive run on about I guess “Mary” visitations in Brazil, though I hadn’t heard about this one. And my comment about Nancy Fowler’s Marian messages 10 years ago–the words and topics virtually the same–whatever that may or might not mean.

  36. “Cops and Mason businessmen
    Were exempted from the ovens
    As if you weren’t already.
    the rest of you are all our termites now”

    – Jello Biafra, from “Shrink” on the album “Bedtime for Democracy”

  37. a better drummer

    I think they must of picked punk because it has very little soul.

    I can play better trap kit than that fucking stupid ass lame tard that thinks he is punk. Look all of you pathetic Masonry so called rockers need to give it up.. You WILL NOT make anything of yourselves in music.. It is impossible for you to do so.
    I will challenge you to drum duel in my sleep and I will win.. keep rockin the the pathetic soul less way that you do. The reason you have no crowd at your shows is cause you got no soul.

    Now repent become compassionate and learn to play music.

    and Iwill beat your ass on any stage just name the time and place and pay me to show to your pathetic event.

  38. Pathetic. “Some of your friends are probably already this fucked.”, eh? Thank God I don’t have to sit down w/ a bunch of jews to eat shit mixed w/ semen…

  39. Funny how it’s only the crappiest bands in town that are joining the cult..why is that, I wonder?

    Oh well, it’s cheaper than Scientology and probably more fun than straight-edge (to name a few other cults).

    “Men space”, hahaha! Yeah, girls are icky. LULZ.

  40. I simply cannot believe it!

    a J. Geils cover band???

  41. ““Men space”, hahaha! Yeah, girls are icky”

    Depends on the grrl.


    But they do have cooties!

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  43. nchonjoh donald

    i will like to ask if this is a secret cult cos i am looking for one.i want to join a secret cult so as to get rich now.so can you help.

  44. Well if you ask Freemasons if it is a secret society, they will “No, it’s a society with secrets”. Yuk yuk. Anyway, its existence isn’t a secret, but it’s initiations and rituals are kept secret and yes if you join the cult, you will get a leg up in business, government, religion or any other field because they pretty much control it all from the top down. So therefore, the answer to your question is yes, if you want to sell your soul, you can have whatever they have to offer.

  45. I think anyone who refers to what was happening in the 70’s and 80’s as some monolithic, “this is what punk was”, either wasn’t there or forgets that “punk” was a whole lot of subgroups with their own related but individual values. The “I’m too anarchistic to be a member of any group” is woefully myopic after a certain age. We all pick our tribes to one degree or another.
    I don’t see Freemasonry as much different than Oi! or Straight Edge or SHARP/SHAFT/SPAR or any other subgroup with a more defined rhetoric.
    Now, I think a better question to ask – are the current joiners becoming “them” or redefining “them”?

  46. Aren’t the members of KISS freemasons also? I’m sure they are. Rock and Roll has been involved in Psyops since its been around, manipulating the youth, so I’m not surprised by this article at all.

    ‘I wear an apron and have a secret handshake, so I’m superior to everyone else’, woweee. By the time he gets to Europe I hope everyone is aware he’s Mason, somehow I don’t think that’ll go down too well.

  47. “Gary Robley, drummer for Dashboard Jesus and J. Geils cover band Blow Your Face Out”

    Gary could certainly benefit from the Mason’s social promotion and networking contacts. He has struggled with introversion and social anxiety, making a career very difficult. The nice Masons will see to it that Gary gets a gravy gig, and the self-esteem he so desperately needs.

  48. Yes, you will find every genre from country to rap is run by masons. Jay Z is the biggest rap/hiphop artist and is definitely one. Kanye, Grandmaster Flash, etc all masons. Just do a search on “Hip-Hop Freemason”. Most of the biggest country acts have been masons: Autry, Tillis, Cash, . Only a coincidence of course. They just happened to be masons and just happened to rise to the top of the business you see. Also, look for the “M” sign which is the two middle fingers held together with the palm held out. This is in addition to the Horned Hand, two of the most widely used masonic gestures among musicians. KISS uses both of them alot.

    But none of it should surprise anyone because everything else from industry to religion and government is run by Masons and Knights of various orders, our “superiors” who feel it isn’t right to tell the children what is really going on. That would just spoil the surprise they have in store for us.

  49. The OTO (a form of Masonry that allows women) has had a death grip on the Vancouver (Canada) music scene for decades. This is not new, but it is a nicely worded expose.

  50. Freemasnonry “IS” a religion, one of the oldest religions in existance, Albert Pike even said it himself in his book. They keep the uninitiated in the dark, by keeping ancient knowledge of natural laws to themselves, this enables them to deceive, and manipulate the unlearned (profane) masses to whatever ends they may desire.

  51. Right. Masonry is basically a syncretic esoteric religion taken from all the major mystery schools: Egyptian and Jewish mainly, but also including the Greek schools and some Roman and Arab teachings. I say the Bible is “masonic” meaning that Judaism contains many masonic occult principles expounded in Kabbalah and Christianity is merely the exoteric form of the Osirus/Horus cult that was carried into Greece around 2000BCE as Dionysus worship. The Bible is then one of the 3 Lights of Freemasonry along with the Compass and Square. Such is its pivotal importance, to maintain this religion, to lead it, to lead the sheep to keep believing in it because they are the “Good Shepherds”. Many of the top Protestant ministers have been and are Masons. Many Catholic priests have been and are Masons. This is all tied in with Templarism, SMOM, KOSJ etc. At the top, they all work together for the New World Order.

    It was important for Pike therefore to maintain the Christian religion to later set up a conflict between them and the atheists as an essential alchemical Ordo Ab Chao conflict to help bring in the next phase of the NWO. Keep in mind that the Illuminati runs both sides of most conflicts. They are behind both Christianity, and Atheism as a dogmatic type of cult in itself with its own materialist/scientistic doctrines.

    At no point in history has true free-thought been encouraged. Thought has always been coraled, coerced, misdirected, guided by the Masonic elites.

  52. TruthAndJustice



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  53. Not a bad way to infiltrate the lodge, join and just maybe get some inside information. Maybe the rockers need some new material. Maybe they just want to meet at a place where they can be real men without worrying about some feminist politically correct bullshit. How many organizations/clubs have used the Bible as a veil of secrecy, and/or for their so called good deeds. The UN uses ‘humanitarian’ for every project they spew on the world. Smoke and Mirrors baby, Smoke and Mirrors!

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