The Pilgrims Society: A study of the Anglo-American Establishment

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8 responses to “The Pilgrims Society: A study of the Anglo-American Establishment

  1. Interesting–hadn’t heard of this specific group before.

  2. Lou B. Thompson

    Interesting, but no mention of the Bilderbergers!!

  3. Pilgrim Society also known as 6 degrees of Illuminati. President from 2003 to present(sure to resign as he takes more high profile job in crashing world economy) is Obama’s incoming Treasury Sec. The word comes from Madame Helen Blavatsky’s books and teachings Freemasonic ,Theosophy/Hindu/Occultism. Obama didn’t pick Geithner. Geithner and his crew picked Obama to further their Global one world economic/political and spiritual agenda. Gaia, Human/Self Worship ,leading to the rise of a world Govervnment and Dictator! There is much evidence to who these Pilgrims are and the multitude of organizations they operate in and through! I have found Geithner to be someone to watch very closely and study his past. At least until it starts disappearing off the Internet!

  4. Have any references on what you just stated there battlebow? On Geithner that is.

  5. Do search on these variations. ‘Pilgrims Society’ ,’Pilgrim’s Society’, ‘The Pilgrims’, ‘the Pilgrims of the United States’, ‘Pilgrims of the United Kingdom’/’Pilgrims of Great Britain’ ! Also a researcher named Charles Sauoie, he has been tracking their activities since 2004. Type in Geithner’s name for bio. The illuminati pyramid structure gragh can be googled. It shows h0w high up Pilgrims are on occult pyramidical power structure.You don’t just get picked for these positions out of a hat! There is much esoteric satanic ritual and mind conditioning that prepares the person for their role in the over all plan of global governance and control. Google ,Black Nobility, Madame H. Blavatsky, Theosophy, Cecil Rhodes, and on and on and on. All the major Religious, Economic, and Political organizations of our world are connected in one way or another . It is not just the Zionists or the Vatican Jesuits or the Freemason/Illuminati etc. It is all of the above and more, spiritually linked through ancient Babylonian/Egyptian/Roman/Greek/Aryan/Persian SEXUALLY PERVERTED ,CHILD SACRIFICING, BLACK ATTACK CHAOS MAGIC ,MYSTERY RELIGIONS! You have sorcerers in all three spheres. Political,Economic and Religious! Geithner is a groomed Economic Sorcerer! Not Miracle worker!

  6. Try this.They show New York Fed and Pilgrims Society as synonymous.

  7. Yes, I have always looked at them as black magicians, working up illusions for the common suckers to follow. 9/11 was their masterpiece of illusion right down to the CGI footage of the demon faces (at least two of them as I recall) in the WTC explosions. They are magicians on a stage, the world stage, carefully crafting our reality for us. Pull back the curtain and you see only wicked little men playing games with reality. Thanks for that on SMOM/PS. Will take a look at it.

  8. New details on history of The Pilgrims Society tampering with the world’s money systems, getting rid of silver first, then gold, so they can cause unlimited debt and inflation, gaining a lien against all private property, and abolishing the middle class in The Crown’s drive for feudalism.

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