Collapse of WTO talks ushers in ‘New World Order’

AFP | Jul 30, 2008

OSLO, July 30, 2008 (AFP) – The breakdown of the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations signals a “new world order” in which the West can no longer unilaterally impose its will on the rest of the world, Norway’s foreign minister said Wednesday.

“I may have been present as the world order crumbled. But at the same time, I have witnessed the emergence of a new world order where all of the world’s countries are present and defend their rights,” Jonas Gahr Stoere wrote in an opinion piece in the Norwegian paper of reference Aftenposten.

“Just a few years ago, the United States and the EU resolved all disputes. When they agreed on a solution, that was often the way it turned out. Those days are numbered,” he wrote, pointing to the mounting influence of countries like China, India and Brazil.

The Geneva talks collapsed Tuesday after nine gruelling days of negotiations aimed at reaching a consensus on subsidy levels and import tariffs for a new deal under the WTO’s seven-year-old Doha Round.

“The failure in Geneva should encourage us to develop a world order that is in line with a new era,” Stoere said, insisting that the aborted talks should not be the final word on the matter.

Norway, which is not a member of the European Union, has traditionally imposed high duties on imported agricultural goods to protect its heavily subsidised farmers.

10 responses to “Collapse of WTO talks ushers in ‘New World Order’

  1. I have a question.

    If they have their New World Order; how soon would we know and how would it be?

  2. It’s a gradual process that began long ago. It is a long term plan of the Illuminati, the ultra-rich elites who believe they have superior DNA and the “right to rule” over us.

    We are now in the final phase of the implementation of this NWO agenda as evidenced by imminent global government and the erosion of freedoms worldwide, but it will just deepen and grow as time goes on. The EU is now established. The NAU is to be established in only about two more years, followed by the Asian Union. Then, these three unions will be linked together into a global dictatorship sometime in 2012 because this is a year with occult significance for the elites who are mostly Freemasons and Cabalists. The future is a literal Hell on Earth.

    Watch science fiction horror movies to see where the world is heading, that is, where it is being guided by these evil-minded elites. Chaos, terror, bio-engineered plagues, massive depopulation, eugenics programs, robots everywhere of every shape and size, human cyborgs and mutant chimeras running around, soldiers everywhere kicking people in the head, 24/7 surveillance and tracking of every individual, fabulous wealth right next to abject poverty and filth, ie a Dystopia. See Minority Report, The Signal, Children of Men, They Live, 1984, Logan’s Run, THX 1138, Avalon, Gattaca, Handmaid’s Tale, Stepford Wives, Clockwork Orange, Soylant Green, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Alphaville, Matrix, Metropolis, Bladerunner, I-Robot, Things to Come, Strange Days, Idiocracy, The Time Machine, Brazil, Code 46, Fahrenheit 451, Total Recall and well, you get the idea. (Note: I believe these types of movies should only be viewed by adults who have a solid sense of reality. Children should be protected from movies containing violence or dark disturbing scenarios). These movies show you in one way or another how humanity becomes dehumanized, corrupted, brainwashed, in constant state of war and chaos, all under authoritarian dictatorships of one kind or another. That is the New World Order that the Illuminati has planned for us, if we allow it to happen.

    These movies should not be viewed as “prophetic”, but as “predictive programming” to socially engineer people so that they become conditioned to accept all the evil as “inevitable” or even to see it as “evolution”. There are a number of exceptions like 1984 which was originally written to serve as a warning. But in general, the future is first sold to us through movies and then only if we buy into it this version of the future, will it actually be made to happen that way.

    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to stand by and do nothing about it.

    Apathy is the problem. True, not enough people know about the NWO to begin with, but there are many who refuse to hear the truth because it would mean they had to change and make an effort to help make this a better world.

  3. I had been thinking the WTO talks supposed collapse was a good thing–or was I wrong? Of course it’s just a minor ripple in the tidalwave.

    If I were to put free trade in jousting terms–it would seem like all the knights take their armor off–and somehow believe whatever happens is for the best..somebodies anyway–

  4. Fuck that Pj your right. We need to snap out of this so-called paradise man. The elites had their time and now they want the world? Its like a fucking comic book scenario, but the difference is that there is no one hero, itll be all of us together. Sililoquise of Choas.

  5. Fuck that Pj your right. We need to snap out of this so-called paradise man. The elites had their time and now they want the world? Its like a fucking comic book scenario, but the difference is that there is no one hero, itll be all of us together. Sililoquise of Chaos.

  6. I get who they are and the means in which they operate, I was just enquiring as to what peoples perception were of how it would all turn out.

    Apathy of a gigantic porportion would allow them to achieve their objectives that’s for sure but I can’t grasp that that will be the case – they’ve never achieved it yet.

    It’s going to get worse I’m in no doubt about that, but we at this moment are only a minute fraction in time, it doesn’t end like this for us.

    How bad it will be before it changes again I don’t know, hence the question. Thanks for the responses.

  7. Sorry pressed return before I had finished.

    And thanks again for the site.


  8. Well that’s just it. They have already achieved the NWO to a great extent. Watch Idiocracy or 1984. Then watch the boob-tube and go to a Mall or hang out downtown and watch people. Listen to how they talk. You will realize, “Oh my god! It’s already here!”. It is getting worse every day and the Agenda is moving forward at an exponential rate despite protests from resisters. They just do whatever they want to do because the majority of people either don’t know what is happening or don’t care. But again, that is all by design. So the answer to what perceptions people have, I would say most people don’t really care. And of those who do, most of them are fooled by the Right/Left Paradigm and so become useful idiots. Those who see through ALL the lies are too few to mention really, so the Agenda will move forward to the scifi horror hell that the elite have planned for us, unless a miracle happens and enough people get up to speed in time to stop it and reverse the damage that already has been done.

  9. The Scouring of the Shire.

  10. WATCH OUT for SECRET SOCIETIES to take over the World, and FEMA, to take over the USA, Take Over The PEOPLE, The CONSTITUTION, State and Local Governments, and impose their will wherever, and whenever they may, and, their destruction of The Current American Way. All from One Government Agency. The New World Order Is Here. There may very well be something happening in 2008-2012 that will cause people to take notice. Read about Secret Societies, you may wake up!

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