British police feared Madeleine was ‘stolen to order’ by Belgian paedophile ring

Madeleine: Police fear a ‘spotter’ for a paedophile snatched her


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Daily Mail | Aug 7, 2008

By Vanessa Allen and Emily Andrews

British police fear Madeleine McCann was snatched by a Belgian paedophile ring. She was stolen to order after a ‘spotter’ saw her on holiday in Portugal and sent her photograph to the gang’s leaders.

The revelation came as a second woman claimed to have seen the missing girl in neighbouring Holland.

The possible link to Belgium – the scene of several notorious child sex cases – was mentioned in a confidential email sent by the Metropolitan Police intelligence unit.

The message, passed to Portuguese police and contained in their newly-released files, said: ‘Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken.

‘Somebody connected to this group saw Madeleine and took a photograph of her. The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Madeleine was taken.’

The dramatic development, and the horrific picture it draws, will bring fresh agony to Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

It would fit with two claimed sightings of their daughter across the border in the Netherlands, where Belgian paedophiles could hide their victims.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Amsterdam shop worker Anna Stam told police within days of Madeleine’s diappearance in May last year that she thought she had seen her.

The report was passed to Portgual, but never followed up. Yesterday Hannie Wiechmann, 71, said she saw a girl resembling Madeleine in the Dutch capital at around the same time.

She said the child’s hair had been badly cut and partially dyed red. She was with a woman who was pacing up and down beside a canal.

Mrs Wiechmann said: ‘Those eyes, her badly-cut fringe with this red painted lock of hair. I just knew it was her.’

She told the Dutch newspaper Metro that she spotted the child twice near the city’s famous Rijksmuseum.

Mrs Wiechmann said the woman, who was aged 30 to 35, was speaking English to her.

She added: ‘You could see by the way she handled the kid she wasn’t used to children.’

She was so convinced the girl was Madeleine that she called police from her mobile phone, then followed the pair as they walked towards the Rijksmuseum.

But when police arrived and spoke briefly to the brown haired woman, they accepted her account that she was a tourist who was baby-sitting the child.

Mrs Wiechmann said they dismissed her suspicions without even taking her details or talking to the girl. But she was so convinced the girl was Madeleine that she called British police, who took details but did not contact her again.

Mrs Wiechmann said that a week later she saw the pair again in a park, and the little girl came over to pat her dog.

She said: ‘She came right to me to pat the dog. Then I let her go. Stupid, but…. I let her walk away.

‘It would have been better if I had taken her home and reported it to all the international criminal investigators. Such a beautiful girl.’

The McCanns’ private detectives have considered the theory that Madeleine was given to a ‘carer’ who would have disguised her appearance and kept her in a safe house.

Mrs Wiechmann’s account came just a day after the Portuguese police files revealed Miss Stam’s description of a young girl with an adult couple and two other children.

Miss Stam, 41, said the girl called herself Maddie and said of the woman with her: ‘She took me from my Mummy….They took me from my holiday.’

A Dutch police report was sent to Portuguese police but it is not clear what action, if any, they took.

Miss Stam said: ‘I think it’s stupid because maybe they could have done something more at that time and maybe now it’s too late to find any clue. So I think it’s very neglectful by the police.’

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the McCann’s private detectives would interview both women ‘as a priority’.

Dutch and Portuguese police refused to comment.

The huge case files also revealed that Portuguese police asked the FBI to compare a DNA sample from Madeleine with the body of a child washed ashore in Galveston, Texas, last November. But it was not a match.

In the UK, a former detective accused the Portuguese of ‘giving up’.

Child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas said: ‘The file should have been made available to another law enforcement agency from another country before it was made public.

‘There is information there which should not have been put in the public domain and should have been followed up. It is a huge blunder to make it public.

‘They have given up. The police are absolving themselves of responsibility.’

Police suspected Robert Murat because of his ‘constant questions’ about MadeleineMcCann’s disappearance, according to the case files.

On May 11 – three days before the British expat was named as the first formal suspect – an officer said he had noticed his questions and suggestions and added: ‘He aroused my suspicions.’

Mr Murat, now 34, was formally cleared as an arguido, official suspect, last month, when Portugal’s attorney-general said there was no evidence he had committed any crime.

He had volunteered his services as a translator as police were trying to interview British tourists in Praia da Luz, but officer Pedro Varanda said he had showed an ‘unusual curiosity’ in the case.

His comments, recorded in the police files, came just five days after a British journalist told Leicestershire Police she had also noticed Mr Murat showing an intense interest in developments.

Mr Varanda said: ‘We noticed that he questioned me persistently, over and over, as to the ID of the potential suspects and the strategy of the investigation in the next few days.

‘Because he was so insistent and because of his attitude, he aroused my suspicions. I always told him to pay attention to the job he was supposed to be doing – because at that time the investigation was under the secrecy of justice rule.

‘He also had an enormous knowledge of the dynamics of the Ocean Club, and the routines the McCann family and their friends had taken up.’

Mr Murat, a property consultant, was taken for questioning on May 13 and named an arguido the next day.

Police searched the villa he shares with his mother, some 200 yards from the McCann’s holiday apartment, but found nothing.


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15 responses to “British police feared Madeleine was ‘stolen to order’ by Belgian paedophile ring

  1. this comes straight from clarence mitchell pr person for the mccanns. it is based on an email that eas investeted and ruled out.this is mainstream UK paper spin it has no place on an alternative news see more of the truth see

  2. Please wake up and report news , not ancient history.
    The child is dead without a doubt, all the rest is spin and distraction.

  3. This child wasn’t Madeleine.
    No sighting has ever been Madeleine.
    No sighting will ever be Madeleine.
    Because she’s no longer on this earth.

    Spin, spin, spin from the usual suspect – Clarence Mitchell.

  4. Since Madeleine refused to be called Maddy/Maddie, it is hardly likely she would tell someone her name was Maddy/Maddie.

    More lies and distraction tacticts from Clarence Mitchell and the appalling, disgraceful excuses for ´newspapers´ in UK. The UK should be hanging its head in shame for their disgraceful articles. Micky Mouse country indeed now, the laughing stock of the world.

  5. This article is here not as proof of anything, but for the purpose of rational discussion and debate. If you do a search on this blog for “McCann” you will find that I have covered every possible explanation including the theory that the McCanns killed their daughter with sleeping pills and covered up the evidence. But here is the problem: so far there is no solid proof for any of the theories that have been flying around. And a great deal of suspicion has fallen on the Portuguese police due to the fact that they have so thoroughly screwed up the investigation and have a dubious record on pedophile crimes to the extent that they may be involved in these rings themselves. On top of that, they have a record of using torture to obtain confessions.

    Even if the witnesses are completely off and even if Mitchell is spinning, does that completely rule out the possibility that a pedophile ring is involved? We already know that pedophile rings in Belgium and Portugal involve the highest levels of the government. There is also the suspicion that the Portuguese police have been involved in protecting these rings.

    I am not saying that the McCanns are innocent either. So far, there has been no compelling proof either way. So what makes you so sure of yourselves?

    Four of you have made comments to the negative (all from the same group??), but none of you have offered an alternative explanation for Madeleine’s disappearance. Nor have you provided proof as to exactly what happened to Madeleine. What exactly are your theories? And please offer some links other than a closed forum. Frankly, you all sound like members of a Maddie cult.

  6. lies and spin, more distracting tacticts. One can only wonder why.

  7. Mark Williams Thomas instead of criticising the PJ how come you dont criticise the Home office for refusing to cooperate with the PJ, not allowing access to Mccanns credit cards, medical records, and how come you dont criticise the Leicestershire Police for taking 6 months to send email to the PJ where friends gave a damning statement in relation to Gerry and David Payne in connection with paedophilia.

  8. Mark Williams Thomas why dont you investigate the discrepancies in Tapas 7 statements, the constant inaccuracies given by Kate and Gerry and why dont you investigate the interference of the government and what they are trying to cover up! as if we dont all know!

  9. Several of these comments sound like the same person.

  10. The big question is why would governments collude to make a huge stinking mess of this investigation and why are so many top-level people involved with the McCanns?

    Is it because they are all involved in these elite pedophile rings and have to create chaos as a smokescreen?

    You might think they would have buried the story and put it to rest by now, but it seems it has taken on a life of its own because people still want to know the truth. That is the only positive aspect of all this.

  11. I want the truth as much as anyone. The problem I see is that this whole thing is dominated by two controlling groups: the Pro-McCanns and the Anti-McCanns. As long as the public is divided along these two political lines, the truth will never be known. That is my feeling and opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. What this means to me is that everyone from the McCanns to the Portuguese Police, to Scotland Yard, to British high society is involved and invested in making sure this whole story is so convoluted and confusing that it just leads into huge labyrinth consisting of tens of thousands of dead ends that leave the mind reeling. Therefore it is much easier for people to take either the pro-McCann or the anti-McCann stance and leave it at that. For myself, I’m not convinced of either stance, and because it bloomed into such a gigantic story, I am compelled to believe other forces are at work deliberately deceiving and confusing the public. But it is critical that people step out of their group-think and try to see if there is any connection to the elite pedophile networks. Think for yourselves is all I have to say because I certainly don’t have all the answers either.

    For related info do searches on the following:

    Dutroux X-files

    Casa Pia pedophile ring

    Aftermath News: Elite Pedophile Rings

  12. This is case of very powerful elite men who are pedophiles and have paid off the police depts. so they can get away with murder…the police didn’t do a ‘blunder,’ it was deliberate…HELLO! The police are also in on it.

  13. I tend to agree that this is the right direction. I never said that there were any real blunders, only that they screwed it up big time and that tends to indicate something more than just incompetence. Note the Iraq war. It wasn’t a “mistake”.

  14. absolutely knowing the reality of several conspiracies…. the possibility of police collusion in a pedophile ring -certainly in a cover-up, is real.
    i don´t know much about the case, but i have absolutely learnt not to trust anyone in authority or the media to tell the truth. to make sense of this case would certainly require 300 hours minimum of review of facts and video of the parents. this whole thing is hell.
    it is terribly possible for a pedophile ring to have abducted her. if the evidence for the guilt of the parents is extremely strong than you can assume they may be guilty. if the evidence is almost non-existant , which seems to be the case, than we need to be open to the alternative.

  15. as a follow up, yes, if the parents have made multiple conflicting statements and changed their story in obvious ways over time, than that is a very strong piece of evidence. the case of the american girl with her boyfriend in italy was certainly a case of overwhelming discrepencies in their stories about the murdered housemate. oj simpson was another obvious case, though the jury was right in believing almost nothing the la police would come up with. the history of the la police dept. was absolutely grotesque in their corruption. they dug their own grave long before the trial.
    no, the key is a minute dissection of the videos of the parents. each change in facial expression and a minute analysis.

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