Catholic Inquisition reigns supreme in Depp movie under development

Dr. Julien Sauniere gets into trouble with Nazis in the comic book, Rex Mundi

Rex Mundi is set in an alternate history where Martin Luther was assassinated, the Reformation never took place, and the Catholic Church still reigns supreme. The comics take place in the 1930’s, in a world where the Inquisition still runs rampant, Europe is ruled by monarchs, but magic manages to exist.

Cinematical | Aug 14, 2008

Johnny Depp’s ‘Rex Mundi’ Has Script, Needs Director

by Elisabeth Rappe

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Johnny Depp’s second foray into the world of comic book adaptation, otherwise known as Rex Mundi. Back in 2006, Depp purchased the rights to Arvid Nelson’s Dark Horse series under his Infinitum Nihil banner, with the intention to star as Dr. Julien Sauniere.

To refresh your memory, Rex Mundi is set in an alternate history where Martin Luther was assassinated, the Reformation never took place, and the Catholic Church still reigns supreme. The comics take place in the 1930’s, in a world where the Inquisition still runs rampant, Europe is ruled by monarchs, but magic manages to exist. Into this walks Dr. Sauniere, who finds himself investigating the disappearance of a medieval scroll, and a trail of horrific ritual murders. You can find out more on its official site, if you’re interested. Depp was drawn to the project not because he’s a comic reader, but because he’s keenly interested in the Templar Knights, and “loves that kind of research” according to Barry Levine, who’s co-producing.

According to MTV, Rex now has a script, penned by Jim Uhls, and is looking for a director. Depp has been right in the thick of all the decision making, says his co-producer Barry Levine. “The second draft is now coming in from Jim, and Warner Bros. is pretty excited about it. They came up with a couple of names for directors, so now we just need Johnny to look at the list. It all begins and ends with Johnny. He’s got to be happy with the script, and he gave his notes, so we’ll see what happens next.”

As the original story dealt with a now predictable search for the Holy Grail and descendant of Jesus, it’s been changed around a bit. (Damn you, DaVinci Code!) With that worrying development, it’s difficult to say how this could end up — it all hinges on who they hire to direct, and if the story can hold up. The world Nelson has created could be really brilliant on screen. But I fear another From Hell or The Ninth Gate.


Synopsis: Rex Mundi is set in Paris, 1933, but not the Paris of our world. For a number of reasons, foremost the assassination of Martin Luther in 1521, this Europe is still in the dark ages. A handful of aristocrats hold all the power, and the church maintains a permanent Inquisition with all the license of the Gestapo in Nazi Europe. The rites and rituals of spell-casting are steeped in the occult, based on Judeo-Christian mysticism and cabala.


6 responses to “Catholic Inquisition reigns supreme in Depp movie under development

  1. i am ‘realy’sorry 2 say this…

    however i think it is tym/time 2 spend the blood of this system($) on reality.

    (in this ,your case ,be it ever so close 2 reality
    [only the hats have changed]— given overtly rather than covert )
    is an/the initalizer of action…..

    the entertainment” BUSINESS AS USUAL”

    has been a great weapon 4… inaction .
    distraction and minulipation,
    reaping in huge reward($) 4 little or 0 real value.

    while in reality the planet and hu manity are…. plundered raped ,exploited without conscious

    as long as we can escape through entertainment

    (…it is the way it has been.)

    tym to care and do 4 u k”now” who……gaia

    please invest in the future …save/salvage***life

    chooz & change

    letz * give ” it” a chance


  2. While it is true that the elite are “entertaining” the mindless public to death, that doesn’t mean that we should just ignore it. Rather, selectively, we should monitor the propaganda placement in various forms of media and entertainment. That doesn’t mean that we watch every movie, cop show, cartoon, sitcom or news program that comes along, but selectively watch them to discover some of the ideas are being implanted into the heads of the masses. We do this with full awareness of what we are watching, rather than soaking up the messages into our brains subconsciously like the majority do.

    As for Gaia worship, you might want to read up on Maurice Strong, Agenda 21 and do a thorough wading through the global warming hoax category of this blog. There is much to learn and so little time to do it.

  3. For the past several months I have been sending out e-mails and mailing printed booklets regarding my latest work titled:

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    Brian David Andersen

  4. Hmmm, some interesting comments, hard to disagree with the first one and good luck with your battle against the Federal Reserve fraud there Brian but I gotta say, any reform will probably be more inline with a global monetary system at this point and have little to do with the typical American citizen since it will be wrapped in thousands of pages of word salad making it indecipherable to most.

    Anyway, regarding the article!!! I immediately noticed the double cross symbolism which reminded me of V for Vendetta and how that was story was completely turned upside down from reality getting the audience to root for the real terrorist – V the Jesuit. The gunpowder plot was the Jesuit conspiracy to blow up English Parliament with everyone inside but was foiled with tips from non other than William Shakespeare among others leading to the execution of Guy Fawkes. This is how the Holy Roman Empire gains control of sovereign countries – by intrigue and assassination using their military order of the Jesuits, and the burning of his effigy is still celebrated today in some parts of England. The other instance of reality being turned upside down is V is apparently fighting against a fascist dictatorship for “free dumb” when in fact England was standing fast by Protestantism, freedom of religion and the basic rights of the individual while the Holy Roman Empire prefers fascism over any other form of government as evidenced by their Vatican ratlines into America after the war and support of Hitler as he was marching into Poland for the Jewish crusade among many many examples throughout history. So the movie twists the mind of dumbed down Americans into supporting a Jesuit and the Holy Roman Empire. Eventually the Jesuits did get a foothold in England and in and about the 1800’s fell to the Papal Caesar in Rome and is now firmly part and parcel of the Holy Roman Empire with London being the sovereign city state controlling the worlds finances, D.C. being the military city state of the world and of course the Vatican and Jesuits controlling the religious realm. It is interesting to note also that although the Vatican is using the classic Jewish proxy to run Hollywood, it is in fact the Jesuit Theater. If your an Arnie Schwarzenegger fan you might also be interested to know that he is a Papal Knight loyal to the Pope and Austrian born – now holding the governors seat in the most populous state of America and firmly implanted in the peoples minds as a hero. The Holy Roman Empire is firmly in control so it will be interesting to see what Depp does here, haven’t researched him much but would not be surprised to learn of some allegiance to Rome deep in his heart, not to America. Jesuits, it’s how they roll!

  5. Oh yeah, notice how V never does get to experience the true love of a women in the film, he goes without – the life of a Jesuit!
    It should also be noted that King James – after which the King James version of the bible is named is an interesting story in itself. Guy Fawkes the Jesuit (V) of course conspired to murder him. If Americans truly understood the history of the Jesuits they would burn down Georgetown and Fordham universities by morning realizing the enemy is not only at the gates, he is right inside pumping out presidents like Bill Clinton and his ilk – with loyalty to the Pope in Rome before their own people. For reasons such as these it’s hard to see things getting any better in the near future as far as independent thought, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, monetary reform…in fact, truth seeking Americans should be on guard as they are viewed as heretics and heathens by the empire – an empire that has a history of the most evil inquisitions, pogroms, crusades, assassinations, torture…the list of evil they will do for the Glory of God is really infinite, as the Jesuits live by the rule, the ends justify the means.

  6. Pablo,

    Don’t forget the Rosicrucian Freemasons in your equations…That includes James I’s Chancellor, Francis Bacon…

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