12 decapitated bodies found in Mexico

Forensic experts inspect some of the 12 decapitated bodies, bearing signs of torture, found in a suburb of Merida, capital of Yucatan state, eastern Mexico, on August 28  (AFP)

AFP | Aug 29, 2008

MERIDA, Mexico (AFP) – Twelve decapitated bodies bearing signs of torture were found Thursday in eastern Mexico, authorities said, adding that they were still looking for the heads.

Eleven headless male bodies were found piled on top of each other and covered with blankets in a suburb of the city of Merida, the capital of Yucatan state.

Some of the cadavers also had their legs tied, an AFP photographer saw. One was completely naked, while others wore denim clothing. Some of the murdered men had tattooed arms.

A twelfth body was found in a town called Buctzotz, 70 kilometers (45 miles) northeast of Merida. Its head is also missing.

Jose Guzman, a Yucatan state prosecutor, said the bodies were found by townspeople but that the heads were still missing.

“We believe that the 12 executions were an isolated incident and not part of a strategy to destabilize the state,” Guzman told reporters.

A top Mexican public security official who visited Merida recently had noted that the city had remained largely untouched by the drug war that has left more than 2,600 dead in Mexico so far this year.

Just four drug-related murders had been reported in Yucatan state this year, according to El Universal newspaper.

Decapitated bodies have appeared in southern and northern Mexico, and authorities say they are revenge killings between rival drug cartels.

In recent years, drug trafficking gangs have resorted to decapitations and dismemberments against their foes in northern and southern Mexico. Hitmen often leave notes on the bodies indicating it was a drug-related assassination.

5 responses to “12 decapitated bodies found in Mexico

  1. It’s happening in Atlanta area too–but on the news? Never!

    Lets just say I know people working in emergency rooms and they have to deal with the headless bodies that are never mentioned on our news.

  2. This kind of evil would hardly exist were it not for the drug trade and the criminal gangs it spawns.

    Anyway, they are accepting applications for coroners and forensic pathologists.

  3. The ones here seem to be African/tribal in origin and occurring in community with many refugees–but there’s other stuff I hear that’s never on the “news.” But it all seems to connect and overlap.

    But yes–the leering voice of ITT tech keeps serenading to sign up for a career in “criminal justice…” And all the well groomed smug students get well paying jobs keeping everyone else in line as they sip their coffee and leer smugly into their monitors.

    But mortuary would be good career.

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