Global cooling? An inconvenient truth

Stock and Land | Sep 2, 2008

The sudden change of focus from global warming to global cooling by leading environment group World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) demonstrates the lack of substance to the argument that manmade carbon emissions are responsible for global warming, according to Senator Boswell.

The prominent NP senator for Qld says, “The WWF now claims that recent freezing temperatures in Sydney are proof of the urgent need to cut carbon pollution.

“Does that mean that global warming causes global cooling?

“Does that mean that we should be increasing emissions in order to cool the earth or increasing them to warm it back up?”

“I though we were concerned with the perils of global warming – that we had to act immediately to stop temperatures and water levels rising and inflicting untold disasters.

“Now the WWF wants us to believe that manmade carbon emissions are responsible for colder temperatures.”

Senator Boswell says that the Rudd government’s carbon pollution reduction scheme is built on the assumption of man-made global warming.

“Which is it – are temperatures going up or down?” he asks.

“Cooling temperatures are what I would call a very inconvenient truth for the green movement.

“This is a twisting charade and no mistake.”

Senator Boswell says it is imperative that scientists get it right because so many of Australia’s competitive industries are being asked to take on higher costs under the government’s carbon reduction scheme.

“If the Rudd government’s Emission Trading Scheme is not drastically altered, then it is Australia who will end up pleading with the East Timorese to take us as guest workers – and not the other way round,” he says.

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