Imelda Marcos yearns for the good old days of martial law

Imelda Marcos puckering up at her dictator-husband’s tomb September 11th, 2005 Photo: AP/Aaron Favila


Good old days as Marcos pushes for a hero’s burial

Imelda prefers Martial Law years than today’s political situation – report

GMANews.TV | Sep 19, 2008

by Johanna Camille Sisante

MANILA, Philippines – Two days before the 36th anniversary of the declaration of martial law, former First Lady Imelda Marcos said her husband’s 20-year rule is more preferable than today’s political situation.

A report over radio dzBB said the wife of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos, who placed the country under martial law in Sept. 21, 1972, described the era as “the most unforgettable” saying it was the time when the world saw the Philippines’ potential.

The former First Lady chided the current government, saying that politicians today do nothing but bicker instead of helping their countrymen, said the report.

Marcos also noted that numerous establishments built during the period still stand today.

Under Martial Law, former President Marcos prohibited street demonstrations, imposed a curfew, banned the unauthorized carrying of firearms, closed down several media organizations, and suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.

Numerous known critics of the administration were detained, including the later senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr who was assassinated on Aug. 21, 1983 upon his return to the Philippines from exile.

A non-violent “People Power Revolution” in 1986 along the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) attended by multitudes of Filipinos effectively ended Marcos’ 20-year authoritarian rule.


4 responses to “Imelda Marcos yearns for the good old days of martial law

  1. If you want the complete story read Henry S. James “The Blood Bankers.” Chapter two is all about the Philippines and the Marcos family’s dirty dealings with Citi Bank, the IMF, UBS, The World Bank, and so-on. It starts out with the US occupation to the rise and fall of Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos. These two embezzled billions of dollars from their own country, putting the Philippines in exorbitant debt to the international banking cartels.
    Read the book for details…and believe me you won’t be disappointed.

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  3. alam nio ba talagang pangit ang ginawa ni marcos lalo na sa pamilya aquino at wala syang karapatan na patayin ang mga tao

  4. I hardly knew a thing about this lady but in the past couple of days have been forced to learn a bit about her. This is because my country’s first lady’s been compared to her being an ‘iron lady’. 3000 pairs of shoes (Wikipedia)? She must’ve worn them only once each… : )

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