Henry Kissinger to teach Sarah Palin about foreign affairs

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, right, shakes hands with former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger after a meeting at his Park Avenue offices, Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008 in New York. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

News.com.au | Sep 24, 2008

By Stefanie Balogh in New York

REPUBLICAN vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is to take her first tentative steps on to the world stage, at UN talks with the leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.


John McCain’s selection of Ms Palin has been criticised due to her lack of foreign affairs experience.

The Alaskan Governor, who describes herself as a hockey mum and a pit bull with lipstick, has argued that she is ready for the world’s second most powerful job, despite never having met a foreign head of state before today.

She got her first passport last year.

Ms Palin defended her national security credentials in a television interview this month, during which she said she had insight into Russia because “you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska”.

Today, Ms Palin will receive a crash course in international affairs from Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State to Republican presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

He is renowned for pioneering “shuttle diplomacy”.

After being prepped, Ms Palin will hold high-level talks with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and Afghan President Hamid Karzai who are in New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly.

The day after she will have a joint meeting with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko, before meeting separately with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

One of the highlights will be a meeting with Bono, lead singer of U2, who has become a global spokesman for humanitarian causes.

But perhaps Palin needed some worldly advice to come a bit sooner – in a move which is likely to alienate her from media across the globe, the vice presidential nominee has banned reporters from attending the meetings, allowing access only to photographers and a television crew.

CNN, which was providing the television coverage for news organisations, decided to pull its TV crew, effectively denying Palin the high visibility she had sought.

Earlier, former US President Democrat Bill Clinton, said he understands why Ms Palin is popular in the American heartland: because people relate to her.

“I come from Arkansas. I get why she’s hot out there, why she’s doing well,” he said.


12 responses to “Henry Kissinger to teach Sarah Palin about foreign affairs

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  2. The pic above–ew.

    “One of the highlights will be a meeting with Bono, lead singer of U2, who has become a global spokesman for humanitarian causes.”

    World leader? Guess he needed a headline–it’s been a while. But as he said, “It’s hard being the conscience of the world.”

  3. “will receive a crash course in international affairs from Henry Kissinger,”

    Heard that before over the years.

  4. look @ palin cringe in that photo. her neck all wrinkled … pulled tight, hand shoving him off. and then look @ kissenger all gooey eyed, frightening palin 2 death.

    LMAO- she asked 4 it. mccain picked war criminal kissenger 4 cabinet long ago.

    palin should just face it … they say kissenger use 2 b real nasty trying 2 jump around w/ women (some say he committed pediphilia w/ male children). she best not b in shock if he should demand a sexual favor in return 2 learn that war criminal terrorist foreign policy he pushed.

  5. Oh Kissinger will be teaching her alright. As he likes to say “Power is an aphrodisiac”. It’s all about money, sex and power.

  6. I’m going to throw up.

  7. A crash course is not fair to the americans….we don’t deserve on the job training…especially since Bush screwed up sooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!

  8. First of all, presidents don’t just get in there and do what they want. They get in there to do what their elite puppet masters want them to do.

    Secondly, Bush did not “screw up”. Everything he has carried out was in line with the elite plan for a New World Order. He is just carrying out orders. If you can’t understand that, then you need to study the situation more deeply.

  9. President Bush was an excellent president for the people he works for and represents—just not for us.

  10. Bill Clinton Rockefeller, Jr.

    George Bush is a nice, deeply devout Christian man who has a direct network connection with Jesus. He is your friend and only wants to help you.

  11. Oh yes, they all love us to death. That’s what the media tells us and we automatically believe it without a shred of doubt whatsoever because we all know the government is there only to love us and keep us warm and cozy. Its sole purpose is to make us all happy so we can all go to heaven and sit at the right hand of Lord Jesus.

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