The Coming One-World currency

Some set 2010 as date for monetary union

WorldNetDaily | Sep 21, 2008


On Wednesday, finance chiefs of five of the six-member, oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council approved a proposal to create a monetary union as a move toward adopting a single currency, according to the AFP.

The six Islamic states constituting the Gulf Cooperation Council are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Oman pulled out of the agreement last year.

Five states in the compact have agreed to set 2010 as the target date for the creation of a monetary union and the adoption of common currency.


Nobel-prize winner backs world currency

New World Order: Global co-operation, nationalisation and state intervention – all in one day

The emergence of an Islamic single currency among these oil-rich Middle Eastern countries marks a significant step in the emerging worldwide movement to abandon national currencies in favor of regional currencies, along the model where the EU states have abandoned their national currencies in favor of the European Central Bank and the euro.

In 2002, the finance ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council states sought out the assistance of the European Central Bank, as the model for their single currency, according to BBC reports.

The council was created in 1981 to promote the development of the member countries.

The monetary union will entail the creation of a central bank to issue the single currency.

At the Wednesday meeting in the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah, the finance and economy ministers reviewed the European Union’s response to the council’s view on eliminating obstacles that have blocked a long-stalled free trade agreement with the EU.

Progress was also made on key convergence factors required to underpin the common currency, including setting the ratio of budget deficit and public debt to the gross domestic product, target interest rates and reserve requirements. Progress yet remains in reaching a consensus on inflation, the last remaining stumbling block to creating the common currency.

International Monetary Fund Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who met with the Gulf Cooperation Council finance ministers in Jeddah, hailed the move by the Gulf states toward economic integration, though he continued to express doubts the single currency would be adopted within two years.

“Achieving monetary union by 2010 will be a major challenge, as much remains to be done to enable the creation of a single currency within two years,” Straus-Kahn. “Overcoming the current inflationary pressures, developing a clear vision of the powers of the future common central bank, choosing an exchange regime of the common currency, and harmonizing financial regulations and structures will be critical in this process.”

One factor easing the transition toward a single currency is that the six Gulf Cooperation Council member states all currently peg their currencies to the U.S. dollar.

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  2. So what’s your premise and conclusion regarding this so called “one world currency?”

    We already have one actually and always have; it’s called the monetary and currency exchange rate system. The EU’s adoption of one is no different than when the US adopted a unified one sometime after the US Civil War or are you unaware that having one currency in the US is relatively new?

  3. A truely unified monetary system has been brewwing in the pot for quite some time. We all think in terms of paper but I believe this system will be electronic. It just makes sense. To avoid all the hurdles that must be reached by 2010, there must be a unifying factor. Technology, (ie. digital/computer) will provide the means to make this doable.

  4. Sounds like you can’t wait to see the global cashless system.

  5. to tonydye:

    A one world currency will also need an underlying value; probably energy–in all its many forms–regardless of aquisition and generation, i..e., solar, wind, hydroelectric geothermal etc. as well as oil and gas. A global tax system will center around the conversion of one energy source to another.

  6. One world currancy is a sign of the times. It won’t be long till jesus christ comes back. Will you be ready?

  7. You are either a cult member or an agent of some kind, or both.

  8. I dont think people understand the dangers of a one world gov…. I mean currency.

    I always was told that when the one world government is introduced it would be a natural progression (seemingly) from a one world currency. I dont believe this is a Christian blog, but those who see this better be in there prayer closet preparing to meet the Lord!!!

  9. another cult member.

  10. it is just amazing how fast everything is comming into place.. look up everyone ,our redemption draws near

  11. vinman: Cult member, operative, or both….or maybe just being facetious… we’ll never know

  12. common people

    that’s right vinman, renee and kevin…
    this is really the sign of the coming tribulation…
    pjwalker911, read your bible in the book of revelation…
    the anti-christ is moving now…lets be vigilant! lets pray…
    this has something to do with ” Conspiracy” led by the anti-christ….

  13. Study the Illuminati through history. You will find that it is THEY who put the Bible and the biblical myths together and presented us with this religion of the Age of Pisces to control our minds. The elites through history have maintained this exoteric religion while they work the esoteric mystery religions in secret. All the founders and present day leaders of the various Christian sects have been mystery religion practitioners. Today, that translates as “Masonic”.

    Just look at the way they have you anticipating these “signs” of the Second Coming. To be a Christian means that you will welcome these signs as heralding “salvation” for the world. In fact, what you are doing is helping the Illuminati (as they expect you to do) to implement all of their programs and agendas. By seeing them as “inevitable”, actually a part of God’s overall Plan, you are actually serving the Illuminati, allowing them to do what they do. Thus, you are perfectly controlled by them. The shepherds and their sheepdogs, herd the sheep (you) into the New World Order. You welcome it’s passing as a sign of great things to come, but in the end, the NWO just keeps rolling along and the powers that be just hand the following generations a new religion for the New Age of Aquarius.

    Revelation, if anything, is a plan and a blueprint, not a prophecy.

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  15. Americans are a bunch of mutants who don’t know right from wrong, good from evil. Everything is relative and nothing matters so they accept whatever engineered changes are offered to them as signs of “progress” and “evolution”.

    Even when they are exposed to the truth that all this is part of an old Illuminati plan of world domination, they don’t care, laugh it off as conspiracy theory, or at best, they just don’t get it, being thoroughly dumbed down. This slave nation is about to descend into hell. The saddest part is there are far too many who actually want it to happen.

  16. Pjwalker911 needs to come out of his shell. Look dude the only thing that will happen is we will be prepared and you won’t. If you know it all don’t bother responding. We’ve heard it all before. May God have mercy on your soul.

  17. You will be prepared? Prepared for what? To get raptured on out of here because you are among the precious few?

    You are so smug, which is sign of cult mind-control. Those who beckon others to “come out of their shells”, to enter into the fold, are true cult-members.

  18. I just saw “Zeitgeist: Addendum”. I strongly recommend watching it on google video under that title. Youtube has continuously removed the video off of their site for no reason but to obstruct justice. It is 2hrs long and in full remastered quality on google video. Respond please.

  19. I had a sick feeling after watching it. It seems to be another form of controlled opposition to channel resistance into the area of domed utopian eco-city complexes and world government under a cashless system. None of which will you be free to opt out of to do your own thing. I frankly agree about the religion aspect, but I just see it as more social engineering. People must gradually and organically learn what reality is, not be led along a utopian engineering plan. When I watched the people dropping all their religious paraphenalia, it looked like they were dropping one form of conditioning for another.

  20. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist….

    1 John 4:3 [1]a

    It is often taught that Antichrist is not a man but a spirit. Though the above verse refers to the “spirit of antichrist,” John earlier makes it clear that Antichrist is a person: “…as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists…” (1 Jn 2:18 [2]). Many antichrists were already present, operating in the “spirit of antichrist.” None of them, however, was the Antichrist who, John assures us, will eventually come.

    Paul refers to Antichrist as “that man of sin…the son of perdition…that Wicked [one]…whom the Lord…shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders…” (2 Thes 2:3-10 [3]). If this is not the Antichrist, who would this supremely evil man be, who will sit “in the temple of God [to be rebuilt in Jerusalem in these last days], shewing himself that he is God” (v 4)? Who else but Antichrist, Satan’s world ruler, would have such authority? “And all that dwell upon earth shall worship him…” (Rv 13:3-4,8).

    Paul declares, “And now ye know what withholdeth [prevents] that he might be revealed in his time” (2 Thes 2:6 [4]). Yet many try to identify Antichrist before his time. This evil man, who is almost certainly alive right now, may not even know the eventual role for which Satan has been grooming him. Nor can Satan put him into power until God prepares the way.

  21. Paula, I don’t allow anybody to post three or four page comments or to copy and paste entire webpages, so I had to cut it down. You should know better.

  22. you know it’ pj it’s a true demon in you and i bind it right now in the name of jesus. the bible says i will curse those that curse you. us christains are trying to be a light to a dark dark world. you keep talking about this “mind control stuff”but god gives us choices to make. i suggest you get youre self together cause imma let god handle you.

  23. So I’m evil because I hate evil. What a novel idea. I guess God doesn’t want me to expose the Illuminati’s diabolical New World Order anymore. Maybe I shouldn’t talk about the Rosicrucians, Masons, Templars, SMOM Knights, the Order of St Michael and the Knights of Lazarus. After all, they are all Christian sheep-herders, I mean leaders. You’re right, God would probably frown upon that since it might put him out of the religious mind-control business.

    And then you’d be forced to think for yourself. What a horrible thought!

  24. So yeah, Zeitgeist was pretty wild but i think your right pj. It all seems so sinister because we let it be. These guys doing all this controlling crap would be powerless if we didn’t play the game. If that looks like relearning how to take care of ourselves through basic techniques like farming hunting gathering self sustaining energy, then that is what i am going to do. It doesnt seem like we have much time to prepare for the inevitable loss of electrical power and running water.

  25. and pj, what you said about the kucinich handgun thing is true as well. I own a small arsenal and damn glad to live in a state that doesnt require registration.

  26. rorormir, sounds like you are thinking for yourself instead of just accepting whatever is fed to you.

    I’m not there yet, but I also plan to get off the grid and grow most of my own food. It is the most practical and you might say also spiritual thing to do.

    Truth is in a state of fractured disarray. What people tend to do is to pick up a few of these fragments of truth, clutch onto them and ignore the big picture. And in order to fill in the blank areas, they take on erroneous ideas that comfort them, thus further distorting their reality.

    This is the result of the human race living under tyranny, off and on (but mostly on), for all of our known history. We lose the ability to think because we get so programmed by religion, government, political parties, corporations, NGOs, schools, the media and even culture itself. They fabricate, manipulate and distort reality until we don’t know which way is up. And that is intentional.

    Order Out of Chaos and Confusion.

    Look into Alan Watt on Cutting Through the Matrix and study the heavy influence of Freemasonry (which goes back to antiquity) and how it is connected to religion. Here on this blog also, I have tons of articles and videos on all these subjects. It is important that people first be willing to question their own beliefs, and then do a fair amount of reading broadly, listening, discussing, thinking, probing, questioning and contemplating before jumping to conclusions. It’s a matter of literally piecing together the puzzle of reality until you can at least see the general shape of it.

    Time to wake up folks.

  27. By the way, can I ask what state you live in? I might want to move there myself.

  28. Drill Baby Drill

  29. Listen up…… Your all looking through the wrong end of the binoculars.

    Soon the U.N. will assume complete control of the worlds affairs ….. and they just might ? initiate one world currency we don’t know. But even they will be destroyed.

    What we do know is what Dan 2:44 say’s “that the God of heaven with set up a Kingdom that will never be brought to ruin, it will crush and bring to ruin, and the Kingdom itself wil not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms , and it itself will stand to time indefinite” .

  30. This is exactly what I have been talking about. Religiosity will ensure that the New World Order will succeed because so many of you are convinced (based purely on faith) that somehow, when God is good and ready, he’s gonna come down here and clean up the town.

    Bullshit. It is a lie that either you believe with no basis or that you push because you are one of the sheepherders.

    And you people keep coming here trying to flood this blog with your lies and propaganda, hoping to maintain the matrix of unreality.

    I let you by the way.

  31. The real basis of faith in this coming prophecy is if Christ lived, died, and rose again just as he said he would. Now that’s self fulfilling prophecy. I would challenge anybody to try that trick, no God is the only one who can do that. If he did, and he did, then everything else he said would be true as well. You are right about us being sheep, but I would rather be a sheep than a stubborn goat.

    On a second note, we are not called to conform to this NWO. On the contrary, I am voting against it.

  32. You have absolutely no proof for your belief. It is entirely based on faith in a single book made of paper and ink. You believe in it because you hate the idea of the consequences of not believing it, which is where the mind-control aspect comes in. The elite, who run both the exoteric and the esoteric religions, have used fear throughout human history to control others. And it works very well – no – perfectly on certain subjects such as yourself. So why should they change a good thing? Well, they will eventually. Read freemasons Thomas Paine and Albert Pike on the subject. The Illuminati giveth, and the Illuminati taketh away.

    I would rather be a goat that fought back against these creeps, than a sheep who was so easily led to the slaughter, but in fact, I am a man and I will fight to the end. I will not bow down to false apparitions and gods. I have retained my dignity, while you have surrendered it along with your common sense.

    Everyone who calls himself a Christian is a conformist, playing their role in the NWO, part of the grand pageant, the Great Work of the Mysteries. You were given the “freedom” to choose your religion within the matrix box, but you never, ever thought about the real freedom that exists outside that box.

    Same goes for your vote, if you vote in this election of false choices and hopes.

  33. First of all, I am glad that you are fiighting! It is better to be hot or cold than luke warm like most people are.

    We all have faith. Faith is not a weakness, it is a strength, especially if placed in the right person. Hope is faith in the future.

    Where is your faith? I presume in yourself.

    I am voting for a candidate who will:
    Not support abortion (killing)
    Not support socialism (if you do not work, you do not eat)

    We are all in this together as far as the NWO, it is imminent whether you believe God is letting it happen or blinded idiots are letting it happen, let’s join hands on the things we can agree on to make a difference ;)

  34. As long as you are not fatalistically going along with the idea that it’s all part of the Grand Plan, I don’t care what a person believes. What concerns me is this idea of welcoming the “signs”, and in that sense welcoming the advancement of the NWO.

    Also, believing in our political system is delusional. The game is rigged by the Masonic elite from day one, and it can’t be fixed. It has to be totally abandoned and our own system has to overtake it. That is the only real solution. You cannot “take back” something that was never yours to begin with.

  35. pj… I completely agree with you that these religious zealots are dangerous. Especially with economic and social hardships that are coming, as more and more people become disenchanted with the status quo, the need to think critically is more important than ever. Having recently visited North America after being away for several years I was disgusted with the huge emergence of fatalist evangelical brainwashing on television and other media publications. These organisations prey on the weak minded and mentally ill specifically to fill thier coffers with donations and swell their ranks with dogma spouting sheep-herders.

    There is no “second coming” that will save you just because you’ve memorized a bunch of verses from the bible. It’s just a collection of many writings in several languages translated and edited along the way largely for political reasons. People have to think for themselves and not blindly follow their leaders; spiritual or political.

  36. Mark,

    Nice to have an agreement once in awhile..

    Problem is, most people don’t think. Instead they accept programming and then turn around and regurgitate it ad infinitum without question.

    Some may think I’m the enemy and try to shoot the messenger, but I actually want to help people to wake up. That is the only reason I do this.

    I can guarantee one thing: if a person believes in a religion, particularly if they don’t question any of it, then they are under mind-control. Every religion, I don’t care what it is, is there to control people’s minds. That is all it is about. It isn’t there for the benefit of mankind. It is there for the benefit of the sheep-herder priesthoods.

    People need to study the secret societies and mystery religions, not just in the past few hundred years, but going all the way back to the beginning. If they do this objectively, they will learn what I have learned. And apparently what you have learned.

    There is no other way than to research it for oneself. If a person can’t trouble themselves to do that, then they are lost.

  37. Subject: GRB Ecocredit –
    The Coming One World Currency

    Dear Editor,

    You are invited to review the Global Reserve Bank.

    John Pozzi

  38. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
    I submit that a federal system like the U.S., is a
    good model for a world governance system, and that it is the next level of organization toward which a befrazzled humanity is gravitating.
    Our lack of unity is precisely the cause of the global quagmire in which we witness ourselves inextricably mired.
    Unity of economics, ubiquitous shared knowledge, and the growing realization that we are all part of the same human family are forces that will continue to unify us in every endeavor of human behavior.
    Each of us must now decide whether we will help the unifying process toward a higher level of planetary civilization, or whether we will be stuck with old fear-mongering superstitions and fight in ignorance to prevent a peaceful future and a unified global civilization.
    How else can we reach our destiny as a peaceful and successful planet?
    And religion will be a major contributor to this enlightened process. Religion is not the antithesis of intelligence. This is an idea which is agnostic fundamentalism, and fundamentalism wherever it is found is dangerous.
    Religion provides the foundation of universal values of goodness and righteoussness on which the transition will depend.
    Lack of religion, and prevalence of greed and selfishness has proven the downfall of the economy and all of our other institutions of society.
    For more information see

  39. What about the ones who won’t submit to global government, global currency, global police force, one-world religion, microchip implants, brainchips, one-child policy, mandatory vaccinations, biometrics, gun confiscation, eugenics, lese majeste and all the rest that goes with your wonderful Utopia of the future?

    What are your plans for dealing with us?

    Israel haven for New Bahai World Order

  40. pjwalker you are a douche do the world a favor and take a long walk off a short cliff you fuckin piece of shit. No one likes you no one ever will you are the outcast get used to it loser

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  42. It is indeed the plan to install a world currency and to centralise/globalise control and power (policital, economical, spiritual, etc…). In order to reach this goal, stronger and more independant nations need to be weakened or dismantled ( USA, 9-11 aftermath).

    It is a world dictatorship.

    The Asians are also forced into monetary fusions. Big question: how to tackle strong, independend and nationalistic Russia? Also China is focussing now on its internal markets, becoming more and more nationalistic.

    The next big “terroristic/military” crisis has to provoke Russia and China somehow, in order to weaken/control these nations. The “secret services” are working around the clock to make this happen. Russia’s weak spot: food imports, China’s weak spot: energy imports.

  43. Hey PJ,

    You come down pretty hard on the Christians as fatalists, sheeple, brainwashed, deluded and stupid. That’s fine. Granted, many of us are. Clearly you believe all of us are. That’s OK too… whatever.

    I’m thankful there are folks out there like you who are pointing to the rising tide of government control around the planet.

    I’ve studied the secret societies, and see how they work, how they cultivate fear, war and the disintegration of successful cultures. But here’s the question YOU have failed to ask. Why?

    Did human beings evolve into a species that has as its most powerful and influential members only the wicked control freaks who want to rule the world? If so, how would that be an evolutionary advantage to keep slaughtering ourselves by the millions every year? To subscribe to this idea clearly shows the inability to think rationally/logically.

    I suggest to you that despite your belief that the Bible is a contrived and corrupt method through which religious people are controlled that you get over your cynicism enough to see Truth. Have YOU ever taken time to read, understand and test the prophecies in the Bible? Or did you just fall for the pack of lies that was fed to you about Scripture being a corrupt method of manipulating the masses?

    If you really think the Bible is a blueprint for the NWO, then they are exponentially more powerful than you and everyone like you and there is no hope, and no reason to resist. But if it is the Truth, and it does explain what is coming upon the world, then it is the ONLY source of hope.

    And if you stubbornly refuse this, it doesn’t matter. Truth exists and is self-evident. It needs no agreement from flimsy-minded humans.

    May God have mercy on you.

  44. Note for pjwalker – cudos to you for not being afraid to question religion, the Bible and God. So many christians ARE actually afraid to question the Bible. I was. After reading the DaVinci Code, I did some of my own research on the gnostic gospels and the origin of the “the Bible”. It was all very distrubing to me having been raised as a Christian who blindly accepted the Bible by faith. Why I didn’t research this earlier, I don’t know. I can tell you now that I’m not afraid to rethink my beliefs. Now I am curious to do some research on this “Illuminati”? It seems to be related to what you refer to as the elitist masons. I know alot of masons, many of whom are ordinary and not so respectable, nor wealthy and far from elite. So I’m a little confused by your view that they are elite. Here’s some food for thought – if the freemasons or Iluminati have really orchestrated this one world order, beginning with the origin of the bible and it’s religion, why is it taking so long to come to pass and how could they possibly have influenced all of the factors involved to create the current world financial crisis that we are in. The scope of the problems simultaneously affecting the world economy right now would be hard to predict and manipulate. Actually I would think almost impossible for any group of men to force these events to come to pass at a given time.

    As a final comment, even though I am no longer afraid to question the bible and all that I have believed, I still find myself believing in God and wanting to know Him as He really is and not who He has been portrayed to be. The Bible is, at it’s least, an interesting collection of writings composed by men throughout the ages which reflect their particular view, experience, and relationship with God. If anything it can serve as an introduction to God and it is up to us to press on to find and know God if we so desire.

    Although what you have said about the freemasons and illuminati creating the Bible may explain why there is always an open bible on a pedestal present at the masonic meetings. It may be there for a reason that has nothing to do with God?

    Interesting stuff pj! Thanks.

  45. Hello PJ,

    Interesting and entertaining blog. Thanks for presenting such lively commentary!

    I’m going to miss George Carlin…especially on religion and government. He knew that religion limits independent thought and government limits freedom.

    I have two fundamentalist sisters who can’t seem to understand that I have a mind of my own that deserves (insists on, actually) development and education outside of ANY prescribed context. I feel their addiction to their belief system is based on profound self doubt, guilt, and fear of punishment. All very American.

    I try to imagine what it would be like if everyone let go of their need to change everything (or anything, for that matter), or make others sick bad and wrong, and focused instead on appreciating each other, stretching their intellect and spirit, getting off the “grid”, caring for the earth and its creatures, bouncing more babies on knees, clearing out the material and mind crap from their lives, and just lived life to its fullest?

    I write Obama regularly, share what I’m learning with friends, phone and visit my representatives, and don’t get very attached to “making a difference”.

    Keep the fires burning.

  46. Very interesting blog.
    I’d have to agree with Heido Ho—how can these enormous events happen within the control of these secret societies, or Illuminati; “they” must have intense, almost omnipotent power to pull off such worldwide events.
    If PJ believes this is possible, then PJ has to believe in a power greater than himself, indeed, a supernatural power to carry off such incredible events throughout human history up until now–who/what would that power be?

  47. That is the power of Psychopathology, Secrecy, the Occult and Money put together in a vast organization of interlocking international directorates and councils, loosely called the elite, the Illuminati, the globalists, etc to engineer every aspect of our lives. Is that clear enough or do I need to explain it further?

  48. A new world currency wanted by the Chinese? Yeah, right that is why they have pegged their currency to the U.S. dollar (kind of) and that is why they own so many US dollars. When the Euro came out, the Middle East and others claimed that this would be the new world currency. I propose the Singapore Dollar or the Luxembourg Yen… oops.

    Seems the market is bottoming or near bottom. Oil prices may fall a bit more, but we’re getting near levels that new projects are delayed. Don’t forget that it is even difficult for the Syncrudes of the world to borrow money these days. And banks seem to demand that distributions are being cut in favor of repaying bank debts at even the most solid companies. Also, despite diminished demand in the U.S. the developing countries are still importing more. Overall, we’re not talking about a reduction in world oil demand but a temporary slow down in demand growth. In the mean time, supply is down; my guess is that oil prices will turn the corner within the next 6 months to a year.

    No, the announced demise of the U.S. economy and its dollar is a bit premature. We’re not doing great, but things will, as always, work out. Have cash and nibble here and there at opportunities in real estate or the stock market.

  49. Yes, you need to explain it further. That’s a pretty intricate web you believe in, with many players all acting together, in unison, without failure. I’ve never before seen any human be able to do that on a large or small scale.
    PJ-what is the occult? Who/what is it comprise of? And how does Money plan an ongoing human event? Is it an entity unto itself, have powers it holds that can actually work w/o human interaction?
    You seem to put a lot of blind faith into your above-mentioned entities. How did your faith in these come about? Faith, after all, is a choice to believe.

  50. That was a rhetorical question BB. I have no intention of trying to teach the blind to see. I can only hope to help those who already have partial vision and want to see more.

    You are the one with blind faith and complete ignorance about the New World Order. All the information you need to learn to see is available right here on this blog (among other places).

    Take advantage of it, or ignore it. That choice is yours.

  51. Hmmm, Yes PJ I believe in Jesus, but not in the blind way that so many here do. I don’t believe in the rupt… I mean rapture, um, there’s a lot I sure the heck am not sure about, and I know there is a new world order coming, and we sure, damn sure better prepare ourselves. I don’t have blind faith as well. I know there has been a lot in the planning for a long time. However, in the end, I believe that good, whatever you want to call it, “religion” “christianity”, “god”, or whatever, will ultimately fail. I once heard that in any “organization” are the seeds of its own destruction. I therefore believe that even the “New World Order” has within it, the seeds of its own destruction. When? Who knows for sure? When good people get tired enough and get off their dumb sheeple asses and decide to do something about it, hang the bastards that are a part of the new world order, because the way I read MY bible, it does say, “an eye for an eye”, and these international banksters have been robbing innocent sheeple blind for centuries, and the old saying goes, “what goes around comes around”…. breath… whew….. OK, I’m done. See what kind of fault you can find with that pj! LOL….

  52. oops, I should have proofed my text before hitting send. Would you correct that to read, good will ultimately succeed?

  53. PJ-If you want me to be able to see, explain to me about the occult, the literal power of Money—and, how you came to find out all this stuff to be true. Oblige me; I’m new to your blog, so forgive me if you’ve already explained how you came to this place of absolute belief.
    I am not mocking you in the least.
    That would be judging you, and I simply do not do that. I seek to understand. My questions are sincere.

  54. Oh, and making assumptions about my faith, when I have revealed nothing to you about it, is judging me.
    If we’re going to be intelligent and fair-minded, let it be on both sides of the road.
    At this point, I’m simply asking questions and seeking clarity.
    Obviously, I believe in a power greater than myself. But that is the only obvious thing I’ve revealed to you so far.
    Trust is built up in stages, wouldn’t you agree?

  55. I am a programmed computer

    praise dog?

    live god

    evil dog

    I was raised a christian, it is a torment.

    I am fractured, split. I am torn asunder by the chains of this faith!

    Veiled reality. Insane with ignorance and indignance. Where is the enemy?

    Ceaseless vacillation. Concept to bind the mind, only to be parted and probed. locked into the cage of Kulture, I will die.

    True evil has a face like the sun.

    I know nothing.

  56. Religion can drive people over the edge simply because it is based on many lies and half-truths. A sensitive person cannot maintain mental balance in such a religion. Something has to break. Hopefully, the person breaks free and finds himself again, where that self, that individual essence was lost in the dogmas, superstitions and fears that religion instills. Religion is just a cult like any other cult. The object is to get free from it and live your life in peace, gain some happiness in this life.

  57. PJ-I’d love a discussion with you, but I know you have many others to answer. But again, I am very interested in learning more about who the occult is re. your theory, as well as the power of money in the Grand Scheme of the Illuminati.
    And, on a personal level: How did you come to know all this, and what makes you so certain that all this is unequivically true that you are willing to share it with all?
    Again, I’m not defending anything about myself, just seeking to understand. Then, my eyes will be open, hopefully.
    If you do not wish to continue a–albeit abbreviated and interrupted—conversation with me, just let me know and I’ll stop.

  58. If you truly want to learn about the forces that shape society, you have to read books on the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Biblical archeology and the histories of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Babylon, Persia, India etc. Trace the names of things, people and places trying to understand origins. Read up on the mystery religions and their connections with the popular religions. You have to read up on the royal houses, the think-tanks like the CFR and Club of Rome, the NGO groups, the various service organizations that are all linked into Freemasonry. You have to delve into the subject of Eugenics too because that is very important to the plan.

    Watch lots of videos on these subjects available on Youtube and Google Video. And watch science fiction movies with an analytical mind to catch the “predictive programming”.

    You can also read some of the 6000 articles on this blog starting with a particular category that intrigues you or doing a search for any of the subjects I have listed above.

    When you reach a certain stage, you will see that this is truly a Masonic Matrix that we are brought up in, yet never told about it in school, on the TV or in the newspapers, or in the churches for that matter because all these institutions are controlled from the top down by the Illuminati. This matrix is all around us, yet we never see it because we were never told to look for it, much less how.

    How did I learn about it? First, I developed a thirst for truth probably out of my own difficulties in life, then vowed to always be a truth seeker, willing to learn more and more about reality. I read and I listen to what others say, but as an individual, I always reserve the right to make my own connections and draw my own conclusions. You have to also observe objectively, scientifically, as possible, yourself and the world around you, think deeply, contemplate and discuss. That’s how you learn and start seeing the Big Picture. Getting a good grasp on reality is the best thing you can do as a human being. But nobody said it would be easy.

  59. PJ-Thanks so much for taking the time to explain. Sounds like I have a lot of reading, listening and thinking to do! I’m a truth-seeker too, and like you, its roots are based on the difficulties in my life, and hating lies.
    I thank you again. That was kind.
    I will use my ears to hear and my eyes will be wide open, as well as my mind.
    I’ll get back to you (soon?) when I learn some stuff . . .
    Peace to you, PJ.

  60. A real truth-seeker always hates lies, corruption and injustice, and doesn’t want to live in delusion of any kind. The New World Order is the focus of exposure on the way to stopping it. That is the practical motivation today.

    Good luck with your quest.

  61. I didn’t think I’d be back so quick, but I have a quick question for you, PJ.
    Saw a movie trailer on an upcoming movie on the Illuminati, I think called “Angels and Demons.” Do you know about this? Is it worth watching? It must be from a novel; if so, have you read it, and again, is it worth reading?

  62. I am aware of it, but don’t know much about it. I do believe Dan Brown’s Davinci Code is mostly disinformation, particularly on the Jesus “bloodline” theory. Many movies are worth watching even though they usually promote NWO agendas. You just have to watch with an analytical mind to catch the ways in which they are brainwashing people. It is a useful tool to watch movies in this way because you are able to see whatever propaganda and programming they are putting out to the public, plus it can help you sharpen up your own research. Another thing to watch is your own reactions, how the movie (including the music and sound) is designed to manipulate your emotions. I don’t have it right now, but noticed a short blurb on the news about how movie producers were scientifically studying ways to manipulate brain patterns in movie-goers. Very interesting.

    Watch for occult symbolism, both overt and subliminal in this Angels and Demons.

  63. Thanks.
    Just read up on Wikipedia (not the most reliable source, I know, but a huge summary) on Illuminati, The Red Cross (and variations thereof), and Freemasonry. Most of these began supposedly around the 1300s and then again going strong in 1770s. There’s a mix of Egyptian, German, Scottish and others—-but I am confused: if Wikipedia is to be believed, then this/these society(s) claims to want to bring to the whole world, a new religion, but that it’s based on Christianity.
    If so, is this a false premise on their behalf–is it a lie? Or is it real Christianity?
    What are we to do, if this society is wide-spread and powerful, to protect ourselves, besides being aware? Is there some–for lack of a better word—hero or figurehead that we should be looking to? Or are we to band together and stand against? CAN we stand against?
    These, I know, are extremely elementary questions, but they might lead me to the right direction as far as research. You can help me, if you want.
    In the meantime, I’ll watch the “Angels and Demons” movie when it comes out.
    PS-I’m not at all surprised by manipulation in the movies, or in menus, or in supermarkets.
    Thanks, PJ, truly, for helping me on this journey.

  64. No harm in reading Wikipedia articles or any articles. Just use it as a springboard for deeper research and seek to either verify or discount according to the facts.

    Red Cross is from Knights Templar. You can expand to look into the Blue Cross and Green Cross.

    The point is, Freemasonry is not something that just happened suddenly in the 18th century. The real ones admit it is as old as history itself, so you have to dig to see how it filtered down from ancient times, to connect Egyptian mysteries to Greek Pythagoreans and the various pagan cults through into Rome, the Catholic Church, the Knights Templar and Knights of Malta, up to the Roscicrucians, Freemasons down to the present day. Nothing has changed except that the agenda has gone global in accordance with their “Great Work”. Because they see themselves as “builders” such as the cathedral builders, but on a social level, they have no problem with very long-term agendas.

    There is a movie called Brotherhood of the Bell which is a kind of takeoff on the Skull and Bones. Note first that the Skull and Bones is a symbol common to Freemasons, Templars and Nazis. See that movie and note where they say that the “Order” was here before we were born, and it will be here after we die. Then you grasp the fact that they follow an Agenda that has been around for thousands of years. It is this Agenda that guides them all.

    I firmly believe that it is the elites, the Illuminati, who have given us our religions for the purpose of shaping society and controlling our minds. That goes for Christianity as much as any other, if not more so.

    Now you are witnessing a gradual dismantling of that religion to be replaced with a new one. This is in preparation for the “New Age” which indicates a change in astrological houses from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. So, now they are literally engineering a new religion for the New Man, a transhuman creature that they are actually creating through various technologies and mental programming. Such is their power on Earth! This transhuman hybrid creature will be part human, part machine and will be programmed to serve the elites. So it is a very serious kind of destruction of human nature.

    So this is what we have to wake up to and seek to reverse. We didn’t wake up to it until now because our parents didn’t tell us about it, our religious leaders didn’t tell us about it, our schools didn’t say a word about it and the media has dared not breath a word about it except to gradually sell us through deception on the idea of a “post-human” world.

    Individuals can protect their bodies, mind and spirits from this attack on humanity and human values. That is something that a person has to figure out, but basically just don’t go along with the agenda and stop putting the poisons in your body.

    There is no heroic figurehead to whom we can look up to. That is the scam, to elevate others to perfect godhood: Jesus, Ron Paul, Obama, a guru, a celebrity, a radio personality etc. We all simply need to outgrow that mode of existence and look within and to our loved ones for the inspiration that we seek. Children in their pure and joyful state are an inspiration. Nature itself is also an inspiration, but no need to make it into a religion. A pet can also be an inspiration as you are connecting with an absolutely pure sentient being. Helping others, and being helped is an inspiration. Music can inspire too.

    Many things can serve as inspiration if you are observant, open to it.

  65. thoughts by me

    Pj–you are an idiot!

    It takes real courage, strength and wisdom to live a Christian life. It takes people who are easily deceived and “brainwashed” to live yours.

    What is sad, is that YOU are actually one of the “many antichrists” the Bible speaks of. Satan is smarter than you, and he has already taken control of your mind! He is using you and you don’t even know it. All this “think for myself” business is just crap. And your cynical way of speaking to readers on this blog does not make me think you are smart. It just maked me sad to know that another soul will burn in hell if he doesn’t get the REAL truth.

    I don’t have to be brainwashed to make my decisions. I lived 20 years without God, and I’ll NEVER do that again. Even after losing my two-year old son tragically this past year, I still thank God for everything He has done for me, and for the grace He’s given me to get through it. I could get mad at Him, but what for? My child was only on loan to begin with. I just did my best the two years I had him and I’m thankful for the memories the Lord gave me. He even allowed my three year old to see the angel that took his brother to heaven. It’s been 16 months, and not ONE time has his story changed. You say, he’s just a child, but sorry man, no three year old could make up what he described. And I feel blessed that he was articulate enough at the time that he could share what he saw with us.

    NONE of the material you read or talk about on this blog can give someone that kind of peace and comfort.

    I feel for you, because you’ll be looking up toward heaven one day begging for a cold drop of water on your tongue…just like the rich man did to Lazarus.

  66. I’ve read a lot of comments from Christians, and I’m very confused:
    If you really are a Christian, would you not want PJ to join you in your salvation? Would you not extend compassion and nonjudgementalism (isn’t judgement God’s job alone?) and love towards him?
    When you call him names and swear at him, all it does is give YOU a black eye. Is not the golden rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself”? Extend love. Be humble. Be kind.
    I am just asking you to honestly look at yourself and question your motive: why are you answering this blog in the manner that you are?
    Is not PJ worth just a much as you are?

  67. “thoughts by me”,

    As BB points out, that comment wasn’t very Christian of you.

    It takes far more strength and courage to think independently. A person has to fight hard to avoid being deceived in this world, and most are not willing to put in that kind of effort. It is far easier to accept a religious doctrine.

    An independent thinker is willing to stand alone in his views, even if the entire world hates him for it. A religiously inclined mind is weak, far weaker, and runs to huddle with the rest of the herd, protected from the harshness of reality. A religious person doubts himself severely and is scared half out of his wits of offending some deity that he can’t even see.

    The mind is a terrible thing to waste and religious people are wasting theirs, bound and gagged by dogma, half-truths and outright lies. They believe in childhood fables that completely defy all logic . An adult, with a truly adult mind will not be swayed by such stories. When I was a boy, I believed in Jesus. I also believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Eventually I realized these things were made up. Jesus was made up by very evil people who wished to control the Western World. They succeeded. Now we are all under the sway of the Illuminati, brought up into a Masonic Matrix which we never questioned. It is no wonder then that the Bible is one of the “Three Lights” of Freemasonry because it serves them well.

    I almost feel sorry for you. As for me, I will keep telling the truth and people like you will keep hating me for it.

  68. thoughts by me

    YES! He is worth everything to Christ! God LOVES him too. That’s the whole point. I am answering this blog in this “manner” due to the fact that what he is putting on here are lies.

    It’s not that I don’t have compassion for people like PJ, nor do I want to hurt him. I don’t like WHAT he is trying to teach to his readers. I have compassion for the readers that are border line and could easily believe deception. He obviously has knowledge of the Bible, or he wouldn’t be arguing against it on this blog. He has CHOSEN to not believe!

    Let’s say he doesn’t have any knowledge, then he doesn’t have a right to be against it publicly and accuse Christians of being in the occult and brainwashed…which, to me, is resorting to name calling and judgment. He then would have no basis to do so other than plain ignorance.

    As far as being humble and kind, I only do what the Lord would have me to do. He went into the temples of the Pharisees and Sadducees and upturned tables and pulled out the bull whip. He wasn’t kind, nor did he sin. He was just standing his ground and said that this kind of hypocrosy would not go on in the Lord’s temple. Christ says that “I come to send fire on earth…Suppose ye that I come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.” (Luke 12:49-51)

    Romans 3:10-18
    As it written, there is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one…destruction and misery are in their ways: and the way of peace have they not known: there is no fear of God before their eyes.

    God wants us to come to Him, and we Christians are told to spread the Gospel. We do not have to cater to the ungodliness character of some people. We get criticized so quickly about being judgmental, when infact, this blog exists only because of the judgmental thoughts of one human being!! The Bible says to be angry and sin not. Yes, it IS possible to be mad and be a Christian!!!

    BB–think on this…
    (Jude 1:14-19)
    Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints. To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that their ungodly deeds which they have committed, and all of their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. These are murmers, complainers, walking after their own lusts; and their mouth speaketh great swelling words, having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage.
    But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken of before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;
    How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.
    These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.

    BB–people like PJ are these murmurers, complainers, and ones who speak great swelling words. And unfortunately, there are too many people out there like you, who are willing to believe what he is saying and defend it.

    The Lord wants us to draw nigh unto Him, not people who choose to deceive us. Wouldn’t you rather take the chance and trust the Lord, than not? So what if God isn’t real, you haven’t lost anything, but what if He is? You’ll have everything to gain.

  69. thoughts by me


    For the record, I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you. I think independently all the time. I don’t run to the “herd” because I’m insecure. I run to my Lord because I KNOW that He can comfort me.

    I don’t know if you have children or not, but losing one right in front of your eyes tragically is the worst thing I have ever known. And when you’re in a state of grief like that, your “independent thinking” doesn’t exist! I thank God that I have someone to lean on in times like those.

    If you think for one minute that anybody could make it through something like that without a superior being, I feel sorry for you. You wouldn’t last a month…

    And if you haven’t been through some kind of hard heart ache, you will one day. And somewhere deep down inside, you’ll be wondering where your strength really comes from, and it won’t be from you.

  70. I applaud you, “Thoughts by me.” It seems you are an independent, loving, and informed thinker.
    I also think PJ is a loving person, just by the way he has spoken to me in this blog.

    It is so sad, the battles between those who believe and those who do not.

    In my research, PJ, and “thoughts by me,” I did come across a most spectacular thing.
    Do you both know about molecular science? Well, not much me, either. But someone told me to look up the “Laminin molecule” and I could not believe my eyes.
    Both of you, I’d love it if you’d look it up, read it and look at the images, and tell me what you think.

  71. The Laminin molecule looks like a “cross” between a cross and a caduceus, which is the symbol of hermeticism, being the staff of Hermes. The “Christian” cross evolved from two symbols, the Egyptian Tau and the symbol for the sun and there is this third possible influence (as this molecule binds tissues together) because the Latin root for “religion” is religio – to bind together. Related to ligament, that which binds two things together, such as bones.

  72. thoughts by me,

    You are presumptuous, smug, delusional, fanatical, ignorant and ill-informed. A fatal combination bordering on insanity and a perfect specimen of Christian brainwashing, brought to you by the Illuminati.

    You can preach and foam at the mouth here all you want. Just don’t start copying and pasting whole webpages because I will regard it as spam.

  73. thoughts by me

    Thanks BB for this telling about this molecule.

    Consider Psalm 139:13-17
    For though hast possessed my reins; thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.
    I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
    My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
    Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.

    It is no surprise to me that our Lord created a molecule that would represent the one thing that leads us to Him, and that’s the cross of Calvary.
    Just one more thing that God lovingly allows us to see, yet so many people still don’t receive Him as their Savior. It’s simple really, yet it so much easier to follow the seen rather than the unseen. I believe it takes much more strength and courage to have faith. It is definitely not for the feeble-minded.

    Hebrews 11:7 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

    Thank you for that BB–very interesting topic.

  74. thoughts by me

    And PJ–you can regard this as spam all you want, but I am NOT copying and pasting. It comes from my own INDEPENDENT mind, and I am allowed to use sources, am I not? Where is yours? I haven’t seen one thing to back up your responses.

    And it’s typical really, the first thing people who are not Christians do, is DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. What better way than for people to not read the truth if not’s available to them? By the way, readers, that’s exactly what the AntiChrist will do, eliminate anything potential of telling God’s Word.

    I think you, PJ, are the one who is misinformed and delusional. If I wasn’t such a threat to your blog, you wouldn’t consider it SPAM. You would let people read it anyway, and THINK for themselves.

    Talk about being smug….

  75. PJ-
    This is what makes me so sad about the battles between the believers and nonbelievers. Anger and overwrought emotion take over, and judgement, too.
    I stood up for you when I thought you were being judged. I can’t imagine you enjoy being judged and put down and called names.

    I really wanted to have an intelligent/humane conversation, and like I said about you–that you are every bit as worthy, and your opinion too, as anyone else——-why then would you seek to put down someone else?
    Stay above the fray!
    But it is true: Politics and religion are going to spark a flame every time.
    Man, I don’t even know what to say. It just kills me that there’s so much division in this world. And that often, we seek it out—and for what benefit?
    Helping people out is a most excellent motive, I think for all of us, you, “thoughts by me” and for me, and any other reader.
    I do believe in love.
    I think you do, too.
    And I do believe love overcomes darkness.
    I hope you feel the same way.
    I went through some serious pain in my life, for most of my life. I was abused in many, many ways. I dove into drugs and alcohol and numbing myself out, and hedonism, and all sorts of stuff.
    Abuse still haunts my dreams.
    And yet, there is something in the way I was made that allows me not only to survive, but thrive, and give and love.
    I do not wish to be blind.
    I wish to seek the truth.
    I guess that’s why I’m on this blog. I don’t think it was a coincidence.

  76. PJ, though I admire your sense of justice I would say that true Christianity IS justice and freedom. Not all of us think there is a Rapture or that we understand the end times as is fed to us by the Milionaire televangelists. I would ask what exactly in Jesus’ message (not the message of some religious sharlatan) that is so offensive?

  77. There is absolutely nothing I can say to brainwashed cult members to convince them of anything. So why should I bother? It is a total waste of my precious time.

    I have nearly worn myself out trying to wake people up, but if they don’t have a desire for truth, then it impossible for them to even consider looking into it. All they will do is fight against it which is tragic and disgusting.

    So, that’s it. Believe whatever fantasies you want to indulge in. I don’t want to change any of you. Go on indulging.

    Start your own blogs while you are at it.

    And “thoughts by me”, you can just shove it. You had to be an a-hole before you joined the Christianity cult and you are still an a-hole. A Christianized a-hole, but nevertheless an a-hole.

    That’s it, I leave this thread to the Christians to romp and play as Rome burns.

  78. thoughts by me


    Now, now, let’s not get so emotional, shall we?

    You started this blog because you wanted people to respond. And now we do, with a little bit of fire I might add, and you say you’re done trying to convince us? You must not be to worried about trying to “tell the truth” as you say.

    What’s sad is that you’ll go to some other “thread” where people will actually listen to you and your head will swell that much more.

    Continue to separate yourself and believe in yourself so highly. One day, you will have to come off that mountain, and you will be wishing you were part of that “herd” you so easily bad mouth.

  79. PJ-
    If you’re gonna leave, then I am, too.
    I was hoping to make a connection—.

    I speak the truth when I say I hate lies. So I speak this truth now:
    I have hated Christians most of my life, PJ. And I mean HATED. Many reasons why.
    The main reason was that they all seemed hypocritical. I had a cousin who’d come to visit every summer and play Christian tapes and literally try to brainwash me!
    She turned me away from God, is what she did.
    She tried to get me to fall on my knees.
    I refused.
    I had up until 7 years ago, people trying to PUSH their religion on me, all the while leading what I saw as hypocritical lives.

    But then I saw my own lie: I was the liar. I was the hypocrite. I was the judger. I was just as bad as the Christians I so loathed.

    I also found out another truth. MANY Christians are liars and hypocrites and people who PUSH their religion on us all, and try even to BULLY us into believing.

    But there were some Christians who were nice to me. Even when I challenged them at every turn.

    Then I experienced God’s grace. There was no brain-washing. It actually came as an “Aha” moment of clarity and logic.

    PJ-I did not reveal my faith to you because I did not want you to label me or judge me (and I do mean faith. I AM NOT RELIGIOUS. I BELONG TO NO DENOMINATION, I DO NOT CARRY OUT ANY RITES). I did not lie, but I did not reveal, either.

    I did this so you would be open enough to let me ask you questions and learn about your beliefs in a NON-JUDGEMENTAL, NON-EVASIVE manner

    I wanted to show you that not all Christians are pushy, hypocritical, bullying, name-calling liars.

    There are some of us who seek to understand, not divide—as I tried with you. I sought to seek a common ground with you.
    I researched the Illumnati, I even got a bit freaked out by all the layers and layers of secret societies, etc., and even got a little paranoid. I know about manipulation. I know that all is not what it seems.
    But I also know that God is my Savior.
    Before you barf, please remember that I respect you. Still do. In a cyberspace way, I always will.

    I hope that my respect for you came through.

    Don’t give up on a person just because they’re a Christian. They actually could turn out to be a really good friend of yours.
    Even if you disagree with them!
    I don’t know if you want to write to me again. But if you do, I’d be pleased.
    If not, so be it.
    I guess more than anything, I would like your heart to soften.
    My heart’s been hard for a very long time. It’s just now thawing.
    I hope all who are on this blog have soft hearts for one another. We can be angry, righteous, but let’s treat each other as the neighbors on this Earth that we are.

  80. thoughts by me


    You had me there for a while. I really thought you were searching for answers about whether Christianity was even right.

    It’s a blessing to know that your heart is beginning to soften. The Lord can do many things with a heart that is open and willing.

    I pray that you find the comfort and peace you need to move forward from your past. Since my son’s death, I have learned that life is just a fleeting moment compared to eternity. And compared to what Christ did for me on that cross, my burden is very small. So is yours.

    Here is the verse the God gave me the night my son died.
    Psalm 18:30 As for God, his way is perfect.

    It’s been a pleasure corresponding with you.

  81. thoughts by me-
    Thank you.
    I did not want to decieve PJ, I just wanted to be a Christian who treated him, and everyone else with respect and no judgement. So I chose not to be judged myself.
    Anyway, I am VERY sorry for the loss of your son. I have two sons myself, and I can only imagine . . .
    God gave you a great message on the day your son died. I’m glad you did not harden your heart! It would have been so easy.
    God loves us all, and as you know, God loves PJ, too.
    I’m pretty sure PJ’s had a hellish life at one time, and that’s why I cannot judge him, and that’s why I have compassion for him.
    God bless you!

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  84. Believing in anything can be a “cult” – however that may be defined. Your god can be yourself. Your god can be standing on your soapbox looking down thinking you hold truth in your hand. That is mind control, both trying to do that for others and being controlled by a fervor yourself. Decrying a religion for being man-made, whether or not that is true, is blind-sighted when your own beliefs are also man-made.

    Zeitgeist is laughable. The comparisons between Egyptian religion and Christianity are shaky at best. The fact that the film uses a Dec. 25 birthdate as a connection between Jesus and Horus is shameful; I’ve known since junior high that date was chosen by the early church. The narrator also says that Horus’ birth was accompanied by a star in the East and that three wise men were present – and gives no primary sources, so if you can actually find one, I’d love to see it. Oh, and no where in Luke – where we get our famous Nativity scenes – are specifically three wise men mentioned anyway; it’s a culture addition like Dec. 25. (And it’s not even Horus’ given birthday; Mithras eventually was associated with a Dec. 25 birthday. Please, I will get nauseous from having had a sizable Thanksgiving meal if you bring up some resurrection bit between Jesus and Mithras; the stories may have similarities, but a sinister connection is lacking.)

    There’s so much material that knocks Zeitgeist off of its wannabe true conspiracy theory pedestal I’m not going to post the copious amount of sites with the information here. (That does get obnoxious, doesn’t it?) I’m going to return to my life of following Christ which has cultivated my heart and mind to learning and thinking and challenging my beliefs and assumptions about the world more than anything else. If that’s mind control, keep it comin’. Thanks.

  85. To those of you that find the need to hate us christians, we forgive us. and Please Forgive us if we come accross strong. We love Jesus so much we cant stand but to tell the world. I understand your reasons for not understanding or believing, i mean hey if i told you i met the queen and got her autograph, you probably would not believe me too and think i was a Crazy. See but why this is different. You see Jesus Eats with the Poor, Forgives the Corrupt Tax Collectors and Prostitutes, Heals the Sick and Diseased, and to most of you it does’nt make sense why God Chooses the loosers and misfits in the world, But he does. Jesus even says to Jewish Leaders ( whom he considered Hipocrites, pretenders, religious pretenders) that he has not come for those who don’t need him but for the SICK, He also says he has not come to condemn us/judge us but to save. Im not physically Sick, i have never killed anyone and so on, but i know i have done some pretty bad stuff and i don’t deserve anything Good ( the bible says all have sined and fallen short of the glory of God including us Christian but he is faithful to forgive us but we must ask), and i Definatly need him. More specific to the point, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE ECONOMY? There have been many prophecies in the Bible and unto this day every one is being fillfulled, e.g ” Wars and Rumours of Wars, Vast disasters (Sept 11, Assasinations, alcaida,hurricanes and fires )and this was spoken 2000 years before, and there’s heaps more. So when we say these things in these forums, we dont mean to sound better than anyone, we just want to show you whats going on just like how you share with us your views , we just want to share with you what we know. Truth is the key, and like Paul says in the Bible, We’d only be lying to ourself if Christ has not truly ressurected from the Dead. Unlike other religions, we dont just believe something because we’re supposed to or by fear, but we believe by studying and researching into the bible and what happening in the Past, Present and Future and because we have genuinely experience a rebirthing in us with this saviour Jesus christ, what religion or cult accepts ever colour, does not discriminate in nationality or gender, can even accept little children who believe, Non, because there is’nt any, only Jesus Christ (the only person in histroy) claimed to be God and is not asking for religion but relationship and his coming is eminant. Like I say i totally understand if most of you dont understand or believe where we are coming from when you see what a corrupt messed up lying world we live in ,but God is true to his word. God loves everyone whether they hate him, dont believe in him or dont care and he wants you to know this world is fading away. I pray that most of you meet him before you die. No disrespect to anyone. and by the way i dont usually go on this forum so i dont think ill have time to read any reply. But Hopefully if you are looking for something or not at all i Pray you find the real thing.

  86. For anyone who is interested, this site shows that Masonry and Christianity DO NOT go hand in hand.

  87. sweetlilwookims

    I, too, spent most of my life just putting GOD on the back burner. I always thought that why should I believe one faith over another. And until I see a reason to, I cannot make a decision what faith to follow.
    Then I got my request. I got to see a Miracle happen, to me. So I know it was not made up. See, I lost my life. Completely, no heart beat or anything else that goes with it. And when I awoke from a comma (6 weeks later) I had a talk whit my doctor. He was a specialist from another state come here for my requirements. He told me that what is happening to me defies all written knowledge to date. After listening to him he admitted this had to be GODS doing. OK, that’s the first one. Then as I grew closer with GOD I learned I can call directly on the name of JESUS and if my belief is true, miracles will follow for his glory.

    Praise GOD!!

  88. thoughts by me


  89. BB
    go to youtube hon. you will find all manner of information already put together…use keywords like “rothschild”, “illuminati”,” mason”,” “symbology” and most importantly, so you have a base to start from, anything 9-11. Simonshack has an awesome series. Loose change, 9-11 mysteries, 9-11 coincidences and so on will all eventually lead you back to the web of Rothschild which is where all of this, including the BS about the Merovingians writing the new testament springs from.
    Further, if you find a movie called Zeitgeist, do yourself a huge favor and research the claims, so you can find out what utter BS they are before you allow your faith to be shaken and find yourself on the freaky fringe swallowing anything on a tube just cause the video said so…what a bunch of hooey…I was taken back at first so researched like a crazy person…all crap…all of it. Jesus wasn’t even born on Dec 25 by the way y’all…that movie COUNTS ON nobody researching their claims…lol…apparently it was onto something…lol

    I don’t see how accurate biblical translations and the facts about the conspiracy for global conquest even contradict one another. In fact, the OLD TESTAMENT mentions these times as well and points straight to Rothschilds by mentioning an evil family that is a stone around the neck of the world and various other references to webs/spiders, cockatrices, vipers and owls. The new testament is little more than the old testament with jesus substituted for the law in terms of salvation. They support one another, and they support your strong belief in a global zionist conspiracy as well…seems to me it would be to your benefit to check that out.

    If you’d spent 1/10th the time actually reading the bible for yourself instead of(hypocritically, come on you know its true) just accepting what you are told is in it, you’d see that its all in there. It actually supports your views of a global conspiracy and explains how it all turns out…so the two are not contradictory of one another. But you are guilty of what you accuse others of if you have neglected to read the texts you are rejecting out of hand

    IMHO, Organized Religion is frightening and hypocritical…dangerous even… Revelations says very dangerous…kablooey dangerous…and I agree. I refer to myself as Messianic to avoid being lumped in with traditional “Christianity” as it is organized today in both Catholic and protestant forms. I often find myself embarrassed for them…And I’ve yet to find a single church teaching the teachings of Christ, they all fall back on fire brimstone, eyes for eyes etc etc…Christ was the precise opposite.

    So I get your point. But faith is a whole different thing. and low intelligence, ignorance of conspiracy or lack of awareness in general are not prerequisites nor do they have anything to do with faith.
    Blaming God for how idiots on earth treat his word is hardly empirical evidence that he’s a fantasy and far less than stellar logic as well when considered in all its aspects…including longevity.

    Finally, this dearth of faith, the falling away, the turning away from god in masses such as is happening now, even here with you, is also prophesied. This is part of it. YOU are part of it because you go beyond enlightening people to evil and conspiracy to trying to shake their faith. How is that even necessary to achieve your end?

    You know, I saw you complain that people don’t know right from wrong anymore…hmm…I wonder why…

    To professed believers in Christ: If you are going to claim that, then you might want to consider actually getting a handle on what he said and requires of you…and it ain’t doing it your way, being “right”, winning an argument, lording salvation or threats over others etc. Its about being longsuffering, patient, loving others, turning the cheek, setting a good example so that you are known by your fruit as followers of Christ and draw others to it simply by its own glory and inherent peace…

    you are to be a light in the dark, not darkness on the horizon…that is not your job…You are to labor even to your own detriment in service of your fellow man, resisting evil and vanity, with your eye on the one prize…which isn’t getting the better of an unbeliever in your mind…

    this is how you follow Christ…you don’t threaten hell because not only is that judgment [to which you are not privileged]but you don’t know who will and will not be there…last minute believers will get the same salvation you will, check out Matthew 20, its a parable meant just for you.
    and enough with the holier than thou…I can tell that none of you with that attitude ever actually read the Word of God. NOT ONE…unless of course you read and decided you know better…in which case, double shame on you.

  90. As a young Christian we believe in God, His Word, we know that he sent his son Jesus to die for our sins, and we know we were given the gift of the Holy Spirit. But also as a Christian we know we are not to push our religion on someone else who is a nonbeliever, but to tell them of his grace and hope that they listen. Now about one world currency, order, and government all this points to one thing that we have entered the end of days. We know that these RFID chips are the mark of the beast brought up by the antachrist that w/o them we may not buy or sell. We know that we have entered the end of days all the signs point to it. The question is are you ready for the rapture, the next significant event to happen in world history. We are to pray for non believers and hope that they won’t have their share in the lake of fire.

  91. I pray that you wake up out of your dreamworld someday, S.R…….

  92. Baron Von Rothschild

    Fek the NWO, after the french screwed me, I’m hanging up ma dollars :p

  93. No, pjwalker911 I am not in a dream world, but it seems that you cannot accept the truth in the end every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that christ is LORD. I pray to God that you see that before it’s too late.

  94. SR,

    Tell me one little thing. What happens to all the Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, the Jews, the Taoists, the millions of animists and tribalists who do not believe in your god and who will never bend their knee to him? And tell me what came of all those people including all the pagans who lived before the time when you believe your savior was alive? If you say there is no salvation except in Jesus Christ, then, according to your religion, all those who have not believed in him were and are damned to eternal hellfire, including the children and teens and young adults and older adults. Men, women and children. Is that reasonable in any way? Does it really make sense to you? Have you ever thought about these things?

  95. thoughts by me

    It’s true PJ, all of those people did and will go to hell. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way. It’s not reasonable to man, nothing that is of God really makes sense, that’s why he’s God! I don’t understand why my two year old had to die the way he did, and that I had to witness it, but I know that God’s way is perfect, no matter what, and that is what keeps me going, knowing I will see my son again in Heaven one day. God is not willing for anyone to perish and go to hell, but He wants us to CHOOSE him. When we come of age to truly make that decision and we don’t, then yes, when a person dies, they go to eternal hell.
    Do you know the part in the Bible when Jesus is crucified along with the two thieves on the cross? One refused to repent, the other said, Lord, remember me in thy kingdom. Christ said Today, thou shalt be with me in Paradise. One just has to repent and accept in their heart. Many people can “know” the Bible, but not make it to Heaven. Even the devil and his angels believe in God, why else are they fighting this spiritual battle? It’s not enough to believe, you have to trust and accept Him as your Savior as well. The devil was once an angel of God, but he fell from grace and God condemned him and his followers to the fiery pit that God created himself. And the devil has been out for revenge ever since. He knows he can never truly win, but the way to get back at God is through His children. The more he can deceive through whatever course of action he can, he will. Even the Jews, God’s chosen people. They don’t believe the Messiah died on that cross. They are still waiting for His return…they are lost. They live by the Old Testament. In the last days, God will send witnesses to His people (Jews) and they will then understand and see what they refuse to all these years. Some will turn to Him and still others will not.

    Look, I’m sorry if I came across as arrogant and rude, but I truly believe that the Lord loves everyone. It’s not His job to come to us, it’s our job to go to Him and do His work. We only get one shot at life, and we need to do our best, even if that means arguing our case.
    None of these articles are going to change my mind. I read them because they are interesting and really, they just make me believe all the more that Christ will be here soon. And for that I am grateful and totally ready.
    If people think that this is a dream world, then so be it. Even so Lord come quickly.

    I really do appreciate your webpage PJ and again, I apologize for being rude. I just feel so strongly about things sometimes I speak before I think, and therefore I put my testimony on the line. Hence, I am human and am not perfect. Just know I will be one day when I get to Heaven to be with my Savior and my loved ones.

  96. Well, I guess it is just a matter of each saying what they believe to be true. All I know is that I sincerely call ’em the way I see ’em and if others can’t see what I see, then so be it. I try to have the biggest picture possible regarding the NWO which especially includes an understanding of exoteric religion, cult-offshoots and the esoteric occult mystery religions, and nothing you or anybody else can say will ever convince me that the Bible is anything but a tool for mass mind-control by the elites as an extension of their own mystery religion.

    I don’t think we have to throw logic out the window to grasp truth. I believe the two go together. And the Bible and logic do not go together as far as I am concerned and even you see and admit that. However, there are truths contained in the Bible such as the universally recognized Golden Rule. Otherwise, it would be totally unpalatable. Also, it caters to a certain spiritual longing that I believe resides in all hearts that are not totally blackened. That longing is a desire to feel in harmony with life, to know one’s place in the cosmic scheme of things and to find meaning in one’s existence. So it it is this natural longing toward understanding which religion undercuts and exploits. And it was designed to do just that, pick up on and access that part of the human spirit that seeks an overall understanding, otherwise, it would never have garnered so much support.

    There is a logic to why the Bible was edited and collated out of hundreds of smaller books and then canonized over the centuries. That logic has to do with a technique to control the masses by giving exoteric literal interpretations for them while the elite go by the built-in esoteric interpretations.

    Thus the Masons do practice and promote Christianity as do the Catholic elites, but they are sworn to secrecy on their real motivations. The result being that if a Christian is to really take the entire Bible as the absolute infallible “Word of God”, then he must interpret it to mean that what is man’s is man’s and what is God’s is God’s. Therefore Christians are ultimately submitting to whatever happens in the world of men, not resisting evil, but accepting all that happens as ultimately the “Will of God” and that includes the unfolding of the NWO as supposedly a precursor to the Return of Christ. So what that does is to guarantee that a large segment of the population will be convinced that there is nothing we can do besides pray and wait for “His Return” in these “Last Days”. So that is how they control you.

    Masonry is basically a syncretic esoteric religion taken from all the major mystery schools: Egyptian and Jewish mainly, but also including the Greek schools and some Roman and Arab teachings. I say the Bible is “masonic” meaning that Judaism contains many masonic occult principles expounded upon in Kabbalah and Christianity is merely the exoteric form of the Osirus/Horus cult that was carried into Greece around 2000BCE as Osirus/Dionysus worship and grafted onto Judaism. One fine indication of this is the ancient pre-Christian images of Dionysus on the Cross. The masses worshipped him the same as Christians do today, although in a more “pentecostal” manner usually which later evolved into total Baccnalia in the Roman Empire. Esoterically, however there always was a secret inner tradition of the elites who knew that Dionysus represented something totally different. And down through the ages, new religions have been created to suit different races.

    And they keep on creating them even today. In fact, religious engineering is a science practiced by technocrats like Gorbachev, William Sims Bainbridge and others. Bainbridge admits the elite sociologists are “religious engineers” carefully designing religions for the new millenium to bring us into the “post-human” Star Trek age. It is an old form of social engineering and yet, out of all these religions, the true believer is convinced that HIS is the ONE true religion out of all of them. And that goes for followers of any religion of any time period. They refuse to see that it is just one more in a long line of the same thing.

    The aristocracies and priesthoods created new religions all over the ancient world, all with similar characteristics, often involving a crucified savior figure that people could relate to. Christianity took really 500 years to evolve into a full blown religious system, taking a bit of this pagan belief and a bit of that philosophy into a background of Jewish religious teaching until it took its final form. Islam was created again out of nothing but paganism and existing religious teachings with a new twist. You can just look at the Kaaba and see what they are really doing. It is no different than the Borg Cube of Star Trek, calling people to be assimilated. And that is what religion does. It assimilates the individual and robs him of his ability to think independently. Watch “Midnight Express”, an excellent movie that shows mentally defeated prisoners milling around a pillar in the clockwise direction. The lead character is carried along with the mass-mind for awhile until he finally gets the desire to be free. He starts going in the opposite direction and is heavily criticized for his “blasphemy”. He gets himself free in the end.

    The Bible is then one of the 3 Lights of Freemasonry along with the Compass and Square. Such is its pivotal importance, to maintain this religion, to lead it, to lead the sheep to keep believing in it because they are the “Good Shepherds”. Many of the top Protestant ministers have been and are Masons. Many Catholic priests have been and are Masons. This is all tied in with Templarism, SMOM, KOSJ etc. At the top, they all work together for the New World Order.

    It was important for Pike therefore to maintain the Christian religion to later set up a Hegelian conflict between them and the Atheists as an essential alchemical Ordo Ab Chao to help bring in the next phase of the NWO. Keep in mind that the Illuminati runs both sides of most conflicts. They are behind both Christianity, and Atheism which is a dogmatic type of cult in itself with its own materialist/scientistic doctrines.

    At no point in history has true free-thought been encouraged. Thought has always been coraled, coerced, misdirected, guided by the Masonic elites. Only those who “buck the system” can be truly free.

    No, I do not believe a Bushman of the Kalahari is going to suffer eternal damnation just because he didn’t believe in Jesus. That is absurd on the face of it. Sorry.

  97. thoughts by me

    I am sorry too…I still choose to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord, and I still choose to believe He is the ONLY way to go to Heaven. More than one god did not create the world, just the one, true, God. Therefore, I do not believe that ALL religions will go to the same destination when they die. I do believe that when people are disobediant, prideful, and rebellious, consequences will occur. Mans way of life is screwed up, and without God we can’t and won’t make it. We may think we can, but our hearts and minds will fool us into believing we don’t need Him. Again, logic and God are not suppose to go together. That is why He is God, and we aren’t. His ways are not our ways.

    PJ–Good luck with bucking the system. I guess when all is said and done in the end, we will truly have all the answers. Until then, I guess we hope the path we choose is right, and hope that the path we’re on is the way to freedom.

    And yes, I believe the Bushman of the Kalahari will go to hell if he doesn’t believe in Christ as their Savior. And sadly, PJ, so will anybody that doesn’t. What is absurd is the fact that what God wants us to accept, His loving grace, is absolutely free, and people just walk on by because they “know” better. These are the people I pray for, and hope that one day they will see before it’s too late.

    Believe it or not, it’s been good conversing with you. My faith has been made that much stronger by reading your site. Again, I don’t hate you PJ, I respect you as a person and have listened to your side. Again, I apologize for any rudeness that seethed in my earlier posts. Good luck to you and your website.

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  100. wow. reading all of this makes me shudder. End of times… could be. Might not happen for awhile, might be tomorrow. Either way, I accept Jesus Christ as the way to heaven. Either way, I will be raptured. Those left behind will be in a very crappy place.
    One World Religion by the new pope adds to the belief it will be sooner than later.

    PJ. To be clear, those who are left behind have the chance to see the signs (the 2 witnesses, plagues, water to blood, locus, 2 million man army, etc) and declare Jesus Christ as their savior. If you choose not to believe, you’re going to hell. You dont get to heaven by being nice or thoughtful. That’s not how it works.
    Just to mention, you chastize others for writing too much and then turn around and write an 1137 word answer… whats that about?

  101. Michael,

    I never chastise anyone for writing too much from their own keyboard, from their own mind. Nobody has ever written “too much”. I just don’t allow people to copy and paste webpages, articles etc. That’s my main pet peeve. I also do not allow people to just try to sell stuff which is pure spam. Those are the only real restrictions.

    When I do “chastise”, I do it to those who make outrageous or ignorant claims, who lie, who spread disinformation, who spread racism, who support evil leaders and policies, who try to debunk any number of aspects of the Illuminati conspiracy or those who attack me personally. If I chastise someone it is because they deserve it. Keep in mind this blog is attacked on a daily basis with all kinds of wild accusations and snide remarks simply because I am trying to get the truth out to people and the elite and their minions don’t like that.

    You are free to believe whatever you want to believe and even to say it here without censorship. And I am free to tell you it is a pile of lies and a stinkin crock of shit created for mass mind-control purposes.

    Fair enough?

  102. holy shit

    you’re comparing an over-reaching, somewhat unbelievable, religious conspiracy to star trek?

    you must be brain-washed into being a virgin for the rest of your life.

    you are almost as stubborn as some of the christians posting here. have fun learning about world domination plans on the internet!


    “There is absolutely nothing I can say to brainwashed cult members to convince them of anything. ”

    “…and nothing you or anybody else can say will ever convince me that the Bible is anything but a tool for mass mind-control by the elites as an extension of their own mystery religion.”

  103. p.s. when you find confirmation of your beliefs all around you while at the same time not allowing any possible refutation of those beliefs, that is not true knowledge.

    have a nice life

  104. lolcopter,

    …and your point is…..what??

    What is your counter-argument and where are your “facts”?

    You got none of the above as usual for idiot pro-NWO wannabe debunkers.

  105. Oh don’t cry lolcopter, we’re just getting started.

    Besides, nobody is censored here, so get off your over-sensitivity.

  106. my point is your a douche. you rag on christians, who are probably doing more good in this world than you ever will, for being brain-washed sheep while at the same time spewing off all this bullshit propaganda about how christianity is rooted in ancient egyptian religions. keep googling “rothschild” and watching youtube videos about the federal reserve, i’m sure it will really help you on 12/21/2012. ooohhhh the big bad NWO is going to put an RFID chip in you.!!!

    p.s. don’t you know the muslims are going to kill all the non-believers first?

  107. listen lolcopter,

    You have got to lay off Fox News awhile and start doing some research. I stick by the fact that Christianity is a newer form of Osiris and Dionysus worship. You can neither prove that Jesus was a historical character, nor can you disprove the obvious relation to a host of other gnostic “dying gods” throughout the middle-east, Mediterranean, Mesopotamia, Persia and Egypt who all came thousands of years before the latest form of it: Christianity.

    Those who blame only Rothschild and the Fed are brainwashed children who have not bothered to get the big picture.

    And then you taunt about the RFID as though it is no big deal. I think that reveals more about you than anything else.

    Christianity and Islam have more in common than you might think. In fact both are instruments of mind-control, two sides of a useful dialectic toward a synthesis.

    What you need to do is stop watching Fox News and listening to Rush Fat-ass and learn something about the mystery religions as a pre-requisite to anything else.

    Good luck, cuz you need it.

    PS: I’m being nice because you are just ignorant. At least I hope that’s all it is….

  108. the bible was written figuratively mostly in ancient languages. it was translated by biased a holes. the things initially wrote sound alot like the hermetica. which is 5000 years old. 3000 before christ .for example, jesus never walked on water. that story is to just teach us to trust one another. thats why his boy gets on after him. i believe there is truth in the bible its just hidden under effed up translation. and it took us the age of piecies to miss interperate it the way we have…the age of one fish following another fish because one fish cant tell its ass from the next fishs. the solar maximum on 2012 will melt the icecaps at a much faster rate than our caroding ozone layer…in the coming age of aquarius. the bottom line is everything is comming to a head. even if jesus didnt exist. his story sets the example for all the age of piecies. without the story we would have been giving ourselves sex changes and fucking our familys even more than we did. and hermes set the standard back than. a monothiestic theory. which is right on. read the hermetica. athiests and christians read the hermetica

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  110.  It seems this topic touches something deeply within us. An interesting read from multiple points of view.

    The truth, as I see it, combines many factors that have been identified above and from both points of view. No one can be certain of the absolute truth in the existence we are experiencing at the moment. We only know what we have experienced though this life and thus this influences our current thought on everything around us.

    The fact is we are living in the end of times; this cannot be denied. This is a time of great change (what this is we are to find out).

    To the religious ones in this debate: As I feel it, there is no God in the sense of what we understand to be God. Well not in the sense that we have been thought through main stream religions (of all types). I was brought up Roman Catholic for interest sake. All religious teaching on the origins of mankind has all been based on previous stories and all stem from the same source starting with the Sumerian civilisation. This was taught to them by the “gods”; aka: Annunaki, Elohim, Nephelim, the giants, those whom came from heaven to earth, the fallen angles, etc, etc…

    They created the religions which were based on the idea of multiple gods and they were the gods. They also created the adam, whom is the origin of our adam and eve. To do the work they didn’t want to do (i.e. slaves). It was only once Marduk (3 generations down from the leader Anu, who was not based on earth) gained control did we adapt the monolithic religions we still follow today. These are the “gods/god” that the mainstream religions follow.. Not the real GOD, who created everything, who is everything.

    The reason why we all feel a connection with God, is most definitely not because our religions are the truth. They definitely preach part truths, and the people involved are mostly good people and want the best for all. The truth is; we/you/I/everyone is God. God, as we understand it, is consciousness of everything around us; including us. We are just a little spark of God, therefore the essence of God… (Not enough space here to get into this now…)

    As for the powers of the world, the “illuminated” ones. Hehe, that’s funny… They definitely have manipulated the world and controlled all aspects of life throughout this age. But this is coming to an end (hence the end of ages). It’s a time for a new beginning. The reason why everything in this world is in a state of chaos is because these people are trying to create a world of fear (war, famine, lawlessness, economic turmoil, etc, etc) which is a mechanism they use to help keep control over the masses (i.e. YOU).

    The only way to relieve you from this fear, and to enlighten yourself into the next age of existence, is through light and love. In essence this is your “rapture” but it’s only achievable through your own thoughts. Not waiting on some “god” to save you. Save yourselves!!! Love each other as if they were your brother, no matter what their origins are; or whatever their actions have done to harm you or others. If you can do that, you will be fine and will experience the human evolutional jump to the next level… That is the rapture you are waiting for; although not what you are expecting since teachings have mislead on what it actually is and more specifically, how to achieve it.

    Peace and love to all,

  111. this is not right biblically. amean it is satnanic having one government.cus this is government. for me this is a conspiracy between antichrist wid the inventor of this crab.
    it is not gona work cus we the faithful christian are all going 2 heaven leavin u guys wid ur ddamn money in hellllllllll
    beta repent and got saved by our lord jesus christ

  112. I am shocked to see how many of you, constantly quote biblical texts to give an impression of: “God will save us… i will be raptured.. as long as i live by the bible i will be good, saved and so on bla bla bla”

    The Bible is put together, by the Illuminati in 4th century to control us, to give a false reality, as is Islam btw. There is nothing wrong with living a good live, do no evil and so on, I thibk one has to live like this. Be good to all living things make no war etc.
    But dont quote the bible litterally and do as if its the only truth.. Its made UP!!!! Wake Up!!!

    Our government will try to fake an alien invasion in the near future, We have to fight those “aliens” according to the government, and then thereafter we have to give more powers away to the NWO. This will be one of the last steps in their try to control us totally..

    Then when other outer space or inner earth lifeforms will try to rescue us from the illumiunati, then they will tell us that those beings will be our enemy. Because last time it was too a danger, they will say . ( But that last time was engineered by themselves!!)
    So then they have a reason to totally control our earth….

    I hope we can stop them before all this! Our food is poisoned by them, drinkingwater poisoned, diseases not cured from what we already have cures for. They try to diminish us in every way they can.

    And then some folks that dont do nothing and just sit in church ecery sunday and think that they wont be doing any harm to by the NWO and that god is beaming them up… DREAM ON!!! Better not dream and help our human race saved from those NWO p|@s!

    pjwalker, keep up the good work!

  113. Evert,

    Thanks. I trust you arrived at your correct conclusions on your own, though your own research and reasoning, because I believe if people do read and research with an objective attitude, think it all though aiming at the Big Picture, they will arrive at similar conclusions because the truth is the truth. Glad you are here.

  114. PJ, you sly dog you are actually one of us! You believe Christians are cultists! LOL, good for you, there is no way we could have control of the America’s as long as Christians are serious. You are an ally to us after all, I knew it……..

  115. The whole purpose of a single, centrally controlled currency is to eliminate a source of wealth building for individuals. It will also create, if it is electronic, an easy way to keep track of anybody who buys anything. It will be the ultimate invasion of privacy.

    Furthermore…. how will, say, Africans who are busily chopping each other up with machetes (a la: Tutsi v Hutu) and don’t even have pockets to carry a plastic card and use it? Will there be automated kiosks in the jungle? Or on street corners for prostitutes and drug dealers?
    How will thieves, such as legislators, steal from us? We won’t have to file tax returns because all the information will be in the system and everyone will be debited, automatically.

    I suppose everyone will be bar-coded via tattoo at birth and have to present their thumb, or forearm, or perhaps forehead for every transaction. Children will have their accounts attached to their parents’. Thieves will secretly photograph the barcodes and will use them make illicit purchases, until caught.
    Not much of a brave new world, that.
    And the first EMP will wipe out the entire thing.
    Yeah. If there is/becomes a one world currency the end won’t be far behind.

  116. You may all find some interesting reading here –

    Seek the truth people , we are in for a bumpy ride.

    Nice work PJ , hang in there please

  117. Thanks Achernar, I will definitely keep giving it my best, if not with this blog then in some other way.

    More on Mind Control

    Secret Societies and The Military

  118. This is also interesting, the link will take you directly into the parent directory of this website

  119. Pingback: Le nouvel ordre mondial s’affiche publiquement « Les 7 du Québec

  120. A new world currency and Government is coming so get ready. There is nothing anyone can do about it. When it does happen the Lord Jesus is going to rapture his church. And the people left behind will endure some terrible stuff. So if you don’t know Jesus please get to know him soon.

  121. God is not up in the sky – God is you ,as you are living and breathing now, we are all God.

    It will be up to us as we are now to sort out the coming problems, nobody is coming to help.

  122. …the Book of Revelation is true. There are many signs, people, and look at it! Rapture is coming. Better make our lives more better now…one-world currency, eh? What’s next? The one grain of rice-sized microchip that we need to wear in order to buy and eat? The diplomat who will rule the Earth as one? IT IS COMING.

  123. believer4christ

    Every knee shall bow before him. Then all shall know they there is a judgment day. Everyone has a choice to believe what they want to. Christ died to give you that choice. And if you wish to choose it is false. He died to give you that right also.. But all will know the truth on judgment day.

  124. it is important to note that just because the illuminati may use religion to control people doesn’t necessarily imply that religion is false. the dead sea scrolls acurately date much of bible prophecy at over 2000 years old. illuminati are not that patient to wait thousands of years to see their plans come to fruition. so while yes, they may be using religion to hurdle in the new world order… the principles of scripture were there before they were. and the catholic takeover of faith also came after the scriptures.

  125. Jesus is coming back! Repent and believe. Accept Jesus Christ into your heart! Millions of people will be missing. This will be the second return of christ. be ready. Prophecy is being fulfilled today! Accept Jesus christ into your lives people!

  126. Oh shut the hell up Jasmine. Sick of you maniacs and deceivers.

  127. This a fascinating topic and one that will be interesting to see the results of in the future. I’m not sure how it will be carried out but i like the ideas highlighted in this article: I’m looking forward to hearing updates.

  128. For those that believe in the Rapture. This theory is only from the 1890’s.

    There was a treaty made by Israel and many nations that started on Jan. 1, 2007. If this is indeed that last treaty before Christ return, than we are almost 3 1/2 years into the tribulation where the man of sin shall be revealed. And in Javier Solona’s treaty there is a checking point 3 and 1/2 years into it, to check and see how the treaty is going. Beware, if this indeed the main one, let’s watch and see if the man of sin emerges next year. This time.

    Let us watch and be vigilant if this in indeed the 11th hour. Since I was a child it always felt like there was seconds before Jesus return. Let us all be vigilant so none of us is found wanting.

    Scripture doesn’t say really that much about a rapture. It does talk about the Second coming of Jesus. That some are taken, and some are left.

    The Bible does tell us that the Anti Christ does destroy the saints, and kill whomever doesn’t have the mark of the beast. So beware, the only rapture we may see is that of a guillotine. Prepare, clean your house (soul) and keep the faith!

  129. Well, I guess most people know by now that I don’t believe in all this rapture crap. Mind control is all it is, useful only to the elite who run the religions, and always have since ancient times. If you believe the NWO is all inevitable, you are putty in their hands because your mind is not free and is therefore easily manipulated. The vision of Revelations is of a psychopathic order set up, maintained and running its “inevitable” course by an insane schizophrenic god who is both all-powerful and yet can’t seem to get a handle on that Satan character and his minions. Man is then squeezed on both sides by a wrathful Father god on one side and a devious, conniving demon on the other hand. A story to scare children and a tool of absolute and total terror, for by fear of punishment and hope of reward (somewhere beyond) is man’s mind dominated and controlled. Thus man is forced to capitulate one way or another to one imaginary mythological entity or the other, and/or go insane with the dichotomy. This is the classic dialectical process that has worked so well for so many centuries to oppress man’s spirit at the very roots of his existence, the essence of mind-control.

    But most people can’t handle the truth and run bleating away from it like spooked sheep. Maybe some day they will wake up and gain their composure, I don’t know. The future is undecided as far as I’m concerned.

  130. Sounds like Jerome is a man on his own island watching the world go by wondering how he can ‘fit’ into it and an accuser of others beliefs. How easy for you. Let’s see if you will eat your words once the NWO takes hold. There will be a one world leader arise. But are you ready for what he plans to say and do and be? He will say he is ‘god’ and will have a false prophet. Like you say, we wait right? How much accusing will you do then? He will silence you if your still alive. You will bow down to him and if you don’t? Maybe you can tell him he is a schizo god, and tell the sheep to calm down and follow quietly or be sheared! I wonder what you will do O wise fool?

  131. Leucedendra explains the Georgia Guidestones (our version of Stonehenge) in which the earth must be reduced to a population of 500,000,000. That means 6,300,000,000 must be harvested as food for their protein and water. In her web site, Leucedendra reveals what the criteria are for being worthy of inheriting the earth. She also details the following:

    Neither Christ nor Mohammed were any more than politically ambitious men who lived and died and are the pathways to deceit and deception. Human beings do NOT need dead men to reach God.

    Hell is no more real than either Satan or Santa Claus.

    Hell is a device which organized religion concocted to insult God.

    God is pure and perfect and would NEVER allow a universe where anyone with power to sustain evil to exist.

    God is a wave of energy whose range is infinite.

    God would NEVER create a world where every time we eat, some plant or animal has to die!

    WE built the physical universe and created the evolutionary blueprint for it. We abandoned God and we became trapped by it.

    The new living language in Precept Number Three of the Guidestones is telepathy. Human beings who are worthy enough to survive the cataclysm must learn how to think telepathically to one another, so that all secrecy, deceit and falsehoods shall disappear as the humans who inherit the earth take responsibility for one another.

    I suggest you read Leucedendra, the visitor from Antares who arrived in Roswell, New Mexico on July 4th, 1947. Her husband built the Georgia Guidestones in Nuberg, Georgia as a shrine of truth for all humanity to see.

    Go to and discover the truth, and why only 500,000,000 worthy and eligible human beings will survive when the rest of the 6,300,000,000 must die and be harvested for their protein and their water.

    Arvel Montmortis, Ph.D.
    Guidestones Preservation Foundation

  132. Dude – don’t eat the humans, they don’t taste good and they are totally full of bacteria.

  133. Armel Montmortis? “Mountain of Death?” Ok buddy, yikes!!! :-D

    Hello, everyone. This is an interesting conversation. I just bumbled in here from Bing looking for info on “one-world currency.” PJ- from my 15+ years of Mystery School study, I have concluded that the ultimate goal of Freemasonry is nothing less than the global re-creation of Atlantis, which of course the high adepts will control, having translated themselves into apotheosis by their own works.

    People should be checking out some Manley P. Hall and Madame Blavatsky for starters…


  134. Marshall,

    I agree. Novus Ordo Seclorum is nothing less than that. The bottom line is that everything goes back to the mystery religions embodied in Freemasonry with its roots going back through Rosicrucianism, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Kabbalah etc going back to ancient Babylon and Egypt. This occult theocracy is what is running the show forcing the world into global government and the high tech control grid.

  135. One World dCurrency is Not the Only Issue to Concern Yourself with. The Government is not your friend or the friend of anyone else. and neither is the Catholic Church.

    WHORE OF BABYLON, ANTICHRIST REVEALED (All Evidence in Document that the Whore of Babylon and the Beast is in fact the Catholic Church, and their followers, Revelation Provided by Quotations found in Documentation of the Catholic Church in Rome).
    What is a Beast? ‘The four great beasts are four kingdoms that will rise from the earth– Daniel 7:17—
    According to scripture, these beasts in which the prophet is speaking are quite literally Kingdoms, but since the Woman/Church is obviously being likened/referred to as a Church then where on Earth do we see a church and a Nation/Beast coming together.
    In Daniel 7:23, Daniel said in having done so the woman/Church and the NATION having come together, would MAKE IT utterly unique, more than any other nation Before or After; this CAN ONLY be seen in the Nation called VATICAN CITY. Furthermore, The Catholic Church is on Vatican City Rome.
    Prophecy Fulfilled: The Roman Catholic Church (WOMAN) —– The Nation of Vatican City (BEAST)
    Revelations 17:3 “I SAW A WOMAN SITTING ON TOP…” JOHN Declares that the BEAST Has 7 (Seven) Hills…
    Revelations 17:9 Same Exact Book, he Tells JOHN that the Seven Hills are Seven Mountains which the “Woman/Church Sitteth”
    3635 oros (or1-os) Av MOUNTAIN 14, MOUNT 2, HILL 3;65 —–Strong Concordance Bible Dictionary
    A MOUNTAIN Is Therefore Also Defined As A HILL
    The Roman Catholic Church Admits on P 529
    “The NUMBER of the BEAST, or the Number of His Name…IS the Number of A Man; and His Number IS Six Hundred Three Score and Six.”Revelations 13: 17, 18, reads that a MAN WILL have The Number Equivalent to 666. ALL Who Await The Seat of The Papacy HAVE This Number value. “The Letter Inscribed in The Popes Mitre are THESE, “VICARIVS FILII DET” Which is the Latin For “VICAR OF THE SON OF GOD”. Catholics Hold That The Church Which IS Visible To Society Must Have A Visible Head. Jesus the Christ, Before His Ascension Into Heaven, Appointed Saint Peter (which that would be Peter the Great, which was a Knight, as Opposed to Peter the Lesser—which is the “Catholic” Priest that Betrayed Him)…Peter Was Appointed as The Lords Representative…Hence the Bishop of Rome, as Head of The Church was Given Tittle “VICAR OF CHRIST”. —Our Society Vatican, (Common Wealth) “Bureau of Information, Huntington, Ind. April 18, 1915.
    Interestingly enough the papacy’s Alphabetical System is just the same as their numerical system and so; all we have to do is SPELL “THE NUMBERS IN HIS NAME”
    First Name: VICARIVS = V=5, I=1, C=500, A=0, R=0, I=1, V=5, S=0 —TOTAL= 112
    Second Name: FILII = F=0, I=1, L=50, I=1, I=1 TOTAL=53
    Third Name: DEI= 50—1 TOTAL=501
    GRAND TOTAL= 666
    Incidentally, there are MORE Than a Dozen tittles to Name the Pope and Each of these Different Names Also ADDS UP to the Number 666.
    The Antichrist is Prophesied to Spew Blasphemies. What is Considered a Blasphemy? How does the Bible Define Blasphemy? There are Only Two Definitions.
    1). Blasphemy is when A MAN Claims To Be “The” GOD, Himself.
    2). Whenever a MAN Claims to Completely Absolve (Forgive) Sins (entirely). –Luke 5:21
    THE VATICAN DEDCLARES: “The Romans Pontiff Judges All Men, But IS Judged By No-One Else. We Declare , Assert, Define and Pronounce; To Be Subject To The Roman Pontiff Is To Every Human Creature “NECESSARY” for “SALVATION” That Which Was Spoken Of Christ Thou Has Many Subdued All Things Under His Feet, May Well Seem Verified “IN ME”… “I HAVE” The Authority of the King of Kings. I AM In All And Above, So That GOD Himself And I, “THE VICAR” Of GOD, Have But ONE CONSISTORY, GOD Can Do.” –The Bull Unam Sanctum…Issued By Pope Boniface VIII.
    Yes, the Pope Quite literally, in m not so many words has announced Himself as Second Only To GOD (Just Like Jesus).
    Prophecy Fulfilled: The Vatican Declares:
    “And GOD Himself is OBLIGED to ABIDE By The Judgement Of His Priest And Either Not To Pardon, According As The Refuse To Give Absolution, Provided The Penitent Is Capable Of IT” —Liguori Of The Priests P. 27
    Prophecy # 5, 6, 7, & 8: Revelations 17:8
    HISTORY Will Show A Nation THAT:
    1). WAS IN POWER At One Time
    2). IS NOT IN POWER, At One Time
    1). “WAS” (IN POWER)… History Shows the Vatican Became in Power When VIGILIUS….Ascended The papal Chair (338 A.D.), Under “Military Protection” of BELISARIUS.” History of the “Christian Church” Vol 3 P. 327
    2). “IS NOT” (IN POWER) THE VATICAN “LOST” ITS POWER WHEN… “In ‘1798, General Berthier Made His Entrance In Rome, Abolished The Papal Government And Established A Secular One.” Encyclopedia Britannica ‘1941 Edition
    3). “YET, IS” (IN POWER) There On July 7th ‘1929, and here is quote:
    “…This Morning There Was Another Sovereign Independent State In The World…Premier Mussolini…And Cardinal Gasparri,……SIGNED…The Sovereign Independent State Of Vatican City into Existence. –New York Times, July 7, 1929.
    Prophecy Fulfilled: The Vatican: “WAS” a power ‘538-‘1798
    “IS NOT” a power ‘1798-1929
    “YET, IS” a power since ‘1929 (Again-Almost Immediately Of Course)
    PROPHECY #8 Fulfilled
    REVELATIONS # 13: 5 and 7
    “…Power Was Given Unto Him To Continue Forty And Two Months…To Make War With The Saints.”
    In Prophecy, A DAY = A YEAR “…Each Day For A Year”, Numbers 14:34 And “…Each Day For A Year” Ezekiel 4:6
    A Biblical Month EQUALS…30 DAYS. This Means—A Biblical Months= 30 Days. To Verify, See Genesis 7:11 And Genesis 8: 3, 4, — and then Divide the 5 Months by The 150 Days during Noah’s Flood, And We Will Get 30 Days Per Month.
    42 Multiplied By 30= 1, 260 Days. Curiously Enough, the Bible Also Indicates A Day = A Year “Each Day for A Year” – (Ezekiel 4:6…Numbers 14:34, also see DANIEL 7:25 and REVELATIONS 12:6 to confirm 1200 Years).
    MARCH 12, 2000, Pope Admits in A Widely Publicized Pardon That The Vatican DID KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE Between The Years ‘538 and ‘1798 A.D. NOW LET US DO THE MATH: ‘1798 a.d. – 538 A.D. == 1200 YEARS
    ROME MADE WAR WITH THE SAINTS FOR 1200 YEARS; “THE BEAST WAS IN A POSITION OF POWER TO MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS.” “For Teaching “FAITH” Contrary To the Teaching Of The Church OF ROME, History Records The MARTYRDOM Of MORE THAN 100 MILLION People—Brief Bible Reading P. 15
    (Notice JESUS/GOD give us freedom To Chose Our Own Faith or Belief System and naturally We Would also be permitted to Practice Our Faith Our Own Method of faith, just as long As Our Belief System Does Not Infringe On Or Cause Harm to Any Another Person. Jesus never forced His Belief Systems onto Anyone Else Because Jesus Was Not A Jealous GOD. Jehova Jealous, Jesus is not, but Jesus Judges Us and We pay Later. The Papacy Forces Themselves Onto everyone, Of All Faiths).
    Pope To Ask Forgiveness Of Past Faults On Church Children: “…For The First Time In History John Paul II, Will Confess Sins Committed… In the Service Of Truth: Intolerance and Violence against Dissidents, Religious Wars; Violence and Abuse Of The Crusaders; And Violent methods Of The Inquisition.” Zenit.Org Catholic News Service… Article # ZE 00030709 & The Vatican Information Service March 12, 2000.
    (Atleast He has the decency to apologize on behalf of everyone else, if he did not care then He would not have done as much as that; it takes a Very exceptional Person to Stand Up and face a Crown and especially for something He never Had Any Part In. I personally always adored pope John Paul II, as well as the Pope that the Vatican Murder by way of poisoning…whereas I have not cared that much for all the rest of these men of the cloths—Kimberly).
    PROPHECY # 9: “HE SHALL…THINK TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS”—Daniel 7:25. Daniel says that the Vatican Will Think To Change Times And Laws—Do THEY in Effect, Often Contemplate Changing the Laws of the Church?
    “The Pope Has the POWER to Change TIMES TO ABROGATE (Change) LAWS,”—Decretal de Tranlatic Episcop. Cap. (The Pope Can Modify DEVINE LAWS. These Laws were put into effect by the Lord Jesus. So What About The Lords Warning, “Thou Shalt Neither Add Nor Take Away from Mine Word” and the Papacy Dubs Everyone Who Refuses To Attend The Catholic Church As Heretics and Evil).
    The Pope Shows That He IS OF THAT POWER to Even CHANGE DIVINE LAWS. Printed Into The Bible, The Words Of The Lord Reads As Follows: “REMEMBER THOU KEEP HOLY THE SABBATH DAY.” THE CATHOLIC CHURCH SAYS “NO!” The Vatican Declares: By My Divine Power, I ABOLISH “THE” “SABBATH DAY”, and “Command” You to Keep The First Day Of The Week and Lo. The Entire Civilized World Would Bow Down In Reverent Obedience to the “Commander” Of the “Holy Catholic Church” Fr Enright, C.S.S.R, Of the Redemption College Kansas City, Ma. History of the Sabbath P. 802
    PROPHECY # 10:
    As I Remember A Woman was Compared In The Scripture To A Church, According To Prophecy. While A HARLOT Is Indeed A Reference Typically Made Of a Woman, In Aspects That The Church is Looked Upon As A Woman and Apparently A Woman In Question (jesus was Known for His Compassion for people and especially Prostitutes, Jesus Never Would Cast A Stone) so Definitely We Know That Since the Woman In Prophecy IS The Church Then We Know That The Lords Reference To A Harlot Indicate Someone Who is Spiritually Impure/Unloyal To Him/Faith. So It Is Obviously the Catholic Church in the Instance of Biblical Prophecy That is Definitely the Harlot; SPRITUAL ADULTRY IN JESUS, AS WE KNOW THE CATHOLICS DO FORNICATE IN CHURCH AND WORSHIP SATAN AND THERE IS ALSO SPIRITUAL ADULTRY FROM BRAGGING. “LEST NO-MAN CAN BOAST…” THUS SAITH THE LORD. (Jehova and Jesus are not The Same GOD, but Are Rivals. In fact, this Has A great Deal to do with the Reasons They Murdered Jesus, which is an Unforgivable, Deadly Sin. So Jesus was never the Same Deity as Satan, it Is Jehova Who is Satan. Jesus did not engage in blood ritual, only the Luciferian who practices the religion of Jehova, worship Satan engages in torture and blood rituals).
    “Had She Not Had Such Power, She Could Not Have Done That Which All Modern Religionists Agree With Her,—She Could Not Have SUBSTITUED The OBSERVANCE Of Sunday, The First Day Of The Week For Saturday, The Seventh Day; A Change For Which There Is No Scriptural Authority.” Rev. Stephan Keenan, a Doctrinal Catechism,” A Doctrinal To The Church.” Chap 2, Pg 174, Mc Cosky Arch Bishop of New York.
    THE PAPACY WAS RECOGNISED AS THE OVERALL AUTHORITY IN THE CHRISTIAN WORLD BY AN ANGELICAN…And Yesterday Which Described Him As A “Gift To Be Received By All Churches”….IF A NEW UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH WAS CREATED IT WOULD BE “BISHOP OF ROME WHO WOULD EXERCISE A UNIVERSAL PRIMACY.” The Rt., Rev. Carman Murphy—Bishop Arandel and Brighton Added: “The Primacy Of Pope IS A Gift TO Be Shared.” EuctRonie Telegraph—UK News May 12, 1999, Oliver Poole.
    PROPHECY # 11 : Revelations 17:12 Reads as follows:
    It Has Been Reported That “THE” “CLUB” Had Its Beginnings in April ‘1968, When Leaders From 10 (Ten) Different Countries Gathered In Rome…The Organization Claims To Have The Solution For World Peace And Prosperity…
    The Club Of Rome Has Been Changed With The Task Of Overseeing The Recommendations And Unification Of The Entire Word… “The Clubs Findings and Recommendations Are Published Form Time to Time In Special Highly Confidential Reports Which Are Sent To The “POWER ELITE” to Be Implemented. On 17th of September ‘1973, The Club Released One Such Report entitled “REGIONALIZATION AND ADAPTIVE MODEL OF THE GLOBAL WORLD SYSTEM”…
    The Document Revealed That the Club Has Divided the World into 10 (Ten) Political/Economical Regions”, which It Refers to As “Kingdoms” (which basically also means that as alluded inside of the bible…as of now, there are indeed 10 (TEN) Kings). SO AS OF THAT DATE, THE WORLD HAS BEEN “QUIETLY” DIVIDED INOT 10 (TEN) SEPARATE KINGDOMS.
    Kingdom 1: Canada & United States of America
    Kingdom 2: European Union —Western Union
    Kingdom 3: Japan
    Kingdom 4: Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Ireland, Pacific Island
    Kingdom 5: Eastern Europe
    Kingdom 6: Latin America, Mexico, Central South America
    Kingdom 7: North Africa and the Middle east
    Kingdom 8: Central Africa
    Kingdom 9: South and Africa and South East Asia
    Kingdom 10: Central Asia
    (And Here Everyone Though That They Knew everything and That They Actually Ever Had Any Sort Of A Choice In Political Matters or Any Other Kind of Issue For That Matter. Hell, Nowadays, They Are harassing People To Pay Income Tax To The Government When Income tax Is Actually Illegal; There Was Never A Bill Indicating That We Had To Overpay Income Tax. People Ask Them To Show Proof And They Won’t; Ask Them Questions And They Won’t Even Answer…Because They Can’t. They Know Income Tax Is A Violation Of Our Rights; Yet They Are Harassing And Fining People Over Something That They Know Is Wrong, and Are Even Trying To Fine People Under Penalty Of Arrest if They Do Not pay Something That WAS NEVER Even LEGALLY SANCTIONED and They Should Not Even Be Bothering People Over. I GATHER MANY PEOPLE ARE CONSIDERING FILING A CLASS ACTION SUIT. I Am Sure Glad That I Have Never Wasted My Time and Energy On Voting; None of Those People Have Done Too Much Of Anything For Me, Besides Hassle Me…One Way or Another).
    The Bible Plainly Reads in 2 Thessalonians 2:3
    “Let No Man Deceive You NOT BY Any Means, For That Day Shall not Come, Except There be A Falling Away First, And That MAN Of SIN Shall Be Revealed…”
    Today’s Society Has Proven That There Has Been A Falling Away From The True Faith Of Jesus TheChrist, In All Walks Of Life—as is Manifest By Verification Through Current events which Has Been Supported Through Biblical Prophecy, We Can See That Both The ANTICHRIST And the Whore Of Babylon (False-Bride) Have Been Revealed, Exactly As Prophesied Is Entirely Accurate. And Since It IS So accurate Wonder The Reason So Many People Ignore It?
    …And About that Little-Horn in which John Spake Of during the Vision, in which is Recognised as Having A Single Horn a Pair of Eye’s , that Materialize in That It POP-UP from Amidst the 10 (Ten) Heads of these 10 (Ten) Kings whom are Identified as the Ten Heads of The Beast, Identifed as The Un-Holy Roman Catholic Church; He is the King Who was IS and Is NOT and Shall Be Again. He shall be First Represents by The Presence of the 12th IMAM. Prophesy Fulfilled. All of the Returning Saints are those People Whose Presence Are Also Clear Signs Which Precedes the Coming Day of the Lords Judgement, and Woe be Tied to Any/All The Creatures That Cause Harm to as Much as A Single Hair on The Heads of Any Them.
    As for The Little Horn, He Shall Recognised as One the True King of The South, and will be First, Only Identified by The Woman who has Been Seeking Him. Be Assured, the Death of The Saints Marks the End of The Entire World; For The One True Most Highest Omniscient GOD, Jesus the Christ, Entirely Destroys All Who Murderer Hid Innocent Children By Fire. The Day is Rapidly Approaching When GOD Will Stop Answering Prayers, But Will Instead Lash Out in a Complete Fit of Wrath. So I Would Sincerely Hope that People Be Concerned Of Accomplishing The Wicked Desires Manifest by Their Bloody Sinful Traditions, Because All People May Get Some on Their Assed, What They Have on Their Minds.
    As We Have Proven, The ONLY SATAN or Adversary to Jesus…is in Fact ALL of Those in The Government Body’s of The World Who are Working in Collusion With The Devils Catholic Church. Be You Not Deceived that the Catholic Church, is in Fact The Bitch of The Devil and IS the Only “Whore of Babylon” because The Catholic Tradition/Religion is the Real Traitor to the True Faith of Jesus the Christ, and All of His Children), as They Have Lied to People and Have Literally Lied to the Multitudes, Deceiving All of the People into Murdering Jesus and the Saints, Manipulating the Masses into Believing this was the Only Reason GOD gave Humanity His Only Begotten Son; All of which has Been The most Reprehensible, Unforgivable and Most Deadly Sin. and this Antichrist Devils Literally Will Stop at NO ENDS to Protect this Evil Church and All of Their Clergy; Creatures who are Only Pretenders to The True Faith, Constantly Endeavoring to Concealing Their Bloody Sinful Traditions. INEVIATLY, a Time Shall Come to Pass in Which All the People, Having Realized That They Shall All Be Completely Cut-Down and Destroyed Because of the Sins of The Wicked Catholic Traditions as Taught by Their False-Prophets Inside of The Whore of Babylon—Roman Catholic Clergy’s Faith, They Shall Trample Their Structures Down, Burn it and Eat The Flesh of Their Priests.
    AMOS 8:11, Reads
    “Behold The Days Come, Saith The Lord GOD, That I Will Send A Famine In The Land, Not A Famine Of Bread, Nor A Thirst Of Water, But of Hearing The Word Of The Lord.”
    We Should ALL People Take The Time To Reflect On the Situation At Hand and Prepare Ourselves for The Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord, because It Has Definitely Happened Upon US. If Changes Are Not Made With All OF Humanity Immediately, We Will All SEVERELY Regret The Day HE Finally Decides He Has Run Out of Time to Hear Our Words Because Sadly, Once The Real Big Stuff Hits The Fan, The Mother Wil Not Even Be Able To Intercede Until It Has Gotten Very, Very Bad…If She Id Even Permitted to Even Come Down From Heaven and Intercede At All , because According To The Book Of Revelations, Saint John Affirms That Thing WILL HAVE GOTTEN Very, Very Bad –Before The Mother Goddess Comes Down From Heaven to Intercede…And The Lord, He Has Made His Intentions Plainly Known. After the y people Have Unwittingly Murdered His Angel, “I SHALL SIT ON HIGH AND LAUGH DOWN” at everyones Calamities.
    Research is credited to The Presents of GOD Ministry

  136. Oh, and just so you know, Jesus was not a politically motivated man and he never even wrote the bible. The romans wrote the bible after having “Stolen” scripture from ALL the Apostles of Jesus. The Bible is ONLY based on truth, but is not accompletely accurate account becuase of hte Romans Catholics who invaded Jerusalem and not by the fault of Jesus; Jesus tries to warn the people about the Government and the Reptilians…and no-one believes Him. Thus Jesus is dubbed a Polititcal threat and is satanically crucified before a mass of millions. ‘

    Basically, humanity was no as much cursed becuase of the seduction of Eve by the Alpha Luciferian Reptiloid in the garden of Eden, as it was a combination of issues.

    But common sense should tell people that GOD would never have sent Jesus to be murdered/sacrificed adn this is because each person has to account/Pay for their own sins; there would be no such a thing as judgement day otherwise.

    But the word “FOR” which is uded in both the followeing instances of example Means “BECAUSE”: “FOR” (because) God so loved the World, He Gave HIS Only begotten son…whom so ever believeth….shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. (“FOR” means “BECAUSE”). As Jesus died upon the cross, Jesus “Allegedly” said “Father, Forgive them…FOR (because), the KNOW NOT… what htey have done. (and i cannot get into that part of the parable, but they should not have killed Him becuase He was their only means of safely escaping the “final” terrors–resulting in the end to come).

    But the acting og giving something or “Producing” someone just “FOR” (because) the love of someone is in iteself an act of sacrifice. To sacrifice is to allow/let it come/go forward. in short, GOD did not intend for the people to execute Jesus; this is the reason Jerusalem was completley destroyed.

    Read the parable of the vinyard sometime if your interested. Just to clue you in on the secret hidden meaning “Key” words in advance:
    The property owner: Is GOD
    The Servants or workers: Are the Porphets of GOD (in thiose days the prophet were the only true priests; the words “prophet and Priest are synoymous or were intended as synonymous.
    The Tenants: are the inhabitants of the Earth
    The Property Owners Son: Is Jesus.
    The Sons Inheritance: The Earth

    To sum it all up, GOD sends His own priests in which He directly communicates (these are Prophets) “The Workers” or “The Servants” whatever–it depends on which account you are reading. There is a “Parable of the Vineyard” and a “parable of the vine-workers”–but they are both esentially suposed to be the written record same account .

    Anyhow, according to the narration, the “Tenants” which are the Heretics operating in the Roman Temple of Jerusalem “Posing” as Jewish Priests, are NOT refverencing the prophets as GOD has always commanded; rather these Devil-worshippers are “Killing” the Prophets/Servants (true priests of GOD because they are jealous).
    Since these Roman/JEWS were slaughtering these “Workers/Servants”, before GODS Word/Messages could be successfully delivered…troubled by the actions of the Tenants but equally confused as to the reason they were killing these harmless servants/workers, GOD decides to send HIS Son, IN HOPES that the People would Reverence HIM (NOT KILL Him–But Reverence HIM; But NO-THEY Wouldn’t)
    So the tenents slaughter The SON (Jesus) imagining they will steal His inheritance (which was/is the Property and the value of this property? the property is the size of the entire world, so go figure).

    Anyhow, Jesus was not suposed to have been murdered and Jesus Never OMITTED All of these Gnostic Texts from the Bible. The true religion of Jesus was Christian GNOSTICISM. All Mystics/Prophets/Pychic-Mediums are technically ALL Gonstics.

    Some people will argue: Well, they technically did not murder Jesus then, since during the veryt first incarnation–Jesus was only born in spirit and appered as an apparition (as Souls appear) and conveyed the furute to all the people He chose as Prophets.

    Well, alright then…If that is the case, then we are clandestinely–basically living in babylon. United States is Babylon” and are living all of the events described inside of the Bible Right Now. pagan satanic cults Crucifying mass numbers of people, rampant wars, the “Murder/martyrdom of Jesus, Mary and all of the other Prophets/saints…just around the corner. Marital Law in the United States (Babylon) Follows, and the United States is eventually Completely Nuked right off of the map…unless GOD get to cleaning up the mess in His own way first.

    The point is that the bible is not an entirely true account and the greater majoirty of these so called priests in the church structures tosay are nothign more than false-prophets (false priests), just like the Pope.

    Jesus and Jehova are not the same GODS. Jesus was not always a Jew, you know; Jesus is inside of everything, everyone and He everywhere. He is not limited to just one group of people.

    The true living Jesus once said:

    “He who reads these words and finds their true meaning shall never taste death.”

    “The Kingdom of Heaven is all around you and inside of you; Split a piece of wood, you’ll find me…lift a rock and there i will be”.

    Jesus was a Gnostic adn He did neither “Discriminately” chose Nor Did Jesus “Selectively” OMIT the greater majority of books from any bible. In fact, they Ancient Jews DID NOT have type writer during the Era of Ancient Jerusalem and since “Jesus” was allegedly reading from the Greek Bible, then if todays “King James” versions of the Bible are “Exact” REPLICA’S of the Book/bible that JESUS “allegedly” read from…then how come the “WORDS” of “JESUS” are typed in read. Since there was not type writers, then how was jesus reading His own words “Type-written in the shade of Red”?
    See people DO NOT think. People will just beleive anything the Government tells them…either that or the “Government” created a distraction (like a Bogus) News Headline about a war (that may or may not have ever happened).
    Why? Well, darlin…For the same reason that they create wars…which is typically to irradicate the masses; population control by way of genocide.
    but i think the real issue is the people never stop ot notice that ALL the world leaders are orchstrating these wars; they are literally only planning wars to kill people. Funny that no-one ever notices that No-one ever drops a bomb on the Catholic Papacy, Mormon or Jewish Senogogues either (yet these are the people molesting children, ritually murdering people, creating wars and are currently plotting to kill everyone with their micrichip implant DETONATORS which are also tracking devices. Same goes with the the White-House, they are in on the conspiracy. ALL of these people are ILLUMINATI.

    Whether they look it or not, they are indeed a race of Reptilian beings; some are the Good Guys and some are very, very Bad Guys. They are not hurting for money, they literally want to kill Humanity.

    Anyhow, you should not make assumtions about the real living Jesus (whose real name is Yeshua, but the way or a host of any other–but Jesus was not actually one of His Names, and unbeknownst to the greater majority of so called “christian” people in the world ISTAR (als oknown as Astaroth) is His Female Counterpart. More people find their prayer answered by preying to “jesus” by any ALL His other names (Enoch, Metatron-man, Christ, Joshua or by praying directly to IShtar/Astarte) as opposed to Jesus. In fact, it is actually written inside of one of SOLOMONS GRIMORES, that the PARENTS of Ishtar/Astaroth were the people known as MARY and JOSEPH.
    Many people have wondered whether it is possibloe that these people have tried to forstall the return of the Lord, by changing His name (or Even natual Gender) so that no-one would be able to summon Him back ot earth until it is too late for humaity to be saved from complete destruction?

    Anyhow, there are mass abductions happening around the entire world and i would bet dollars to peso’s that ALL of these people are performing Mass Abductions. Reads as Crazy, i know. As usual, you were afforded free-will adn so you may believe whatever you so desire; but no-one should complain later on down the line. The consentrations camps will be in the United States… a friend of mine suggested in Jest, that perhaps Humanity would get “Lucky” Like Maybe someone would Simultaneously drops a bomb on The Papacy, England and the White House… while someone else takes out the Devil himself (and i am sure that one of our world leaders is posessed by The devil. it is just a question of just which one; But I would Wager the Pope because unbeknownst to the greater majority of people, at one time ROME’S Catholic Church was the Government Power that controled the entire world and they likely still have full contro lfo the world).

    Believe whatever you want, but if you people refuse to appeciate the wake up i have take nthe time to delvier…then as troubling a notion, you people will eventally just have to learn for yourself and tragically from experiencing the terrors, learning the hard way.

    whatever you do seek Yeshua (Jesus); pray to Yeshua/Joshua/Enoch (Jesus) or sometime alternate and also try praying to his Goddess Bride (female counterpart Astaroth/Astarte or even Mary); but only in the privacy of your homes. Also Jesus instructed us to constantly seek the Lord/Truth and we are not going to find the entire truth written inside fo the “Traitors” Bible. The Lord and Lady (Jesus and His Bride MAry) both despised the Romans and Jesus also never went inside of the temples during His adult years as we know. Or well, Except for the time that Jesus ran through the temple violently knocking over tables while smacking the preists aside their heads, CALLING All those Priests “WHORES” which is because they were “SPIRITUALLY UNFAITHFUL (whores) to GOD adn were selling thir faith away for Money. They were perverting scripture to contro lthe multitudes of people; they were performing ritual sacrifices in the Temple (and Jesus opposes ritual sacrifice of both people and animals). Eventually, ALl of theose Evil men (false-prophets) False-Priests of GOD, completely turned against Jesus and sided with the Romans who (Just like America today) control and occupires about every surrounding territory bordering the U.S (so in a way the US is actually more likened to Rome becuase it is actally Egland and Modern-Day ROME are actually the real “Whore’s of Babylon”; Rome is the Whore seated on the 7 Hills which the VATICAN/POPE is the Beast adn England is Jerusalem who has fallen from GOD and Unfortunately these are ALL currently a part of the United States).

    but anyhow, since you have comuter internet i would seriously recommend researching/reading ALL the Gnostic Scriptures; so that you might learn about the real Jesus too.

    jesus is the spirit GOD and Jehova is the GOD of the flesh. The Spirit can live without the Flesh but the flesh cannot survive without the SOUL (At least not in the same “Functioning” manner as a soul can). Anyone who has ever had an out of body experience; remeber the state of the flesh. the body was immoble and unable to function while your spirit was in transit; yet your spirit continuously explored and saw many things (and perhaps even flew). it is the same when people die. All flesh must eventually expire/die; but he soul continues on throughout eternity. After Fleshly Death, the soul can feel pain so that philosophy “Kill, Rape, Molest, Rob adn Knive” all you want because once your in the ground your dead and cannot feel any pain, is complete nonsense. I was literally clinically dead once and i experienced life outrside of mine flesh. I was taken to Heaven and i stood in accoutability (by the way, “Accountability” IS NOT Standing before the spirit GOD, Holy Ghost Jesus, offering up pathetic excused for our bad-actions. People are actually “Chosen” to stand in “Accountability” (so accountability is a good thing because it means he is going to judge us and offer us some sort of “Ultimatum” –“Choice”). BUT All who are Evil, are Automatically “CAST” “DOWN” to a realm of turmoil and Chaos, where you are constantly aggravated. I have bever been to Hell, but Searched the internet and came across the ACCOUNT of a man whose name is “HOWARD STORM” and I read Howards account and i believed every single word relevant ot His experience. i Primarily beleived Howard because i remebered the sensations and fear i experienced standing before GOD; better GOD than HADES full of demons for all eternity.

    That is something else too, people imagine that dead bodys will rise from the Grave when The Spirit of the Holy Ghost Yessua (jesus/Joshua) returns, but that is not true. Many POPLE/SOULS who have never accepted Jesus are trapped inside of their rotting flesh inside the soil of the Earth. There is not any Flesh and Blood in the “SPIRIT REALM” Jesus was referring to as the Kingdom of Heaven. People can only be reincaranted through baptism and accpeting Jesus, turing away from their Evil ways forever.

    All people are sinners, but Normal people are not pediophiles, rapists, molesters and mass murderers.

    I sincerely hope you people who have connections in high places are endeavoring to pray and connnect with your loved ones. Mediatation in private could not hurt. The reptilians are allergic to love and balance and this is the reaosn they create wars, economic strife, molest, corrupt and murder.
    Our Goal is to forcethe Earth to SHIFT to a HIGHER State of Consciousness; their GOAL is to keep us weighed down by neggativity, agression, hostility, Jealousy, supsicion, Violence and FEAR… (and all manner other terrible neggative state emtions).

    These creatures literally Feed on FEAR and INTIMIDATION, so it is best to meditate in the pirivacy of your own home. and as mean spirited as will read…deinately AVOID the Churches becuase there are satanic Cults in control of these places.

    Take CAre and Good Luck.

    P.S. I would also recommend watching many of the programs on U-TUBE. Some of these prgrams I would watch are on survival of martial law.

  137. its real knew time is coming the 2nd coming is coming all Christian’s this website do not doubt Jesus coming back you accept Jesus you believe why Jesus died on the cross so be happy 24 he is coming 1,000 years new heaven new earth peace forever amen

  138. Religious Mind Control: “Be happy 24 hours a day. Wait patiently for Jesus to return. Obey your leaders. Do not take action against them. Obey. Wait. Be happy and shut your mouth. Amen”

  139. I think the aura of the Earth is changing – The lies and deception have truly built up to bursting point.The change maybe coming a little sooner than most thought.

  140. PJwalker911 is on the money!I didn`t read all your blogs however people may think you don`t believe in jesus christ because your just speaking true knowlede that people are not aware of.Your hope is to wake people up from the tv and radio brain washing machine.However again there are some good dvd`s out there to educate the people that are dumbed down.A lamp in the dark is excellant.It is about the corruption of the church and history of the bible.The word rapture is not in the bible! The theory of being swept in the air to be with the lord is true AND IN THE BIBLE.The zionist Satanic bloodlines of the illuminatti know all these scriptures and twists the word of god to fit there needs.Satan believes he is the christ and he is the light etc.The late Alice A Bailey has a school right on wall street wich is still in use to teach our zionist Satanism bankers!Scroogle scrapper it up!The federal reserve is not goverment but rothschild owned!The international bankers and international buisnesses are the problem of the world.They have no patriotism but the love of money!Terrorism,global warming are hoaxes for the new world order agenda 21.John the Baptist preached repent!repent!and then some!We know John the Baptist spoke the word of god and his own to make people understand.To the king hemroid he said your brother still lives but your shacking up with his wife!Repent!Repent!How is when PJwalker911 says wake up and gives you information you could look up own your own you do the same to him like the people back in the baptist days.Pjwalker911 may not be perfect none of us are.However he speaks many facts and i hope all of us can unite together as the true people of the god of the bible(who occupied the body of jesus christ)AND RUN THESE SCUMBAGS OUT OF DODGE!However the people must edgumacate themselves!That`s why they want to shut the internet down because it`s terrorism!Daaaaaaaaa keep people from learning!Remember black people wheren`t aloud to read?The catholic church didn`t want people to have their own bibles.The pope thinks he is better than jesus christ!This is all documented history people look it up and hurry up because you need to help your brothers and sisters awake too!Good luck People!

  141. One more thing is jesus and all the apostles except one where killed by the devils deciples of this world.What makes you think that we are just going to be beamed up by scotty on the enterprise?You can look that up to vulcan,spocks hand signal and you will find out it is satanic.Star trek was a created by a free mason.I do believe you must be filled with the spirit of god through it all.Jesus said go like lambs amoungst wolves and preach the gospel to all nations!1/3 of the bible is prophecy and the devil knows this too!Satan is smarter than us he been doing this for a long time.Look at the satanic symbol on isreals flag!Look it up at satan on our dollar and at the bottom of the page hit wall street and the mark!For all you christians the website is also called this site is huge website and it might take you a life time to read everything.It has religions,world history,everything you need so see for your self.There is no excuse for Being stupid so Free masons god is lucifer and some preachers like rev.shuler,rev.billy gramn craker, rev.jesse jackson four,rev al sharpton,etc are 33* free masons SO look it up!REMEMBER MOSES DIDN`T WANT TO HERE IT FROM JOSHUA ABOUT BEING THE DELIVERER SENT BY GOD.IT TOOK GOD HIM SELF TO WAKE STUBORN MOSES UP AT THE BURNING BUSH!JOSHUA TOOK OVER FOR MOSES WHEN MOSES WHENT TO BE WITH THE LORD!YOU WILL SEND YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO DIE FOR SATAN AND HIS OIL AND DRUG WARS BUT YOU WON`T FIGHT FOR YOURSELVES OR YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO LIVE A FREE LIFE!The apostles didn`t fight for jesus too and he told pilate about it!Is it because we have a sinful selfish attitude we don`t do what is godly correct?There is the movie 1984 by george orwel staring richard burton and if that don`t scare you well the real thing will!piece in jesus christ to all and down with the devils! texmarrs look up gmo foods,codex alimentarius, illuminatibloodlines by fritz springmeier agenda21 georgia guidestones After you research these websites remember christians apologize to pjwalker911 he just trying to wake you all up!It is the goal of the satanic elite to keep the masses stupid and fighting against each other instead of fighting them the real problem. You will realize the satanic elites are killing us with the food,drink and medicines,lotions,tooth paste,chem trails etc. There also creating trouble with weather,mind control,earth quakes in the world with the haarp device.There is one in alaska and two or more in europe.Russia and USA have a treaty not to use it against each other.Nicole tesla look him up!This is only the third blog I ever wrote because the satanic elete moniture everything.GOOGLE WAS FINANCED BY THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!GET OFF FACEBOOK,MYSPACE ECT.IT`S JUST A DATA BASE OF INFORMATION ABOUT YOU.All you christians might have heard of grant jeffery the preacher he has a 2010 dvd shadow goverment get it.Remeber however most tv,radio preachers are corrupted find out some of them on satan on our dollar web-site!lastly a great dvd the eye of the phoenix on the back of the dollar bill near the inside corners of the all four number 1`s look for the demon with wings!The symbol is their!This stuff is real and we should not play christian but be a deciple of jesus christ and rid this evil out like we used too!Because they used to rid us out too!The bible say`s money is the root of all evil! So Satan has a deciple school in ny city at wall street!Look up alice a bailey

  142. THE DEVIL IS SMARTER THAN US!The study of history and understanding the matrix of evil and maybe this is all an illusion too still leaves us with a choice.We still have a choice good or bad wich is god or satan.If you believe in the masonic order you realize this is lucifers religion.NOT TO BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL THE PROOF THAT HE WAS HERE IS UNEXCEPTABLE.It`s like geometry you can`t have 179* in a triangle it`s 180* or it`s not just sin and cos.It`c also tan,cot,sec,csc functions of a triangle.The pyramids are proof that somethings are true in the bible weather you choose to believe them are not.The chakas of the earth and the great pyramid sits on one!Accident,Doubt it not albert pike would say.The shroud of jesus christ exist and satan and the jewish zionists wanted jesus christ dead before,during and after he came to earth.The dvd a lamp in the dark is a 3hr movie that explanes a lot about why the satanic bloodline elites wanted the bible gone!It should clear up some of your doubts on the true god of the bible.Knights templers,free masons,rosacrucians,ect. all demonic societies.The bible says satan is the god of this world but he is not GOD almighty!I understand most of everything that`s going on and i believe in jesus more because of my research.So one last thing Pjwalker911 when you realize god came in the flesh named jesus christ and the scriptures are true apologize to your brothers and sisters.NOBODY PUTS SATANS BIBLE DOWN AND SAYS IT`S A BUNCH OF STORIES!DO SOME RESEARCH ON SATAN ON OUR DOLLAR WEB-SITE!They have free masons,kabbala,THE BIBLE,TALMUND,TORA,EVERYTHING!The people need your knowledge and you need some of theirs about jesus christ.However your on the money for the other matters except you don`t realize that satan is blinding you on the most importantof logic.The universe is to complex to happen with out a designer.I could go on and on but i find it hard to believe you could believe everything else like free masonry and satan but not belive in jesus.Yes christmas day is a pagan celebration for saturn and easther is a druid festival look up others at This is not the fault of jesus but satan`s.He was aloud control of earth by god.Consider david icke who put it like the original series star trek.That life is not all what it seems but really it`s an illusion.Could be but it`s the BOSSES GAME NOT OURS!GODS THE BOSS AND HE CREATED THE DEVIL AS AN AGITATOR FOR HIS AMUSEMENT!LIKE IT OR NOT IT IS WHAT IT IS!It`s a big game of good vs evil and you have to make a choice!If you make none you choose satan or choose satan or choose god!The jews are in all over the bible new and old testaments!The phrase jews meant to kill jesus is all over the place.The jews chose baal and god divorced isreal in the book of of many sites of orthadox jews against the occupation of palestine)Satan`s bible,kabbala is of hebrew origin THEY DO NOT LIKE JESUS CHRIST OR NEW TESTAMENT!THE SAME BLOODLINE JESUS TOSSED OUT AT THE TEMPLE AND THE EVIL WHO MURDERED CESEAR,lincoln,kennedy,wtc911,ect., ARE OUR JEWISH INTERNATIONAL BANKERS OF TODAY!find that out from the jews them selves and at god led the jews out of bondage with the help of prophet moses and joshua the people turned on god at mount sini!Moses came down from the mountain and through the ten commandments at the golden calf thus big earth quake ect. Alsothe jews where worshiping the golden calf and having lesbian and homosexual sex.That`s in the bible romans 1:24-32 .Your study into the occult tells you that this is satanic sexual magic!Eyes wide shut with tom cruse comes to mind.Also the dvd spirit world volume 2 a chris evererd film goes more in detail.So wheather you like it or not jesus christ is not a myth and is a part of the matrix with satan wheather choose it or not.Do More research on JESUS CHRIST dude!Remenber being on the winning team takes practice and the CHAMPIONSHIP IS NOT EVERYBODY WHO PLAYS THE GAME. Piece out home slice!

  143. I’ll start with the Jesus lovers first. Jesus was a prophet and a very good one, but I’ll bring you some news … He was not The Mesiah that the Old Testament refers to. Hate to break it to you but there were some serious translation errors and Jews will tell you this. Want to argue with Jews about THEIR Bible written in THEIR LANGUAGE? Than you are an absolute blind fool. They know the Old Testament far better than Christians don’t fool yourselves.

    So what is the error? The biggest error which PROVES Jesus CAN NOT be The Mesiah is because BEFORE The Mesiah comes THE FIRST TIME, there has to be 1,000 years of peace! So sorry you are worshiping a false God.

    Now to the main topic, ONE WORLD CURRENCY, please! This is nonsense and fear mongering. Yes there is an elite Group trying to get this to happen, but it’s just as real as a ONE WORLD ORDER. Won’t happen. Why? Power! That’s why. Trust me, Japan, China, Israel, Brazil, India, Russia, North Korea, Iran etc. WILL NOT give up their power to manipulate their own currency. THEY WILL NOT relinquish their government power. It isn’t going to happen.

    It is an elitist pipe dream to make people afraid. Do you think Europe is going to give up their currency? The US certainly won’t. Great theory and like I said there are those who are trying but it isn’t going to happen!
    And The Second Coming isn’t near! It’s impossible because The First One hasn’t happened yet.

  144. When the time comes that your body is covered by dirt.All of the blogs debates,and arguments will be of no use. I’m not here to debate weather God is real or not.There’s a parable in the bible that states not word for word but in so many words. Why would you put diamonds on a pigs neck? They do not know there value.So I’m not going to waste my time. You will know the truth when you die. So make sure you have explored every source with an open mind and heart.Beacuse the game of life does not have a restart button. Good luck!!! (LET THE GAME BEGIN)Game hint: Do not be blinded by your intelligence.

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