Unusually cold weather ‘is set to get worse’ in Northern Ireland

DESPITE fears over global warming, cold winter weather has left the impression of unusually low temperatures, even for this time of year.

News Letter | Oct 28, 2008

According to experts, the impression is accurate – and conditions are set to get worse.

A spokesman for MeteoGroup said this is the result of chilly winds coming in from the Arctic and warned the cold would intensify during the day.

“There are quite a few showers about, which are the result of instability in the atmosphere, created by cold air meeting sea surfaces which are still relatively warm,” the spokesman said.

Showers were expected overnight last night and patches of frost in sheltered spots.

The weather shows no sign of getting any warmer.

The spokesman said there was a greater risk of snow for inland parts of the Province and higher ground – and more rain for the coast.

This, he said, was “quite unusual” for this time of year.

But the good news is that the elements are not expected to cause too much disruption – or not at this stage anyway.

“There’s still a bit of warmth in the sun at this time of year, so snow will be reluctant to settle,” said the spokesman.

“There may be light dustings, but it shouldn’t cause too many problems today.”

According to weather forecasts, Belfast is set for a chilly autumn day today with temperatures reaching just six degrees celsius, with wind speeds of 20 miles per hour.

Temperatures are set to drop further – Thursday evening will take us below freezing point.

According to the BBC weather centre, Friday is set to be the sunniest day of the week, even though nine degrees is the predicted maximum temperature, dropping to just one degree that night.

Around the north Antrim coast, gusts of up to 22 miles per hour will hit Ballycastle today.

Coolest temperatures are expected overnight on Friday, when they will drop to two degrees.

Inland towards Omagh, rain is expected this week, with freezing temperatures on Thursday and Friday night.

Meanwhile, in the Portadown and Birches area on Monday, a sudden outburst of heavy hail signalled winter weather was bedding in.

Police were also appealing to motorists to drive with care following initial reports yesterday of snow on the M1, city-bound, close to the Birches roundabout at Junction 12.

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