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Why White Supremacists Support Barack Obama


How do racists, anti-Semites and all-purpose hate-mongers view the possibility of America’s first black president? Not necessarily the way you think they would.

Esquire | Oct 30, 2008

By David Peisner

If recent polls are to be believed, white voters favor John McCain over Barack Obama by nearly ten percentage points, but the McCain and Obama camps probably haven’t factored in the following fact: In an informal Esquire survey, three out of four white supremacists prefer Obama, while McCain is the clear favorite among black nationalists. (Sure, our methodology suffered from an extraordinarily low sample size–limited to four white supremacists and one black nationalist–but just because it wouldn’t fly with Gallup doesn’t mean there ain’t a kernel of truth in there.) This is just one of many surprising views that emerged after we talked to extremists about this historic electoral showdown between a 46-year-old black man and a 71-year-old white man.


Tom Metzger


Who: Director, White Aryan Resistance

Likes: White people, karaoke, environmentalists

Dislikes: Race-mixing, Jews, the federal government, capitalism

Career Highlights: Was Grand Dragon of Ku Klux Klan in the 70s; won the Democratic primary during his bid for Congress in 1980; appeared on the episode of Geraldo Rivera’s show in 1988 when Rivera’s nose was broken in a brawl.

“The corporations are running things now, so it’s not going to make much difference who’s in there, but McCain would be much worse. He’s a warmonger. He’s a scary, scary person–more dangerous than Bush. Obama, according to his book, Dreams Of My Father, is a racist and I have no problem with black racists. I’ve got the quote right here: ‘I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s white race.’ The problem with Obama is he’s being dishonest about his racial views. I’d respect him if he’d just come out and say, ‘Yeah, I’m a black racist.’ I don’t hate black people. I just think it’s in the best interest of the races to be separated as much as possible. See, I’m a leftist. I’m not a rightist. I hate the transnational corporations far more than any black person.”


Ron Edwards


Who: Imperial Wizard, Imperial Klans of America

Likes: Guns, bed sheets, burning crosses

Dislikes: Black people, homosexuals, immigrants

Career Highlights: Sued in 2007 by the Southern Poverty Law Center for inciting the brutal beating of a Latino teenager; building the IKA into one of the nation’s largest Klan groups by allowing non-Christians to join.

“Obama, I think he’s a piece of shit. I don’t care that his mother was white. I don’t think he has enough brains to do anything good. All he’s living off of is the color of his skin to get elected. I don’t think America wants a black president. Most of them are too afraid to say that they believe the way I believe. They sit around their dinner table and talk the way I do, but when they get out in public, they have two faces and show the other face. When people are voting in the booth privately, they’ll vote Republican even if they’re a Democrat. If he wins, I’ll laugh. I don’t like McCain, but he’s the only one I can vote for. He’s against a lot of the things that I’m for. I’m afraid that he’s going to mess with gun laws. But I’m going Republican and I talked to my guys and most of them are voting for McCain too.”


Erich Gliebe


Who: Chairman, National Alliance

Likes: Third Reich, the movie Rocky

Dislikes: Integration, Jewish-controlled media

Career Highlights: Turning white-power record label, Resistance Records, into a million-dollar-a-year business juggernaut; an 8-0 record as a professional boxer under the nickname, “The Aryan Barbarian.”

“Obama might be a better candidate for our cause because he’s racially conscious. One of our big things in the National Alliance is to raise the racial consciousness of our people. Young whites in universities, they’ve been stripped of any kind of racial identity. Obama may be a racist in a positive sense for his people–that will awaken a lot of the whites, knock some sense into them. They’ll see that non-white Americans are allowed to be proud of who they are, to be racially conscious, to talk about their people or their community without being attacked as being racist. Let’s face it, white people aren’t going to fight for their causes, for their kind with a white president. I don’t think McCain even acknowledges that a white race exists. He’s all about granting amnesty to illegal aliens. The fact he wants to keep us in wars in the Middle East for 100 years, that’s not a good thing. I give Obama credit, he seems to have stuck to his guns as far as pulling the troops out of Iraq. He’s a very intelligent man, an excellent speaker and has charisma. John McCain offers none of that. Perhaps the best thing for the white race is to have a black president. My only problem with Obama is perhaps he’s not black enough.”

Rocky Suhayda


Who: Chairman, American Nazi Party

Likes: Hitler, white people

Dislikes: Jews, immigrants, multinational corporations

Career highlights: Being widely quoted bemoaning in the fact that so few Aryan-Americans had the cojones of the 9/11 hijackers: “If we were one-tenth as serious, we might start getting somewhere.”

“White people are faced with either a negro or a total nutter who happens to have a pale face. Personally I’d prefer the negro. National Socialists are not mindless haters. Here, I see a white man, who is almost dead, who declares he wants to fight endless wars around the globe to make the world safe for Judeo-capitalist exploitation, who supports the invasion of America by illegals–basically a continuation of the last eight years of Emperor Bush. Then, we have a black man, who loves his own kind, belongs to a Black-Nationalist religion, is married to a black women–when usually negroes who have ‘made it’ immediately land a white spouse as a kind of prize–that’s the kind of negro that I can respect. Any time that a prominent person embraces their racial heritage in a positive manner, it’s good for all racially minded folks. Besides, America cares nothing for the interests of the white American worker, while having a love affair with just about every non-white on planet Earth. It’d be poetic justice to have a non-white as titular chief over this decaying modern Sodom and Gomorrah.”




Who: General, Israelite School Of Universal Practical Knowledge

Likes: Segregation

Dislikes: White oppressors, black women, American culture, Muslims, Christians, Martin Luther King Jr.

Career Highlights: Featured in 1999 BBC program about black supremacists; his street corner rants in Washington D.C. spurred changes in the local noise ordinance.

“Finding out Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for president was one of the saddest days in black history. Another legacy of black death is about to begin, just like it began back in the ’60s with probably the greatest traitor to black people in modern-day history, Martin Luther King. Every black leader that has some form of power has given black people false hope, when in fact, the closer they get to the white establishment, the more they become an actual enemy to black people. Black people need to move away from the establishment and towards a moral change. As for Obama, first of all, he’s not even a black man in the terms of what real black people consider a black man. He’s of African and white descent. How easily he dismissed his affiliation with Reverend Wright, was a clear indication that this is a politician, not a man of any real conviction. The same way he threw away that Reverend, once he becomes president, he must throw away black people. He’s going to have to harm black people to make white people satisfied that he’s not Reverend Wright’s boy. The disappointment we’re going to suffer from him is going to set us back another fifty years. McCain is definitely the better shot for black people.”

Baron David de Rothschild sees a New World Order in global banking governance


Baron David de Rothschild, the head of the Rothschild bank. The Rothschilds have helped the British government since financing Wellington’s army to fight the French in 1815.

“We provide advice on both sides of the balance sheet, and we do it globally. There is no debate that Rothschild is a Jewish family, but we are proud to be in this region. However, it takes time to develop a global footprint.“

Banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance.

UAE National | Nov 6, 2008

The first barons of banking

By Rupert Wright

Among the captains of industry, spin doctors and financial advisers accompanying British prime minister Gordon Brown on his fund-raising visit to the Gulf this week, one name was surprisingly absent. This may have had something to do with the fact that the tour kicked off in Saudi Arabia. But by the time the group reached Qatar, Baron David de Rothschild was there, too, and he was also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Although his office denies that he was part of the official party, it is probably no coincidence that he happened to be in the same part of the world at the right time. That is how the Rothschilds have worked for centuries: quietly, without fuss, behind the scenes.

“We have had 250 years or so of family involvement in the finance business,” says Baron Rothschild. “We provide advice on both sides of the balance sheet, and we do it globally.”

The Rothschilds have been helping the British government – and many others – out of a financial hole ever since they financed Wellington’s army and thus victory against the French at Waterloo in 1815. According to a long-standing legend, the Rothschild family owed the first millions of their fortune to Nathan Rothschild’s successful speculation about the effect of the outcome of the battle on the price of British bonds. By the 19th century, they ran a financial institution with the power and influence of a combined Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and perhaps even Goldman Sachs and the Bank of China today.

In the 1820s, the Rothschilds supplied enough money to the Bank of England to avert a liquidity crisis. There is not one institution that can save the system in the same way today; not even the US Federal Reserve. However, even though the Rothschilds may have lost some of that power – just as other financial institutions on that list have been emasculated in the last few months – the Rothschild dynasty has lost none of its lustre or influence. So it was no surprise to meet Baron Rothschild at the Dubai International Financial Centre. Rothschild’s opened in Dubai in 2006 with ambitious plans to build an advisory business to complement its European operations. What took so long?

The answer, as many things connected with Rothschilds, has a lot to do with history. When Baron Rothschild began his career, he joined his father’s firm in Paris. In 1982 President Francois Mitterrand nationalised all the banks, leaving him without a bank. With just US$1 million (Dh3.67m) in capital, and five employees, he built up the business, before merging the French operations with the rest of the family’s business in the 1990s.

Gradually the firm has started expanding throughout the world, including the Gulf. “There is no debate that Rothschild is a Jewish family, but we are proud to be in this region. However, it takes time to develop a global footprint,” he says.

An urbane man in his mid-60s, he says there is no single reason why the Rothschilds have been able to keep their financial business together, but offers a couple of suggestions for their longevity. “For a family business to survive, every generation needs a leader,” he says. “Then somebody has to keep the peace. Building a global firm before globalisation meant a mindset of sharing risk and responsibility. If you look at the DNA of our family, that is perhaps an element that runs through our history. Finally, don’t be complacent about giving the family jobs.”

He stresses that the Rothschild ascent has not been linear – at times, as he did in Paris, they have had to rebuild. While he was restarting their business in France, his cousin Sir Evelyn was building a British franchise. When Sir Evelyn retired, the decision was taken to merge the businesses. They are now strong in Europe, Asia especially China, India, as well as Brazil. They also get involved in bankruptcy restructurings in the US, a franchise that will no doubt see a lot more activity in the months ahead.

Does he expect governments to play a larger role in financial markets in future? “There is a huge difference in the Soviet-style mentality that occurred in Paris in 1982, and the extraordinary achievements that politicians, led by Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy, have made to save the global banking system from systemic collapse,” he says. “They moved to protect the world from billions of unemployment. In five to 10 years those banking stakes will be sold – and sold at a profit.”

Baron Rothschild shares most people’s view that there is a New World Order. In his opinion, banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance. “But you have to be careful of caricatures: we don’t want to go from ultra liberalism to protectionism.”

So how did the Rothschilds manage to emerge relatively unscathed from the financial meltdown? “You could say that we may have more insights than others, or you may look at the structure of our business,” he says. “As a family business, we want to limit risk. There is a natural pride in being a trusted adviser.”

It is that role as trusted adviser to both governments and companies that Rothschilds is hoping to build on in the region. “In today’s world we have a strong offering of debt and equity,” he says. “They are two arms of the same body looking for money.”

The firm has entrusted the growth of its financing advisory business in the Middle East to Paul Reynolds, a veteran of many complex corporate finance deals. “Our principal business franchise is large and mid-size companies,” says Mr Reynolds. “I have already been working in this region for two years and we offer a pretty unique proposition.

“We work in a purely advisory capacity. We don’t lend or underwrite, because that creates conflicts. We are sensitive to banking relationships. But we look to ensure financial flexibility for our clients.”

He was unwilling to discuss specific deals or clients, but says that he offers them “trusted, impartial financing advice any time day or night”. Baron Rothschilds tends to do more deals than their competitors, mainly because they are prepared to take on smaller mandates. “It’s not transactions were are interested in, it’s relationships. We are looking for good businesses and good people,” says Mr Reynolds. “Our ambition is for every company here to have a debt adviser.”

Baron Rothschild is reluctant to comment on his nephew Nat Rothschild’s public outburst against George Osborne, the British shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Nat Rothschild castigated Mr Osborne for revealing certain confidences gleaned during a holiday in the summer in Corfu.

In what the British press are calling “Yachtgate”, the tale involved Russia’s richest man, Oleg Deripaska, Lord Mandelson, a controversial British politician who has just returned to government, Mr Osborne and a Rothschild. Classic tabloid fodder, but one senses that Baron Rothschild frowns on such publicity. “If you are an adviser, that imposes a certain style and culture,” he says. “You should never forget that clients want to hear more about themselves than their bankers. It demands an element of being sober.”

Even when not at work, Baron Rothschild’s tastes are sober. He lives between Paris and London, is a keen family man – he has one son who is joining the business next September and three daughters – an enthusiastic golfer, and enjoys the “odd concert”. He is also involved in various charity activities, including funding research into brain disease and bone marrow disorders.

It is part of Rothschild lore that its founder sent his sons throughout Europe to set up their own interlinked offices. So where would Baron Rothschild send his children today?

“I would send one to Asia, one to Europe and one to the United States,” he said. “And if I had more children, I would send one to the UAE.”


Mediterranean Union Sets Example for European Union

Estonia: Mediterranean Union Sets Example for European Union Co-operation with Eastern Neighbours

ISRIA | Nov 5, 2008

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet participated in the meeting of the Mediterranean Union foreign ministers that took place on Tuesday, 4 November in Marseille, France. The foreign policy leaders talked about the future of Mediterranean Union co-operation.

To advance the Middle East peace process and accelerate co-operation in the region, the ministers approved the greater involvement of the League of Arab States in Mediterranean Union co-operation. “The Arab League plays a vital role in advancing the Middle East peace process, and including the League in Mediterranean Union co-operation will strengthen partnership and help with ensuring stability,” said Foreign Minister Urmas Paet.

According to the Estonian foreign minister, co-operation with states on the southern and eastern banks of the Mediterranean sets a good example for European Union co-operation with its neighbours to the east. “Positive developments in the co-operation between the European Union and its Mediterranean partners creates a good situation for implementing a similar model with the European Union’s eastern partners, especially Ukraine and Georgia, for their more rapid integration into European Union co-operation structures,” said Foreign Minister Paet.

The foreign ministers agreed to establish the Mediterranean Union Secretariat in Barcelona. The European Union’s partnership with the countries on the southern bank of the Mediterranean, which was established in Barcelona in 1995, was the foundation for the creation of the Mediterranean Union in the summer of this year.

The ministers also discussed the implementation of Mediterranean Union projects. At the Paris summit on 13 June 2008, it was agreed to initiate co-operation projects for reducing pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, developing sea traffic and land transport, using solar energy, protecting citizens in the case of a natural disaster, promoting higher education, and supporting small businesses.

The Mediterranean Union includes all European Union member states and countries along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Foreign Minister Paet also met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan in Marseille yesterday. At the meeting, they discussed the status of Turkey’s accession negotiations with the European Union.

Obama’s pick for chief of staff known as ‘Rahmbo’


He grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting ‘Dead! … Dead! … Dead!’ and plunging the knife into the table after every name….

Associated Press | Nov 6, 2008


WASHINGTON – A student of ballet, Rahm Emanuel has shown a flair for theatrics over his years as a Democratic operative. His fancy dancing has been anything but delicate, however.

Upset with a Democratic pollster during a long-ago congressional race, Emanuel mailed him a big dead fish. Outraged over what he regarded as disloyal Democrats during Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign, he stunned dinner companions by rattling off names of the offenders, each time stabbing the restaurant table with a dinner knife and shouting, “Dead.”

This is one way of expressing the “fierce urgency of now.”

Emanuel embodied that phrase years before the man he will serve as White House chief of staff, President-elect Obama, popularized it.

“Rahmbo” is said to have mellowed over the years, but that’s relative. That’s from a starting point of pugnaciousness the likes of which even the hardened politicos of Washington don’t see every day.

Altogether he’s a striking contrast to the cool-tempered president he’ll serve and the driven but rather quiet men who have been around Obama. He shares their discipline, at least.

Emanuel comes to the job with a reputation for getting things done — a focused mind in Clinton’s chaotic terms and, after a lucrative detour into banking, an architect of his party’s takeover of Congress in the 2006 elections and its further advances Tuesday.

“He is competitive, hardworking, hard-charging and street smart,” said Rep. Thomas Reynolds of New York, who ran the Republicans’ House election committee in 2006 when Emanuel was in charge of the Democratic counterpart. “At the end of the day, you send him to get a mission done, he’ll get it done.”

John Fritchey, a member of the Illinois House whose district is part of Emanuel’s congressional district, said a chief of staff is supposed to be “a bad guy at times. That’s a role he can not only excel at but may even relish.”

Even so, Emanuel’s dogged partisanship has not stopped him from working with Republicans on issues such as the financial rescue package and transportation. He made his strongest mark under Clinton by pressing the centrist portions of the president’s agenda, including welfare reform, tough-on-crime measures and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

For the last two years, Emanuel and Republican Rep. Ray LaHood, also of Illinois, have put on dinners for small groups of lawmakers from both parties. “These intimate, yet no-holds-barred dinners have underscored something that I believe is very important for a functional Congress: To get things done on Capitol Hill, one must work in a bipartisan manner,” LaHood said. “Rahm Emanuel shares that belief.”

Emanuel, who turns 49 on Nov. 29, grew up in the ritzy Chicago suburb of Wilmette, the son of an Israeli physician who moved to the United States. In a what he recognized later as a boneheaded move, the son of a doctor avoided the hospital for several days after cutting off part of his middle finger of his right hand while working in a restaurant. Infection set in, and he said he almost lost his arm, if not his life, during weeks in the hospital.

His brother Ari is a Hollywood agent and the inspiration for Ari Gold, the Type-A superagent on the HBO series “Entourage.” The congressman himself has been cited as an inspiration for presidential aide Josh Lyman on the drama series “The West Wing.”

His start in politics came after college, when he worked for Paul Simon’s 1984 Senate campaign and Richard Daley’s run for Chicago mayor in 1989.

Then he went to work for a little-known Arkansas governor who wanted to be president.

Emanuel’s fundraising skills helped keep Clinton’s campaign afloat during some rocky times, particularly the scandal over whether he’d slept with Gennifer Flowers.

Clinton made him his political director in the new administration but internal tensions led to his comeuppance a year later at the hands of Hillary Rodham Clinton, when he was demoted to a policy adviser.

Ever the loyalist, he learned better how to get along, while retaining his aggressive ways. A finger-jabber who’s been known to pinch men in the arm and leave a bruise, Emanuel took up residence in a closet-sized office. That didn’t diminish his mega-sized ego and thirst for the fight.

One day shortly after the demotion, he summoned a reporter to his office, shut the door and berated him. Each sentence was laced with profanity. His face was tomato-red. He wagged his finger in the reporter’s face and yelled.

Full Story



Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois. His first name, Rahm, means “high” or “lofty” in Hebrew, while his last name, Emanuel, means “God is with us.” His father, the Jerusalem-born Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician and former member of the Irgun (Irgun Zeva’i Le’ummi), a military Nationalist group treated as a terrorist organization during British rule. Emanuel’s older brother, Ezekiel, is a bioethicist.

His father, still practicing near Chicago, emigrated to the United States from Israel. Emanuel volunteered as a civilian volunteer in the Israel Defense Forces during the 1991 Gulf War.

Career as political staffer

Following the campaign, Emanuel became a senior advisor to Clinton at the White House from 1993 to 1998. In the White House, Emanuel was initially Assistant to the President for Political Affairs and then Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy. He was a leading strategist in the unsuccessful White House efforts to institute universal healthcare and many other Clinton initiatives.

One of his proudest moments during the Clinton administration “was an event that touched his political sensibilities and his personal ties to Israel: the 1993 Rose Garden signing ceremony after the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Emanuel directed the details of the ceremony, down to the choreography of the famous handshake between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat.”

Emanuel is said to have “mailed a rotting fish to a former coworker after the two parted ways.” On the night after the 1996 election, “Emanuel was so angry at the president’s enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting ‘Dead! … Dead! … Dead!’ and plunging the knife into the table after every name.” His “take-no-prisoners attitude” earned him the nickname “Rahm-bo”.

Election in 2002

Following the end of the Clinton presidency, Emanuel went into investment banking, reportedly earning $8 million in his three years as managing director of Wasserstein Perella & Co./Dresdner Kleinwort. Deciding to return to politics, he pursued the U.S. House seat in the 5th District of Illinois previously held by Rod Blagojevich, who chose not to run for re-election, but instead successfully ran for Governor of Illinois.

The most controversial moment of the primary election came when Edward Moskal, president of the Polish American Congress, a political action committee endorsing Kaszak, called Emanuel a “millionaire carpetbagger who knows nothing” about “our heritage”. Moskal also charged that Emanuel had dual citizenship with Israel and had served in the Israeli Army. Rahm was a civilian volunteer in the Israel Defense Forces during the 1991 Gulf War and was born a citizen due to his father’s (dual) Israeli-U.S. citizenship, but relinquished it when he turned 18.

Emanuel still is close to Bill Clinton, and talked strategy with him at least once a month as chairman of the DCCC. He declared in April 2006 that he would support Hillary Rodham Clinton should she pursue the presidency in 2008. However, Emanuel’s loyalties came into conflict when his home-state senator Barack Obama expressed interest in the race; asked in January 2007 about his stance on the Democratic presidential nomination, he said: “I’m hiding under the desk. I’m very far under the desk, and I’m bringing my paper and my phone.”

2008 Contributions

Open Secrets reports that Rahm Emanuel “was the top House recipient in the 2008 election cycle of contributions from hedge funds, private equity firms and the larger securities/investment industry”.

Emanuel is noted for his strong style and his fundraising prowess. He is co-author with current Democratic Leadership Council President Bruce Reed of the 2006 book The Plan: Big Ideas for America. He is a member of the New Democrat Coalition.

Emanuel, whose father was in Irgun, is a strong supporter of AIPAC, and personally introduced fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama to the organization’s directors during the 2008 presidential campaign. According to Fox News, in accordance with his deep Jewish roots and his volunteering in Israel when it was under attack from Saddam Hussein’s missiles in the first Gulf War, he has indicated consistent support for Israel.


Emanuel held a seat on the quasi-governmental Freddie Mac board, which paid him $231,655 in director’s fees in 2001 and $31,060 in 2000…During the time Emanuel spent on the board, Freddie Mac was plagued with scandal involving campaign contributions and accounting irregularities…”

A 2006 Chicago Tribune article raised speculation regarding a possible connection between Emanuel’s Congressional election success and convicted former Chicago water department boss Don Tomczak.

Dozens of civilians killed in US air raid on Afghan wedding party


A house in Kandahar Province that Afghans say was hit by a missile. (photo: NY Times)

US blames Taliban for Afghan deaths

US airstrike kills 40 civilians in Afghanistan

SIFY | Nov 6, 2008

Kabul: Forty Afghan civilians were killed and 28 others injured when coalition forces mistakenly bombed a wedding party in Afghanistan’s southern province of Kandahar, officials and witnesses said on Wednesday.

The US-led coalition forces backed by helicopter gunships pounded on the Taliban positions in Shah Wali Kot district after militants attacked them. One of the bombs mistakenly hit a wedding party in Wech Baghtu village, killing and wounding dozens as a result, witnesses said.

A statement issued by Afghanistan president’s office on Wednesday said 40 people were killed and 28 others injured in a coalition forces’ airstrike in Shah Wali Kot district. “President Hamid Karzai has stressed repeatedly in the past that civilian casualties should be avoided but coalition forces carry out bombings without planning,” the statement said.

Earlier, the owner of the wedding hall told Xinhua that at least 37 civilians, including 10 women and 23 children, were killed. Local residents were still searching the debris for their relatives’ bodies on Wednesday. Many fear the toll may increase.

Meanwhile, US security forces have launched an investigation into the incident. “Though facts are unclear at this point, we take very seriously our responsibility to protect the people of Afghanistan and to avoid circumstances where noncombatant civilians are placed at risk,” a US military statement said.

While congratulating Barack Obama on his victory in Tuesday’s US presidential elections, Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday called on the new leadership to take steps to prevent harming civilians in military operations.

Currently, around 70,000 US and NATO soldiers are fighting Taliban and Al Qaeda militants in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. “Our first demand is to avoid harming civilians in Afghanistan,” Karzai said.

Prodigy Says Jay-Z Sides With The ‘Evil Illuminati’


Prodigy (photo: KNOWxONE)

Baller Status | Nov 6, 2008

by Miles Bennett

Like he does in his monthly blog on Vibe.com, the incarcerated Prodigy recently spewed more of his conspiracy theories via a handwritten letter to URB. This time, he reveals the moment his eyes were opened to the sham he calls “the government, religions, politics, the Federal Reserve, and I.R.S.”

According to P, in 1996, after reading a book by Dr. Malichi Z. York titled Leviathan 666, he was moved so much, he cried, and that was his “moment of clarity.”

“I was crying for all of humanity, but mostly for my black people ’cause I then realized it was all a sham,” Prodigy writes in his letter to URB. “The government, religions, politics, the Federal Reserve, the I.R.S., and everything that we believe and live by is a joke.”

Even worse, the rapper says that many popular rappers are aware of these society secrets, but choose not to speak on it for fear of not being accepted by corporate America. One, in particular, is Jay-Z.

Occult Secrets of Jay Z, Kanye & Nas

“J.Z. knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order to be accepted in the corporate world. J.Z. conceals the truth from the black community and the world, and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead,” he wrote.

Prodigy says that Jay grew up grew up in Dr. York’s “Nuwabian” community in Brooklyn as a kid, and is “aware” of these evils — rogue government, elitists running the country, etc. (For more on Dr. York, read up here)

Because of Jay’z refusal to speak on the topics Prodigy has been doing so since his incarceration, he will make it a point to wage war against him.

“J.Z is a God damn lie. I have so much fire in my heart that I will relentlessly attack J.Z, Illuminati, and any-every other evil that exists until my lights are put out,” P writes.

“This negativity I speak of is an actual living entity that uses us as food. We must sever ties with it in order to see things for what they really are. This negative energy is created and harnessed by the Illuminati secret government and they will make you spread this energy without you even knowing it. But people like J.Z. are very well aware. He was schooled by Dr. York,” he continued.

To read Prodigy’s full letter, visit Urb.com.

P also revealed that another autobiographical project titled My Infamous Life will be out in 2010.



Lupe Fiasco – The Illuminati & The Music Industry

Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Accusers, Says They Can’t Handle His Success

Hip Hop’s Masonic Order



Nuwaubianism is an umbrella term used to refer to the doctrines, and teachings of the followers of Malachi Z. York. The Nuwaubians themselves reject this term Nuwaubianism as it is found nowhere in the literary works of their teacher Malachi Z. York. They refer to their teachings by such terms as “Nuwaubu”, “Nuwaupu”, “Wu-Nuwaubu”, “Right Knowledge”, “Sound Right Reasoning”, “Overstanding” and “Factology”, and many other names through the years.

The Nuwaubians originated as a Black Muslim group in New York in the 1970s, and have gone through many changes since. Eventually, the group established a headquarters in Putnam County, Georgia in 1993. The Southern Poverty Law Center has categorized the Nuwaubians as a black supremacist hate group.


Al-Muftil Azeem the Grand Al-Mufti “Divan” The Imperial Grand Potentate As-Sayyid Issa Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi Noble Rev. Dr Malachi Z. York El 720 degree

Nuwaubianism is said to have borrowed from a wide range of sources which include Theosophy-derived New Age movements such as Astara as well as the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, the Shriners, the Moorish Science Temple of America, the revisionist Christianity and Islam of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the numerology of Rashad Khalifa, the ancient astronaut theories of Zecharia Sitchin, Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, J.J. Hurtak’s The Keys of Enoch, the works of Richard Shaver (a proponent of the Hollow Earth theory), David Icke, the UFO mythology of greys and reptilians, the political and legal theories of patriot mythology, modern scientific and pseudoscientific legends like those of Area 51, the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Blue Book, Montauk Project, and MJ-12, popular conspiracy theories such as those about the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group, and even a paperback on fortune-telling.


Grand Master Malachi Z. York, Nuwaubian Grand North Lodge

Journalist Adam Heimlich reviewed a number of York’s booklets in 2000 and wrote:

A partial list, from my notes, of places I’d encountered Nuwaubian notions before includes Chariots of the Gods and the Rael’s [sic] embellishments on that book, conspiracy lit, UFO lit, the human potential movement, Buddhism and new-age, astrology, theosophy and Blavatsky, Leonard Jeffries and other Afrocentrics, Cayce, LaRouche, alternative medicine, self-help lit, Satanism, the Atkins diet, numerology and yoga. Many of these York mentions by name. There are also extensive discourses on the Torah, Gospels and Koran, as well as on Rastafarianism, the Nation of Islam and the Five Percent Nation.

Some of York’s followers consider him to be a living god. At times he has encouraged this interpretation, and at other times, York has suggested that he is merely channeling the divine through various personalities. He has also identified himself as Al-Khidr (“the green one”) and as Melchizedek (who York says is also the archangel Michael). In later years York dismissed bodily worship of himself in a preface that was published within all of his books:

I am not the Lord Adonai, Jesus Messiah “The Christ”; nor am I a holy man, nor a preacher. I am a Master Teacher, a guide.

Nuwaubians also may view themselves as gods, using such sources as the Bible and Torah to validate their claims. Nuwaubians do not see the use of the word “god” as just referring to a universal creator, but also a title that one receives upon reaching a state of perfection or absolute power.

York was arrested in 2002, and was later sentenced to 135 years in prison for sexually molesting boys and girls whose parents were members of the Nuwaubians and for RICO violations. His followers continue to disseminate his teachings as he continues to develop them from behind bars.

“The hands of the Führer organize his speech. This picture captures Hitler’s hands as he speaks of the unity of the National Socialist and socialist ideas…”


Beyonce, Jay-Z and more set for celeb-soaked Barack Obama inauguration

jay-Z Masonic sign skull

obama_o_signObama supporters make the “O” sign.

First-Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball to be Held for Obama


President Barack Obama (R), first lady Michelle Obama (2nd L), German Chancellor Angela Merkel (3rd L) and her husband Joachim Sauer (L) pose for photographs on the North Portico before a state dinner at the White House June 7, 2011 in Washington, DC. Getty Images

Tiffany Evans Claims Rihanna & Others Satanists; Slams “Russian Roulette;” Rihanna’s Devilish History

“The Eye of Horus gestures are believed to be used to channel spirits through one’s ‘illuminated’ body. So people are not going to go on and on about the pyramid being Jay-Z’s Roc symbol…and see this picture of Gloria Steinem, editor of Ms. Magazine and supposed feminist. She has nothing to do with Jay-Z other than she also holds up the alleged Illuminati pyramid sign at various photo opportunities.”


The Oracle of Omaha flashes the diamond sign at the re-opening of Jay-Z’s New York City club 40/40.

Star Trek salute in “The Way to Eden”

Still from YouTube sparked rumors of Charice’s association with the Illuminati. Credit: YouTube

Charice says she’s not part of Illuminati

Ke$ha – Videography

Rihanna – Videography

Beyoncé Flashes ‘Illuminati’ Symbol at Super Bowl

Flashing the secret sign to Beyonce from the crowd at the Superb Owl (lower right) Source: Twitter/noeybels

jay-z-aleister-crowley-Jay-Z Do what thou wilt

Young Jackson 5 Michael Jackson Making Representation of Illuminati Freemason Eye of Horus / Compass; Cult Believed to Have Murdered Michael After He Rebelled

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So much exposure going on that even the Freemasons have to admit that there are Masonic references in hip-hop and rap. But it’s “rare” they claim.

Rihanna The Illuminati Princess Exposed

Rihanna – Princess Of The illuminati (S&M EXposed)

Masonic references in the hip hop and rap community

“While masonic references in hip hop and rap are RARE, and are listed on our page, Masonic references in music, within the rap and hip hop community itself there appears to be a growing, misinformed, awareness of Freemasonry.”

When the countdown hit “0,” Jay rose from beneath the stage, the lyrically intricate “Dynasty Intro” being played by his band, the Roc Boys. Then a brief snippet of “Lucifer” played before Jay went into his jaw-dropping verse from Rick Ross’ “Free Mason.” Eminem, Jay-Z Joined By Dr. Dre, Drake At Historic Detroit Concert

Kanye West’s “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols

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