All-seeing eyeballs, secret handshakes and satanic skulls: The Odd Fellow’s strange comeback


The Odd Fellows got their start (and weird symbolism) by doing good works, such as burying the dead and looking after orphans.

Rufus still thinks that the Iron Maiden looks satanic — which, to a retired minister, is a bad thing. But soon after Kenny installed the toggle switch, Rufus began teaching him the Odd Fellows’ forgotten rituals: ancient secret handshakes, special songs and ceremonies that disappeared from most lodges decades ago.

He shows off the props used in the Odd Fellows initiation — weird stuff, he says happily, pointing to a half-sized casket with a skeleton inside. I’d heard rumors of a stuffed goat, but Kenny jokes he can’t show it to nonmembers: “Then we’d have to kill you.”

Houston Chronicle | Sep 9, 2008



Heights Odd Fellows Lodge members Rufus Bryant, from left, Kenny Browning, and Ramon Martin. Rufus has taught Kenny Browning and Ramon the secret handshakes. Julio Cortez: Chronicle

Find us some new members, the old guys told Ramon Martin, who was by several decades the youngest member of Odd Fellows Lodge 225 in the Houston Heights. That lodge had been around for a century, but like fraternal groups across the country — the Elks, Jaycees, Shriners — the Odd Fellows had largely failed to attract new generations. The old guys were afraid Lodge 225 would die with them.

Ramon, a musician, tried recruiting history buffs and battle re-enactors. (Such great old costumes and photos at this lodge!) He tried recruiting Goths. (Floating eyeballs! Coffins! Other weird old symbols!) But none of those recruits stuck.

Ramon mentioned the lodge to some art-car people he knew. They thought it was cool, and they brought friends.

But he didn’t expect that crowd to stick, either.


They wear goofy hats with skulls and bones. Julio Cortez: Chronicle

“Look!” says Kenny Browning, sticking out his foot. “Skull camo!” When I look closely at his Chuck Taylor sneakers, I see little skulls grinning among the gray blotches. The shoes will look great with one of his art cars.

Seven years after Ramon began his recruitment drive, Kenny is the Heights lodge’s Noble Grand — which is to say, its grand poohbah — and he’s an obvious symbol of the Odd Fellows’ odd comeback. The lodge claims 45 members and is growing fast. This year, it’s on track to become the largest Odd Fellows lodge in Texas.

Tonight’s gathering, a potluck to welcome prospective members, is sneakers-and-shorts casual. About 30 lodge members stand around, drinking beer and cheerfully arguing over which recent volunteer stint provoked the most sweat: outdoors, tending graves at Olivewood Cemetery, or indoors, loading food in an unair-conditioned warehouse for the Houston Food Bank. Most members are in their 40s and 50s. For the Odd Fellows, that constitutes a youthquake.


The Bible usually stands on a centerpiece. Julio Cortez: Chronicle

Many of the new members drive art cars, the kind you see in Houston’s Art Car Parade, embellished vehicles that look like hallucinations on wheels. Graphic designer Kelly Blakley, a new recruit, turned a car into a giant genie’s bottle. She chats with first-degree Odd Fellow Rebecca Bass, an art teacher whose classes’ rolling sculptures regularly win prizes.

Kenny himself is a plumber, co-owner of an outfit that installs tankless water heaters, but he’s better known for art cars. His giant rusty roach may be the most recognizable vehicle in Houston, but he’s just as proud of the Iron Maiden, a black Jeep with enormous stainless-steel snakes writhing over the wheel wells. It looks like Satan’s own all-terrain vehicle.

Only a nonconformist would drive a car like that. But being a nonconformist is not the same as being a loner. And it doesn’t mean that you hate tradition.

“Anybody ready for the tour?” Kenny yells, summoning three prospective members.

Explanations of the Odd Fellows name vary. Kenny likes to say the international organization began as a traditional tradesman’s guild, except that it was composed of different trades. Many villages, he says, were too small to support more than one or two people in a given profession, so tinkers, tailors, bakers and whatnot joined forces. They became a band of “odd fellows” — a group composed of distinct individuals.

Kenny leads his newbies up the staircase. The lodge, a two-story brick building, doesn’t look like much from the outside, and downstairs, it’s downright dumpy. Upstairs, where nothing has changed much in a hundred years, is where the action is. Kenny quotes a lodge member: “It smells like ghosts.”

In the costume room, he pauses beside a rack of embroidered robes, most from the ’20s. Some have always resided at this lodge; others came from eBay, which Kenny and Ramon troll faithfully. For formal meetings, lodge members don robes worn by their forebears.

“How cool is that?” Kenny asks.

He shows off the props used in the Odd Fellows initiation — weird stuff, he says happily, pointing to a half-sized casket with a skeleton inside. I’d heard rumors of a stuffed goat, but Kenny jokes he can’t show it to nonmembers: “Then we’d have to kill you.”


The lodge’s new members adore the Odd Fellows’ old-school secret-society paraphernalia, such as these robes from the 1920s. Julio Cortez: Chronicle

Military-style uniforms hang on a rack across from the robes. Kenny explains that he and other Odd Fellows wear them for flag ceremonies, such as Texas Independence Day at the San Jacinto Monument. The Heights Odd Fellows took over that stately traditional ceremony more than five years ago, after an Elks Lodge became too depleted to carry it out.

“You?” I ask Kenny, whose sneakers bear skulls and whose car could belong to Satan. “You wore a military uniform?”

“Yeah,” he says. “Ramon played the bagpipes. I carried the American flag.”

He grins — he knows full well that it’s strange — but he sounds proud. Just plain proud. No irony at all.

In the lodge’s grand meeting room, Kenny points to his seat, an enormous wooden throne. Lesser poohbahs — the Past Grand, the Warden, the Chaplain — are assigned smaller thrones.

At meetings, Kenny’s right-hand man (which is to say, the Noble Guardian Right Supporter) is Rufus Bryant, an Odd Fellow for 40 years and one of the last surviving old-timers. Rufus, a retired preacher, hardly ever misses a gathering, but he’s sick tonight. Kenny wishes he were here.

Even when Rufus is in good health, his hands shake — so much so that he’s broken keys trying to unlock his car. After one meeting, he broke a key in his ignition. Kenny fixed the problem by installing a toggle switch so Rufus wouldn’t need a key anymore. Kenny thought it was the kind of thing one lodge brother ought to do for another.

The switch made Rufus’ life easier. Nobody, he told Kenny, had ever done anything like that for him before.

Rufus still thinks that the Iron Maiden looks satanic — which, to a retired minister, is a bad thing. But soon after Kenny installed the toggle switch, Rufus began teaching him the Odd Fellows’ forgotten rituals: ancient secret handshakes, special songs and ceremonies that disappeared from most lodges decades ago.

“We’re old school!” Kenny exults.

He used to think that fraternal lodges were for old farts, people his parents’ age.

“Maybe I’m an old fart now,” he says. He sticks out his foot: “At least I’ve got my foot in the door.”

On his sneaker, the skulls grin back.



This medal belonged to Odd Fellow Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Julio Cortez: Chronicle

• Odd Fellows’ early history is hazy, but newspaper accounts of Odd Fellows groups date to 18th-century England. Working men pledged to provide a social safety net for each other’s families, promising “to bury the dead” and “to educate the orphan”

• The “burying the dead” pledge accounts for the group’s skull and coffin icons.

• Texas’ first Odd Fellows lodge debuted in Houston in 1838, two years after the city was founded.


FDR’s New Deal programs, such as Social Security, may have been based on Odd Fellows principles. Mayra Beltran: Houston Chronicle

• Famous Odd Fellows include President Franklin Roosevelt, Rice University founder William Marsh Rice, and publisher and power broker Jesse Jones.

• Worldwide, Odd Fellows claims more than 10,000 lodges. Roughly 1,750 are in the U.S.


27 responses to “All-seeing eyeballs, secret handshakes and satanic skulls: The Odd Fellow’s strange comeback

  1. Good for these guys! Giving back to your community is such a great feeling. I’m glad to see that their membership is on the rise. Their communities will be better off for it.

    I’m going to contact my local IOOF to see if I can join. It sounds like a great fraternity.

  2. Yeah, great if you like the Satanic New World Order of the Masonic Matrix.

  3. I do, paranoid guy. Sounds like you haven’t taken your meds today.

    I’ve read some of your comments and I gotta say that you’re definitely suffering from paranoia, of some sort. There are, in fact, groups in theis world that are elitist and have plans for world domination (some of which have achieved this). Take Israhell and the zionists backed by the Rotschild banking cartel for example.

    But you need to balance yourself out here and realize that there are also groups of people, like these guys in this article, that are genuinely hell bent on being better people by helping their communities and those in need. These guys are faaaaaaarrrr from evil. They make art cars for chrissakes! Far from a ‘conservative/elitist/Rotschild’ activity’!

    Get a grip. You’ll feel better.

  4. Kevin,

    Curiously, all you Masonic apologists like to talk about drugging people to make them “happier” with the situation. “Take your meds” you like to say, just like Aldous Huxley and his “concentration camp of the mind” where we will all learn to love our servitude. Well, you can take your meds and shove em where the sun don’t shine.

    Charity is nothing but a front. These are satanic images including the car art. Oddfellows is an offshoot of Freemasonry which is behind the New World Order/Novus Ordo Seclorum. Instead you try to pin it on the Jews which is a common and dastardly diversion from the reality.

    “Lazy Goblin” is an appropriate name for you. At least you know what you are. Get some moral backbone and you will BE better. Until then, you are just another jerkoff provocateur who is lamely trying to debunk the truth while disparaging the truth-tellers. Bad career move. Find yourself a more ennobling line of work if you truly want to make this a better world.

  5. Watch out; we’re behind you right now in your room!

    You cannot escape us. We will convert you. You will obey. We are watching you and recording everything you do and we will use it against you.

    What a sad, angry, pathetic little person you are. You MUST be alone since I couldn’t see anyone actually wanting to be around you for anything more that some short-lived, paranoid entertainment in the form of conspiracy theories. What a joke.

    Good luck with what you’re doing. I can see that it’s really brought you happiness and spiritual fulfillment. (rolls eyes)

  6. Kevin,

    Screw you too. You are a worthless, inferior nothing, a sociopathic reject whose only desire is to sow seeds of disinformation on behalf of the NWO. And there does exist this NWO and it is Masonic in nature, though you try hard with your little pee-brain to cover it up and claim it’s all just “conspiracy theories”. Right there I gotcha because the NWO isn’t a damn conspiracy theory. The elite talk about it every damn day, how they are transforming the world, without the consent of the governed of course and they are looting every tax-payer fed treasury while they are at it. Good people are reasonably upset by it and rightly try expose it. Evil, rotten creeps like you go around dissing those who do so, just as you are doing now. You, being a disgusting little “Lazy Goblin”, as you like to characterize yourself, wholeheartedly defend this Masonic NWO in your twisted perversity. You are on the wrong side of the fence boy. Good luck on your lousy career choice. What a pathetic chump.

  7. Is revelations 13, 10 referring to Satan’s Secret society and spiritual captivity to Witchcraft?
    Has the NWO / Nazis Within the Order and its many branches such as the “Free” Masons / Shriner’s / Mafia / New Age Movement, to name a few, distributed occult parafinallia into society to cause spiritual bondage / captivity to witchcraft and take people spiritually captive rev 13,10. Are Games such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, even the “8” ball with its pyramid in the middle a form of (divination)? Could role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons be another method used to take people into captivity? Is magic art a method to lead victims into spiritual bondage, (which is the precursor to Transcendental meditation and the secret ceremony used for distributing the spiritual mark)? Has Harry Potter witchcraft books been distributed into society to lure people away from God and take captive to witchcraft? Deuteronomy 18, 9 strictly forbids these practices. Is it by spiritual captivity caused from these practices that victims are forced with witchcraft to go through the secret ceremony of transcendental meditation were they are forced to except the worship of one of the many “Gods” of Satan’s Secret Society? They say that in accepting the worship of one you accept them all. These are no Gods at all but demonic entities, one including the Devil! Is this the method the Devil has set up for distributing his spiritual mark and enslaving society? Those who go into captivity into captivity they will go rev 13, 10. “Who enslaved nations by her witchcraft” Nahum 3, 4. “By your magic spell all nations were led astray”. rev 18, 23 There is a way out!!! “Those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, they didn’t love there own life’s so much as to shrink from death”. “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints”. rev 12, 11. Are you aware that “the martyrs for Christ who don’t receive what I believe to be the spiritual mark of the beast will come to life and reign with Christ for 1000 years during the millennium” rev.20, 4? Would you trade a short life on earth for a 1000 year reign with Jesus Christ and then so much more? Amen Brothers and sisters! Also, are you aware that this society has been in the process of being set up for a long time under the rule and wisdom of the Devil! Look up George Washington / Free Masons and the location of the Whitehouse and associated government buildings. It sounds as if the Devil has been preparing for the coming tribulation for quite some time when God will give him authority along with the Beast for 42 months of living HELL! And we thought Hitler was bad!

  8. Did anyone else hear the Fifth trumpet of God Almighty sound when oil wells were lit ablaze during Operation Desert Storm?
    During the Gulf War when all the oil wells were lit ablaze I was attacked by a demon on three separate occasions all at night. This is what happened. While I slept this demon would fly through the window and attack me. The spirit inside me fought this demon briefly until I awoke. Then it made me take over. I leaped out of bed trying to defend myself. This demon was horrid and spun circles around me thrashing through my soul with his hands. then it left as fast as it came. The demon radiated from the pains associated with the abyss. He was like a coal pulled from the fire, with the pains of the abyss Revelation 9, 3. This attack happened on three separate occasions as I have stated. The third time however was different from the rest. As before the demon attacked me, but this time I had enough since to command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. What happened next is even more amazing. After commanding this demon to leave in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit delivered me outside my room into the hallway. The demon followed. We were brought into the presence of the Lord. The Demon stood to my left and grabbing my hand with his, it placed its tail on top of my left hand. It was the sting of the scorpion and it went like this. It sent waves of fire through my soul Rev 9, 10. The pain was so sever that I couldn’t scream. Unconditionally, I looked straight up and said father please help me. The demon then left.

    This all happened after being seduced into trying transcendental meditation and falling into spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces Revelation 13,10 or the spiritual bondage may have occurred after playing a Ouija board as a young boy. I’m not quite sure. What I am sure is that prior to being attacked by this demon, I was forced to go through the N.W.O’s. “secret” ceremony performed through transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft / demonic forces. Why I say demonic forces is that I believe all witchcraft to be the powers of demons / the Devil. I was forced with witchcraft, through methods of torture, to go through said ceremony. The methods of witchcraft included mind control / manipulation, heart palpitations, witchcraft dreams causing sleep depravation, powerful visions, and many other forms. In said ceremony I was instructed to except the worship of one of their many “demonic gods”. They informed me that in excepting one of there gods I accepted them all. One of there Gods was the Devil, another they even named Jesus, but they had a demon for every occasion. What better way to join all religions of the world together under one banner of 666?

    To the best of my knowledge this is the method Satan’s Secret Society uses to distribute the spiritual mark of the beast, and cause spiritual captivity Revelation 13, 10. Have you received your spiritual mark yet? This may sound hard to believe for those who don’t know what I’m talking about but it is a true story. Hear are a few scriptures giving in sight. Revelation 13, 10, If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go . This is spiritual captivity to witchcraft / demonic forces. Naham 3, 4, who enslaved nations by her witchcraft. Revelation 18, 23, By your magic spell all nations were led astray.
    There is a way out, but it is difficult. Revelation 12, 11, those who overcame, overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. They didn’t love their own lives so much as to shrink from death. Hebrews 2, 15, by their fear of death they are held in spiritual captivity. Satan’s Secret Society has many names; a few are the Mafia / Illuminate Masons 666! Have they been using drug dealers to terrorize your neighbor hood? Christians are their many Free Masons and Shriner’s in your Christian church? I’m sure they are in all walks of life and the cancer is spreading through out society.

    Here is the rest of the story. Three to four nights later the demon returned in the early am @ about 3am. He wasn’t alone, Satan / Apollyon and the demon’s twin brother was with him. They hovered in the air above the ground, before the olive tree in the back yard. I could see them as the spirit in me manifested them to me! Satan hovered in the middle while the demons were on either side of him. The demon on his left had been thrown into the lake of fire for what he did to me. He radiated like a coal pulled from the fire what seemed to be 15’x15′. He was lit up like a Christmas tree! Graciously yours baptized by fire the witness! Who will believe this testimony? God will be my witness!

  9. Hey, I am a UK member and yours sounds cooler than ours lol.
    I don’t suppose in your records you have anything pertaining to the Isle of Wight do you? If so can you let me know – trying to gather info together before everyone dies – we have an average age of 75 for our membership :s :(

  10. stung // July 15, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    While I slept this demon would fly through the window and attack me. The spirit inside me fought this demon briefly until I awoke.

    That wasn’t a demon, that was Superman flying in and getting himself a piece of ass.

  11. Here I go, and I was not going to say anything.
    I have been a member of the Grange (Order of Patrons of Husbandry) since I was 14, earliest age you can join.
    When I came down to Springfield there were no Granges nearby. Then a met a fellow who was helping with homeless meals and other such activities that I did as a Grange Member.
    He asked if I wanted to Join the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. I said I would think about it. I researched it fully. I did not want to be a part of anything like what the Masonic order is on the inside, by oaths at least. To my surprise, in words and in practice the I.O.O.F. put God first, then the country, and then your family, somewhere after that you can include the lodge, but God, Country, and Family MUST come first.
    Our motto is to help the needy and to visit the sick, bury the dead (at a time when to do either meant you might die yourself) take care of the needs of the widow and educate the orphan(so he could grow up to have a good income and support himself/herself and a family.

    I went through the chairs and became a Noble Grand in my Lodge and am Chaplain in a loge I am an associate member in (it meets in the same city, at the other end).

    I find people here that abhor evil and most of our degree work reinforces the same.

    People talk about skulls and bones and think evil of it. How then do you portray the fact that all men, outside of some sort of rapture, must die? And no matter how puffed up you think you are, or how much money you have, in the end all that is left of you are bones, and eventually they also will turn to dust.

    Is it not better to live a life, then, that does good for others and is seen pleasing in the eyes of the Almighty God (you can insert whatever name you want here — we are not about converting someone to this or that thing, just that you must believe in a Supreme Being)!

    I am telling you, all religion aside, it just plain feels good to help someone if you have the means to do so. I mean really help someone, not just throw some dollars that way. That is what the fellow did for Rufus in the story. Brought his car back to the way they used to be, with a toggle switch, so Rufus could easily drive home. It is no secret that the watchwords of our order are Friendship, Love, and Truth.

    We should live in Friendship with our fellow man, Love the truths God has given us and be thankful (in love) for the things He brings to us each day, and live in that Truth that the scriptures presents to us.

    It has been said that the watchwords by which people can live a life without a lot of hang-ups are these same words, Friendship, Love, and Truth!

    My friends, this is not a demonic order. God is first, then you must be patriotic to your country, and then dedicated to your family.

    After these three comes, somewhere in the order you feel best with, the lodge.

    I know that the set-up of the hall is very similar to the way the Masonic lodge might be set up, but I think that comes more from a guild hall influence than anything else.

    The person in charge, the Noble Grand has two people to assist him/her that have been there and done this before. The second in charge, the Vice Grand, likewise has two people to assist him/her that have done this task before.

    Someone has the job of putting out the regalia and checking to see that all are members. If the crowd is large, this fellow has an assistant also.

    There is a secretary, Treasurer, and assistants as the lodge requires and a Chaplain to provide spiritual advice and a Past Grand, in large halls, to provide advice based upon how we have done something in past years.

    Nothing spooky about all of this. Just a method of getting things done. And what are our lodges all about? I close with a quotation from our national body, the Sovereign Grand Lodge. our mission is to “To visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan.”. This is found at
    and it has a whole lot of other stuff there to tell about our order.

    Just about everything is really out in the open.
    Why not contact them and see if Oddfellowship is really something you would like to be a part of to.

  12. David Nickerson

    Hey,It’s great to see some younger people in Texas interested in the I.O.O.F.Unfortunely,the conspiracy freaks see New World Order behind every tree.Pathetic,human beings that they are!

  13. I am the Kenny in the article. Our lodge has NOTHING to do with the NWO. We are a fraternal organizantion that does charity work. The symbols are NOT satanic. The symbols are explained as you advance in the order. I truly feel sorry for those paraniod posters that are seeing things that ARE NOT THERE. We will continue to grow because the ARE good people out there that enjoy helping others. And to the fellow that thinks my art car is satanic, I can tell you have never seen an art car parade. I am far from a satan worshiper. My wife works full time at our church. FLT, Kenny

  14. Hey PJ…..Call me a curious ‘Brother”. However. I’m dying to know: How can you type wearing a straight jacket, and a bloodstream swimming in Thorazine? Seriously. Do you read the drivel you spew? Yes. Absolutely. You’re right. It’s a global conspiracy. And that’s precisely what myself, the sanitation worker, the school teacher, the building superintendent, and all my other Masonic brothers are sitting around discussing on our Lodge nights after meetings: How to take over the world. And we do it over tea and crumpets. YES. The unbridled EVIL of it all! Muhahahaha!! Moron.

  15. No D.G., at your low level, you lack the intellect, gene-pool (as in aristocratic blood) and social standing to rule the world with the elite. What I’m saying is that you goodfellas are the expendable goons for the elite, only too happy to serve your masters and all their agendas from supporting them in any war for any reason, the development of world government through the UN, to the surveillance society and then do your best to debunk anyone who points all this out. That is why you take the time out to spew your bullshit here. That’s all I’m saying. Does that make it clear for you? Or should I use smaller words?

    By the way you do that evil laugh all too well…

  16. Odd fellows fraternity was well known/active in Kano,Lagos and otherparts of Nigeria up until 1990 or so.Is it active in Nigeria and if so,where?

  17. My Name is Eric Smith, My Great-Great-Grandfather and all the men in our family hence have honorably and humbly been Odd Fellows. I proudly declare this and personally can say with great integrity that Truth, Love and Friendship is The Odd Fellows Creed. Benevolence and Charity begins with each and everyone of us. The “Secret” rituals were put into place to protect our members from prosecution during times when policies, either political, religious, or both dictated that our beliefs were a threat to their agenda. Nothing more, nothing less. We ourselves have actually exposed members of groups such as the KKK for example, that would tread on the right of others. Vast cemeteries, orphanages, and hospital’s still stand today as our testament of our agenda. As for those that want to link us to Illuminatti, Masons, NWO, Secret College, etc. etc…don’t you think we would have Already completed World Domination by now after hundreds of years in exsistence, millions of members and a Drive second to none?

  18. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck….if you don’t like the charges, stop doing as the Illuminatti, Masons, NWO, Secret College, etc. do. stop using their symbols, stop supporting their perpetual financially enslaving wars, their new world order system. Speak out against the NWO, the United Nations Agenda 21, the loss of our freedoms (Patriot Act etc), the surveillance state, the AI-Robotic/Transhumanist Agenda and stop working to move these agendas along. But none of you do that. All you are are useful idiots for the United Nations claiming moral superiority, hiding behind charity work as did Jimmy Saville (the great elite-protected raper of hospitalized children) as do the Masons, the Aristocracy (Illuminati) etc. You are the same quacking bunch of trash-talkin globalist aiders and abetters of the New World Order system of sewage spewage. So just admit that and be proud of yourself.

  19. I wonder if all of you are right and just have different perspectives. hmmm


  21. I just heard of this group this year and did a lot of research on them, sounds like a great group, I petitioned, got interviewed, and passed the vote and attend initiation in a few weeks, I’m 37 right now, but better late than never I suppose. good charitable organizations like the oddfellows cannot not be left to die out, they need to be revived and strengthened, especially in this day and age when most people care about nothing but themselves and the latest gadgets, toys, etc. these groups give people who want to help others a chance to band together and make big things happen. I considered the freemasons as well but they seem to be doing okay as far as membership numbers and felt I could be a valuable member to the oddfellows and will do what I can to ensure their success and survival

  22. Wow I really feel sorry for the many lost souls in this clearly NWO front organization that are clearly told lies as the lower initiates of many masonic societies are told by their hierarchy that are without a doubt worshipers of Lucifer, you only need to look at their symbolism to see that amongst other tell tale indicators. Anyone that is in these societies needs to watch a series by professor Walter J Veith called ‘Total Onslaught’ especially episode 211B ‘The Secret Behind Secret Societies’
    watching this series has changed thousands of peoples lives including my own. I’ll pray for all these poor deluded people & hope that they may be brought out of these societies before its too late, this world has not got long before Jesus Christ returns, we are closer to the end than people realize and there are many good people in these organizations that need to be called out of babylon! So pls if you are in any of these societies or not even still watch this series because you very likely know someone that is or could be and by watching this series you could help the Lord to save someone including yourself before its too late. I pray you take note of this and may the Lord bless you and guide you.

  23. All you have to do is research a little bit. The pentagram you see in the article is a devil symbol. There are front groups for every organization. the pagan religion of Democratic socialist communism needs useful uninformed people while they work in the background. They always say they believe in a god but they never say the GOD of Abraham hoping you will not notice the difference. When you become a 33 degree mason they tell you that the GOD of Abraham and Lucifer are brothers and the wrong brother won the fight. Hence the two headed eagle. And they “the illuminated” ones are trying to help the correct brother win. Morals and Dogma Albert Pike- Every 33 degree has one of these.
    “LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darknesss! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who
    bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble,
    sensual or selfish Souls ? Doubt it not!All Shriners are 33 degree masons. save the children.”

    Every Shriner is a 33 degree mason. Save the Children.
    If the devil came with horns or lied all time even commies would notice him.

    Check out the medal of honor. it is an upside down pentagram. no honor there.

  24. Good Show! I used to be one of these hot heads myself. I came to understand that this is due largely to the dogmatic differences associated with Christianity (Protestant) and Christiandom (Catholocism).
    I am going to brush all the dogma asside and contact my local IOOF and ask if I may participate!

  25. I have always had a passion for helping others but could never find enough people with the same purpose,ideals and drive to build something sustainable. Somehow I have been drawn to odd fellows in a strange but wonderful way. Living in South Africa,I wonder if I will ever truly be able to be a member? If members can please advise and others try not to criticise to harshly,I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  26. Secret societies are NOT of the Lord.
    I found out our minister was an “Odd Fellow”.

    2 Corinthians 6
    15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial?
    or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

    Here’s a preacher joined with a secret society,
    non-political, non-sectarian.
    There he is in the pulpit preaching, and he’s headed
    straight for the Lake of Fire himself!

    It doesn’t matter HOW MANY good works they do.
    All the good works ever done by everyone who ever
    lived will not EARN you one second in Heaven!

    Come OUT from among them and renounce the oaths
    and the evil rituals!
    Do your good works through the Body of Christ,
    NOT the Body of Lucifer!

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