How the Freemasons Rule the World


Nelson Mandela shares a Masonic handshake with South African Communist Party leader Oliver Tambo.

Newswatch | Nov 17, 2008

by Mike Akpan

The Society is not so visible in most countries where it exists but its members are men of immense influence and wealth

Freemasons rule the world. This  assertion appears controversial but the facts are revealed in a recent book on Freemasons written by H. Paul Jeffers. In the book titled: Freemasons: Inside the World’s Oldest Secret Society, Jeffers states that most of the Freemasons who are the movers and shakers in various fields of  endeavour, live in the United States of America, USA, the world’s  only surviving super power.

In his extensive research on the more than 400 year-old secret craft, Jeffers has found out that out of the 5.9 million estimated population of Freemasons worldwide, 4.1 millions live in the USA and Canada. Of the remaining 1.1 million Freemasons outside the two North American countries, 550,000 live in England and Wales; 400,000 live  in Scotland, while 375, 000 are in Australia. India, Japan, Formosa, Africa and Israel account for 288,000 while Ireland has 47,000 Freemasons. Europe has 80,000 Freemasons while Latin America and the Philippines accommodate 50,000 and 10,000 Freemasons respectively.

In the book, Jeffers refers to the United States as a Masonic project. His findings revealed that many of the founding fathers of the country were high degree masons. For instance, of the 56 persons who signed the Declaration of Independence document in 1778, 15 of them or 27 percent were Masons. Among them were Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Joseph Hewes, William Hooper, Robert Treat Payne, Richard Stockton, George Walton and William Whipple. Others were Elbridge Gerry, Lyman Hall, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Nelson Jr. John Renn, George Read and Roger Sherman.

Jeffers has also found out that 28 of the 40 signers of the USA constitution were high degree Masons. They included Franklin, George Washington, Gunning Bedord, Jr. John Blair, David Brearly, Jacob Broom, Daniel Carrol, John Dickinson and Rufus King. The rest were Alexander Hamilton, Abraham, Baldwin, William Blount, Nicholas Gilman, James Madison, Roger Sherman, George Read and Robert Morris. Jonathan Dayton, James McHenry and William Patterson who were also signers of the constitution, became Freemasons later.

From his extensive research, Jeffers has come to the conclusion that Freemasonry was at the heart of the American Revolution. More than 50 percent of the generals who fought and won the war of American independence from Britain were Freemasons. That explains why Freemasonry has continued to have an overwhelming influence in the government and politics of the country ever since. He gave instances.

The national anthem of the USA has a Masonic input because Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote it, was a high degree mason. Noted Jeffers: “Freemasonry has become the cornerstone of the United States government. Masonic link evidences abound despite disputations by some historians. Masonic signs and symbols are everywhere in government. For example, the Great Seal of the United States and the street plan as well as designs of federal government buildings in Washington DC were laid out on the basis of Masonic beliefs. The symbol of an inverted triangle or pyramid can be seen in the street plan and the sites are connected to famous Freemasons such as Marquis de Lafayette, after whom a park opposite the north side of the White House is named. The Washington Monument and the Pentagon building were designed by Masons to conform to a Pentagram which is an occult symbol.”

That was not all. Continued Jeffers: “The US one dollar note contains Masonic symbols. The Great Seal pictured on the back of the dollar bill has an eagle with 32 feathers (the degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry.) The eagle is also the symbol of St. John  the Evangelist, the great patron of Freemasonry. The arrows in its left talon refer to Israel’s King David (father of Solomon). The olive branch in the eagle’s right talon is associated with Solomon. The 13 stars above the eagle’s head represent Jacob, his 12 sons, and the tribes of Israel. Thirteen stars, in a double triangle form are symbolic of the delivery of the children of Israel from their oppressors and their attainment of a glorious freedom. The Latin “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One) indicates the Masonic fraternity.”

According to Jeffers, those who find Freemasonry on the mighty dollar also note that the largest symbol on the buck is the portrait of George Washington, a Mason. Cited as evidence of Freemasonry on the greenback is an unfinished pyramid. At the top, inside a radiant triangle is the all-seeing eye” representing  “the Grand Architect of the Universe,” who is omniscient and watching the United States. “The Latin Motto: ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ (New Order of the Ages) inscribed beneath the pyramid in the Great Seal of America is suspected to be synonymous with a “new world order,” the author explained.

Jeffers also explained: “The statue of Liberty is a Masonic goddess from top to bottom. The statue is said to have been conceived by Freemasons and built by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi; a French Freemason, who had already made a statue of de Lafayette for the city of New York, for the occasion of the centenary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and installed by Freemasons in a Freemasonry ceremony.”

In view of the overwhelming influence of Freemasonry in the American society, it is no surprise that Freemasons have dominated politics in the US. Out of the 43 presidents that have ruled America from 1789 to date, 25 of them were Freemasons. Among them was George Washington, who was installed the first president of the country  in 1789. He was initiated in November 1752 into Frederickburg Lodge N0.4, Fredereickburg, Virginia. He is the first and only Freemason to serve simultaneously as a lodge master and president.

Other presidents who were known Freemasons were James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howart Taft, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Gerald R. Ford, Lyndon B. Johnson and Ronald Reagan. (See Table A for details). Freemasonry has also produced people who served as vice-presidents, secretaries of state, chief justices and justices of the Supreme Courts at the centre and in the states. (See Table B & C for details).

The security agencies were not left out. Very many Freemasons have occupied the top hierarchies at various times. Jeffers found out in the course of his research, that all the security agencies have Freemasonry lodges in-house. The legislatures at the federal and state levels have also felt the strong influence of Freemasonry over the years. So also are the executive arms of government in the states.

This is how Jeffers put it. “The involvement of Freemasons in the government of the Republic of Texas is found in the fact that all of its presidents were Masons, as were all its vice-presidents. The lowest percentage of Masons who had held executive positions in any of the four administrations was 85 percent. In the last administration that carried Texas into the Union, all those in executive positions in the government of the republic were Masons.”

Outside government, Freemasonry also pervades the professions, arts and culture of the people. Garry A. Henningsen, past grand master and secretary, New York State Grand Lodge of Masons chose to say it this way: “Human imagination has always thrived in Freemasonry. We have enticed to our fraternity, artists, poets, warriors, inventors, manufacturers, explorers, pioneers, lawyers, government leaders, business tycoons, clergymen, astronauts, scientists and gentle-everyday family men made better because of their association with and love of our beloved Craft. It has been so from the very beginning,” (See Tables below).

Henningsen is right. Freemasonry has attracted to its fold, eminent personalities such as Bill Gates, a philanthropist and chairman of Microsoft who is reputed to be the third richest man in the world, Henry Ford, a pioneer automobile manufacturer, and astronauts who have become famous as a result of their space missions. Among such great names are Edgar D. Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the Moon surface, John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962, Leroy Gordon Cooper, the astronaut who made record breaking flights in Mercury 7, Mission in 1963 and in Gemini 5, in 1965. Virgil Grisson, a Mason astronaut, undertook the first manned maneuver in space in 1965 while James Benson Irwing along with three others, piloted the Lunar module “Falcon” on Apollo 15 Mission in 1971 and spent nearly 67 hours on the Moon surface.

In Africa, the Craft has, as its members, such eminent sons as John Kuffuor, president of Ghana, Jerry J. Rawlings, his predecessor, Omar Hadj Bongo, president of Gabon, and Paul Biya, president of Cameroon. Others are Blaise Campaore, president of Burkina Faso, Idris Deby, president of Chad, Mamadou Tanja, president of Niger, Denis Sassou Nguesso, president of Congo Brazaville, his predecessor, Pascal Lissouba and Robert Guei, a general and late head of state of Ivory Coast.

In South Africa where the country’s parliament is said to be located on a Freemasonry land, Nelson Mandela, the former president is on record as a member. The record shows that  he was initiated into black obedience of American Freemasonry called Prince Hall. Kofi Annan, immediate past secretary general of the United Nations, is a prominent Freemason. In Nigeria, Freemasons were in the drivers’ seats in the public and private sectors of the economy from the colonial era up to the late seventies when the Yakubu Gowon military government promulgated a decree which classified Freemasonry as one of the banned secret societies. Its members in the public services were ordered to renounce their membership or resign. Newswatch investigation has revealed that Gowon was bowing to pressures mounted on his government by Islamic leaders, the Baptist and Catholic Churches that were not comfortable with the activities of Freemasons in their fold.

Adewale Thompson, a high degree Mason and a high court judge in Oyo State, captured the under current that prompted the decree in his recent book titled: “Masonic Experience.” “Somehow some new converts into christianity aided and abetted by some organisations of questionable motives began an orchestrated persecution of  Freemasons which they included  in their definition of “ Secret societies.”

The movement against the group began in Nigeria in the 1970s: “Sometimes in or about 1974, there was hue and cry in the press by some elements against ‘secret societies.’ It later dawned on us that the campaign was fomented by the church and the mosque using the government as agents. Government departments sent circulars to public officers to denounce membership of ‘Secret societies or be sacked. The church called on communities to swear to affidavits that they were not members of secret societies otherwise they could not hold offices in the church. Those who refused to sign were removed from office. The move to ex-communicate members of secret societies was shelved because of the negative turmoil that it could generate.”

Not all the Christian churches accepted the definition of Freemasonry as a secret society. This is how Thompson reported it: “During this period, the Right Reverend F.O. Segun, Anglican bishop of Lagos, stood up in Lagos diocese to address his flock. He told them that he was not a Freemason, but that in Freetown he had lived in the home of Freemasons whom he knew to be the best exponents of christian virtues. He then warned that those priests who must have come from the hinterlands and have not had the exposure of travelling out to meet ‘men of the world’ should exercise restraint in denouncing Freemasons, whom he knew in Freetown and in the Lagos diocese to be great supporters of the church in every respect or face the penalty of being unfrocked.”

Notwithstanding the negative campaign, Freemasonry still had in its fold many eminent Nigerians including great legal minds such as Udo Udoma, Emmanuel Araka, C. O. Madarikan, C. D. Onyeama, Adebayo Desalu, D.O. Coker, M. O. Oyemade, J. D. Daniel, all justices, and O.C.J. Okocha, a senior advocate of Nigeria, SAN. There are also many traditional rulers who still retain their memberships of the Craft. Among them are Solomon Akenzua Π, Oba of Benin, Alfred Nnameka Achebe, Obi of Onitsha, Okunade Sijuade, Ooni of Ife and Ogbuefi Alex Nwokedi a traditional ruler, (See Table F.).

Lamented Thompson: “Time was when the Nigerian society was ruled by Masonic principles of friendship, charity and integrity. Those were better days.” Chukka Ifejika, a retired banker and current provincial grand secretary of Freemasonry in Nigeria, Scottish Constitution, agrees. Ifejika recalled with nostalgia that Nigeria was a better place when its civil servants, judges, lawyers, captains of commence and industry, politicians, clergymen and professionals imbibed the Masonic spirit of love, truth and integrity. “There was a time the Nigerian society was ruled by Freemasons,” he added.

Although Freemasonic influence seems to be waning in the Nigerian society, the situation is different in other parts of the world. In Senegal, for instance, Freemasons are found in the seat of power despite the fact that majority of the population adhere to the Muslim faith. In Britain, Freemasonry has a strong influence on the monarchy. The current Duke of Edinburgh is a high degree Mason. Duke Michael of Kent is the traditional Grand Master of the Great United Lodge of England and a representative of the royal family. Both the House of Lords and the House of Commons have sizeable percentages of their members as Freemasons. The executive arm of government and the security agencies including the Scotland Yard Police have good numbers of Freemasons in its fold. Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, is a high degree Freemason.  So also were his predecessors. In Canada, Latin America and many European countries, the influence of Freemasonry is said to be very strong in those countries.

“Freemasonry has produced an astonishing number of significant individuals throughout the history of Europe in all fields of human endeavour namely kings, presidents and politicians, tycoons  of industries, doctors, journalists, writers, composers, educators, generals, scientists, philosophers, astronauts and other cultural, social and civic leaders,” said Jeffers

Opponents of Freemasonry are equally many and powerful. Several documents have been published to discredit it. Some of the documents describe the Brotherhood as “the single largest vehicle for the perpetuation of the Luciferic consciousness on Earth. In their joint publications titled: The Brotherhood and the Manipulation of Society, Ivan Frazer and Mark Beeston write: “The basic recruitment of members to further the elite’s plan is through the secret society network of Freemasonry… the latest incarnation of the Christian/military order known as Knights Templars who gained staggering riches and a wealth of esoteric knowledge during the Crusades, in which the ‘righteous’ christians were dispatched to the Holy Land with a free reign to slaughter the Jews and Moslems in a series of campaigns between the 11th and 13th centuries.”

Certain practices in Freemasonry have been used as justification by christians for their anti-Masonic posture. Jeffers stated that christian leaders attacked Freemasonry for promoting devil worship, leading religious men away from the right way to find God, or being inconsistent with the religious beliefs of certain denominations.

Gary Maxey, founder and provost, West African Theological Seminary, Lagos, agrees. “Freemasonry shares a lot of tenets that are contrary to most of our christian beliefs. In essence, Freemasonry is not orthodox christianity and is not recognised as belonging to mainstream Christianity,” he told Newswatch, adding: “apart from being more secretive in its practices, the Order focuses on cosmic energy, circle of the Moon and soul which are contrary to christian beliefs.

Echoing the same viewpoint, Gabriel Osu, a monsignor and director of social communications, Catholic archdiocese of Lagos, said: “Freemasonry has come to be identified as a place of reunion for individuals of radical anti-Catholic and atheistic spirit with doctrines and principles diametrically opposed to Catholicism and to any structure degrees society supportive of the church, natural laws and morality.”

Another allegation which critics level against Freemasonry is that progress beyond the first three degrees by members is at the pleasure of the elites who also impose stiff penalty on any member who divulges the secrets of the Order.

Asserted the authors of the Brotherhood and Manipulation of Society: “While the vast majority of the members are on the first three rungs of the 33 – level hierarchy and have no idea of the hidden agenda, they take a  pledge of allegiance “ to the society above all else.” Most initiates are willing to do this because of the temptation of power, wealth and knowledge which (are) hard to refuse, that it is hinted that there are penalties to pay for betraying the society and revealing its secrets and that it is impossible to achieve high levels of initiation within Freemasonry unless one is handpicked by those of higher degrees.”

They concluded: “At the apex of the pyramid of the Brotherhood,” these “select few” who know “the full agenda have become known as the illuminati (Latin for illuminated ones). All powerful, they “occupy all top level members of the police and military forces around the world. They are found in every area of society at all levels, but at the top, in the highest social and monetary bracket, the Brotherhood prevails….The Brotherhood owns the law, they own the military, they own the oil companies, pharmaceutical companies and just about everything which provides for the status quo.” Associated with this belief is the suspicion that Freemasons have a secret plan to control the world through the political and economic domination of the USA.

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22 responses to “How the Freemasons Rule the World

  1. Tin Machine

    If you are going to plagiarize something please make sure the facts are correct before posting. There are too many glaring errors in your post to accept it as credible.

  2. Ben Armstrong

    “Nelson Mandela shares a Masonic handshake with South African Communist Party leader Oliver Tambo”- Trust Me, That is NOT a masonic handshake in the picture. What an Asinine article.

  3. POINT OF CORRECTION..Actually the man you see with Nelson Mandela is Oliver Thambo, Thabo Mbeki’s mentor. Oliver was President of the African National Congress. Mandela took over from him when he retired and Thabo Mbeki took over Mandela when retired. Thabo Mbeki’s dad Govan Mbeki was in Robben Island with Nelson Mandela. Govan Mbeki served 26 years on the island as a political prisoner and Nelson Mandela only served 18 yers on the island and the other 9 on Pollsmoor Prison where he was a priviliged prisoner

  4. Aside from the handshake (it’s so clearly not a masonic handshake that it’s obvious that you don’t know what a masonic handshake is), I am pretty certain that Bill Gates’ philisophical disposition makes him ineligible to be initiated into the order.

    Further; Thomas Jefferson was not a mason, though there are some who claim he may have been. There is no strong evidence for his involvement in Freemasonry, aside from a large contingent of Freemason at his funeral. There is no record or historical account of his ever being initiated or being a member of a lodge, so including him as a masonic signor of the DofI is purely speculation.

    As to how we masons rule the world; not very damn well I’m afraid. In fact, if it were true, we could hardly do worse than the crop of charlatans, fools and useful idiots who currently lead the great nations of the world.

  5. It is a FACT that most of the masons are low level. It is also a FACT that there are 2 types of masons – the ones that move on in the real agenda, and the others that are just led astray, and they think they are learning “the secrets”. CLEARLY, the previous comments were made by the ignorant ‘first type’ of masons.

    I bring up a very solid example: Turkey recently began to coin its own currency. MOST PEOPLE have NO CLUE of the significance of that event. Interestingly, they discovered that 27 out of the 30 generals in the army were Freemasons!!! AND, they were the very ones, who one by one, came knocking at the door of the person in charge of this coup, to WARN HIM that if he went through with it that there would be huge consequences. Those cancerous traitors were lurking about, ready to pounce, but they got OUTSMARTED! Presidents of USA and Canada are Freemasons, the owners of BP are too – the whole company from the top down! The most harmful company on the PLANET! 18 countries were ready to help clean up so that the Gulf of Mexico oil would not spread, BUT THE FRIENDLY FREEMASONS DECIDED TO WAIT A FEW MONTHS THEN TO POISON THE ENTIRE GULF WITH COREXIT. Truly you are the charlatans! The high ranks pray directly to Satan, who they call Lucifer.

    And why the secret sprayplanes without any public discussion! Secret societies are ruining the earth, the Bible says that Satan can appear as an angel of light. Freemasons try to blind people with their bullshit. And that is to get membership dues. It’s like back at college where people who joined frats were typically the outcasts, looking for instant friends they can buy, by signing up.

    Also, it is a known fact that homosexuality and sodomy are highly cherished in the religion of satan. And one only needs to wonder what these clowns do at Bohemian Grove, of which Nixon says “It’s the faggiest godamn thing…” And we see all the Freemason owned banks promoting gays with there stupid ads at the bus stops, and they even used angels and a guy making out? You call this “we take the family man and make him better”? You masons have an ETERNITY of hell to look forward to if you don’t repent.

    ALL the truth surrounds you daily. But you are too dumb from brushing with Fluoride to notice! {a neurotixin that is the only ingredient in rat poison and is scraped from the SMOKE STACKS of the Aluminum industry which does not want to pay to properly dispose of Fluoride because it is expensive to get rid of such a DEADLY poison}. The nice Freemasons decided to feed it to us and make us feel it is actually GOOD FOR US!

    The list of benefits goes ON & ON & ON! Ooops! Almost forgot about the Rosicrucians who are the vaccination arm of the Freemason octopus. A couple billion vaccines administered and counting.

    IPCC is mason, WHO is mason, Codex Alimentarus is a mason brainchild that wants to reduce the population by various deadly means. Just read the Georgia Guide Stones!

    I thank God for finding this blog! Message to masons: when the blind follow the blind they all fall into the ditch! {happy repenting – google Orthodox Christianity best sites are AND}

  6. Engr.Ken C. Onyelowe

    Nomatter how it is perceived by you and you, I love Freemasonry.

  7. Knowledge is everything…You are one of the few that can see the world as it is…God can never be cheated and is never late…We were warned of this time and how it will sort itself out,with God and the real one that was asked to wait just next to God Himself for when all prophecies have realized that He may come and bring us victory and defeat evil forever…

  8. Canada has a President??? Really???

  9. I can only laugh when I read this… Like a brother mentioned… If masons tired to take over the world and infact are ruling the world they are not very effective… As a matter of fact if they did, then this world would have been a much better place because their believe is based on Brotherly love towards mankind… Which I do not see happening in this world. As for those who critisize and make up all the conspiracy theories and msiperceptions of Masonry… Do not critisize or judge what you do not know of… It is every man’s right and privelage to choose his own destiny, his religion and believes. Thus as each of you have your right to believe what you wish… it is the right of every Freemason to believe and live his life circumvented by the compas and on the square…(And this only a true Freemason will understand)…

  10. Pingback: Nelson Mandela overleden «

  11. freemasons, conspiracy, sounds a bram stocker?s novel…oh, what am i saying, i forgot to mention that Dracula himself was a true mason, drinking blood, being Satan himself…cut the crop the guys. Bob Cootz , TJ and Ken are right… and Nick please, do us a favour, learn to read and write, or even better, start learning how to spell, because the darkness of your own ignorance may give you the real hell (this a masonic curse hahahaha)….oh dear…so much fuss…oh dear, I wish i could rule the world just to avoid all those idiots who are leading us right now to misery cannot have their chance anymore… also forgot to mention now dogs started to be initiated as freemasons also, didn you know that?

  12. If so many people are dedicating time and sorrow to mason Nelson Mandela (another rich man in a country with a lot of poverty), is because the masons running the world. Plenty of proof in photos and videos.

  13. Leonidas…
    Love the “Masonic curse” bit… whahaha…
    Here’s a little story that might… or might not… (but then again I might “curse” you into reading it) interest you.
    A week ago I went to a friend whom I have known for the best part of 30 years now to go and assist him with some work on a common item of interest. I will not share the details as I would like for him to stay anonymous.
    He shared some stuff with me regarding his father that was shocking and blamed Masonry for this. He claimed the same b…sh!t that I see every day everywhere about Masonry. Then I showed him my ring and his attitude changed towards me as if I am some kind of horrid deamon. This, a friend I knew for so long. But true to Masonic Sprit I saw an opportunity to Enlighten him and share what is a passion in my life. We spent about 4 hours talking and I think he has a better understanding of what Masonry is. Again people who KNOW NOTHING told my friend all kinds of lies which he believed until he spoke to a true Mason. Now he has seen and experienced first-hand that Masons are not what we are portrayed to be by Cowans.
    All I can say is that I am not the same person I was before I became a Mason… I have changed like most all my Brothers have… for the better of our families, our communities, our Brothers and for mankind in general whom we stand to serve through our humble kindness and love.

  14. Coming back to Brother Nelson Mandela…
    Nelson Mandela was in fact a Freemason according to Grand Master William C. Parker Jr. He was claimed to be “Made a Mason at sight” on 28 June 1990 by Grand Master William C. Parker Jr. of the M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina whilst being on a visit to the USA with his ex-wife Winnie. How true this is… I cannot say but this is what is what is rumored.
    Personally, I do not know how you become “Mason at sight” and cannot say whether he went through a proper Petition and Ballot as is Masonic custom. Further to this I do also not know whether he was a practicing Mason upon his return to South Africa. Maybe there is someone who can enlighten us as to which Lodge he attended in South Africa?
    There are various mixed emotions amongst South Africans about Mandela… There are those that idolize him and those that remember him for the atrocities he committed in the 80’s before his jail sentence. Either way, today he is facing his Deity (Maker/God however you want to call HIM for those who do not know what “Deity” means) and in the true spirit of Freemasonry I wish Brother Nelson Mandela well on his journey, for it is not for us as man to judge, but for him (Nelson) to Square with his God.

    Never the less, this thread started with a picture of Mandela and claims that he was a Freemason and reference to the handshake… In all fairness, whether he was/ was not a True Mason or just a “Made on sight” (that is, if it is in fact an allowed and an accepted practice in some Lodges and Jurisdictions… I don’t know…) is still a mystery and maybe someone can shed Light on the subject of “Mason Made on Sight”.

    Freemasonry teaches Brotherly Love… It teaches each and every Brother that they are equal irrespective of race, creed, political beliefs, and religious beliefs or standing in society. When you are a Freemason and you live the true Masonic values none of these should be an issue.
    I want to come back to what I said in most of my posts, and that is that if Masonry could be taught to each and every person on this planet, then murder, rape, hatred, racism, greed and all the violent crimes will no longer be… The problem is that Masonry is in fact not for everyone because not all men want to be good… One of the requirements of Masonry is that you must be a good man and you must want to be a better man… Hope this answer some of your questions around Masonry…
    But all I can say is that we are an well-established Fraternity and although not growing as fast as we all wish… we are growing…

  15. Masonic Matrix – : The Worlds Largest Masonic Lodge Directory.

    Rule the world? Ok, we admit it. The first order of business is to purge the internet of badly designed webpages and blogs that are full of illegally posted copyrighted material.

  16. i just want to know how they control our markets or economy kindly reply me

  17. Felix Obinna

    Freemason is good for the enlightenment of the mind, body and soul.

  18. Pointing Out The Obvious

    Oliver Tambo was older then Mandela so this was obviously faked lol

  19. I see freemanson as a clean niche..Thank You.

  20. Trenton Hibdon

    Whether u people like it or not your being tricked into serving satan. All I have to say is REPENT!!!!

  21. What I find most disturbing is it seems like the author of the post is just looking for excuses to judge what he clearly does not understand. Furthermore, the “author” of the book quit some number of years ago from freemasonry because he listened to outside influences when he should have been listening to himself. And another thing, @Nick. I doubt you read any comments since you seem to be a troll for hire, but your accusations on BP employees as masons. Where is the proof? and furthermore where is the proof that masons told everyone not clean up the spill. I want documented, hard evidence from a CREDIBLE source, not Alex Jones or Glenn Beck type people. Real facts. Then, and only then can I agree with your half-wit, ignorant libelous comments. I am a high level Mason and I have never been witness to these false accusations by these Cowans, as was so eloquently put.

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