Australian prime minister hails plan for an Asia-Pacific Union by 2020


“Our ambition remains to create an Asia-Pacific community by 2020 with a broad agenda, that brings together the United States, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and the other countries of the region.” Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd speaks during the first pleanary session at the G20 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy at the National Building Museum in Washington, November 15, 2008.

PM defends Asia-Pacific Union plan

ABC Australia | Nov 21, 2008

By Sabra Lane

TONY EASTLEY: The Prime Minister will have plenty of time to review his plans for an Asia-Pacific community as he wings his way today to the annual APEC forum.

Kevin Rudd is flying to Peru via Honolulu and Acapulco – a 32 hour trip.

Before leaving Mr Rudd reaffirmed his determination to set up a European Union style forum in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Prime Minister says early negotiations have gone well and he dismissed reports that the plan has been poorly received.

From Canberra, Sabra Lane reports.

SABRA LANE: Kevin Rudd flagged his grand plan for an EU-style union in the Pacific in June. Back then he said there was a need for such an organisation embracing political, security and economic challenges as, he argued, no current forum addressed all three issues.

It was reported earlier this week there’d been a cool reception to the idea around the region. Not so, according to the Prime Minister, who gave a keynote address in Canberra last night to the Kokoda Foundation, a not-for-profit think tank on future security challenges.

KEVIN RUDD: Our ambition remains to create an Asia-Pacific community by 2020 with a broad agenda, that brings together the United States, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and the other countries of the region, with a broad agenda to deal with the political, economic and security challenges of the future. As we know, no such body in the region does that at present. It is time we moved towards such a body.

SABRA LANE: Richard Woolcott, a former career diplomat who once headed the Department of Foreign Affairs was recalled from retirement to travel the region and gather support for Mr Rudd’s idea.

Yesterday afternoon Mr Woolcott gave a face to face briefing to the Prime Minister.

KEVIN RUDD: I’m pleased that the initial consultations in the region of my special envoy for the Asia-Pacific community, Richard Woolcott, has gone well. More discussions will occur. I’ll be discussing the proposal further with leaders in Lima this weekend. Our discussions will continue in capitals as well in the year ahead and my special envoy will be looking to consult with the new US administration at the earliest opportunity.

SABRA LANE: The Prime Minister says the new union wouldn’t be a substitute for any current organisation. He says ASEAN, the Association of South-East Asian Nations, formed in the 60s, is an example of the kind of progress his new Asian-Pacific community might achieve.

KEVIN RUDD: ASEAN was created at the height of the cold war when the future of the region was much less than certain. ASEAN has developed cooperation rather than confrontation as the driver of responses to new challenges that the region faces.

This experience illustrates the importance of pre-emptively shaping our future environment to position the region to address future challenges. This is a key factor driving this Government’s proposal for an Asia-Pacific community.

SABRA LANE: Mr Rudd is now travelling to Peru for the APEC summit. Due to an industrial dispute in Tahiti, his travel plans have changed. He’s flying to Lima via Honolulu and Acapulco, a journey taking 32 hours, 28 of them in the air. And if he happens to bump into George Bush in Peru, the Prime Minister might hope the following praise, given last night, will be telegraphed ahead helping to sooth any lingering anger the President may feel over the leaking of that phone call.

KEVIN RUDD: I think an outstanding success of the Bush administration has been the way it has managed the China relationship in what could have gone radically in the wrong direction.

TONY EASTLEY: The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ending that report by Sabra Lane.


6 responses to “Australian prime minister hails plan for an Asia-Pacific Union by 2020

  1. Peter lockwood

    Mr Rudd not only speaks Mandarin, but has strong business interests in Communist China.His political Party Labor has been out off power for the past 11yrs….He has made a lot off promises, but has delivered nothing but ” Hot Air”..the fact he is strongly pushing ahead with tough new “internet Censorship Laws” is very worrying to a lot of people here in Australia. With statements like Communist China will save Australia…might give some insight into Mr Rudd …dont be fooled by his Mr nice guy, put a shrimp on a Bar-b-q….

  2. Bush was masterful with China? HAHAHA!

    When President Hu visited the US last time, Bush repeatedly insulted him in public including deliberately playing the Taiwan national anthem, yanking him by the arm when they got off a platform stage and refusing to give him a state dinner.

    This was for domestic consumption. Bush did this so he could fool people in the US about his very intimate and INFERIOR relationship to the communist Chinese. They own him and his entire family.

    My father was the third American to go to China to do CIA/government work when Nixon and Kissinger ran off to China to get them to join us in stopping the Vietnam War.

    The Chinese sent officials to me, in the US, to learn how Western Devils operate. I explained to them how the US was becoming so corrupted by Japan bribing our officials, they could simply buy everyone.

    Which they did over the last 30 years. They now own a large number of officials. Like the Japanese. This is why our government officials live in greater and greater isolation and luxury after they win office or retire.

    This is why all trade negotiations with China and Japan end with both getting into our markets and our finances, deeper and deeper. While running gigantic trade surpluses with the US.

    This is naked treason. There was little to no outrage when Reagan collected $2.5 million in bribes from the Japanese in 1989. There is no outrage that Clinton has collected, from China and Japan as well as now, the entire planet, over $120 million for himself and $500 million for his dumb ‘library’.

    Bush is building a ‘library’ that, seeing how he is virtually illiterate, probably has only ‘The Pet Goat’ and a pile of Presidential directives that killed our democracy. All these men are TRAITORS.

    And Australia is being bought, too. Make no mistake, the great Asian powers are positioning themselves to take over our financial systems, next. Way back in 1984, when I was debating economics with the very hard-core communists living with me, they slowly began to understand how our banking system worked and how money is really magical, not real.

    I explained how bankers used reserves to multiply the money supply via lending. At one point, they all ended up owing money to me due to losing it at Atlantic City casinos. I made them work it off via labor while I charged them compound interest. Each day, we examined how this affected them negatively.

    Finally, they figured out how this worked. One of them, the future financial advisor for the Shanghai district said to me, ‘Ah! I be bank!’ As he determined that this was the point of power, not the manufacturing part.

    Namely, the person who manufactures or does things, if they owe money to the banker, are in the banker’s grip while the banker doesn’t have to do much of anything real. Except AVOID GIVING TOO MANY LOANS which could boomerang and destroy the bank if everyone defaults.

    Both China and Japan are now poised to buy up our financial systems via Sovereign Wealth Funds. These SWF are the result of running trade surpluses with major industrial rivals! The fact that our stupid leaders are in the pay of these two Asian giants means they allow both to take over all our industrial base as well as the financial base.

    The Chinese, while living with me, developed their secret 50 Year Plan. They are at the half-way point today. This plan was developed in order to avoid WWIII. They plan to own the US and thus, slowly and cautiously disarm us via making us bankrupt and beholden to them.

    When we reach this point [China THIS WEEK finally owns more US debt than any other nation!!!] the US will be forced into default to the Chinese bankers as they ruthlessly raise interest rates! This is their plan.

    I thought they were nuts when they conceived it. They did this after reading Kennedy’s famous book, ‘The Rise and Fall of Great Powers’. I made that required reading the same year the book came out.

    Today, the leadership in China had that book turned into a TV series as well as requiring everyone in the government’s foreign affairs offices to read and pretty much, memorize.

    Australia, of course, will be a point of very great contention between Japan and China in the future. They hate each other immensely. They are girding for a power struggle the Japanese are doomed to lose. For Japan’s industrial overlords have created a system that is killing the Japanese people. Their dysfunctional family/work situation is grotesque. The workers are now literally giving up on having children!

    A shrinking, elderly population of Japanese cannot win against a growing, dynamic Chinese population which would be approaching 2 trillion in Year 50 of the Chinese plan. Then, China will colonize Japan. And, incidentally, Australia.

    Yes, this is the Plan! Trust me on this.

    This is Elaine Supkis of

  3. Problem is is that Rudd’s “plan” was formulated over 40 years ago by the ‘Club of Rome’; so why are people being deceived into believing it is “his plan” (Rudd’s), or are Australians so manipulated and uninformed that they would actually believe that Mr. Rudd came up with this master plan all by himself just recently.
    Good thing that Australians will be able to see for themselves that “Rudd’s plan” of recent times is nothing more than a strategic part of his master’s bigger plan of old to bring about THEIR utopian “New World”.

    Don’t you just love these treasonous muppets?

  4. Michael and Peter, you guys are right on the money about Rudd’s NWO plans. If Oz was filled with folks like you, freedom and independence would be fully implemented. Of course, it is much bigger than Rudd and Australia, the root being the aristocractic elites and their banker buddies.

  5. Kevin Rudd has revealed himself as a puppet of the NWO . Considering that in this Pacific -Asia Union there is room for the US , a country going fast down the spout , who would want to become partner of Neo colonialist like the US and Australia ? Where is the moral authority ? In Afghanistan and Iraq I suppose ! It’s about time that other Asian leaders tell clearly Kevin 07 that racist countries like Australia are not welcome in any possible Asian Pacific Union . Kevin before his election promised change …. Even Oh Banana promised change . With Kevin 07 there is zero change .
    The Australian secret services ASIO are everywhere and keep a tigh leash on anything .
    The Judicial system is deeply penetrated by the spies , so the Universities , the Public Service , the ABC , even the medical centres .
    Every polical party , however insignificant is penetrated by ASIO informers .
    This was the inheritance of Kevin 07 and NOTHING has changed .
    Australia is a Police state where everything is rigged or whitewashed . What a fraud !

  6. All countries are lead by corrupt globalist leaders whose only interest is in gaining power in the Illuminati’s New World Order. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. They are all in it together so stop thinking about race and start investigating the New World Order. The Asian Union is a “must-be” for the Illuminati and there minions, just like the EU and the American Union to come. These are the three main blocs for global government. Nobody in their right mind will support an Asia-Pacific Union because it is all a totalitarian fraud.

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