Royal cops set up controversial Masonic lodge at Buckingham Palace


A Royal Mason: The Duke of Kent is the organisation’s Grand Master

Masons in the palace

Secret society defies royal aides to set up lodge

News of the World | Nov 23, 2008

By Douglas Wight

ROYAL flunkeys have defied their bosses and set up a freemasons’ lodge at Buckingham Palace.

The branch of the controversial secret society was officially consecrated this week.

It has male Palace servants and royal protection squad cops as members.

But the move will infuriate officials and senior royals, who blocked plans for a group called The Royal Household Lodge when it was first proposed earlier this year.

So the defiant masons simply changed the name to Mulberry Lodge — a reference to King James I who grew silkworms in a royal palace mulberry garden in the 17th-century.


A royal source revealed: “They won’t be meeting on royal property because all masons have to meet in a masonic hall. But the lodge will be open to male members of the royal household — not just Buckingham Palace, but every royal residence from Balmoral to Windsor and the Tower of London.”

“It’s all being driven by cops in the Metropolitan Police royal protection squad.

“The lodge has a cop as the grand master and another as the secretary.”

Although the Queen’s cousin the Duke of Kent is head of English freemasonry as its Grand Master, Palace officials had hoped plans for the lodge would be dropped. They felt a society whose members indulge in bizarre rituals was out of place.

And it is the last thing the Palace needs at a time when it is trying to be seen as more modern and open.

The Masons have long been accused of being of being a secret society that indulges in bizarre initiation ceremonies and traditions.

They acknowledge each other through peculiar handshakes and wear aprons at meetings.

And they have been accused of furthering each other’s interests through the sect.

The founding of the lodge has alarmed some royal staff who fear they will be overlooked for promotions if they don’t join.

Women staff are said to be angry because although there are freemasonry organisations for women, this branch is a men-only institution that will not admit them.

18 responses to “Royal cops set up controversial Masonic lodge at Buckingham Palace

  1. thoughts by me

    What happened in your younger days that you are so angry and feel the need to educate people? Did you never “fit in?” And so now, you feel the need to “express yourself” of your “free thoughts.”

    You said that you believed in Jesus once, so what proved to you that it was “a waste of your precious time?”

    No, I don’t agree with the Masons and all those groups affiliated with them. I believe that our government is corrupt to the deepest core. I also believe that we as a country are going to fall before all is said and done, and truthfully, there’s is NOTHING we can do about it.

    What I don’t get, is if you think this world is out to get us in this Masonic New World Order (which according to the Bible, we WILL go to a one world gov/currency that the AntiChrist will rule over for seven years), what do you believe will or WHO do you believe will protect you from it? Yourself? Do you have that much faith in your own human thinking? Do you consider yourself that highly esteemed to know better just because you read these articles and books you talk about? This is a spiritual war that we are facing, it has been since the beginning of time. You’re fighting a losing battle unless you are on God’s side. If you’re against evil, than what are you fighting against evil with???

    I mean, what will happen when you die one day? If you died tomorrow, what happens if you DO end up in hell? Wouldn’t you rather take a chance in hope and life everlasting than believe nothing at all. And believing in a “superior being” just doesn’t cut it. There’s more to it than that. You say you’re a not a Christian or an aethiest, but believe in a higher being—there is NO SUCH. You either believe in God or you don’t. There is no inbetween. It’s black or white. It really comes down to life or death. It can’t get any simpler than that.

    What REAL purpose do you have in all this? Other than boasting about how smart you are, and how stupid everyone who doesn’t think like you is. When I read your responses, even your “about” page, sometimes I felt like you were busy trying to convince yourself more than your readers.

    You said, and I quote,
    “There is absolutely nothing I can say to brainwashed cult members to convince them of anything. So why should I bother? It is a total waste of my precious time.

    I have nearly worn myself out trying to wake people up, but if they don’t have a desire for truth, then it impossible for them to even consider looking into it. All they will do is fight against it which is tragic and disgusting.”

    I’ll have you know, that I do search the truth, and I have looked into it. Like I said, I agree with you that our govt is corrupt, but it doesn’t mean their isn’t a true God. It doesn’t mean Christianity is wrong. No matter how ridiculous our govt is getting, and how retarded the politicians are, I still choose, with FREEDOM to do so, and a CLEAR mind, to follow Christ.

    I feel sorry for you again, because in actually, you are supporting “brainwashing” tactic with all your responses while at the same time preaching how much you hate it.

    I really don’t understand people like you. It reminds me of the gothic teenagers who wear purple/black hair and chains all over them, white powder, black lipstick, etc. so they can “freely express their minds.”

    Go figure….

    And is that all you have for me is that I’m an a–hole? And you leave the thread for me to “romp” on? Come on…don’t give up that easily! I thought you were fighting for something important!

  2. Wow! You just sound like a brainwashed christian! ALL people with love in their hearts and who treat others like they would like to be treated WILL pass onto the next realm. You call it heaven, others don’t. To simply assume (“ASS out of yoU and ME”) that all who are not christians are doomed to hell is a completely inhuman concept that has no place in this spiritual war. To assume that all who are not with god must be with satan is EXACTLY the same as Bush saying you’re either with us or with the terrorists. It’s pretty obvious he was taking the piss out of christians with that statement while pretending to be one himself… nuff said…

  3. thoughts by me

    You sound just like PJ, so you must be following the “herd.” Oh, wait….I thought he was a free independent thinker? I didn’t know he had followers. Isn’t that brainwashing? I thought he was against that…

    Having love in your hearts is not enough to “pass onto the other realm.” And what is that exactly? If it’s not heaven, than what is it?

    There’s a lot of loving, “good” people that didn’t make it to Heaven because they didn’t have the LORD in their hearts. Being good isn’t going to get you there, only the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Anyone who truly knows God in their heart, would be able to discern that Bush isn’t a true Christian anyway. I agree with you on that point. A true Christian doesn’t compromise his beliefs. I don’t think I’ve seen one politician that hasn’t done that. So you’re right, it’s hypocrites like him that gives us a bad name.

    You guys are so quick to condemn us because you want to prove that Christians make mistakes, and they’re not perfect. Well of course we’re not! We are human! We don’t claim to perfect, we strive to be like Christ the best we can. But God lovingly forgives us when we screw up and gives us His grace. We stand up, and we try again. We won’t be perfect until we are with Christ in HEAVEN. This world is nothing but sin and is of the it’s the father, the devil.
    If you know people who call themselves Christian, but truly don’t ACT like it, than yeah, I would think they’re pretending too. You will KNOW if you see a true one, something about them is just different.

    We, as a whole, are being deceived everyday, and it looks like you are already there. Mr. Man, you’re told to be a independent thinker, if that’s true, have you ever taken the time to read the Bible? I mean, really read it. Get the KJV Bible, go in your room, lock the door, and read it. Without anybody around you to “influence” you. You might be surprised to see that you can still use your “free thoughts.” If you seriously take the time, and stop worrying about what the hyprocrites are portraying, God will show you what you need to see. And if it doesn’t work, than go back to what you do and know now, and move on.

  4. Mr Man,

    Good of you to speak from your heart. Others will attack such ideas because to be a free-thinking individual is not to be allowed by the Masonic New World Order, even though some low-level masons believe otherwise. I do hope you aren’t a mason yourself, but if you are, I would advise you to get out while you still can.

    Christianity and Masonry go together hand in glove. The Bible is one of the Three Lights of Masonry along with the Square and the Compass. Such is its importance. And the importance is to carry out the Great Work, that is to build the New World Order. And it could not be done without the aid of Christians. Now, gradually of course, the believers will be phased out and replaced with a new cult for the Aquarian Age. This we see happening already, yet the fanatics point to this and use it as proof that they are the one true religion, etc, never realizing that they were just being used. Same happens with true-believing Communist and Nazi dupes when the real masters settle in. They sweep them away when their usefulness has expired. A reading of Albert Pike on the subject helps to explain the dynamic.

    “TBM” is trying to teach you things (something he condemns me for doing). Go ahead and read the Bible cover to cover. I too encourage it, but reading it with an independent mind, rather than one that is controlled by the Judeo-Egyptian-Christian priesthood that “TBM” represents. You see, the last thing in the world he wants is for you and others to think for themselves. He actually views such internal discernment as heretical and seeks to put a stop to it as both Catholics and Protestants have tried to do for centuries, viciously suppressing dissent of any kind, unless it is in an authorized form.

    Therefore, the Illuminati’s agents and dupes come here in rabid attempts to refute and debunk simple truths and the real historical facts. The two groups that attack me the most are the Masons and the Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, followed by 9/11 truth debunkers, liberal global warming fanatics, marxists, Knights of Malta, Knights Templars, transhumanists, Satanists, fascists, monarchists and pro-war neocons with a few scattered freelance occultists thrown into the bubbling cauldron of madness and mayhem. This is the stuff I am attempting to unravel and expose so that maybe, someday humanity can live in some sort of sanity, peace and above all under truth instead of lies, mind-control, myths and illusions perpetrated from the top and then “self-policed”, pushed and perpetuated by dutiful dupes, psychos and useful idiots.

    All of them are either confusion agents or they are just confused. Hard to say which one “TBM” is, but due to his vicious relentlessness, I would say he is probably the former. His personal attacks intensify against me in an attempt to draw me out in hopes to pounce on something like a wild hyena out for blood. It is almost as if he is being paid to sit by the computer and wait for me to respond to one of his provocations because as soon as I make a comment, he seems to be there with a counter-attack within minutes. Strange thing that. But it has happened before as this blog is under constant attack by those who despise the truth. They also like to work in tag-teams, sometimes in a Good Cop/Bad Cop strategy to try to trip me up. But I merely respond honestly and sincerely, sometimes with righteous indignation or heaven forbid, outrage and anger. Yes, I have been told more than once that I will go to hell or that I will get bad karma for judging people, and this is from those who judge me. Very odd.

    Anyway, as I told TBM, he can say anything he wants. Even though he accuses me of deleting comments, I have not touched any of his comments, but left them in place for others to judge for themselves. In any case, he is a psychopath which is a nice way of saying he is an a-hole.

    In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act and is ferociously attacked from all sides, especially by Christians who are among the most violent and intolerant people on the planet. (Of course, there are a few exceptions of mostly nominal Christians who are good despite their religion, not because of it.) I call Christians, the “Footsoldiers of the Illuminati” because their role is to make it all seem utterly hopeless, that Man is absolutely powerless against the powerful and that we can only wait for Jesus to take his sweet time to save us, which will never, ever happen of course. In other words, they help the Illuminati by urging the public to believe all this evil and horror is inevitable. Resistance is futile according to them. Just read TBM’s ridiculous comment above.

    I have not much hope for this generation because of the predominance of such lies and evil in this world, but I do hope future generations will just get tired of it all and return to some basic truths and sanity.

  5. Sounds like a version of my holiday lunch. The uncle and mother of a friend of mine were trying to recruit me when he left the table to get more food to “not stir him up” on these “conspiracy things.” I looked at his mother and said simply–“I believe the same way” And she blinked and said “Yeah I know.” And I continued “We came to the same conclusions separately and independently of each other.”

    The other word I got tired of today was “reasonable,” as in–we need to be more reasonable, and have more positive attitude to get along in the world.


  6. A good point is that political correctness is rampant, that we shouldn’t judge (bad karma and you might go to hell for it) and we shouldn’t talk about negative things.

    We should only think that we are All One and that Jesus will be here momentarily to set things right. Just around the corner, so hold on.

  7. thoughts by me

    You’re right PJ, Jesus is just around the corner.
    The end times are soon…God have mercy on your soul.

    And for the record, again, I don’t associate with Masons. Most of them believe that Jesus and Satan are related (which is a lie). You’re right on the part that they use the Bible as one of their tactics. That’s why we are completely AGAINST them. You don’t have to be a Mason to believe in Christ and in the Bible. True Masons are not of God!

    You say, “His personal attacks intensify against me in an attempt to draw me out in hopes to pounce on something like a wild hyena out for blood. It is almost as if he is being paid to sit by the computer and wait for me to respond to one of his provocations because as soon as I make a comment, he seems to be there with a counter-attack within minutes.”

    Once again, you assume because you know nothing. I’m not paid to do anything. (though it’s not a bad idea, PJ–it would be nice to have extra money) You are the one who must not have a normal life or job because you have an enormous amount of time to answer everyone’s repsonses as well as search for all these articles you post. So who is sitting at the computer the most, hmm? And besides, that, does it bother you that I respond? You probably wish I would disappear. It’s making you have to defend too hard.

    Readers, if PJ has a right to “teach” and promote his way of thinking, so do we that read his articles.
    The problem with this blog, is that ALOT of what PJ says is true, as far as the One World Order and the idiocracies of our politicians, but what he says about Christianity is a lie. This is HERESY! A little bit of truth mixed in with a lie. That’s exactly what the antichrist will do.

    And PJ–why must you use your “counter attack” with hatred. Everyone who reads this stuff can tell you’re an angry person. Can you not defend your point without calling everyone else stupid and a-holes? Do you really think that this makes your case stronger? You must really not like people like me, because there is a chance that I just might sway somebody to the real and COMPLETE truth. I don’t tell half-truths like you. And who said I was a male?

    I also didn’t accuse you of ALREADY deleting any of my responses. You threatened me with copying/pasting and said you could regard it as spam, and I said that usually the first thing non-christians do is delete, delete, delete. It wouldn’t surprise me if you did. But the fact that you haven’t, kudos to you Mr. PJ Walker! :)
    That’s one nice thing from you, huh?

  8. For anyone interested this website shows that Masonry and Christianity DO NOT go “hand in glove” as PJ so eloquently puts it.

  9. thoughts by me

    Something of interest that I found….

    An interview of Anton LaVey (founder of the Church of Satan)

    BOT: So what does it mean when you say, “I am a Satanist”?

    ALV: It means that I am able to be free up here (points to head) and say it and not worry that the lightning bolt is going to strike me. I think that that’s the first step. We’re coming back to the roots of our conversation now…What are the steps? What’s the way from the second stage to the third stage? That’s one of the ways of getting to the awareness of oneself, one’s own motivations, is being able to be free in the head. That seems to me to be the easiest thing in the world to do…but it obviously isn’t for a lot of people because it’s such atavistic horror.

    Amazing, isn’t it, that both PJ and the founder of The Church of Satan believe in the same thing? Freedom of the mind….independent thought….

    God is the only way that will help us overcome this New World Order that we talk about, not ourselves and this independent thinking we are suppose to strive for.

    1 John 5:21 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

    2 John 1:7
    For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

    3 John 1:11
    Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

    Jude 1: 4-5
    For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
    (AKA Masons, Mormons, Satanists, etc.)

    I will put you into remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.

  10. “Amazing, isn’t it, that both PJ and the founder of The Church of Satan believe in the same thing? Freedom of the mind….independent thought….”

    Uh–a lot of other people believe that too.

    “God is the only way that will help us overcome this New World Order that we talk about, not ourselves and this independent thinking we are suppose to strive for.”

    And whose spin of God are we talking?

    I still believe in questions and thinking and being mentally and spiritually awake.

  11. thoughts by me


    Are you really that gullible? How long will you question? How can you be spiritually awake if you recognize no spiritual being. Who is your god, if it’s not Jesus Christ? What’s your “spin?”

  12. thoughts by me


    I forgot to ask, did you look at the above website on Masonry and Christianity?

    And have you read the Bible yet with you believing “in questions and thinking and being mentally and spiritually awake?”

    It is possible you know. ;)

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  14. I don’t believe I said anything about recognizing or not recognizing a spiritual being. Frankly I don’t even see that it’s relevant to the battle at hand.

    And I will question as long as I have breath and thought.

  15. thoughts by me

    It has EVERYTHING to do with the battle at hand. You better put that together REAL quick!

  16. thoughts by me

    Wil–You still didn’t answer whether or not you’ve spent time reading the Bible or looked into the website I posted.

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