Croatian Knights Templar Initiate Five New Members


The Templar Knights of Croatia, Saint Bernard and Mary Magdalene

The new members were given a Templar cloak, cross and a ring, which they are not allowed to take off.

JAVNO | Dec 6, 2008

Croatian Templars Receive Five New Members

By Gorana Banjeglav

ZAGREB, CROATIA – The Templar Knights of Croatia, Saint Bernard and Mary Magdalene have accepted five new members. In a ceremony which lasted several hours, Teo Ljubic, Franjo Svob, Vlatko Filipovic, Slavko Vizir Kovacic and Kreso, who did not wish to reveal his surname, vowed to be the order`s loyal members.

Thus, they renounced all sin, jealousy, hostility, drunkenness, anger and theft, embracing the symbols of the Templar Order, cross and the circle of 12 apostles. They took an oath to obey the most important rules of Templars, i.e. honour the temple and service, cherish love for meditation, fight like knights and maintain the fraternity.

Templar Order initiation ceremony

Taking their oaths, the new members chose their names. Teo Ljubic chose the name of Richard, Franjo Svob chose Gabrijel, Vlatko Filipovic chose Aurelije, Slavko Vizir Kovacevic chose Valentin, while Kreso chose the name of Ivan-

Every new member was given their cloak and cross, as well as a ring, which must never be taken off. The grand prior for Croatia, Krunoslav Matijevic Klobucar slightly slapped every new member on the cheek with a glove.

Bread, wine and salt which symbolise the passion of Christ

“With this act I do not punish thee, but I do this so that you do not forget the oath you gave to yourself here on this holy soil”,  Matijevic Klobucar said. Two older members covered the new members with cloaks and each new member kissed he grand prior`s sword.

Upon the ceremony`s end, the new members were given bread, wine and salt, which symbolise the passion of Christ. They did not hide their delight with being accepted into the order.

“I feel great, never better. I have been studying various orders for years and studied theology. I decided to do this because I want to help people, the society and religion”, Teo Ljubic told us.

Initiations of new members occur when the need arises, when the candidates are ready, grand prior Krunoslav Matijevic Klobucar explained. According to him, after the great amount of energy and excitement they sense during the initiation ceremony, the candidates are changed.

“This is a good feeling, to constantly give benediction. A part of what you give remains with you”, Matijevic Klobucar says, who was evidently bit fatigued after the long ceremony.

6 responses to “Croatian Knights Templar Initiate Five New Members

  1. is there templar knight order in the u.k and if so can you give further information thank you

  2. Mike stracke

    So… What do these present day Templars actually do? I mean, you can take those oathes, and live by them, but what do they DO?

  3. They run the world according to their secret agenda known as “The New World Order” to give themselves more power over the masses, all under the cloak of “charity and love”. That’s what they do, and have done for centuries. Anyway, this particular group is just one of dozens that all interlock at the top of the elite inner circles. See the still incomplete list of currently active Secret Societies and Aristocratic (incl. Papal) Orders on the lower right of the front page of this blog for some examples.

  4. Is there any way that you could become a Templar Knight without being descended from one. And also are there any Templar Communities on Hawaii or Washington State

  5. @ Kalia: Yes, you can become a Templar without being descended from one. Just Google “how to be a templar” or “templar application.” You should find a site from the Vatican that gives you the criteria to become one. Basically, you have to be a devout Roman Catholic, a leader in your community, and gain approval from the Pope himself. It looks pretty bureaucratic. My grandfather was one and the story goes he was tapped into it because he could read Latin, and speak Spanish, Italian, French, & German. He was a graduate from Harvard on scholarship, a WWII vet, an influential member of his local Rotary Club, and was the Choir Master for his local church. I guess the latter is what a modern Templar’s resume looks like.

  6. goto sktstanthony741 or google scottish knights templar or look around but be aware that some templar organizations are masonic & not actually templar by the masonic lodges own admission

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