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Canadian kids get “Masoni-chipped” while visiting with Santa

Kids get last-minute requests in to Santa

The event also served as a chance for parents to have their children documented by the MasoniCHIP program.

Woodstock Sentinel | Dec 23, 2008

By Elliot Ferguson

masonic_santaPancakes, sausage and Santa Claus were on the menu Saturday morning.

Dozens of children got their last-minute Christmas wishes in as the Woodstock Agricultural Society held its annual breakfast with Santa at the Oxford Auditorium.

“They’ve had breakfast with Santa at the market before but this is the first year we’ve had it here,” said Fred Curry, president of the society.

“We’ve had a very good turnout.

“We thought there was an interest in the community and we’re always trying to promote the market and things happening here at the Woodstock Fairgrounds.

The event also served as a chance for parents to have their children documented by the MasoniCHIP program.

Masons and volunteers from across Oxford were on hand to help make identification kits for local children.

The MasoniCHIP program provides parents with their child’s dental imprints, fingerprints, still photos and a short video.

“It’s a child identification program,” explained Tyler Deheer of Princeton’s Blenheim 108 Masonic Lodge, one of the organizers of Saturday’s program.

All the equipment needed to make an identification profile of a child was contained in a single briefcase, including a laptop computer, a webcam, a microphone and a fingerprint scanner.

“The parents keep all the information. It comes on a CD and a piece of paper.

“It puts everything in a neat package,” Deheer said, adding that the material could be given to police in the event the child goes missing.

“It holds just about anything you could use to identify a child.”

The program originated in the United States and Masons in Ontario have taken the lead role in implementing the program in this province.

Almost 55 children are reported missing in Ontario every day. According the Canada’s Our Missing Children network and Ontario Child Find, a good quality photo of the missing child is often the most effective tool.

Coldest temperatures ever recorded in Siberia expected this week

Oymyakon population to face coldest temperature ever

IBT | Dec 22, 2008

Inhabitants of Oymyakon a Siberian town in Russia, may face the coldest temperature ever as meteorologists expect the weather to plunge 20 degrees lower than the last coldest temperature ever registered on earth.

Oymyakon is known as the coldest town on earth after it reached a temperature of minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit. But in the following days meteorologists expect it to decrease to minus 83.2 to 90.4 degrees Fahrenheit .

“In the next few days we expect a cold spell in the towns of Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, with weather likely to drop to minus 64-68 degrees Celsius (minus 83.2-90.4 Fahrenheit),” a spokesman of a local meteorologist service informed according to Russian information agency Novosti.

The spokesman said that the temperature forecasted is due to an influx of a cold polar air mass.

Siberians bracing for record breaking 90 below zero deep freeze

Coldest habited places in the world expect negative 90F

IBT | Dec 22, 2008

A local meteorological service in the republic of Yakutia in Siberia has forecasted the temperatures will drop as low as 90.4 degrees this week.

The meteorological unity said that due to an influx of a cold polar air mass,the towns Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk will reach critical temperatures ranging from 83.2 to 90.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the spokesman of the center said, according to Russian news agency Novosti.

Oymyakon has the record of the coldest town on earth recording a temperature of 76 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, yet not as cold as the most recent forecasts revealed.

More freezing weather, as well as fog and blizzards are expected in Yakutia this week, the spokesman said adding that the extremely cold weather was due to an influx of a cold polar air mass.

Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk are 372 miles apart from each other.

Children’s Books Use Christmas to Push Global Warming Agenda


Mackinac Island Press

Fox News | Dec 23, 2008

By Jennifer Lawinski

Global warming alarmists, picking up where the Grinch left off, are trying to steal Christmas, some critics say. From children’s books to school plays, the climate change crowd is dreaming of a green Christmas, angering opponents who say ’tis NOT the season to be preachy.

The children’s book “Santa Goes Green” by Anne Margaret Lewis tells how a young boy named Finn gets Santa to leave the North Pole to help him track down Leopold, a polar bear he has adopted, because the sea ice is melting and Leopold’s home is in danger.

“You see, it’s like this Santa,” Finn tells Santa in the book. “I’ve adopted a polar bear named Leopold. He is in danger of losing his home. I’m sure you being in the North Pole you know about the melting glaciers. All I want this year Santa, is to save Leopold and his home.”

Santa is so inspired by his visit to the polar bear that he decides to re-use last year’s wrapping paper, recycle toys and start using wind to generate power for his toy shop.

The book ends with a note from Santa urging kids to send him notes on how to take care of the planet.

But the content has left some reviewers feeling bearish about the book. “The global climate change alarmists are now trying brainwash our kids by infusing their unproven and baseless climate change rhetoric into Santa books,” T. Wilkinson wrote on Amazon.com, giving “Santa Goes Green” a one-star review.

“Sad. Really sad,” Wilkinson wrote.

Lewis, the author, told USA Today she was inspired to write the book after reading an article with her son Cameron about melting glaciers destroying polar bear habitats.

“He asked how we could help the polar bears, so we started going around the house every time we left a room and shut the lights off,” Lewis told the newspaper. “Then we would say, ‘We just saved another polar bear.”

Another environmentalist Christmas tome that hit store shelves this year, “When Santa Turned Green,” by Victoria Perla, says that global warming is causing the North Pole itself to melt, potentially leaving Santa homeless.

The publisher, Thomas Nelson, a publisher of Christian and inspirational books, writes: “The North Pole is melting because of something called global warming! Faced with the reality of what this could mean for Christmas, not to mention the planet and the future, Santa is determined to turn things around. To do so, he calls upon the people he knows better than any other — the children.”

The book has been given the nod of approval by former Vice President Al Gore.

“‘When Santa Turned Green’ helps even the youngest child grasp the importance of caring for our planet and solving the climate crisis,” Gore said, according to the publisher’s Web site.

A musical, “Santa Goes Green,” for children in grades 4 through 8, also made its debut this year. The 40-minute production features seven songs.

“Melting ice caps, global warming, surfing reindeer! The North Pole is going green this year and everyone is excited – everyone, that is, except Santa who likes things just the way they are,” publisher Hal Leonard’s product description says.

While Santa finds going green “inconvenient,” the reindeer and Mrs. Claus sing to change his ways.

Song titles include: “Recycle the Fruitcake,” “The Greenhouse Effect” and “Turn Off The Pump (And Plug In The Sleigh.)”