First-Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball to be Held for Obama


Tickets are now on sale for the first-ever Masonic Inaugural Ball held in Washington, D.C.

PRWEB | Jan 2, 2009

William R. Singleton Hope Lebanon Lodge #7 is hosting the first-ever Masonic Inaugural Ball in honor of President-elect, Barack Obama and Vice-President Elect Joseph Biden.

Tickets are limited, so you are encouraged to purchase yours quickly.

This first-ever event will be held at 8:00 p.m.:

Stars Bistro
2120 P Street, NW
Washington, DC

While other inauguration balls are costing $125-$500 or more per ticket, we’ve arranged for an evening with some amazing food, a great DJ, and brotherhood, all for $65 per ticket, we’ve also included an incentive to help pay the baby sitter, couples may go for just $120 a piece.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Masonic Foundation of the District of Columbia.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit:


Traffic will be difficult to get through the District of Columbia. We are recommending that people take metro. Stars Bistro is conveniently located west of the Dupont Circle Metro Station (exit north.) There will be valet parking available for those choosing to drive.



85 responses to “First-Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball to be Held for Obama

  1. FROM: J-MC Patriot Alert Task Force (
    TO: William Singleton – MasonHopeLebanonLodge (
    CC: Frank ‘Chuck’ Spinney – Pin2G-Analyst (,
    CC: CarlIsle_Army Parameters (
    DATE: Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 2:39 PM
    SUBJECT: “Can’t you recognize bullshit? Don’t you think it would be a useful item to add to your intellectual toolkits to be capable of saying, when a ton of wet steaming bullshit lands on your head, ‘My goodness, this appears to be bullshit’?”‘”

    William R. Singleton-Hope-Lebanon Lodge No. 7
    4441 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington DC

    To Whom It May Concern at:

    RE: First-Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball to be Held for Obama

    No disrespect intended, but THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

    And should your Masonic creed of self righteous charity Poverty Pimp DoGoodership include unequivocal support for freedom of speech; and an appreciation of brutal Honourable Honesty;





    As for Barrack Obama, I think if he came to the same city I lived in, I’d leave the goddamn fucking city, just not to be around the poisonouse two-faced FAKE SPEAK WITH FORKED TONGUE GODDAMN BULLSHIT RHETORIC THAT HIS PRESENCE PERMEATES THE AIR WITH. But hey, you are welcome to suck his ego dick if that makes you happy; you may however find that sucking black niggers dicks who use their dicks for chopping wood, is going to require you to suck his dick till you choke on it; and he still won’t even have the goddamn fucking sensitivity to even know you were sucking his dick. That’s what happens when you agree to suck the dicks of assholes who are so in their heads, they ain’t got the first goddamn fucking clue what brutal HONOURABLE emotional and psychological honesty is.

    But anyway, hope you enjoy your Suck Obama’s Speak With Forked Tongue Ego-Penis Little Charity Inauguration. If I had to spend $65 to suck someone’s dick, I’d suck USMC Gunnery Sgt. Gunny Dye’s dick any goddamn fucking day and 15 times on Sundays, cause he knows when you are sucking his dick with a goddamn fucking feather, you don’t have to fucking suck it right off, before the goddamn fucking nigger wakes up.


    Lara Johnstone

    SQSwans: Practicing Radical Hon(our)sty

  2. Maybe it’s just the neighborhood I live in–but I’ve noticed for a while a high percentage of cars with Obama stickers and various masonic emblems and the like.

  3. This may not relate precisely–and I lost the link unfortunately–but past browsing led me to group of “building green sustainable future” links and sites–all rife with “green” variations of the Masonic compass emblems.

  4. Yes, well all these various globalist agendas are going toward the one big Masonic agenda, the Novus Ordo Seclorum. And yet, people still think most Freemasons are “good guys” roasting weenies for the Cub Scouts. Utter bullshit. They are the biggest liars, trained professional bullshit artists, on the planet.

  5. Well I’ve been told more or less–everything I believe–I shouldn’t, and what I don’t believe–well I’m probably wrong and should. With the frequent line: “You can’t really know for sure.” or “You have NO way of Really knowing.”

    So I guess it means I should always doubt myself and stand for nothing? Ommmmmm…

    Ha–I’ll let it go at that. Haha

  6. Meanwhile–now that the “drought” is mostly over–the State of Georgia is now coming out with that they have probably been basing everything on faulty data and calculations as to what constitutes “normal rainfall” here.


  7. It’s about as much of an admission of his membership that you’re likely to come across. That recent news too, about Prince Hall finally being accepted into the fold … hmm. I’d say it is likely that he really is a member of Prince Hall.

    Has anyone outright just asked him? Campaign manager or someone. Is he on record denying or confirming? Someone should at least get him on the record, one way or another.

  8. Terry,

    First off before I forget, check that William Singleton’s bibliography. Quite a prolific Masonic scholar. Check some of these titles:

    Customs of the German Stonemasons
    Customs of the Scottish Masons in the 17th Century
    Druidism and Freemasonry
    Early Masonry in France
    Early Masonry in Scotland
    Freemasonry Among the Anglo-Saxons
    Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries
    Freemasonry and the Crusades
    Freemasonry and the House of Stuart
    Freemasonry in Asia
    Freemasonry in British America
    Freemasonry in Mexico
    History of the Introduction of Freemasonry Into Each State and Territory of the United States
    The Anti-Masonic Excitement
    The Astrologers and Freemasons
    The Cathedral of Strasburg and the Stonemasons of Germany
    The French Masonic Guilds of the Middle Ages
    The General Assemblies and Lodges of Medieval Masons
    The General History of Christian Knighthood
    The History of Colored Masonry in the United States
    The Introduction of Knight Templarism Into America
    The Organization of the Grand Lodge of Scotland
    The Roman Colleges of Artificers
    The Rosicrucians and Freemasons
    The Royal Order of Scotland
    The Royal Society and Freemasonry
    The Secrets of the Medieval Masons
    The Story of the Scottish Templars

    I mean, this guy was deep, deep, deep and a very high level initiate to know all these subjects which are the very ones that researchers need to understand today.

    There is a lot happening with Prince Hall lately gearing up for Obama. I have added a number of related links (see above) to this article that pretty much prove connection to Freemasonry, yet, it is certain that his handlers consider it imprudent to mention his membership. After all, people might begin to suspect something. After he dies, we will probably see it on Political Graveyard that he was Prince Hall, Cryptic, Shrine, Jester etc.


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  10. The masonics do some good things for those less fortunate that others. Good for them.

  11. Armigideon Intellishit’s! rant is perhaps the greatest crack head rant in the history of anyone with an internet connection. The absolutely batshit posts of the Aftermath are going to look like a sick fairy liberal picnic next to this new kind of profane epileptic insanity.

    Sir, ma’am or it that is called Armigideon Intellishit, I salute you!

    P.S. Where in the fuck is Nauru?

  12. The anti-christ will walk hand and hand with Obama into the White House! He will takeover our country and kill the masons who back him ! (they do not even see what is right in front of their eyes!) We will be an Islamic State and will be living hell on earth. God save America! People PRAY!!!

  13. madmonq,

    You are just spewing a bunch of unintelligible bullshit because you got nothin of substance to say about anything. You are nothing but a festering pustule on Intellishit’s ass. What a frickin loser..

  14. Lara Johnstone, Elequently put madame! But I have to tell you that the severe tourettes you suffer from does distract somewhat from the point you are making.

  15. Another example of how this Muslim sold out to the jews….no wonder things are the way they are

  16. George Washington was a Free Mason.
    He gave us the freedom to speak our minds. If I was not going to the Blue Diamond Inaugural Ball supporting Health Care I would go to this one. Good job Lodge 7

  17. Free? In what context?

    And he didn’t “give” us anything. A lot of people have died and sacrificed over the years for freedoms or the ideals of them.

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  20. Washington did not have lead the country. He was also offered a crown, but he did not accept it.

  21. Madmonq,

    In hindsight reading my post, I’d agree with the profane epileptic insanity part; I was just more than a little insensed by the PR ooze that was permeating from the ad, that — well I sure don’t think they want my type there, but should they ever want to have an inuaguration ball, for some of the different kind of trailer trash crowd, then that kind of advertising would not find any buyers; WHATSOEVER.

    As for Nauru, small island in Pacific; mix with Spiritwalker, and you get a St. Martin’s Rock, Shaken Not Stirred, Iriquois Confed type Crazy Honour Thinking Leadership Eagle Cloud ArmyIsle! :-)


    Tom Hall,

    Thanks Tom. As for the Tourrettes: Mitigating Circumstances Perhaps? … ie. If you hadn’t seen the person you love for seven years; as a result of a Society of Jesus Jesuit Masonic Conspiracy; you’d also be kind of sensitive to these Masonic Morons; perhaps? Or maybe you’d just forget about the person you love, and find a substitute? Pity, the only substitute that shall — perhaps work — to help me to give him up, is a REAL LIVE BULLET TO THE BRAIN, cause O’Brien’s RATS ain’t worked; so perhaps one day, Richard Bach’s Hamas Brigade may oblige. We shall see.

    CC: “I really believe that anyone who’s even thinking of having a child in this world is coldly considering an act of cruelty.”

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  23. I never really understood what the free masons were. Whether they were good or bad, liberal or conservative, or just a bunch of old men.


  24. Well, what DO you think spinnakerjksc? Have you made up your mind about the the Masons yet or still undecided? If you are still undecided, then I would advise you to go to the Illuminati Research links on the lower right of the page and do some open-minded investigations, but also keep reading current events on the subject here in the Secret Society and Illuminati archives.

  25. I’m actually curious how they’re getting away with this. I’m a FreeMason, myself. The Grand Lodge obsolutely forbids this type of politics taking place within the temple. Religion and politics are specifically not allowed.

    By the way. For those who believe we’re up to no good, rule the world, are multi-billionaire devil worshipers, I guess I’m one of the uninitiated. I do and have none of the above.

    If you do have any questions as to why certain things are certain ways, I’ll be happy to answer them from an “insider’s” perspective. Just ask away. I’ll be as honest as I can be. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll say so.

    Oh…and by the way…because this is a pet peeve of mine. “Free” in “Free and Accepted Masons” has no bearing whatsoever to the state of one’s being in a society. It dealt with the origins of masonry and apprenticeships. A “Free Mason” by literal term is one who has completed the apprenticeship and is permitted to wander around and work for whomever will hire him. Very similar to the apprentices working for say the Electrical Workers’ Union.

  26. Re reading my last post, I realize that one comment was easily misinterpreted. I said Politics and Religion were not allowed. In that comment, I mean that the discussion of those two subjects are not allowed inside the lodge. Lest it start and argument and create hard feelings.

  27. Masons run both politics and religions. All the top players in both categories are Masons (or related groups). The New World Order Agenda is Masonic. Freemasonry is itself a religion, so it is with hearty laughter that I hear you claim they don’t discuss religion. Regardless of whether or not Masons discuss politics inside the lodge or not, they do amongst themselves in other locations. So this is just another of the many canned myths put out by the Masonic propaganda machine. In fact, a whole 500 page book could be written just on the myths of Masonry alone.

  28. PJ. Would you call yourself a Christian?

  29. madmonq,

    Nope. I’m just a regular guy with no religious or political biases.

    Now tell me what you claim to be.

  30. Not batshit crazy

  31. Pastor Manning calls Obama the Devil

  32. Hi from Sydney Australia , 2 words ,


    The Freemasons are the gangstalkers , they murder people every day with GANGSTALKING they are killing the best and fairest truth fighters of the planet .

    Freemasons are deicated satanists and combined major leage witchcraft as a weapon in the FREEMASONRY GANGSTALKING please wake up America God Bles .

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  35. is it true that obama is a high degree mason? please confirm

  36. So far, there is no official confirmation although there is much circumstantial evidence as seen here and in the related links at the bottom of the article. We will just have to wait until he dies and read it in his obituary, or on Political Graveyard, as Masonic membership of the elite is kept top secret from the “profane”, until it’s safe to reveal it to them, that is.

  37. it is confirmed that his wife is CFR tho right?

  38. Specifically Michelle Obama is Vice President for Community and External Affairs, of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (originally CCFR), a subsidiary of the CFR.

    It was founded in 1922, a year after the CFR in New York, in response to US “isolationism”.

    Obama: Address to Chicago Council on Global Affairs

    Of course, as per usual, Obama’s administration is jam-packed with CFR members and one of his most senior advisors is Zbigniew Brzezinski.

    These are all highly elite globalists and highly corrupt liars. This is not your government. This is the enemy pretending to be your saviors.

    Foreign Policy Brain Trusts: Obama’s Advisers

    Barack Obama CFR info

  39. Armigideon Intellshit:
    Why would you print Lara Johnstone filth? Comments like”Sucking black niggers dicks” is very unbecoming. It make you wonder whose more dangerous…The Illuminati NWO or you so-called fake patriots?
    Personally, I think if you so-called fake patriots ruled the world the world would be a far worse place to live in.
    You people don’t understand anything about freedom and what it really means.

    And Juliano with his “House Nigger” comment. I think you’re disgusting.

    Tom Hall you think Lara Johnstone comments were “eloquently put”?

    You people just don’t get it…the Illuminati beat you already. Your racism bifurcates and marginalizes everyone. It’s called divide and conquer. You can call Barack Obama a nigger all you want, but in the end whose going to take up your cause?
    Hardly anybody!
    And why should they?…so they can live under your tyranny.
    You so-called patriots are no better than the Illuminati you hate. As a matter of fact you’re just like them in every way because if you ever win your war against them everyone who isn’t a white anglo-saxon Protestant will be eliminated.

    There’s nothing Christian about you people, and why is it that anti-semitic bigots like yourselves worship a dead Jew named Jesus anyway?
    The more I read up on this stuff, and the more I listen to you fools preach your NWO crap the more I see it for what it really is.

    Is global government here?…You bet!
    Will it get worse?…Most likely!
    But you so-called patriots don’t have the mental capacity to take on the challenge.
    The truth is most of you are schizophrenics whose hatered for all others is your mental illness/weakness, which has no bases in reality.
    You don’t truly ascertain the world around you, which means you’re deeply dysfunctional. And that’s why you’ll never be organizied.
    I mean look at yourselves…It’s plainly obvious whose controlling the world and yet you fools manage to spin it on niggers, hymes, spics, gooks, faggots, dago whopping Catholics, towel heads and so on.
    Get a clue…
    I’ve come to the conclusion that the Black Nobility and the Zionist Bankers rule the western world because of your hatered. All they have to do is incite and entice your reactionary behavior and off they rule and get what they want every time. 9/11 is a prime example of this reactionary enticement.
    Which makes you fools easy to manipulate….
    A Case in point:
    Most of you vote against your interest just so the minorities don’t receive any benifits (such as welfare, property, or basic civil right, while you end up disenfranchising yourselves in the process.

    How pitiful!…And Lame…Real Crippled folks!

    PJwalker9/11 I’m deeply shocked that you’d let such language fester on this message board unchallenged? Now, I’m one who will always defend free speech, but I do think when people make ignoramus comments they should be confronted.

    If what I am seeing here on this message board is the best this world has got then maybe Barack Hussein Obama and the Bilderberg group are the lesser of two evils.

    “Lord Save us all!!!!”

  40. Bobo,

    I don’t censor comments unless they are obviously commercial spam, copied webpages or repetitive stuff over and over again. Language is not an issue with me. That’s the policy. If it’s offensive to some, I can’t help that. This isn’t a Christian blog. I never claimed it was, so almost anything goes. I guess that makes me a dreaded libertarian. If agents provocateur post, I let them and allow others to distinguish between theirs and the sincere comments. I also cannot respond to every comment that comes along. If you want to confront others’ comments, you are free to do so.

    As you can see, I also allow people like you to criticize me. Who woulda thunk it?

  41. How do you figure what I’m saying is disinfo and insane? I’m not the one making epithets. The people I mentioned above are.
    I haven’t made one disinfo comment on any of your message boards. As a matter of fact everything I’ve every said/commented on was spot on.
    You can’t win the war against Illuminati terrorism engaging in racism. When you do that everyone loses, and that’s a fact. And yes I called the people I mentioned up above “Fake Patriots” because what they were conveying is unpatriotic.
    And if you think I’m an agent because I don’t believe in bigotry of any kind then I don’t know what to tell you…except you’re totally wrong!
    I’ve said this many times before to people “you can’t win being a racist!” However, people have the right to be if they want to, but what no one has the right to do is disenfranchise others from living their lives to the fullest, and I’m sorry if you disagree with that point of view, but I believe in freedom for all.
    Besides, calling Barack Obama a “nigger” isn’t going to win many people over to your cause and that’s a fact. And I think someone needed to call them out on it, and so that’s what I did.
    I’m sorry you feel differently about it. But if people like Lara Johnstone, Tom Hall, and Juliano continue to engage in racial nonsense then they might as well hand the NWO the keys to all of their worldly possessions, including their free will because the Illuminati/Black Nobility have been using racism, fundamentalism, and class status to win their wars for hundreds and thousands of years, and they will continue to do so unless people change for the better.
    Just look at what’s going on in Gaza…

    And how about Georgia!

    What about Israel and Lebanon in June 2006,


    Iraq with the Shites and the Sunni!

    The Karen people in Burma being slaughtered by the SPCD.

    How about the fact the 60% of the worlds population is living in abject poverty…do you think that’s by accident?

    If we all would just stop hating one another then the Illuminati/NWO would have no power over us.
    This is why I said they don’t get it, and that the Illuminati beat them already, and I’m sorry if you can’t fathom that.

    But try to think about it anyway because I’m right about this issue.

  42. Bobo,

    I made a mistake. I do that every once in awhile when I’m not quite up to par. I mistook your comment as being from somebody else (intellishit). Then, quickly deleted my comment. No I don’t think that about you, so please accept my apology.

    Again, I try not to control what people say, no matter how dastardly it is. I want others to sift it through for themselves. I trust that good judgment can triumph.

  43. hey you illuminati experts, can you please confirm the validity of the information provided about the masons and illuminati from this 2 part video called “exposing the illuminati from within?” you can watch it on google video, just stumbled across it and thought it was kinda interesting.
    heres the link:

  44. George:
    Some of what Bill Schnoebelen conveys is true, but I find him somewhat incredulous and not a reliable source.
    His life story seems a little hyperbolic or should I say fallacious.
    Personally, I don’t believe he was ever a Freemason. Also, I’ve read some book reviews about one of his books on and the truth is he seems to be a christian fundamentalist of sorts just like Eric John Phelps, but without the racism stigma attached to him, which is good, but either way you slice it, I don’t recommend using Bill Schnoebelen as a source.

    Read Seth Payson’s “Proof of the Iluminati and John Robison “Proof of a Conspiracy”
    These two books will get you well on your way insofar as ascertaining Illuminism.

    I hope I was helpful

  45. I have seen some of Schnoebelen’s stuff before. My first objection is that if he was such a high blood-drinking Voodoo-Satanic-Masonic-Illuminati priest, he must have done some pretty horrible things, committed heinous crimes in other words, to get to that high degree of Evilness. So if that is the case, why isn’t he in jail? And if it isn’t the case, then he is exaggerating his status in the occult underworld. He says that he had “tried everything, so I might as well try this” meaning that he decided to try giving himself to Jesus. So what it was is that he did go through the motions in his search for power and enlightenment, but when he finally found it to be empty, when he had seen his life going nowhere but down, he finally looked for a way out in desperation.

    These talks are given at the Prophecy Club. If you dig into it, you will find out that the Prophecy Club is entangled, as are most Christian “ministries” with all kinds of infighting between the various sects, all claiming to be the “true” Christianity. This of course is way it has been for centuries, each sect claiming the other is in “apostasy” and cursed, while the ones flinging the mud always claim to be righteous, “saved” and favored with a direct hotline to the Almighty Himself, etc. Even a Christian should get weary and sick of this nonsense, but usually they just continue down this path of delusion.

    While Schnoebelen does have a wide grasp of the subject, it isn’t much beyond (if at all) what an average researcher can glean from a few years of investigation, reading, listening etc. In the end, I am inclined to believe that he has been involved in some New Age Wicca cults and irregular Masonic lodges, but he has probably exaggerated his evilness to make himself appear to have been worse than he was for effect. After listening to him a few times, it seemed to me that he was kind of a pathetic, harmless Mittyesque occultist with delusions of grandeur who eventually came down to earth a bit, enough to realize his “career” was going nowhere and was self-defeating. Yes, perhaps he got scared too and then looked around in panic for a way out. Now he has a renewed and more socially acceptable career as a Christian minister and Illuminati researcher. So all’s well with Mr Schnobelen now.

  46. thanks guys.. i had a feeling he was not 100% just by listening to his voice lol… =X

  47. masons are super rich people that control the government and practice satanism
    the clues are everywhere even in our money and national monuments

  48. A lot of the lower masons won’t know what you are talking about, but the elite masonic families do know you are right. But anyone can just open up their eyes and look at all the symbols of corporations, state and federal government and with a bit of research find out the occult meanings of those symbols which are everywhere you look, on cars, on the money, on storefronts, on t-shirts, etc. Just look at all the skull symbols that have been popping out all over the place since 9/11, even on children’s clothing! That is the Deaths Head that comes down to us through the Templars, Knights of Malta, Nazis, Skull and Bones and so forth. And the skull is a very central masonic symbol. We live in a Masonic Matrix like fish in water who know nothing of air. Time to awaken from this world and know reality as it really is.

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  50. People,

    We need MORE Masons, not less. What you do not realize is that true Freemasons have been behind every positive revolution that our nation has needed. Our Independence? Masons. Our second battle for Independence? Masons. World War Two? Masons. If you all would have preferred, we could have been speaking German as Nazis right now instead of enjoying what freedoms we actually have. Those who funded the Nazis did not do so on behalf of Freemasonry. Henry Ford was a radical exception and did not speak for the organization. Aleister Crowley did not speak for Freemasonry either. In every organization, you will have your “bad apples”. I’m sure there was a criminal who served you food today somewhere. Does that make the entire restaurant a criminal organization? No.

    I am a 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason, I serve on the High 12 council, I am a Rosicrucian, an Oddfellow, and I am a member of the Prince Hall Phylaxis Research Society. I can tell you under the oath of my Creator that we are NOT satanists. We worship a Creator of the Universe, not some demon entity.

    Those who were behind 9/11 were in certain groups of their own, but were NOT Masons and not connected to Freemasonry in any way. The Skull and Bones and Scroll and Key are not tied to Freemasonry. Political Zionist Israel is not tied to Freemasonry. Islamic fascism is not tied to Freemasonry. There are two groups of Illuminati, one is negative and one is positive. The negative ones are associated with the “military-industrial complex” you have heard of. That group is about money and power, not about God and the works of beauty in the Universe. Freemasonry promotes the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. We do indeed share old tales of how religions first started thousands of years ago, and how the core beliefs apply to today’s world and our behaviors as a society. We share these traditions through statements, symbols, and Shakespearian-style plays that some call “rituals”. There is absolutely nothing satanic about it.

    As far as landmarks that are Masonic in design, yes, many of our nation’s architects were highly influenced by Masonic symbols and “Sacred Geometry”, which is nothing more than the expression of God’s teachings through mathematical equations and numerological data. They liked to make people THINK, something that many in today’s society do not do for themselves.

    I invite any of you to go to a local Lodge and ask for a tour. A Brother Mason would be very happy to show you around and will help you in any way that he can.

    People, you need to have open minds and stop letting others control your ability to obtain knowledge.

  51. He has the royal bloodlines through his mother’s side, so yes, he is the King of the crumbling American Empire for the moment.

  52. No more comments after that huh? Looks like real knowledge tends to shut conspiracy theorists up

  53. Why do we listen to Clandestine Masons from Clandestine Lodges?

  54. Barack Hussein Obama is not now, nor has he ever been a Freemason. This includes Prince Hall Freemasonry.

    While many professional conspiracy bloggers continue to make such a claim, it is baseless.

    There is absolutely no record officially or otherwise of his membership.

    The mere fact that a single lodge acting on its own accord to host a party under the title of “inagural party” is not and does not reflect any type of support for Barack Obama, his policies, his position, or his agenda.

    As an aside, Freemasonry is absolutely not concerned with Barack Obama or his condition of employment as a public servant to the United States.

  55. “lodge acting on its own accord to host a party under the title of “inagural party” is not and does not reflect any type of support for Barack Obama”

    Hohoho! Anyone with the least bit of sense left in his head can see that this particular masonic lodge is supporting Obama.

    The real question here is: why does the grandmaster of the Masonic Matrix (his own site’s name!) want to push people away from seeing any connection between Obama and the Craft?

    We have the same types of people snooping around trying to deny the same for Ron Paul and George Bush etc. On the one hand, they deny their connections, yet in reality they support their existence and policies.

    Again, the very interesting fact is that, though the Masons (ie The Builders of the Cathedrals and Pyramids and of Western Civilization itself including the New Rosicrucian Atlantis of America), are very shy about admitting their involvement in both religion and politics, the majority of US presidents have been Masons or involved in similar orders like Skull and Bones and the leaders of the Christian religion by and large are either Masons or Knights of the various related royal and papal orders of so-called chivalry. Hehehehe.

  56. Ryan Barber

    Interesting. The Grand Lodge of New Hampshire (as well as a number of other Grand Lodges) just voted to no longer recognize the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia because they recently chartered a Lodge in Jordan which is technically under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of England. I happened to be sitting in the semi-annual communication when this vote took place last fall. (I can’t remember, but I might have voted against it myself). So for any of you conspiracy theorists, I hate to burst your bubble, but D.C. Lodges are no longer recognized by the rest of the Masonic world (until they apologize for their little mistake that is). In my experience Lodges love to host events that will make themselves look active in the community and become recognized by other Lodges for their good merits, and what better than to have a good old yea America party?? Unfortunately, I missed the annual NH Grand Lodge communication last month, so I’m not sure about the follow up data as far as D.C.’s status is concerned. Any updates from other jurisdictions??

  57. Ryan Barber:
    Personally, I don’t believe you. Masons always cover up for other Masons. That’s the way the craft works. it’s like a poker game…sometimes one player gets up and shoots another player, but in the end if an outsider tries to muscle in on the action then all of you react like gang busters. You people are intolerant of the people outside of your circle. That’s why what you do has always been clandestine from the very beginning. as long as you so-called hold the mysteries you think you have one up on us, but truth be told, we know all about you now, and knowledge is power my friend.


    BRAVO BoBo09 you have nailed it.

  59. Proof that Obama is a Freemason.

    Please watch as Obama and Bush’s buddy/ former CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer do the Masonic hand shake.
    If you didn’t think the election was a crock of shit before i bet you do now.
    Not to say that Mccain was any better, but he’s not a Mason so he didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning even if the elections were legit, which they weren’t of course.

  60. America is a Masonic matrix that we are born into without a clue as to its real nature, yet the 900 lb Masonic gorilla is never explained to us in schools, the media or by the government. It has been this way ever since the states agreed to the American Union in the closed-door Constitutional Conventions lead by Freemasons, but even before that, America was planned to be the New World Atlantis by the Rosicrucian forerunners of Freemasonry. So there is no sense in trying to figure out which government operative is a mason or not because they all go to bat for the Great Work. That includes Ron Paul who gives the masonic handshake and the horned hand signal to those in the know, who goes to lodge meetings, whose wife is Eastern Star and whose daughters were Rainbow girls. Anyone who says he doesn’t serve the Masonic Matrix is either fooling themselves or is just a liar.

  61. As Vernon Reid the guitarist for the rock band Living Colour once said: “History’s the lie that they teach you in school.”
    As long as the Masonic truth is covered up & people aren’t willing to listen to the real facts, there may not be much hope. But I have to be honest…I think this is all going to blow up in our faces real soon. How America handles it when it does is the question?
    I was talking to a co-worker and he believes that America is going to end up like Brazil in the next 5 to 10 years, and I have to agree with that view point.

  62. Yes, history is a lie that we are fed and this lie is reinforced in us every day by the media which spins just about everything. In fact everything we see in public life is like a stage play. It is all staged, all lies, everything pre-scripted, every congressional session – just going through the motions – every speech by cabinet members, every whitewash investigation of themselves, every pronouncement by media newsreader psyops officers, etc, all lies or spin, based on a foundation of deep black lies. It is really incredible what a farce we live in, the Matrix…

    So, the antidote to lies is truth, something very unpalatable to the masses, something uncool, unsexy, but nevertheless seems to be getting more popular. We need to keep hanging onto hope for a better future for the world and never give into cynicism, just as we hang onto our own personal hopes and dreams, never giving up on them. So the way I look at it is that nothing is inevitable. As soon as we start seeing the horrors of the NWO as inevitable, we then adopt the mindset of the Borg: “Resistance is Futile” and of course, this only serves the elite.

    On the other hand, the trends are unmistakable. If people do nothing while evil men and women plot against us, then yes, it will go from bad to worse.

  63. Oh man! Obama is not a freemason, but does that matter? No, he may or may not be a part of the agenda of the Global elite, however it would be nearly impossible for him to become president without their consent. As for “Armigideon” you sound a lot like Albert Pike…I can be sure that Obama is not the anti-Christ because som many people want to call him that, according to the text the anti-Christ will be welcomed by nearly everyone…Be honest, people only care about freedom of speech so that they can come together and organize cabals of hate. I heard someone say that secession was an “American” idea. Are you kidding, the fact is and remains that a group of people in the U.S. (usually, but not always to the south and midwest) are ruled by fear. Fear of change, fear of anything that is unlike them. The unchecked fear leads to bigotry, which leads to racism, which leads to the vast majority of the country siding against you. Racists are good for one thing, to provide entertainment for the rest of us.

  64. Phil83,

    “Obama is not a freemason”

    Are you a Mason? What gives you inside knowledge of whether Obama is a Mason or not?

    “may or may not be a part of the agenda of the Global elite”

    Casting doubt about Obama’s agenda, not wise around here because it gives you away. Truth: He is NWO all the way with connections to Masons, the CFR, Bilderbergers, Zionists, the Vatican and the royal families of the UK especially. He carries on the perpetual war policy, the incremental Big Brother police state, the NAU, the vaccine depopulation agenda and on and on. Every NWO program gets carried forward by him.

    “I can be sure that Obama is not the anti-Christ”

    Again, what gives you inside information? Anyway, I never talk about anti-christ because religion is mind-control.

    “people only care about freedom of speech so that they can come together and organize cabals of hate”

    This is a huge lie. People care about freedom of speech for its own sake. There is no agenda other than free expression of ideas. And that is what this site is all about. Neither is it a racist site in any way. I never rail against Jews, Blacks, Muslims or anyone else for there religion, nationality or color.

    “secession: group of people in the U.S. (usually, but not always to the south and midwest) are ruled by fear. Fear of change, fear of anything that is unlike them.”

    Another twisting of the facts. The most extreme racist hate groups like the KKK are Masonic in origin. These types of groups always put taint on and neutralize real grass-roots movements. The real reason for Southern Secession was about self-determination and was sparked by punitive taxation and trade policies. The myth that the Civil War was about slavery is another way to try to discredit all secessionists with the race card. Secession is merely about being independent. America is supposedly the Land of the Free, but in fact the Federal Government has been abusing its people and its own Constitution right from the start and it has only progressed and gotten worse and worse to the point that States will have no choice other than to secede unless they want to be enslaved under a global NWO dictatorship.

    In conclusion, I would say you are a professional spin-meister and twister of reality, but not very good at it because you reveal yourself in every sentence.

  65. Question: Why does the consipracy world think that everything is a coverup when they are told point blank transparent truth?

    Barack Obama is not a Freemason. This is a transparent fact.

    Frankly if he were a Freemason you would see it bragged about on half of the 63,000 Masonic Blue Lodge websites and newsletters.

    Another Fact – Masonic Lodges keep excellent records. As a matter of fact members are required to sign-in when attending. So, honestly, it wouldn’t be hard to identify him at all if he were in fact a Freemason.

    He is not and has never been. I understand controversy sells news, but this is getting a bit absurd.

    Masonic Membership is not secret. You but need to ask a man if he is a Freemason and he will proudly, yet humbly tell you he is. We are not scared to say so. It is a badge of honor to be a Freemason.

    You should really put more effort into the accuracy of your posting lest readers begin to disregard everything you say as baseless concern trolling.

    Reason obeys itself, and ignorance obeys whatever is dictated to it. – Thomas Paine

  66. Well, I am a freemason, and have been since 1996.

    I have read a ton of the posts here, and just have to say my piece.

    As someone who takes pride in the positive influence Masonry has had on our society, I do what I can to promote the tenets of the craft from a philosophical perspective. That said, many members view it as a big sort of “good old boys” club and do their own share of not thinking about the consequences of their actions.

    Boboo, the truth is that we (Master Masons) are only required to come to the aid of other “worthy brother Master Masons”, which implies that we are to use our own judgement as to whether or not the brother in question is actually acting in a fashion consistent with the philosophical standards that Freemasonry is supposed to uphold.

    I personally have witnessed and stood up against other brothers in the face of this sort of hypocrisy, both openly in Lodge, and quietly of my own accord, in due respect to the situation at hand.

    I am not proud of the negative aspects of our history that have come of Freemasonry, but am proud to have thus far done my part to bring right action about within the organization. A case in point, I came to the craft absolutely loving the idea of an organization that is based on the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God. Imagine my dismay when, in the course of a Grand Lodge (Illinois) communication to our Lodge about a vote concerning whether or not to “officially recognize” the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, and thereby meaning the many Prince Hall Masons in the state who share the same philosophical principals. Prince Hall masonry emerged as a direct result of the lack of comprehension by members of this self-same enlightened group of which I was a part. I admired the fact that they had built up their organization in the face of opposition because of the principle. When the time came to discuss the vote, I was appalled at some of the drastic commentary on behalf of some of my brethren that, after that day, I could no longer in good conscience call “worthy”. I debated them openly and championed the recognition within my own lodge, and the vote passed, as it did across the state. Since the primary opposing logic/rhetoric was racial prejudice (Prince Hall masonry evolved from blacks who were not “freeborn” and thereby not allowed membership back when people born into slavery were still alive), I was proud to see that final vestige of discriminitory behavior over-ruled, albeit not eliminated.

    My point is this, it is incumbent upon every individual to continue to consider his choices for the merit they hold and evaluate his stances in the world against his conscience. More people doing this would equate to a correlating degradation of the injustice/control conspiracy/dehumanization/hatred and anything else you can imagine that upright action would diffuse.

    For the record, I have never once witnessed any sort of devil/demon worship, nor has my heart ever given me warning that I have been involved in such.

    Also, to those who would say that we Freemasons control the world, I would say that as an unemployed single father who has barely been scraping by for over a year, you are absolutely right on target. What better way to control the world than to convince everyone that I am an unproductive recipient of government unemployment benefits? Please read the dripping sarcasm intended.

    I am still trying my best to leave this world better than I found it, and so are many Freemasons. But just like you can discredit any organization as corrupt for the actions/positions of some of its members, you can also (and should in my humble opinion) award credit for the positive contributions it makes.

    As an extension of our humanity, any organization is capable of having dichotomous positions depending upon how/where you examine it. I don’t think you can name a singe person that doesn’t also carry this issue on a personal level (I most certainly fit my own description here), so why is it that Freemasonry should be judged without giving credence to that very concept?

    Thanks for leaving all of the rants/posts/commentary/opinions of the various contributors available her so that they can speak for themselves Boboo. That is truly a virtue espoused by the Freemasons who helped to found this country when all they had was their honor and their word and a belief that tyranny could be combatted successfully through right action. Imagine laying your life on the line to reject the greatest military power in the world on the basis of an idea, and perhaps you will understand why it is I am proud to be a Mason.

  67. if you seriously buy this crock of shit then your a sad person. there hasnt been a masonic president since Gerald Ford.

  68. yourdumb, [should be YOU’RE dumb, dummy]

    First of all, you need to realize that this Masonic Ball for Obama was a real event. If you think it was a crock, then complain to the Singleton Lodge, not me. The whole thing including the Masonic graphic with the black/white handshake comes from them, proving that this particular Masonic Lodge itself supported Obama’s presidency. On top of that, it was the very first, according to them, Masonic Inagural Ball, which is nothing to sneeze at, and so indicates extra warm feelings from the Brotherhood towards Obama. So there is nothing but naked truth here, no BS. But when facts are presented to secret society psychopaths, it is like pouring water on fire. A whole lot of spitting and spluttering, hissing, fuming and steaming results. I calmly provide the facts. The Brotherhood provides the blather and the BS.

    Kennedy was not a Mason, but LBJ was. Kennedy was killed for opposing the CIA and the Masonic Mafia among other things. He was the only president since John Quincy Adams who warned the American people about secret societies, finding them “repugnant” and dangerous to liberty. The very corrupt Freemason LBJ took his place and expanded the war in Vietnam. His VP Hubert Humphrey was a Freemason, Knights Templar and a Knight of Pythias, what a surprise.

    Nixon was not a Mason but was a member of Bohemian Grove, a corrupt secret society with ties to the other secret societies including the Skull & Bones and the Freemasons. He was impeached. His VP Spiro Agnew was in the Order of Ahepa, another of the many Masonic offshoots.

    Gerald Ford, who sat on the Warren Whitewashing Commision, was a 33rd Degree Mason, a Jester and Shriner. That is indisputable.

    Carter is not a Mason, but belongs to the Gridiron Secret Society with connections to Skull & Bones, is a Bohemian and founding member of the Trilateral Commission dedicated to world government.

    Reagan was both a Knight of Malta and was made a Mason on sight by the Sovereign Grand Commanders of the Scottish Rite of both Northern and Southern Jurisdictions and by the Imperial Potentate of the A.A.O.N.M.S, making Reagan a “Honorary Scottish Rite Mason” and an “Honorary Member of the Imperial Council of the Shrine”. His VP and later President, the very wicked G.H.W. Bush, is a Bohemian, a Knight of Malta and was a member of Skull and Bones, a Masonic-style fraternity as are all university fraternities modeled after Freemasonry.

    The incredibly corrupt and diabolical Bill Clinton is a standing member of Demolay and has praised the work of the devilish “Supreme Pontiff” of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike.

    The disgusting and evil sonny boy Bush same as his father “So secret we can’t talk about it”. He is very tight with Freemasons and the Knights of Columbus where his brother Jeb is a member.

    The malevolent neocon chickenhawk who got five draft deferments during the Vietnam war, Dick Cheney, is a Bohemian and was a CFR director who kept that little secret from his followers for a long time, until he anounced it during a meeting with his mentor David Rockefeller.

    All these characters have either been in secret societies or they show a very close and cozy relationship with them, not to mention membership in the more visible globalist organizations like Bilderberg, Trilateral and CFR.

    There is a lot more one could add to all this but the point is that secretive organizations run the United States and always have. They interlock and overlap and have basically the same agenda for world government, the elimination of freedom and sovereignty worldwide. Pretenses to “freedom and brotherhood” are just that, pretenses, covers for nefarious activity always done in secret meetings. Repugnant and dangerous as Kennedy warned.

    And Obama is aristocracy with blood links to Cheney, Bush and the royals of the British Isles. Though there is no proof (so far!) that he is a Mason, there is all kinds of evidence that he is connected to Freemasonry. The FIRST Masonic Inaugural Ball in his honor. His campaign logo was Masonic with solar dawn symbolism. Oddly coincident with his rise to power, Prince Hall Afican Lodge gained official recognition. The same or similar hand symbol has been used by both Obama supporters and JayZ with whom Obama is tight. He is given to Masonic handshakes and the ‘five points of fellowship’ grip whenever seen meeting with various male public personas. You see this over and over. Anyway, why would it surprise anyone on the planet that he is indeed a Freemason? In other words, it is perfectly natural for people to speculate that he is and that it is being held a secret like so many other secrets of the “society with secrets” (that’s what Freemasons call it anyway).

    In any case, it really doesn’t matter whether he is an initiated Freemason or not. It doesn’t matter if he or previous presidents, have been or are not Freemasons. What matters is the fact that they have been and are ALLIED with Freemasons and the Masonic Agenda for a Novus Ordo Seclorum. Obama is of aristocratic blood and serves the secretive internationalist New World Order system that is destroying freedoms, quitely (privately? ha!) setting up a North American Union, centralizing power under expanding global governance, carrying out false-flag operations and killing people around the world. Those who oppose me on this are just Masonic underlings, nutcases and assorted sociopaths with nothing better to do than to try to discredit, disrupt and dissemble.

    The only reason I do this blog is to expose the lies that cause such horrific misery on Earth in hopes that the truth will free us from this NWO nightmare. All the Ordo Ab Chao chaos sowed by secret societies will never cease until they are all exposed to the light of day and everyone knows what they have really been doing in the name of “charity and brotherhood”. Sad, disgusting Masonic slaves like you make it clear to the rest of us that you don’t appreciate such exposure. So mote it be. hehe.

  69. You just wrote a whole paragraph of gibberish. you need to learn about the brotherhood before you go slinging bs around. For one “Reagan was both a Knight of Malta and was made a Mason on sight by the Sovereign Grand Commanders of the Scottish Rite of both Northern and Southern Jurisdictions and by the Imperial Potentate of the A.A.O.N.M.S,”- is bs and just shows how you buy into anything that some left wing liberal will say to enslave you for their own agenda. One cannot be in the Order of Malta before being an entered apprentice in Freemasonry,and it doesn’t matter who you are they will not instantly make you one. And yeah there is proof that obama is not a freemason just go to the grand lodge’s website for the U.S. The freemason want nothing to do with OBAMA WE KNOW HOW HE IS. THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR OBAMA, KNOW THEY NEED TO FIX THEIR MISTAKE. DO you really think that we freemason’s want to destroy what we help establish?????? 1/3 of the people who signed the declaration of independence were freemasons. There was NO party by the masons for obama, it was never mentioned at any lodges……wake up!!!!! WE AMERICANS, WE THE PEOPLE, ARE THE NEW WORLD ODER DUH!!!!!! when this continent was discovered by Europeans it was called “THE NEW WORLD”. People came over here and settled to escape from a king or persecution from where ever else they came from and established a “NEW WORLD” and used the Masonic “all seeing eye/ Novus Order Seclorum” signal on the back of the dollar bill to remind future generations of the SACRIFICES they made. And if you and other American people want the SOCIALIST OBAMA out of office like I do, then go read the Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution and realize that it is WE THE PEOPLE who can change what is happening, nothing will change if we sit here and bicker about it on the web and the people we elect to represent us ( We are a Representative Democracy) do nothing to change it. The U.S. population is around 308 mill, do you really think obama administration could handle 308 million angry patriotic Americans??

  70. Oh and there is no “secret” everything about our order has been printed for over a century now. ill even tell you a few of them to read too. Go read “Duncans Masonic ritual”, John Robinson’s books “Born in Blood”, and “A Pilgrims Path”.

  71. It’s real easy to string along a series of assumptions without any empirical evidence.

    pjwalker, I’d appreciate your position better if you would provide research criteria, literary citations, and tangible connections.

    What you write here seems more to me like angry rantings, and though I appreciate the open forum for discussion that you have put forth here, I find your approach less than satisfying, especially the borderline offensive commentary towards other posters.

    Your point about the Prince Hall Masons being officially recognized being time-coincident with Obama’s election is a good point where you seem to work from assumption.

    I personally campaigned for the Grand Lodge of my state to officially recognize Prince Hall Masons back in 1999. And was proud to do my part. There was no mention 11 years ago of future President Barack Obama. It was simply a well overdue decision to recognize an organization and finally put to rest another vestige of prejudice.

    Each Grand Lodge has to propose such changes in their bylaws for consideration and vote at each of the respective lodges in their jurisdiction. It took 2 years of debate and discussion here in Illinois before we “officially” changed that particular stance at the Grand Lodge level 11 years ago. With 50 States and other U.S. territories, I imagine that there still may be some who don’t recognize Prince Hall today, but that is open speculation on my part as I have no source to cite other than my own experiences as a Mason with regards to that particular point.

    I’d love to see how you have drawn your conclusions, and welcome an actual discussion of our differing viewpoints rather than throwing epithets back and forth.

  72. amsoldierofchrist

    Know your enemy , The Freemasons are responsible , every Masonic hall on the planet is a Freemasonry Gangstalking Nest example Sydney NSW Australia approximately 17500 Freemason Members . These members are at various levels of masonry . But the ones enslaved with threats of very nasty vile Masonic Satanic torture or death are at a level they dare not refuse there Masonic slave masters these ones are sent out to do the Freemasonry Gangstalking .

    As any Ti, knows the numbers of Freemasonry Gangstalkers are huge when your really under attack . And the attack works this way . Your dealing with dedicated logistics and the latest’s communication devices to control the hunt in Aus called black berry phones , what I mean is, say a 100 stalkers in car and on foot for street theater etc etc . This 100 stalkers are all responding to the broadcast on the black berry phones / text msg . or voice etc etc . Point being a director of theme { torture } is setting the stalking agenda If you had a scanner you would hear them { but they would know you had the scanner and use counter measures on you} example knowing your listening they would talk about your loved ones or pets , or what ever you love and for this reason it may not be wise to listen to such things unless your able to handle it . On the other hand if your tech savy a scanner and recording device may prove organized stalking process once decoded.

    In order for the incar Freemasonry Gangstalking to work they need to co ordinate hundreds of stalkers , now as you drive from suburb to suburb you are passing through various Masonic Halls/ Satanic Temples , so the masons simply hand you over to the next group on standby to what ever direction your heading , and so on and so on , same if your heading interstate as you get from town to town the stalker are changed to share the workload of Torturing . Are you with me , 5 Million Freemasons Globally so there you have it , leave you suburb or state or country . The freemasons are the only group big enough to do the Golbal Stalking . Stop thinking its your Gov secret service . Let me explain .
    The Freemasons have infiltrated every Government Department , and every utility company , all the Police and your Courts and many Srinks , and doctors , Now before you start to think were all F….d remember providing we can maintain a persona of calm rational evidence gathering and keep posting it up we can make a difference . The problem is the main goal of Masons is to infiltrate and discredit destroy . There needs to be a legally binding method to unite the fight back from Ti,s , Ti, s need leader ship and most importantly secure meeting places and a screening process that totally investigates any new said Ti , and membership should only be granted to Ti,s that consistently publicly exposes Freemasonry Gangstalking { with a rational calm measured approach } that continually aims to force all Freemasons onto a PUBLIC REGISTRATION , This secrete society needs to be exposed to the light !!! Know this Im a solid non church going Christian , please believe they will receive the raph of God in the form of Jeremiah 18 v 18 to 23 for all Freemasonry Gangstalkers , as they are the biggest global group of child abusers on the planet Re using children to assist in un known stalking .
    God Bless you all keep your faith , amsoldierofchrist

  73. truthabstraction

    For those not understanding the true orientation of the Masonic order (including many Masons themselves), go read the letters of George Washington. Yes, he was a Mason, and his acts commendable because according to him, the Order in the States had not yet been infiltrated and usurped by the Illuminists. IOW, there was a time early in the history of the country when the focus/agenda of the innermost circle of Freemasonry was not corrupted to the extent it is now. We’re talking about deceitful opportunists who position themselves in seats of power and influence in all areas of human endeavor. That includes the church, business, entertainment, government.
    Masonry being a secretive and exclusionary club of men of influence, it would have been one of the first targets.

    Those Masons posting here – if you’re not lying outright – should carefully reassess your association with the Order. You need to consider the possibility (pretty much foregone at this stage) that your organization, and your perceptions of it, might not be what you believe it to be. If your exposure and interaction within the Order is limited to your local/regional lodges, it is quite possible that you have not been privy to all that has gone on within your ranks.

    Just saying~

  74. I was not surprised to see a PH lodge sponsoring this ball since the president is black. No TRUE masonic lodge would ever sponsor such an event. PH masons are” not real masons”. Most if not all become affiliated with the order merely for personal or professional gain. Thay are what we real masons call “ring knockers”. They cover their cars with emblems to show off but all that means is that they pay a lot of dues. I witnessed a PH ceremony and what I saw was hazing not initiation. The Masonic brotherhood is not meant to be treated as a college fraternity. I have watched the same ceremonies in regular lodges and they were beautiful and informative. Someday PH masons will realize they exist illegally and close their doors.

  75. Anyone that researches PH lodges can see what I was saying in my previous post. Everyone says it is the white man that keeps blacks down, that it is the white man that creates racism. The white man does not create organizations that are soley for the benefit of the white man. So if masonry is a brotherhood, and brothers are equal and on the same level then answer these questions.
    Why are they all black?
    Why dont they just attend previously established masonic lodges?
    Why did they have to create thier own?

    They always claim the name of Prince Hall who in reality was just a traitor to the US. He was a freed slave but since they werent allowed to fight for America they fought for the British. The British saw this opportunity to enlist blacks into their Army and in payment allowed them to open a lodge. Although they are never chartered through the Grand Lodge of England as ALL lodges must.

  76. What “they” don’t want you to know is that the Free Masonry is NOT an organization started in 1717 with some British dudes who was tired of whatever bullcrap they were dealing with. If you notice, once you are a master Mason, you can sit in the North East corner durring Lodge meetings. this is not just the north east corner of the building…. it is representative of sitting in the North east corner of the continent of AFRICA!!!!!!!! and what country is in the north east corner of Africa……. Ancient Kemet Known by most as Egypt, where this whole Masonic thing started. I mean why do you think those brothers were wearing approns all the time??? I’m no conspiracy theorist though, piece to you folks

  77. and like those guys said. the masons are not bad people, you just get thos few who use the knowledge to better support their evil ways. the only thing i don’t like is that the African Knowledge was stolen so why should a black man have to go through so much to get it back?

  78. and to conspiracy theorists, please spit facts and not opinions that sound good because their based on higher order thinking.

  79. amsoldierofchrist


    Okay im going to lay it down for you all, im an australian longterm surviver aprox 15 years total , major 24/7 from 1996.

    The true credit re the expos er of Freemasonry Gangstalking goes to a longer term survivor in Scotland UK , by the name of Stirling , i cant quite remember his first name we did speak once by phone before perps broke up communication . In the standard alienate and isolate TI, thing . I had been searching and fighting all Gov departments for years and getting the wall of silence to the very high levels , I like all of the TI,s wrongly believed the perps to be solely from Gov due to the big money needed to perp 1 ti . Well the answer is yes and no ! Yes perps are spread through out all sections of Gov plus police fire ambulance telcos major corps hospitals ect etc
    But most importantly perps in high places hold the police and the courts . Now we all know perp cops trail along in FGS stalking convoys to nail a ti that reacts to being perped , thats the cop perps purpose ! Now all the cops and I mean the whole f..king lot of them are Freemasons . Now Freemasons are dedicated satanists and use major liege witchcraft , { but cant touch a strong person of faith spiritually } point being the evil perps are satanistic freemasons originally drafted via the fabrication of the big boy scout secrete society charitable org brotherhood bs line that says you will never be out of a job if your a mason . Well thats true as they turn them into perps slaves under threat of satanic ritual death , a vile death if they try to leave the masons . So there, s your motivation to perp , you perp or you get cut to bits ! But most perps love there satanic Freemasonry Gangstalking work . Till a soldierofchrist like me comes along and starts calling down Jeremiah 18 v 18 to 23 on the perps , and they including cops start feeling the presence of the wrath of God on there skin then they the perps know there going to the pit of hell and we ti,s { beleivers } are going to the peace and rest of our Lord Christ Jesus . But we must never give in or give up , focus on faith , this is not airy fariy faith im talking about . Im talking about bringing down the wrath of God physically being felt on the perps , I have seen them go screaming from neighbouring houses when im calling on the same type of warrior angels that attacked the midianites in gidions day , see the {bible } Do you get it , satanist are but foot stoles for men of faith in Christ .

    Now put it all together who has the ability to be at the highest levels of GOV and has been since year 1011 and has not been held accountable for anything . How can fgs work without major GOV influence ? it cant . But how does Gov stay clean ? Because its not the Gov doing this its the Freemasons who are through all sections of GOV and courts and police are all masonic and the courts till this day are refusing applications to force the Freemasons to PUBLIC REGISTRATION if they were forced to be on the record we would have em !!!

    THIS OUR ENEMY THIS IS {FREEMASONRY GANG STALKING } God bless the true ti , and it needs to be mentioned any TI promoting suicide does our cause no good , just crushes hope , and could well be a perp theme . Fight { legally } , go to your local Freemason Lodge stand outside see your perps buzz like bees any place in the world 5 million plus mason members do the FGS . If you’re a TI that drives and you wonder how so many perp cars can be involved , note as you drive from suburb to suburb state to state country to country you are passing through various Freemasonry areas and there will be a Masonic Lodges and here is where your local perps meet . So you are just handed over through the evil network of nasty masons , all hoping to deliver the killer blow , and get there acknowledgement of a JOB WELL DONE . Masons are given chocolate bars for the reward of lying.
    this should give you some idea of the low life vile things your dealing with , I mean anyone who uses children to do there dirty work and they do ! Im talking mass global child abuse in all forms to assist in persecuting a TI . Masons believe they are all going to a special type of Masonic Noahs Ark when they die . So they feel protected and justified to KILL a ti , nothing could be further from the truth masons get only the pit { read the bible } .

    I have seen it first hand in courts rooms Masonic perps know the Judge is a mason all the Masonic signals are being passed by lawyers barristers and shrinks, crims its farcical it’s a major injustice .

    When you realise the local Psychiatric Doctor is a Mason and under the Masonic order to bring a TI down , then you start to trace the Masonic network back to its source . The all seeing eye , the three 111 said to be the 3 pillars leading up to the Masonic believe of the Jacobs ladder stair way to heaven .
    Masons have turned our Courts into Masonic temples you can see the Masonic symbolism all over them many of your main said to be investigative gov branches such as Police Integrity Commission NSW Attorney Generals Office all have Masonic logos and numerology in there contact numbers , so the whitewash continues . For Gods sake the Woods Royal Commission into NSW Police corruption in 1996 brought the whole corrupt police house down THEN . And who was the NSW Police Commissioner Tony Laure and Mr Laure was also the GRAND MASTER of the NSW FREEMASONS , are we getting some where ?



  80. Stonecutter previously gave excellent insight into his Masonic realm. His Masonry is associated with Illinois. Masonic lodges in a given state are governed by the Grand Lodge of the given state. Beyond the State grandlodges ,there are some masons who become 32 degree Masons and belong to either the Northern or Southern jurisdictions of Scottish rite Masons,both of which do not recognize similar jurisdictions composed of black members. These organizations are following the desires of their members. Hate crimes can be criminal. Prejudices can be cruel. Masonry would, if possible, smooth those prejudices to actions without cutting edges as Stonecutter did. After fifty seven years, my resignation from the Southern Jurisdiction(NATO) and the Shriners(Tucson) were for cause within although my membership in a NY 3d degree lodge remains. Can any one name an organization, with thousands of members, which is perfect? As a sixty year Mason, most of my experience has been with worthy members for which gratitude exists. Please remember, we are all human.Hopefully. Masonry and God make me a better human.

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