Indonesian Islamic group calls Lions and Rotary Clubs infidels with ties to Freemasonry and Zionism

Radical Group: Lions, Rotarians Are ‘Infidels’

Jakarta Globe | Feb 1, 2009

By Nivell Rayda

rotary_club_smallAn ultra-conservative Islamic group called on Indonesian Muslims Sunday to quit two US-founded international business and social clubs, claiming they were linked to the Zionist and the Freemasonry movements and secretly supported Israel.

The leader of the Indonesian Forum of Ulema and Muslims, or FUUI, which has forcibly stopped Christian church services and called for a ban on the Ahamdiyah Islamic sect, said that Muslims who did not quit the Rotary Club and Lions Club, which have chapters worldwide including in Indonesia, would be labeled as infidels.

“The Rotary Club and the Lions Club are the Zionists’ accomplices,” Athian Ali Muhammad Da’i said in a telephone interview from his headquarters in Bandung, West Java Province, on Sunday. “They gather funds and give them to America and the Israeli Zionists. We urge all Muslims to renounce membership in the Rotary Club and the Lions Club. Otherwise, they can consider themselves infidels.”

Da’i, who in 2002 issued a death fatwa against an Indonesian Muslim scholar for writing a commentary against conservative views on Islam, has been preaching about alleged links between the clubs and Zionism since last year. On his blog,, Da’i elaborates on his charges against the two clubs.

“The Lions Club and the Rotary Club have introduced Jewish ideals to their Muslim members,” he writes.

“They also seek information from the members, which are prominent figures in Indonesia’s government and society, which can be used for the Zionists’ political and economic agenda.”

Dean Boulding, vice president of the Jakarta-Menteng Rotary Club, the oldest and largest Rotary club in Indonesia, called the allegations “laughable,” saying such claims has been circulating since the club’s formation in the US city of Chicago in 1905.

“One of our co-founders was a Mason and several of the original Rotarians were also Masons, and in the early days meetings were occasionally held in Masonic halls,” Boulding said on Sunday. “But that was more than a century ago.”

The Rotary Club has more than 32,000 branches and 1.2 million members worldwide, and is open to anyone regardless of their political or religious affiliation.

The Freemasons are a secular fraternal organization dating back to the late 16th century.

“We are two entirely separate organizations. I don’t know why people still talk about such things,” Boulding said. “We build schools and pay for hospital treatment of poor children.”

Freemasonry was introduced in Indonesia during the Dutch colonial period, but was banned by founding President Sukarno for its ties with the Dutch and remains so today.


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  1. This has got to be the funniest thing I read today!

  2. You find this site amusing do you Tyler?

  3. the devils biggest trick was to fool the world he did not exist. People used to be onto these masons for their loyalty to the group over anything else but now we are fast asleep and their agendas are moving at lightning speed. keep up the good work mr. pjwalker911

  4. I love reading the posts by the alpha losers of the world. People like yourselves need to get jobs and move out of moms basement. I am an internal auditor so reading this site is hilarious!

  5. Well Tyler, in that case, you are a corrupt scumbag who doesn’t give a shit about the horrors of this New World Order (global government, loss of freedoms and privacy, global warming hoax, massive looting by the elite during an economic meltdown, toxic food, perpetual war, etc, etc on and on ) and in fact I am sure you will claim it is all nothing but a paranoid conspiracy theory. Reading about dead children in Gaza, about Al Gore telling the children not to listen to their own parents, about mercury in the junk food, etc, all amuses you, which really makes you a sick, sociopathic type of individual who lacks empathy and concern for humanity doesn’t it? That kind of makes one wonder what it is you DO stand for and whose side you are on doesn’t it?

    I cover only real, verifiable news and information of a generally serious nature, that should be of great concern to anyone who comes across this blog. And it is to most of the thousands who read it every day, but there are those exceptions like you who are cold-hearted, corrupt and having a perverted sense of reality and twisted sense of humor.

    “internal auditor”?? I tell you that is one of the most amusing things anyone has said in quite awhile! WTF is that supposed to make you somehow more important than anybody else? Telling your job description. Haha! What a joke. You are the loser auditor boy. Tell us more. Tell us more because you are very revealing about your true nature, malignant and disgusting as it is.

  6. Thank you for playing my game. It just proves how easy it is to anger the poorly educated masses. By the way have you ever been to Gaza? If you did you wouldn’t feel sorry for them one bit. They have been killing Israeli citizens for years and when Israel fights back people like you denounce them.

    Internal auditor means I work for the internal revenue service. What’s your name again?

    Most freemasons left in America are old men with tool boxes. Are you afraid of a bunch of old men? Quite the hero you are.

    How old are you 17 maybe 18? It doesn’t matter you”ll always be a loser.

  7. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.. First of all, I’m not mad at ya in particular. And I’m definitely not afraid of you. I’m just very disgusted by you and your ilk of Masonic Zionists. That’s all.

    An agent of the “internal revenue service” is threatening me here live on Aftermath News! “Bow down and tremble with fear” he barks, “I work for the Big Bankers!” And then I’m supposed to shut up and take orders from then on ya see. I’m supposed to scuttle away in terror with my tail between my legs. I’m also supposed to agree with him that Israel, the IRS, the Fed and Freemasonry are good and that my blog is bad for exposing this cabal of rich bastards who are fucking the American people up the ass. Well, sorry pal.

    And you see? I’m just one of the “poorly educated masses” to bigshot taxman Tyler Dawson. You see, he believes most of us are just Goyim, cattle, to be prodded, branded, taxed, injected, rejected, tracked, traced and misled into the slaughterhouses. So there again, you reveal just who and what you are, an arrogant elitist. And by they way, if your wonderful taxation system is so beneficent, why have your public schools failed to educate these poor unwashed masses after stealing billions and trillions from them? I’ll tell you why, because the public schools are not intended to educate, but to train better slaves to serve the elite and their minions such as yourself.

    Freemasons are 6 million strong around the world. It is the oldest and most powerful secret society on Planet Earth today with its roots dug deep into ancient Greece, Rome, Palestine, Egypt and Babylon. It isn’t just a few old men in funny hats roasting weenies and playing tiddly winks which is just Masonic bullshit and you know it Tyler the Taxman. Most of the power elites are members of it or of related societies and orders. The heads of Freemasonry are British and Euro royalty because it is part of an ancient feudal system, an occult hierarchy thousands of years in the making. And that is what this blog is about, exposing this Masonic Matrix system. And that is absolutely the only reason you are here Taxman because you work for them. You definitely do not work for the “poorly educated masses”.

    See? I told you that you just couldn’t help revealing more and more about yourself. I got you on the hook and you can’t wriggle free. All you can do is wriggle and spill more of your guts to us. And honestly, I think part of you feels the burden of guilt on your shoulders and wants to unload it right here. So unload brother! Unload!

    And by the way, if you work for the IRS, what are you doing up in Canada? Don’t you mean the CRA? But maybe you know something us “poorly educated masses” don’t know after all, maybe about the North American Union and an amalgamation of our economic systems.

    Hehe. ;-)

  8. My, my aren’t you the vociferous one. I am sorry that you come from america lite. I am an American and you can wait and dream of breathing free. Free from an oppressive socialist system.
    You do write very well for a Canadian.
    Tell me PJ, have you ever heard of the bonesmen?
    They are a lot more powerful than any thing you could imagine. Presidents, vice-presidents, powerhouses of industry have been bonesmen.
    It seems as if somebody is reading a bit too much Dan Brown. Conspiracy masonic matrix, you might think about sitting down with someone. Have a little share time. Go over your inferiority complex issues.
    Just a thought.
    So masons run the world, huh?
    News to me.
    Israel is a country that has been under constant attack since its inception in 1948. The Arabs don’t believe in their right to live.
    So since you approve of being under constant attack how about I come by your home and slap you in the face everyday. By your own statements I know that you won’t fight back. I don’t believe in your right to life. Do the world a favor, go walk onto the highway and take one for the team.

  9. Tyler, the Zionist Masonic Elitist minion of Canada,

    “vociferous one” eh?? Oh you mean one of the “poorly educated masses”, one of the commoners, one of the slaves, the Goyim cattle, one of the “losers” who dares to talk back to the tribute collector for the neo-feudal elite don’t you? (Oh before I forget, say hello to your fellow Canadian buddy Maurice Strong up there won’t you? )

    Yes, Tyler, your arrogance knows no bounds, but I will set you straight and lay you low by the end of this until you wished you hadn’t started it all. And make no mistake: you started it and I will finish it because I’m tired of taking shit from the elite, like everybody who comes here seeking the unvarnished truth.

    So you are an American, you say? Could of fooled me. I thought you were a socialist trained by the Fabian Society since you believe so strongly in Zionism and redistribution of wealth. The heart of socialism in America is the IRS system. Without it, no socialism. And since you claim to work for it, you are just another socialist minion.

    You can’t lie to me Tyler, because I know what is up. So as I told you, it would be better for you if you just start admitting your guilt and unburden yourself right here. Don’t worry, I’ll get it all out of you eventually because that is what I do.

    I know well of the Skull and Bones and I know all these elite groups work together at the top: Fabians, Zionists, Freemasons, Bonesmen, Pilgrims, SMOM, etc, etc, etc. You creeps love to pretend that there is some difference between Democrats and Republicans, Bonesmen and Freemasons, Zionists and SMOM, etc, but the reality is quite different. I won’t get into the gory details right now, but suffice it to say that you are just bullshitting as usual.

    Israel was set up by the Masonic elite including the Rothschilds who are also SMOM by the way. Hitler was funded by the Bonesmen as were the Bolsheviks. The elite fund both sides of every Hegelian conflict, every war. The current situation in Israel is set up to foment a final war between the Arabs and Israel. These disproportionate attacks on the victimized Palestinians is just to breed more outrage, calls for jihad and fan the flames of future war. Nothing new as this kind of thing done continuously to get things moving toward the New World Order. In the end, both the Palestinians and the common Israelis are pawns in a bigger Game.

    Face it. Your positions are all indefensible, and you don’t have a leg to stand on. And because of that, all you can come up with is to wish me dead. But you are wrong, wrong, wrong. We “poorly educated masses” will stand up and fight you in the end. Just wait and see.

  10. Aren’t you up awful late it is a school night?

  11. Yes, Tyler, that’s how the evil speak in relation to serious matters. They just poke fun and try to change the subject because you have no conscience and honestly, you don’t know what to do when confronted with the truth. It is something you are unaccustomed to since your whole life is nothing but a lie.

    I have seen an awful lot of agents come through here to try to discredit me and this very popular blog, but you are one of the very few who actually admitted what he was, an agent of the government. And why do you keep coming back for more if it’s just a stupid, amusing blog run by a teenager in his mom’s basement? One would think it wasn’t worth the time and effort of such a powerful important bigshot IRS agent as yourself. Hmmm…we “poorly educated” types need to think more on that one…..

  12. My wife wants to know if you are a white supremacist. Your use of the word zionist in such frequency translates out to Nazi. You wouldn’t know the difference between a Jew and a Mexican. I have seen your kind before. Coward seems to fit. Of course quoting Marx at me won’t change my opinion of your stupidity. What have you personally done to change the world? Here’s a hint dropping Canadian names at me. Doesn’t count. Keep being one of the unwashed masses, you give me something to do.

  13. Your wife is an idiot, just like you Tyler. You both come from the same inbred mold of elitist dung.

    I’m neither a Zionist, nor a Nazi as I condemn both. There is scant difference between them as the Zionist elite have shown.

    And I have something to do too. That is to expose the likes of you for what you are, a ZioNazi dirtbag..

  14. Tyler Dawson heres a link for you about who is really firing rockets into Izrael

    Yeap your Nazi Facist’s in the NSA and
    Vatican-Man-Bitch, CIA.
    You can call us angry when the rope tightens around your neck, as you drop through the gallows, that will be funny, but you’ll say its anger.

    Keep exposing them people they are shitting their pants.

  15. Once the Zionazis lose their respectability and diplomatic cover, they will be running for their lives seeking asylum and they won’t find it. Some of the selected few will go down Ratlines to shelter in the jungles, like the Nazis before them, but most will be hunted down for betraying humanity. This is just what goes around comes around. Justice eventually wins the day.

  16. Say killa,
    Did you know that your name is not protected under free speech? Killing cops spreading terror good plan. Your link was interesting but I couldn’t find any mention on any legitimate sites like CNN, BBC or even Al-jazheera. Just a thought try getting out in the world sometime it will open your eyes more than any web site.

  17. I realize that you want to change the world. How about you try seeing it for yourself? Get a passport, grab a backpack and go. Go to Thailand. At the foot of the himalays is a village filled with maybe 200 Europeans and a few Americans. Everyone there is escaping something or someone. But it is still a very chill place. How about Morroco very green by the ocean and the people love Americans but hate the us government. You claim to want to help the people, try walking among them. It is not as awful as it appears.

  18. When your revolution comes, mr Marx, I won’t be here. I won’t be in south america like you think. I will just go back home and help my father sell dates in Riyadh. We tend to spot Americans a lot easier than you think. By the way I hope you speak Arabic very well, you’ll need it to find me. You may be for the workers but morroco still doesn’t like you killing it citizens. Being born in a place different from America or Canada gives you a wider view of the world. Get a passport, grab a backpack and see what your computer can’t show you. Walk with the people you want to help you’ll find they want the American dream too.
    Every revolution is 360 degrees. Nothing changes Mr Marx, it really doesn’t and if it does not for very long.

  19. Tyler Durden dost protest discordianly too much.

  20. It is a very distasteful thing to have to do, like cleaning a filthy toilet but, SOMEBODY has to expose these bastards.

    Well, we are learning new things about IRS agent Dawson all the time. He says we shouldn’t feel sorry for the little Palestinian children who are slaughtered and maimed every week by the Israelis which is but one clue as to his psychopathic makeup.

    I love it when I get the bad guys riled up because they just can’t help revealing their true nature which is extremely corrupt and anti-American which goes hand-in-hand with the treasonous Masonic Zionist Neocon mindset that he plainly embodies.

    He steals money from the American people and that goes straight to Israel in the form of advanced weaponry, cluster bombs and phosphorus shells that are sprayed indiscriminately all over the children of Gaza who have the scars to prove it. And these burns don’t heal much over time. The tiny molecules of phosphorus in these second and third degree burns just keep on burning deeper and deeper into the little childrens’ skin, just the way IRS agent Dawson likes it. No wonder he loves his job. He is directly involved in the suffering and slaughter of the innocents, which is a pastime the Nazis enjoyed so much.

    US-backed Fatah and Hamas, between them lob a few rockets into Israel killing maybe a dozen people. Then what does Israel do? They launch a massive campaign of devastation murdering 1200 Palestinians in the most horrific ways, half of whom are old women and children. And he thinks that’s fair because to him, the Palestinians are subhuman, just like the “poorly educated masses” in America. That is nothing to say about the thousands of wounded and the total destruction of their homes and infrastructure. And that is only part of the story. The evil continues.

    Like his friend Madeline Albright, he thinks the murder of millions of Arabs has been “worth it.” This is one of the most evil minions I’ve come across in a long time. I hope he does come back to reveal more of his dark inner core of wickedness because they are so full of hubris that they just can’t help it.

  21. By the way, IRS agent Dawson, I don’t like your Masonic Brethren Marx, Engels, Stalin and Trotsky either. All Freemason trash like you. I will continue our little conversation if you like, but I can’t stay glued to the computer as you do. I have a life besides.

    So many psychopaths, so little time. Ah….

  22. Pj, you almost had me there. Every time you just miss the point about turning the tables on me. Almost maybe next time.
    There is a great program out there called vlingo. I talk, it writes. Saves me so much time. Whether, I am at Starbucks or out shopping or leaving the mosque it is really quite convenient. It comes from having a job. I am sure your parents might have told you when you work you get paid money. And, if you get paid enough and the cost of living is low enough you can buy nice things for yourself. I still send money home to my father its not worth as much as it used to be but whatever.
    I never said Arabs were subhuman. You did. Perhaps we are now getting to the root of your problem. Not all Muslims want to see the destruction of the Israeli state, Some want peace. Maybe one day you’ll figure that part out.
    I find the statements put out by radical Muslim groups funny. They preach about reading from a Koran that I have never heard of. Mohammed never said to attack the Jews he wanted peace. The way Palestine is going about this war is stupid. Blowing up the marketplaces killing innocent people. When they should be firing rockets at the prime ministers home not some poor family out to buy groceries. I understand why Israel attacked Gaza, its not the best method but that whole country is kind of crazy. It happens to fight a war against an invading force for 50 years it is bound to have an effect. Why can’t you let them have a land of their own. I have a home one where I live and one where I can go back to when america Goes to hell in its handbasket. My wife is the same way but she doesn’t want to leave america either. There is not much use for a woman who went to college in the Hindu-kush mountains.
    If this experiment called america fails, then my wife and I shall go live in Rabat sell dates with my father at the trade bureau in Riyadh. Take vacations in UAE, or are they masonic as well because they have money and you don’t. What do you think of dubai? Are they elitist because they are quite wealthy. They don’t support Israel. Dilemma, dilemma what do we do with Dubai?
    Why don’t you stop pointing fingers and making vague theats. What have you done to change your world? Keep making up your own words. My wife thinks it is funny. Neocon quite the word. Its the kind of word a white, middle class kid from the suburbs would use .
    I am Morrocan. I am American. I don’t like calling myself an Arab because I am not from the Arabian peninsula.
    Just so you’ll understand I don’t think you know what dual citizenship. My mother was born in America. I grew up in Morroco. So I am an American through my mother and Morrocan through my father. My wife is from Pakistan. So don’t say that I hate Arabs and think they are “subhuman”. I can see that you are just putting your own viewpoint on this. If you work hard in life you can change the situation you were born into. My wife did. If you get confused ask your parents what it means to “work hard”? I am guessing you have never worked a day in your life.

    Si vis pacem, bella para

    If you desire peace, prepare for war

  23. Tyler Dawson [if that’s your real name], government agent,

    You know nothing of hard work if you are government bureaucrat. That is the biggest joke of all. I could have filled buckets with my sweat in work that would make you collapse in tears bitch, because you are weak and ammoral. You work for an unconstitutional corporation that does nothing but rob the people of this country and enslave them to a globalist agenda that you deny exists. Filthy liar you are.

    You come here laughing about the New World Order as though none of it exists which indicates you are a traitor. You deny any conspiracies. You make excuses for the Masons. You play games with the truth. You justify these horrifying wars. You pretend our rights are not under threat. You nix the entire content of this blog and try your damnedest to detract from what I am doing. You mock and talk all this trash about me only in an attempt to discredit this blog. Not one bit of it is true, but this is how you play your game. Only someone who is working for the Enemy will do such things. So these are the activities of a liar. As I said before, regardless of your origins and current status, you are a traitor with an evil soul.

    You are just playing head games, but it isn’t going to work with me. And yes, I have you on the hook, not the other way around, because I’m the only one telling the truth here. All you can do is wriggle and play games with the truth. That’s it and in the process, you expose yourself. I don’t even have to do that much. All I do is summarize it for the sake of clarity.

    You are saying these thousands upon thousands of children from Lebanon to Gaza deserve what they get in death, amputations, burns etc from the masters of genocide, the terrorists in the US/UK-funded Knesset who kill by factors of at least 100 times, far more people than their enemies ever have. This is a Nazi tactic. It is also something found in the Old Testament, tremendous overkill in the name of some kind of capricious tyrant, a model for tyrants on Earth, with a white flowing beard, way up in the sky, who doesn’t exist by the way. The Israeli government has absolutely no intention of peace or fairness in any sense of the words. They are after all, “The Chosen Ones” which is a lie, thousands of years in the making.

    You want us to believe that Israel is in the right, but how can that be? The Palestinians don’t oppress Israelis. They don’t have tanks. They don’t go and bulldoze Israeli homes. They don’t run them through checkpoints every day. They don’t blockade Israel to keep food and medical supplies out of their country. No, it is the other way around. Israel uses all it’s financial aid from the US to run a brutal and all-encompassing police state tyranny over the Palestinians. They do fight back. They do throw rocks at the tanks. Hamas does lob occasional rockets into Israel which is just as wrong as Israel doing the same, but they are exceedingly weak in comparison. Hamas might kill ten people in Israel and they in turn use that as an excuse to murder and maim thousands in Gaza. The force that Israel uses is so obviously (to the entire world, except to you and your ilk) unbelievably disproportionate and the devastating effects are so extreme that Gaza has been turned into a living hell for the people there, especially the children. And that is what you are supporting. Israel on the other hand enjoys an almost European standard of living. The contrast is stark and brutal. Therefore, Israel has earned the Nazi label. It was the Nazis who would destroy entire villages for killing one of their own. The Nazis did all the crimes that Israel commits today. In fact, Gaza itself is just one big concentration camp. The Nazis live today in America and Israel who have followed in their footsteps.

    Tyler Dawson is an English name. You can make up all kinds of stories. I have never heard of a Muslim who condones the oppression of the Palestinians. Such a one is not a real Muslim, but another fake impostor. Your profile suggests some kind of intelligence operative spinning a web of lies. You want us to believe that only fanatics are against Israel’s policies, which is just another lie. It is not only extremists who condemn Israel’s actions, but people of all faiths, races and religions, even political parties. Only someone with ties to the Masonic Zionist cabal would make the statements that you make. So you are a liar and a con-artist, but I knew that from your very first comment.

    But keep trying. It is very amusing and entertaining.

  24. Its quite clear that you have a poor understanding of middle east history not just the last 10 years. I don’t see how the masons have anything to do with Gaza. I know just because you said it makes it true. Can you cite any sources?
    You say that there is no god but yet you believe in a soul. Why is that?

    Yes Tyler Dawson is not my real name and I am sure your parents named you pjwalker911.

    I understand why Israel does what it does. But you seem to miss that they get their markets bombed, busses filled with tourists killed all in the name of Allah.

    I realize the truth is a hard pill to swallow but, when you stop living in your dream world and join us in reality. You’ll find it gets better.

    I keep asking you what have you done to change the world? Your silence is the only response. The fact that you now swear at me only shows that I am winning this battle. When a person swears at another it shows the their level of education has run its course.
    “life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”
    It.would be helpful if you stepped out of your basement and read a book once in a while. You paraphrase Karl Marx quite well and yet you call me a marxist. Do you know Tzipora Menache?
    This is still the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  25. Al jazeera reported today that hamas is stealing at gun point aid trucks meant for Gazans. Hamas says it is a big misunderstanding but it is the second time it has happened. So is hamas being run by the masons to deprive the Gazans of aid? Al jazheera says hamas is the de facto government in Gaza.

  26. “Tyler”,

    The Fabian Round Table and RIIA in league with the Skull and Bones and Rockefeller empire funded Hitler into power. It is widely understood that Israel could not exist without the Holocaust which served as the pretext for it. Fritz Thyssen, Hitler’s top financier revealed that Hitler himself was a Rothschild. The Rothschilds, who are Masons, funded the state of Israel into being as part of the British Israelist Fabian Socialist plan to create “an Ulster in the Middle East”, a thorn in the side of the Arab world to foment conflict on the way to WWIII and their bloody Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order global government).

    Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner
    Member of the Coefficients dining club of social reformers set up in 1902 by the Fabian campaigners Sidney and Beatrice Webb
    In 1910 he became a founder of The Round Table
    Milner was also a chief author the Balfour Declaration of 1917, even though it was issued in the name of Arthur Balfour.

    Milner was instrumental in the eventual creation of Israel. He represented British royal interests being royalty himself.

    Israel is a socialist country modeled after the Fabian system. The Knesset building is a Masonic Temple. Freemasonry is based around the restoration of Solomon’s Temple. The British Royal family is the head of world Freemasonry, recently gave Shimon Peres a Knighthood. All the Chivalric Orders are higher levels of Freemasonry, that is the mystery religions. If you are too lazy and arrogant to do some followup on the facts, too bad. Go find your own sources.

    There is no god, but there is a spirit and a soul. There is something called a “spiritual way of life”. Since you have no soul, since you have sold your soul, it is very understandable that you don’t know what I’m talking about and never will. You are lost and I doubt that you will ever find your way back to humanity.

    Of course Tyler Dawson isn’t your real name. You lie about everything else, so why should you use your real name? You could have used a handle, but instead you use an alias, a fake name to mislead (or is it? no one will ever know). Sure, someone with perfect English using an English name, who claims to be an American IRS agent from Morocco, who is actually using multiple computers in Ontario Canada, who has traveled the entire world, who pretends to be a Muslim who thinks Gaza gets what it deserves. Sure all makes perfect sense….for a government agent or for a pure lunatic. Or both.

    My name is P.J. Walker. I don’t lie about anything.

    You want us to just forget about the New World Order which you deny exists. The Pentagon is making plans for a “domestic security force” breaking with Posse Commitatus. The media is controlled and lies to us with tall tales and propaganda. Al Gore has the whole world buying into the global warming hoax. A vast global Big Brother surveillance society network is being created to monitor ordinary citizens, far worse than anything George Orwell could ever see in his worst nightmares. Already most of the Bill of Rights has been flushed down the toilet. The elite are looting the economy. They are setting the stage for a North American Union and a common currency without the consent of the governed. These wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are predicated on the Big Lie of 9/11. And you want us to take it easy. “Go chill out in Thailand” you say (yes under the incredibly corrupt feudal military dictatorship there). “You’ll find it gets better” you say. Nice talk. If I were a Christian, I would say you speak with the tongue of the Devil. Instead, when I look at all your efforts to discredit me and not one single acknowledgment of what I am saying, I know you to be the Enemy, a filthy traitor, an arrogant liar, a conartist, a psychopath, nothing but that.

    What can one man do to change the world? I only do my small part helping those who need help within my limited means as I have always done, and using this blog in recent years to awaken the people to what is really going on in the world. You come here (and I could have shut you out at any time, but prefer to let you reveal what you are) only to disparage, to mock and to try to discredit. You failed, but keep trying because you only reveal more and more of your true nature.

  27. Good morning
    I have been reading this site and its comments. It is interesting. Tyler his English is good almost as good as mine but I lived in America for the last 10 years. I found this site through red ice creations and it makes some points. I am from Morocco as well. He has a different view as do you perhaps you two are two sides of the same coin. Maybe you two are more similar than either of you realize.

  28. Nice try Tyler

    jalai khayyam and Tyler Dawson are the same person. I have my ways of confirming this, but it was obvious from the comment itself. So he is posing as two different people so far that I have found. If he can do that, then he can pose as three or more people if he wants to and I have discovered these types posting comments before where in one alias they make a point (usually to disparage this blog) and with another alias, they chime in conveniently “agreeing” with the attacker. Only someone who is mentally ill or is some type of anti-freedom agent would do such things. So let that be a warning to other bloggers. Watch for spoofing.

    I’m not kidding folks. A normal, sane, sincere person does not behave this way. Anyone who pulls this kind of crap is one of two things: an escapee from a mental institution or a government agent. Or both.

    And “Tyler”, the only similarity between us is that we fight. I fight for the truth, and you fight against it.

  29. Bush just spoke at the Rotary Club in Calgary, proof that these groups are insidious.

  30. Yes, all the socalled “service” organizations were founded by and maintained by Freemasons. They have a group for every single field of human endeavor to control and channel all human activity from the top down. They are NGOs that also work directly with the United Nations to implement world government. That is why it is that we are born into a completely Freemason-dominated Matrix system. The more you investigate these groups, the more you will find how intertwined they are with Freemasonry, which is the ancient Mystery Religion. The incredible thing about them is how they are able to infiltrate every layer of society so thoroughly, and yet that the average person walking down the street has never even heard of most of these groups (hundreds of them around the world), much less know anything about them. A good trick that takes incredible discipline, secrecy and chicanery to pull off.

  31. Tyler Dawson

    Blah blah anarch whore

  32. Oh the paid government psychopath operative Tyler is back. He has been obsessively watching this post for weeks, waiting for activity and now pipes up, back for more of his insane Zionist ranting and raving. How did you first get involved with Evil Tyler? Didn’t mommy toilet train you properly?

  33. Tyler Dawson

    Still logging IP addresses oh mighty anti semitic PJ? Still stomping your jack boots to a different drummer? That’s good how does the poor people of Gaza not have food or shelter but stinger missiles and RPG’s? I guess weapons of war are cheaper than rice over there.

  34. Tyler, Tyler….*sigh*

    When will you ever learn to become a human being? I know it’s hard when you spend the majority of your life as a psychopathic denizen of Hell, but at some point, you know, give it a try anyway. Just think back, way back, to some point in your childhood when you were somewhat normal and happy. I bet you were a cute kid whose mother loved him, but then….something went terribly wrong didn’t it? Same thing happens to every budding psycho doesn’t it?

    I see you are still trying to beat that same old dead Zionazi horse about how the Palestinians deserve to be genocided. That’s real nice Masonic Zionazi propaganda for the One World Conspiracy elite types, but it doesn’t fly well with normal human beings who care about other human beings. So who’s the real whore? Its Masonic Zionazi One World Government agent provocateur Tyler, aka the fake Muslim.

    Being anti-zionazi is not the same as being anti-semitic, not by a long shot. Most Jews know the difference, but agent provocateurs (maladjusted psychos who can’t get into any other line of work) want to blur those boundaries in a lame attempt to discredit real opposition. But you are welcome to keep trying.

  35. Yes, all the socalled “service” organizations were founded by and maintained by Freemasons.

    So the corruption was around long before the Zionists takeover made it obvious? Is it because teh Zionists are careless, or because they’re so crazy they don’t bother concealing their aims?

    Is there a single Freemason that is against the Zionists?

    Once you find out that Bnai B’rith(ADL) is a Freemason Lodge, it starts to look like there is no distinction… the saying Freemasonry is Judaism for Gentiles rings true.

  36. Tyler Dawson and his likes are the scumbugs of the earth serving their Devil masters – the Rothschilds. Like lemmings, they are funny and ignoramus who feels like they are educated but not thinking humans.

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