Freezing temperatures cause cold snap across Europe


An ice storm in Versoix near Geneva in Switzerland rendered cars immovable  Photo: COLIN SHEPHERD

Freezing temperatures have caused chaos across Europe as ice and snow have brought traffic to a halt and closed roads.

Telegraph | Feb 1, 2009

Switerzland, France and Spain were just some of the countries to be hit by unusually low temperatures.

In Versoix near Geneva in Switzerland cars were rendered immovable after being covered by icicles.

Icicles also hung danergously from trees and lamposts.

Snowfall snarled traffic in several parts of Spain including the capital, Madrid, on Sunday, while a storm in the south disrupted ferry travel from the port city of Algeciras to Morocco, authorities said.

Sections of two highways in the Madrid region were temporarily closed to vehicles triggering traffic jams, the National Travel Administration Department (DGT) reported.

Parts of central and southwestern Spain also reported long queues, before traffic returned to normal in most areas by midafternoon.

Spanish airports, however braved the conditions and reported normal operations, with the cold snap causing just a few delays.

Snow was also expected to hit northern France late on Sunday, where 32 departments have been placed under orange alert including the Paris region, Meteo-France announced.

The French weather service did not expect major accumulations of snow, but icy rain may make transportation difficult, it said.

The cold snap comes shortly after both Spain and France were hit by violent storms late last month that killed 25 people and left hundreds of thousands of homes without power.

11 responses to “Freezing temperatures cause cold snap across Europe

  1. This is an old picture this happened a month or 2 ago.

  2. It’s pretty chilly here in Iceland too…

  3. Yes it’s just part of the global cooling trend of the past several years. Of course sea ice is now back up to 1979 levels. And the glaciers are all coming back too, so yes it is getting colder on Earth again. Just another natural cycle after a period of natural warming.

  4. Maybe that’s true, but what do you have to say about this record-breaking winter weather the northern hemisphere is experiencing?

  5. where the hell did al gore go? snatched that nobel prize and is probably cooling off somewhere

  6. He’s out raking in his $200,000/hour speaking fees so he can afford to pay for his gigantic carbon footprint probably. But he is just the front man for the Club of Rome anyway. It’s the ultra wealthy elites who are pushing this thing from the top down to “acclimate” us to being slaves on the global socialist taxation plantation.

  7. the pictures are from flickr dated 2006


    good media journalism..?!

  8. Looks like you’re right, but that’s the Telegraph using a file photo to demonstrate a point in lieu of updated photos. In fact, it only illustrates that this extreme winter weather is not something new or exceptional, but a pattern developing over the last several years. I agree it isn’t the greatest journalism to use an older file photo, but as to the bigger, more important point, you didn’t answer my question unfortunately.

  9. If gore is involved, its a scam!

  10. Of course Global Warming is a scam to redistribute wealth upward, bring in “Green” commu-fascism and force global government on the world. This is a Club of Rome elite program that is revealed in “The First Global Revolution”. Gore is a member and a richly rewarded ($180,000 speaking fees) front man for this higher elite group. Just take a few weeks to comb through the Global Warming Hoax section on this blog. There are 300 articles that all point at the truth. Global Warming is just another fascist lie of the elite.


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