India to replicate some US anti-terror strategies

Economic Times | Feb 26, 2009

NEW DELHI: Taking a cue from the US, which overhauled its counter-terror machinery post 9/11 to successfully avert another attack, India is set to replicate some of the strategies adopted by the Americans to improve its anti-terror preparedness and response.

Stating this during the question hour in the Rajya Sabha, home minister P Chidambaram said a team had visited the US recently to study anti-terror strategies it had prepared in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. “The team has come back and we are trying to replicate strategies studied there that suit our requirements,” he told the House.

While hinting that the US anti-terror strategies to be replicated here may involve more effective sharing of intelligence, Mr Chidambaram said the country, in any case, was more prepared now for handling terror strikes than three months ago. He said there would be better synergy between various security and intelligence agencies from March, with the multi-agency centre (MAC) functional 24×7.

“Our level of preparedness is much higher than it was three months ago and in the event of any attack, our response will be swift and deterring,” he said responding to members’ concern on internal security.

Mr Chidambaram will be presenting his third report on the level of preparedness on February 27, during his month-end press conference. “By March 31, there will be better co-ordination between MAC and its subsidiaries and also between MAC and special branches of state police and various data centres,” he said.

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