Neo-Nazis plotting ‘Fourth Reich’ in Germany


A skinhead supporter of the rightwing German National Democratic Party, NPD  Photo: AP

A defector from Germany’s hard-core neo-Nazi party the NPD has painted a chilling picture of the rise of new Hitler worshippers and their plans to build the “Fourth Reich”.

Telegraph | Feb 26, 2009

By Allan Hall in Berlin

Uwe Luthardt was a senior member of the NPD but quit to inform on the party which Germany tried unsuccessfully to ban several years ago.

He told of weapons stores and how members greet each other with “Heil Hitler” salutes, sing the banned songs of the Third Reich and relish the idea of a new Holocaust against the Jews.

Last year neo-Nazi attacks in Germany reached an all-time high and authorities are battling to stop youngsters from being attracted to the politics of the right – particularly now that Germany is in a deep recession and jobs are being lost by the thousands every day.

Luthardt, a former board member of the party, said he was threatened that he could “disappear” if he informed on its inner workings.

“Someone who just quits usually gets a lot of problems, and can find himself waking up in intensive care,” he said.

“It wasn’t really my world. When you went along to evening meetings, you saw all the shaven heads, and a black sun or other Nazi symbols tattooed on arms. They usually just boozed or were abusive. If there’s no opponent around, they just fight among themselves.

“Many have an IQ close to my shoe size. Most of them are simply failures: failed pupils, people who dropped out of school or their apprenticeships, alcoholics that can’t find a foothold anywhere else, thugs. But every local organisation has three to five men who don’t have criminal records. They’re the ones sent to face the press or man information stands.

“I joined because I wanted to do something for Germany, I wasn’t interest in a Greater Germany. And suddenly everyone was saying we’ll take back Silesia in Poland and then we’ll give the communists a thrashing.”

He said old Nazis living in South America still donate to the party and other funds come from the staging of skinhead-music concerts.

He went on: “The simple aim is the restoration of the Reich in which a new storm trooper organisation takes revenge on anyone who disagrees with them.

“In Jena in East Germany in the NPD HQ there are a load of SS pictures in the cellar. And there’s a room with weapons.

“‘Let’s kick out all the foreigners, then the Germans will have jobs again’ – that’s the basic concept the NPD talks about. They only refer to freight trains when no one from outside is listening.” That is a chilling reference to the murder of the six million Jews of Europe during the Third Reich, most of whom were transported to extermination centres in railway cattle cars.

“They want the Jews and the foreigners to be transported away once more once they’ve taken over the country again. Internally there’s very plain speaking. And the singing of the Horst Wessel song – the anthem of the original Nazi party – is also very popular.

“But there are internal documents which clearly state how everyone should behave in public. Anything to do with the Third Reich is especially sensitive.

“The dream is of the German Reich. They’re totally convinced that they’ll win an election one day and that things will really get going.

Everyone can imagine what would happen then.”

9 responses to “Neo-Nazis plotting ‘Fourth Reich’ in Germany

  1. “Being a Nazi is no different to being a Democrat or a Republican”
    ~ General George S. Patton ~

    This poem was written by Uncle Thomas Muerton, and, it’s a groovy poem, and it really says a lot to me:
    My name is Adolf Eichmann.
    The Jews came every day
    to vat they thought vould be
    fun in the showers.
    The mothers vere quite ingenious.
    They would take the children
    and hide them in
    bundles of clothing.
    Ve found the children,
    scrubbed them,
    put them in the chambers,
    and sealed them in.
    I vatched through the portholes
    as they would doven and chant
    “Hey, mein Liebe, heyyy.”
    Ve took off their clean Jewish love-rings,
    removed their teeth and hair–
    for strategic defense.
    I made soap out of them,
    I made soap out of all of them;
    and they hung me,
    in full view of the prison yard.
    People say,
    “Adolf Eichmann should have been hung!”
    Nein, if you recognize the whoredom
    in all of you,
    that you would have done the same,
    if you dared know yourselves.
    My defense?
    I vas a soldier.
    People laugh
    “Ha, ha! This is no defense,
    that you are a soldier.”
    This is trite.
    I vas a soldier,
    a good soldier.
    I saw the end of a conscientious day’s effort.
    I saw all the work that I did.
    I, Adolf Eichmann,
    vatched through the portholes.
    I saw every Jew burned
    und turned into soap.
    Do you people think yourselves better
    because you burned your enemies
    at long distances
    with missiles, pharmacopia, et al……?
    Without ever seeing what you’d do to them?
    Auf Wiedersehen…

    As ol Guts and Glory said:

    “Being a Nazi is no different to being a Democrat or a Republican”

  2. Your point that there is no difference between Nazis, Democrats and Republicans is well-taken. They do all arise out of the same Matrix system of mind-control. You could include Communism, Socialism and Feudalism/Monarchism as well. They are all nothing but false choices to keep people believing that there is a real choice. All part of the same elite-controlled system to steer the masses and push them this way and that along a pre-determined agenda called the New World Order. Party politics is for fools and fanatics.

  3. PJWalker,

    Loved: Party politics is for fools and fanatics.

    Indeed, people become lost in belief and never return. HOw many political parties require loyalty to the party, above loyalty to the relevant countries constitution; from Zanu PF, to ANC, Obamacrats, et al?

    Two ‘political party member’ leaders whose loyalty to their country’s constitution, and nation appear higher than party loyalty to the NWO — in my view — (and not perfectly) be Ron Paul, and Vladimir Putin.

    It’s a strange, strange world we live in, ain’t it Master Jack! ;-)


  4. For the most part, Ron Paul supporters are loyal to the constitution and to their country. However, I believe they are being led astray like everyone else is. They don’t understand that the Ron Paul Revolution is a dead end leading nowhere fast. Yet they cling to Hope and Change like the Obamatons. At this point in time at least, only the individual who has forsworn political parties, who is not beholden to party lines, who isn’t into personality cults, can speak the truth. All else bend and twist the facts to fit artificial constructs like “conservative” and “liberal”. The point being that only truth can save us. Ron Paul speaks a lot of truth, but he also tells a lot of lies. Therefore, he is not going to save America. Only informed Americans can do that. Unfortunately, we are very far from being correctly informed. As I stated, we live in a country of fools and fanatics, led by slick con-artists and controlled oppositions.

  5. As I said: Indeed, people become lost in belief and never return.

    I ain’t one of those who think there is any ideology that can be considered an absolute truth. I value any particular ideology, in terms of whether it would work, in that particular circumstance, I am evaluating it for. In another one, it may not work.

    As for ‘saving America’ or ‘saving the world’ or anything like that — well, my opinion, from my experience is that pretty much anything from about 80% to about 98% of ‘humanity’ prefer enslavement, obedience, and submission, to freedom; and are nowhere near willing to apply the freedom’s responsiblities along with freedom’s rights. They want the one without the other, which is an impossibility. Instead the discard all their responsibilities, breed like cattle, and accordingly are treated and slaughtered like cattle, by the Phallic Masonic Cattle Masters, who tell them they are ‘free’. And so desperate are they to believe they are free; they believe the illusion…

    I have only met one group of people on this planet, where indivduals with preferences for diffferent ideologies as their general ‘preferred ideology’; have been willing to be totally free and practice radical honesty with a focus to radically honest sharing, and forgiveness and community. Where right wing military types and left wing hippy wacko land types, and soccer moms, and confused nerds, and sexual misfit transgenders, can all sit down and honesty share radical honestly, and just love being together.

    And if you have never been to a Radical HOnesty workshop, you would think I am talking the biggest load of horseshit; cause you would not be capable of comprehending that such bonding and intimacy and honest sharing could occur between individuals from such different political, sexual etc. ideological worldviews.

    Anyway, perhaps one day if you do go to a Radical Honesty workshop, then you shall better understand where I am coming from.



    PS: Not that I disagree with anything you stated above such as for example: “we live in a country of fools and fanatics, led by slick con-artists and controlled oppositions” — just to say; NONE OF THAT CAN CHANGE; until those who are being conned, and manipulated into false oppositions, find a way of relating, and sharing, and breaking those false oppositions, into a new paradigm of relating.

  6. That is the most clear statement you have made so far and I agree with it, though if people still cling to right and left after they leave the workshops, we won’t get too far. I do have dialogs with people of all backgrounds, speaking to them on their own terms (right vs left, conservative vs liberal) and attempt to get them up to speed on what the NWO is doing, but when a person is controlled, though they are not completely controlled, they can only take so much truth and then that’s it. In the end, they can only see one side of the coin. They can only accept so much and then fail to grasp the bigger picture. That is the most important thing to try to communicate, but it is the hardest to communicate.

  7. PJWalker,

    Agreed, that if people are still attached to right and left after they leave worskhops, we wont get too far.

    Some may, and drift away; some choose to stick with the learning from the workshop, and create a form of local community to understand the principles taught in the workshop.

    The principles — briefly — our minds and how our culture creates the values within our minds of what is ‘success’ and ‘important’ and ‘of value’ is to ‘be right’. Our ego’s are taught from when we are little, that we are valued more for who we pretend we are, than who we really are. We learn that what is important is not our totally honest vulnerable relating in the moment with another being; but who we pretend we are. As we grow older ‘who we pretend we are’ becomes our identity (our ego: who our minds starts to think we are); and our mind gets very attached to that ‘identity’.

    Our attachment’s to our ego-identity’s of how important we are, how right we are, etc. as more valuable than just a plain honest very simple perhaps even ‘foul language’ resolution of an immediate problem without any identification to whom is ‘right’ or ‘more important’ or such stuff; can be compared to an addiction. It is an INTELLECTUAL ADDICTION.

    In the same manner that an alcoholic must confront his biological body’s addiction to alcohol, or whatever a particular addiction is addicted to; this applies to how our minds ‘judge’
    ‘reality’ (whether it is biased on the side of it’s ‘created identity’ as ‘reality’ or whetehr it is willing to confront ‘reality’ and acknowledge which parts are just interpretations it made up itself, to ‘be right’)

    So like any addiction, it is helpful to find others who are there when the addiction to ‘be right’ (to overdose on self congratulation or ego attachmetn) where a kind another addicted soul, who recognizes the behaviour can kindly ‘interrupt’ you or me, with a ‘I notice this, or that, I imagine…..) or similar. And the ego-addict can perhaps find humour in the human predicament, of seeing how addicted we are to being perceived in ‘superior’ intellectual or whatever states.

    Anyway, in a bit of a rush with other things to do; so perhaps haven’t explained too clearly. But if not clear, I can try again.

    Anyway, so yes agreed, and yes long process, and yes others who interrupt us and help us as recovering ‘being right’ alcoholics, would be a start!


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