Hillary Clinton salutes Ron Paul’s campaign


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let it be known today that she thought highly of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s sway with his supporters. (NEWSCOM)

“I just want to say, having campaigned during the last presidential election, you had the most enthusiastic supporters of anybody I ever saw,” she gushed.

“I love to hear that,” he replied.

CSM Vote Blogs | Apr 22, 2009

Hillary Clinton digs Ron Paul

By Jimmy Orr

Love was in the air this afternoon on Capitol Hill. Some bipartisan love.

No, it wasn’t between President Obama and Rush Limbaugh. Today they proved they couldn’t be any further apart.

It happened when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was testifying in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Among the numerous topics discussed, Clinton shed light on the administration’s thoughts on piracy, Cuba, relations with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a nuclear-armed Iran, and the future of Indonesia.

Could there be a better array of topics to spark some romance?

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2 responses to “Hillary Clinton salutes Ron Paul’s campaign

  1. God I hate that woman

    Her hubby was supposed 2 be speaking in Aberdeen, £90 a ticket.
    Jay Z tickets were £30 at the same venue
    Clinton sure has a high opinion of himself

  2. Oh yeah–easy for her to say now–appear gracious to the vanquished.

    But they probably were given their lines/instructions before entering the room from the lounge.

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