Largest green carbon-neutral “leisure dome” in Europe to be constructed in Bucharest

Project of largest leisure area in Europe to be launched in Bucharest on Monday | Jul 4, 2009

The Leisure Dome Bucharest project, to be launched on Monday, will cover a total surface of 400,000 sq m, with the investment having been estimated at 500 million euros, reads a release of the Domus M&D company.

The complex will host, during the entire year, such activities as ski, snowboarding, ice- skating, subtropical nautical sports, including surfing and diving, for the first time in the Central and Eastern Europe.

An indoor golf field, the single of the kind worldwide, will complete the Leisure Dome Bucharest world.

There will also be arranged here the largest simulation attractions area in Europe (3D, 4D, 5D, virtual reality, cinematography), wellness, fitness, tennis, an ample area of hypermarkets, restaurants and theme clubs, ice-bars, hotels, casinos, congress centers.

The Dutch Axion Lesiure Development and the Dutch architecture office Benthem develop the project. The funds will be attracted from institutional investors, local and international private investors, banks, structural funds and from the European Community.

Leisure Dome Bucharest will be 100 percent ecological, with Romania to be marked thus on Europe’s ‘green’ map and the world’s (carbon dioxide neutral, high level sustainability).

12 responses to “Largest green carbon-neutral “leisure dome” in Europe to be constructed in Bucharest

  1. First of all, what is a 4D or 5D experience? Time is the fourth dimension, so will they have an operational time machine? If so, why has this not been in the news yet?

    How on earth will this project be green? The concrete for the foundations alone would emit tons of CO2, or does that not count?

  2. It has nothing to do with “being green”. It has everything to do with social conditioning, to get people used to living in locked down, totally controlled domed “eco-city” habitats with twenty foot high foundation walls and steel gates that can shut people out, or in. Look into the Houston Dome project for one example. All cities will eventually be domed, not for “green” purposes (look at the enormous cost and energy required to build these mega domes and maintain them), but for merely the purpose of control. Watch the movie Logan’s Run among others. If you are on with the global warming hoax, you are barking up the wrong tree. Check into the Club of Rome, how the elite manufactured the entire thing for fascist control of the planet. All the information is here on this site for you to peruse.

  3. Catacomb Years by Michael Bishop is interesting.
    A 1979 novel about a domed Atlanta. Book does end it with a couple looking up as panels are being taken down and starlight seen for first time in years.

    I was in Charleston SC for the July 4th weekend. On the battery you had the vast wonderful panorama of rivers, ships, islands and twilight fireworks going off.

    However on the promenade, one couple had a laptop set up for their children to watch a movie–explaining to others “it kept them entertained.”

    Hmm. Awful.

  4. Catacomb Years does sound very interesting. Published around the time of the movie debut of Logan’s Run I think. But when we read or watch such “entertainment”, we have to ask whether it is cautionary storytelling (and how they got the vision for it) or if it is pure predictive programming. Director Ted Flicker of the President’s Analyst knew (somehow, though he wouldn’t reveal his sources to me) way back in the 60s about the brainchip implants. Bishop seemed to know about the domed cities back in the 70s, even while the majority of Americans (let alone others) have not the slightest clue even today about this plan to encapsulate every city inside of giant domes with 30 foot high foundation walls and huge sliding steel doors that can slam shut to keep people out, or IN. And it has nothing to do with “being green”. My god the energy and money required to build and maintain these superstructures is going to be enormous all built on the backs of tax-slaves.

  5. In Catacomb Years, the major and would be major cities of North American succeed from the rest of the world by building domes, and connecting between themselves by high speed rail and planes.
    What’s left over from the non domed regions form their own country of the Rural States of America. The lucky few get chosen by lotteries to be rescued into the cities. However concerned leadership finally conducts five lotteries to “save” as many of the unfortunate Georgians as possible. Contact with the outside is forbidden, and the domes are supposed to be self sufficient, though it’s later discovered the air and water come from the outside, and farmers in the “abandoned” areas make regular deliveries to certain dome doors.

    Much of the story extrapolates from the Atlanta of the 70’s into about a couple of hundred years following. One story strand that’s sort of amusing is the EU type group brings intelligent aliens back on a probe, and they convert to Christianity, and preside over supermarket sales.

  6. Alan Watt says that private cars will be banned in the domed cities and all will be transported by subways, though no doubt there would be other forms of it mainly used by the elite, big corporate and government. Also interesting are the gates that will be used to control people going in and out. Easy to imagine certain gates where contraband can get through into what is now a huge prison with in inside and an outside world. But the people will be taught to love their servitude as they are monitored 24/7 by cameras and tracking devices, patrolled by robotic police and hover-drones.

  7. In a similar vein, “The World Inside” by Robert Silverberg–

  8. Sounds like Hell to me, kind of a schizo version of NWO dystopia without the depopulation. I am sure 3 kilometer skyscrapers are being planned. There is already a 1 kilometer Burj Duba being built by a Saudi prince. After that I suppose the heights will double every ten years or so. Most of the scifi movies show these kinds of vast megacities rising up towards the sky, but so far, I don’t recall a movie showing these massive domes covering the entire city.

  9. With the plethora of stuff/garbage on wikipedia–I find it a little curious no real entry for Catacomb Years as such. There is an entry for Michael Bishop, and some summaries of some of his novels–but raises more questions than answering much of anything.

    The entry for The World Inside seems briefer than what I remember–but that may have been another site.

  10. And in a possibly somewhat similar vein–

  11. The most amazing thing to me is how they got Connery to wear a g-string with suspenders for the part.

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