Austrian reporter claims swine flu was created to eliminate huge numbers of the population and attain global control

Various lethal diseases would also be injected along with the vaccination, thus eliminating huge numbers of the population.

Charges For Conspiracy Against Mankind

Javno | Jul 15, 2009

by Karmen Horvat

“I have filed criminal charges in Austria against Baxter and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology for producing and distributing contaminated bird flu vaccine material this winter, alleging that this was a deliberate act to cause a pandemic, and also to profit from that pandemic” – this is the beginning of the charges raised by Austrian reporter Jane Burgermeister on April 8 at the Vienna State Attorney`s Office.

She stated her reasons on her blog, including suspicions that Baxter and Avir have been developing biochemical weapons in co-operation with the so-called Illuminati or the Bilderberg group.

Biggest crime in the history of mankind

Jane Burgermeister went a step further: warning that the biggest crime in history of mankind was on the verge, she has decided to file criminal charges at the American FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations and several high government and pharmaceutical responsible for vaccines, with charges of planning mass murder.

Furthermore, the reporter will request a court ban of mandatory vaccination against the swine flu.

According to Burgermeister, bioterrorism is promoted by a group of U.S. bankers who control Federal reserves, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. The group of conspirators has also infiltrated the very pinnacle of the American state.

WHO delivered bird flu to laboratories, which unleashed it

china_baby_vaccinationAccording to the reporter, the group has unleashed artificially created viruses – bird flu and swine flu in order to eliminate huge numbers of the population and subsequently profit from selling vaccine through Baxter and other companies, along with using mandatory vaccination in certain countries. Of course, with the goal of controlling the pandemic.

Her latest lawsuit refers to the one filed in April. At the time, Burgermeister submitted evidence that Baxter laboratories in Austria intentionally unleashed 72 kilos of active bird flu virus. The virus was supposedly delivered by the WHO to 16 laboratories in four countries. Even though security is tight with dangerous matters, especially those classified as bio weapons, the procedure was not honoured this time.

According to Burgemeister, the release of these viruses serves the WHO so that it can stat distributing vaccine once enough time passes for an epidemic to occur. Various lethal diseases would also be injected along with the vaccination, thus eliminating huge numbers of the population.

USA would be the first “cleansed” country

The reporter claims that the American government has systematically been introducing measures since 2008, intended for cutting back constitutional freedoms so that when the time comes, they can conduct mandatory vaccination. The media play a part as well, convincing people of the seriousness of the swine flu, announcing the vaccination.

Finally, what the group which has spurred a food of conspiracies, is trying to achieve, is control over North America in order to exploit its natural resources without any obstacles. Later on, the similar process will take place all over the world, according to prognosis.

Are statements of some of the accused men a month after Burgermeister`s initiative hints of her claims being true?

– The swine flu virus is now unstoppable. The world is moving into the early days of its first influenza pandemic in the 21st century – Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO said on June 11.

With this statement, the media write, the WHO has given pharmaceutical companies the green light of finding a vaccine. What is more, “every country will need to vaccinate citizens against the A/flu virus and must choose who else would get priority after nurses, doctors and technicians”, said Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO director of the Initiative for Vaccine Research.

– The committee recognized that the H1N1 pandemic … is unstoppable and therefore that all countries need access to vaccine – Kieny concluded. The British cabinet has now announced that it will vaccinate all of its citizens, due to the increasing number of persons who have contracted the virus and died of the swine flu.



World Health Organization moves forward in secrecy to accomplish forced vaccination and population agenda

3 responses to “Austrian reporter claims swine flu was created to eliminate huge numbers of the population and attain global control

  1. Why is this not on the local news? It should be sent to every LOCAL news station. I hope those stations are not under Turner Broadcasting control like CNN and others.

    We could all print copies of the lawsuit and drop it off at local news stations. What does everyone else think about this?

  2. Vaccines are POISON. The only one[s] who benefit from vaccines are PHARMACEUTICALS. Lots of Vitamin D will protect you from the flu and many other diseases. DON’T be fooled by paid off media hype. STOP the sickening assault on humanity.

  3. The media is responsible for hyping Swine Flu and every other hoax perpetrated on humanity. They are literally enemy agents in the War on the Weakminded.

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