Police investigate ‘Nazi’ gnomes


An art installation by German artist Ottmar Horl featuring hundreds of Nazi-saluting garden gnomes Photo: GETTY

German prosecutors have launched an inquiry into whether a garden gnome with its right arm raised in a Hitler salute in a Nuremberg art gallery breaks the law.

Telegraph | Jul 16, 2009

Salutes and Nazi symbols have been illegal in Germany since the Second World War but investigators may decide the figure is in fact ridiculing the Third Reich.

Wolfgang Traeg, a spokesman for the public prosecutors office, said: “The investigation is ongoing and people are being interviewed.

“It is also a question of art a bit,” he said. “It will also depend on what the artist and the owners of the gallery have to say for themselves about the whole thing.”

The gnome was produced by German-born Ottmar Hoerl, the president of the Academy for Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

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