Pupils at Prince Charles’ old school hit by swine flu

“If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

– Prince Phillip

Daily Record | Jul 21, 2009

By Charlie Gall

PUPILS at a summer school at Gordonstoun have been struck down by swine flu.

The exclusive Moray institution – a favourite with the Royal Family – confirmed that several students had been diagnosed with the H1N1 virus.

None of the victims was giving cause for concern.

Health experts from NHS Grampian have been called in to advise the school on how the deal with the situation.

The summer school draws students from around the world.

It is understood that some children, described as having “important connections”, have been withdrawn by their families. Several are understood to have been flown home over the past few days.


British airlines blocking swine flu travellers

The school attracts the kids of dignitaries from around the world, including princes and princesses from foreign royal dynasties.

Jenny Needham, director of the summer school, said: “We naturally regret that this has occurred.

“But we are confident that, through full co-operation with the authorities, we are doing everything we can, and should be doing, to ensure the impact of this development is minimised for all concerned.”

Her deputy David Maloney added: “Several students at the Gordonstoun International Summer school have been diagnosed as having the H1N1 virus.

“None of those students has been, or is, seriously unwell.

“We are now working closely with the relevant public health authorities to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken.

“The Gordonstoun schools have a pandemic flu policy and we are adhering strictly to this.

“Our pastoral care is rightly regarded as being of the highest order.”

He added: “We are extremely grateful to NHS Grampian for their most helpful support.”

Every summer, 250 boys and girls travel to Gordon-stounone of the world’s most famous boarding schools, from all over the world.

Around 7000 students from more than 60 countries have attended the courses since the summer school began in 1976.

Former Gordonstoun pupil Prince Philip does the foreword on the summer school’s website.

He described the summer school as “a splendid opportunity for boys and girls from other parts of the world to experience life in a foreign country”.

Prince Charles attended Gordonstoun in the 1960s.

Princess Anne’s children Peter and Zara also went to the school.

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