Bill Gates turns his attention to controlling the weather


Good news, folks. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has turned his attention to controlling the weather.

USA TODAY | Jul 16, 2009

Hurricane-calming technology? Bill Gates has a plan

By Dan Vergano

Five U.S. Patent and Trade Office patent applications, made public on July 9, propose slowing hurricanes by pumping cold, deep-ocean water in their paths from barges. If issued, the patents offer 18 years of legal rights to the idea for Gates and co-inventors, including climate scientist Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Hurricanes, most famously demonstrated by the deadly intensification of Hurricane Katrina before its landfall in 2005, draw strength from warm waters on the ocean’s surface. The patents describe a system for strategically placing turbine-equipped barges in the path of storms to chill sea surfaces with cold water pumped from the depths.


History Channel: Weather warfare, chemtrails, tectonic weaponry and “plausible deniability”

First requested by Gates and colleagues last year, the patents describe methods “not limited to atmospheric management, weather management, hurricane suppression, hurricane prevention, hurricane intensity modulation, hurricane deflection” to manage storms.

Given the scope of the applications, “I suspect these will have a lengthy stay in the examiner’s office. They are talking about some interesting issues here,” says patent expert Gene Quinn of

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Caldeira declined to comment on the patents.

“The bottom line here is that if enough pumps are deployed, it is reasonable to expect some diminution of hurricane power,” says hurricane expert Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is not part of the patent effort. Cutting sea surface temperature by 4.5 degrees under the eye of a hurricane would actually kill a storm, he adds. “This would have to be done on a massive scale, but is still probably within the realm of feasibility.”

Says climate scientist Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University in State College: “Needless to say, there is a whole lot of skepticism about this among tropical meteorologists. But it’s not so ridiculous that I would actually dismiss it out of hand. There is certainly an important role of upper ocean mixing on tropical cyclone behavior.”

Ocean water quickly grows colder with depth, reaching temperatures of 28 to 37 degrees (salty ocean water doesn’t freeze at 32 degrees) about 500 feet down. The patents envision sail-maneuvered barges, with conduits 500 feet long, pumping warm water down to the depths and bringing cold water up. The average depth of the Gulf of Mexico is 5,300 feet.

“By cooling a region in the path of a hurricane (over 60 square miles), models suggest we could knock a half-a-category in wind speed out,” says Philip Kithil of Atmocean in Santa Fe, an ocean-pumping firm mentioned in Gates’ applications. “All the models indicate the path of the storm would be unaffected.”

In the average year, six hurricanes develop in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico in a season that officially extends from June 1 to Nov. 30. Over the past century, the annual cost of hurricanes to the USA has averaged about $10 billion, according to a 2008 Natural Hazards Review study. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina killed at least 1,800 people and caused at least $81 billion in damage.

“From a scientific and political standpoint, (the Gates plan) looks fanciful,” Quinn says. “But the physics is real and like a lot of things, the question is whether the damage you prevent is worth the money you would spend to develop something so massive.”


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36 responses to “Bill Gates turns his attention to controlling the weather

  1. Vaccine mosquitoes not enough for him?

  2. and how in hell are countries that need that water for crops in-land are going to get it??? Nature has its reasons mr Gates and we need that water. At times you are so stoopid.

  3. Pat Donnelly

    What happens if the electrical content of this cooler water intensifies the hurricane?
    Hurricanes are electrically powered!

  4. What a STUPID IDIOT

  5. Well I think that is the point, that these types of publicly announced operations are just cover-stories, to confuse the dumbed-down population, for the real HAARP weather modification programs that have been ongoing for decades. They already have the ability to strengthen or weaken or even steer hurricanes by heating the ionosphere and bouncing heavy concentrations of radio waves on the order of millions of watts into the earth. This was publicly revealed in a big way with the History channel presentation, but has been common knowledge with technocrats like Zbig since at least the 1970s.

  6. @ janet:

    exactly my thoughts – thank you!

    just one more thing for clarification – it’s very sad to realize that almost 99,99% of people never asked themselves how come a school drop out who was criminally persecuted and with IQ lower than 100, made it to the richest man in the world.

    the answer is simple: because he’s only a puppet

  7. Gate’s rich, elite daddy was a director on the board of Planned Parenthood which was founded as part of the Nazi eugenics movement to weed out the undesireables. His mommy was another rich and powerful elite who hob-knobbed with IBM (involved in the Nazi Holocaust and the program to microchip the population) executives and the rest is history. A very very “philanthropic” family, but if you check into it, all the major philanthropists (stinkin rich elites like the Rockefellers) use charity as a cover for both eugenics and globalism, as do the secretive societies and orders (masons and knights). Gates’ foundation works with the UN to weed out and sterilize African women for one example and they heavily promote UN policies leading to world government.

  8. thx for sharing more details p.j. , much appreciated!

  9. The theory makes perfect sense actually: If you have ever taken a bath and the water has been too hot when you first got in, what did you do? Most likely you “fanned” the water with your hands to bring up the lower (colder) water to mix with the hotter surface water. The trick (with sea water) is to have enough energy to stir the depths so that the the upper top layer is cooled a few degrees over a wide swath of ocean surface.

    Pumping the cold sea water to the surface would seem less efficient to me than to have it “corkscrewed” or “fanned” to the top. Remember, you don’t have to lower the whole sea surface, only the path directly in front of the hurricane and to do this it would not be necessary for the water to be propelled up into the air but only to be “mixed up” as if by a giant sub-blinder. Eventually, these “sub-blinders” could be placed offshore, adjacent to major population areas.

    We are talking machinery that hasn’t been built on this scale before. The prototypes could easily be tested in labs with a high degree of certainty of their success rate. I think mankind’s aim at this juncture should be to work toward the technology that would eventually use the vast energy of a hurricane to defeat its own self.

    My hat’s off to Mr. bill Gates – This is an idea who’s time has come.

  10. Big V,

    I appreciate there are people like you who care about getting to the truth, unlike Tony T. there who is lurking around trying to steer public opinion in the direction that globalist elites like Gates want, so that the generally confused and punch-drunk public will see scumbags like Gates as their heros and saviors. That is always the way of the elite, to present themselves as our saviors while behind the scenes, they are depopulating (murdering and sterilizing) the planet and setting up global dictatorship, and getting away with trillions of loot in the process. A very sweet deal for them.

  11. Charlotte Creamer

    I always find these sugar-coated fluff pieces about the world’s elite amusing. This one’s right up there with the Queen and her dogs. I hope the writers are adequately compensated for their works of fiction/flights of fancy.

  12. You got it Charlotte. This is just another cover story. Electromagnetic and other forms of directed energy weaponry has been in place all over the world (there are dozens of stations now) since the 60s when Kruschev admitted weapons far more fearful than nuclear bombs existed. Brzezinski admitted that weapons used to create floods and earthquakes had already been in place by the 1970s, set up by the financial elites like the Rockefellers. But they roll out their rich globalist eugenicist puppet boy Gates now, possibly in response to increasing public awareness of real weather-weaponry, in order to try to make it look like, hey, the saviors are rolling up their sleeves, hitting the blackboards and trying to come up with solutions to these terrible hurricanes like Katrina (used, like inside-job 9/11, to push more police state policies). Total BS. For every black operation in existence for decades, they always have a “new” idea as a cover story to keep knocking the public off the track, to prevent them from discovering the real technologies and the real sciences in existence.

  13. PJ, The Good Book says that we fight not against flesh a& blood but principalities and powers of the air.

    BTW, I only commented to contribute to what I considered a plausible theory that may save many lives and prevent vast destruction that a hurricane brings.

    Seriously, you don’t have to go through life thinking the illuminati are out to exterminate you. Live each day as though it may be your last and don’t dwell on things that you have no power to change. The one who comes to steal your peace is far more dangerous to your heath than measly men with their lofty NWO plans.


  14. Tony T.

    Bullshit. You just got done giving a “hat’s off” to your globalist eugenicist Illuminati hero. You are full of it.

  15. @ charlotte:

    i guess you will then also find it veeery amusing when the fiction becomes reality and you wake upt with the chip inside you, much like most of cattle and dogs are chipped by now.

    i’m not here to neither judge you, nor change your view. frankly speaking, i couldn’t care less if you swallow everything what the elite tells you it’s right or wrong (according to their standards).
    when i was young, children were silent when adults engaged the conversation.
    so, please do us all a favor, go live your ‘perfect life’ and let the big boys do the talk.

    @ tony:

    are you and charlotte by any chance related to each other, or has it become normal that most of the people really believe in what the media says? i mean, don’t you ever question any action? do you really believe everything they say?

    @ p.j. :

    thx for the comment dude, back at you. just don’t get upset over these ‘comments’. it’s their (t’s and c’s) decision if they want to go through the life with their eyes closed…

  16. PJ, you are filled with anger and you have lost your way. You’ve got to let go of this bondage in your life.

    Conspiracy theorists have sown seeds of hate and mistrust into your heart and you are reaping the fruits of their labor in your life.

    I’m sure you see yourself as a “freedom fighter” but you can’t be free when bitterness has taken root in your soul.

    What will it take before you admit I’m right? If you killed a 1000 Illuminati, it would NOT bring you peace.

    I wish I could take you to a mountain where I often go, up there your thoughts would be clear and the music of the wind blowing through the leaves would whisper their tale and you would not fear.

    All I can do is to tell you that hate and fear is poison and the love of money is the root of ALL evil.

    You want to defeat the money changers? Stop buying what they’re selling. Otherwise, don’t ya think it’s a little hypocritical to be supporting those whom you despise? Start by not buying gas and living without credit of any kind. If you’re going to be angry, be angry at yourself for feeding the beast who whats to consume you with its huger and its greed.

  17. tony,

    i do not believe killing is the right way and am sure p.j. didn’t even mention this option. the whole situation today is because of the blackmailing (politically/economically) for natural ressources and if this doesn’t work, then going to wars to still the thirst for power. and who pays the bill – the voter who believed the lies of the politicians every 4 years.

    the issue is that we all notice that our freedoms are getting more and more controlled by a few powerful people/corporations in the past 50 years, either through politics, now more through economics.

    we are all forced to work, to travel to work and back either by own car or public transportation, to buy food and pay our bills. and that is the way slavery works. some people will not call it that way, but i do believe that any kind of dependancy on something and/or someone which one can not easily break without a major loss (in any form) can be seen as slavery.

    the times have passed when a man could supported himself and his family, pay the bills and still have enough to save for the rainy days. all this didn’t happen over night. we are here, because this kind of situation has been planned for many years.

    it might be we really do not know the agenda of the powerful few, but you know how the proverb goes – once bitten, twice shy.

    i believe what we can all agree upon is the wish of majority of people to live in a world where common sense and respect rule over the money and greed of the few on the top.

  18. “You must remember that in the intelligence world, every truth is part lie and every lie is based on some truth. If you try to separate the two, you will only wind up confused and frustrated. If you are an outsider, you will slowly learn that there IS no separation of the two.. … the lies and the truth are just two of the many sides of the same ever flipping coin. If you are an insider, you will slowly and often painfully learn that sometimes the coin lands by chance, sometimes the way it lands is rigged by you’ll never know whom, and that sometimes there is not even a coin at all.

    If you are lucky and work hard, you will find some of the truth. If you are lucky and work REALLY hard, you might find the WHOLE truth…as someone wants you to know it. If you are PHENOMENALLY lucky and really work your tail off, you might even go on to find the REAL truth. But no outsiders….and in fact, very few insiders ever…EVER…learn the WHOLE REAL truth.

    All assumptions are wrong.”

    (Got that off rense btw ;)

  19. James McCanney’s book “Principia Meteorologia” is an excellent book about the weather. I think this solution would be a disaster.

  20. Tony T,

    You are obviously either massively delusional or you are just another slimy government (or masonic or both) operative creep trying to discredit this blog which is exposing the NWO matrix as it is, complete with it’s religions (which you are peddling) which have kept mankind in mental bondage for thousands of years. So it is you who are promoting bondage, not me. I promote truth and freedom, and getting off the grid as far as possible and tell people to stop watching the boob-tube, to read instead, to get out in to nature more and return to it, but unfortunately or fortunately, people do have the internet (for now) as a tool to communicate truth. As long as I have it, I will use it for that purpose, not to deceive, but to tell it like it really is, a refreshing change from the usual mind-control such as you espouse in your comments. You, by the way are using this technology to make your deceptive comments, so it shows what a hypocrite you are.

    So you come in here and start propagandizing for the Illuminati’s own favorite son, Bill Gates. Then you tell me I’m bad because I don’t like that and it makes me angry. Shouldn’t have anger you say. Don’t be bitter, you say. Believe in religion. Believe there is some kind of all-powerful Devil somewhere deep in the bowels of the earth controlling the NWO.

    You put words in my mouth, implying I want to kill people (a thousand, no less!) which is a real nice little psyop to try to paint me as a Timothy McVeigh type (the usual treatment by psyops officers), but I never said that of course. You completely made that up out of thin air. Then you talk with disdain about “conspiracy theorists” which is a term that the Illuminati use to describe truthseekers, which to me, betrays what you really are. And you say all of this with the most sickly kind of superior holier-than-thou arrogance.

    Well, I say again Bullshit! You are absolutely full of it, and you are doing your best to try to tell others that it’s no good because this blog has anger in it. Damn right it has anger, and outrage at the horrors of the NWO, anger at those who plan it and implement it, and also at those who apologize for it or spin it (like you), and it will continue to have anger in it until some kind of justice is delivered to the doorsteps of the elite manipulators and this world is finally freed from their grip on power. In fact, you know, I’m glad I’m mad at you. I’m even proud of it. It distinguishes me from your ilk that I am so filled with disgust towards you.

    I’m a natural man with the full compliment of emotions. I speak from my heart. Some like it, others don’t like the truth presented so boldly. They want it sweetened and sugar coated so it goes down more smoothly. You propose a means of neutering and neutralizing the people’s righteous indignation against this all-out NWO assault on humanity. That is the key difference. Slimy. That’s the best word to describe you. But you are right about one thing. I do hate slick little creeps like you.

    So go on, continue your deceptive little psyops attack.

  21. ‘WE’RE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE WEATHER!,’ was the title of the April 1972 article by Walter Orr Roberts, in which it was admitted that they could slow a hurricane’s winds by as much as 31% in the 60’s. So, once again it appears Mr. Gates is trying to get credit for what others have long before laid the foundation.

    Why wasn’t this technology employed during Katrina? That’s simple, because no one knows about it. “We live entangled in webs of endless deceit, in a highly indoctrinated society where elementary truths are easily buried,” stated Noam Chomsky, the world’s most quoted living author, who’s also likely the world’s most censored living author likewise.

  22. Forrester McLeod

    I swear. This planet is going to shake our annoying little asses off her lovely, constantly giving back one of these fine days!

  23. Micah Carlson

    I’m confused… How is this going to affect in-land crops (previous comment)? Severe oceanic weather is caused by warmer water and CREATES electricity (also a previous comment), not created by electricity.

    Will the deep ocean turbines become non-responsive like every Windows platform so far?

    Maybe Bill should creatively come up with a way to develop an operating system that is not over-commercialized with poor performance.

  24. I’ve got a great idea to fight back storms. Simply line up politicians along the coastline and let them do their thing. All that hot air would surely push back a hurricane quite easily.

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  28. still, he is looking new business while IT business increasing crowdedly.

  29. Jeez, he must know about chemtrails–it’s like saying that dupont or Union Carbide do not ever wonder why the government is buying up all those chemicals. We never hear about a bail-out for those folks. Micro-soft for the chemplanes right? I wish somebody would kicks these zio-clown NWO idiots in the ass someday.

  30. This man could be part of the New World Government

  31. He already is part of the New World Government, a government of, by and for the ultra-rich elites who openly work to set up global dictatorship, unleash a vast array of advanced weapons upon the Earth, murder millions and rake in billions, even trillions, in loot while they are at it. All while we just sit here and take it.

  32. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    @ Jannet

    As opposed to the smart idiots? C’mon.

    I wouldn’t know the first thing about weather control; weather predictions were crazy enough for me (nah, just kidding, I’m not a fucked up hillbilly), but y’know, I say it’s worth a try. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start, but Gates is a genius whether you want to admit it or not. If any man on Earth could do it, I’d say Gates is a worthy candidate.

    Give it a go. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Billions of dollars lost? Ha!

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  34. all these words and nobody comes up with a link to the patents.

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