The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown’s Pentagram City

washington pentagram

Dan Brown’s new book features a hidden Washington—does the city’s design conceal strange secrets?

Dan Brown’s new book—set in Washington—is expected to feature another secret society with an elaborate history and illustrious membership: the Freemasons.

Washingtonian | Aug 26, 2009

By Sophie Gilbert

Conspiracy theorists are awaiting Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol. Building on his super-bestsellers The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, about conspiratorial elements of the Catholic Church, Brown’s latest—set in Washington—is expected to feature another secret society with an elaborate history and illustrious membership: the Freemasons.

As a May 2006 Washingtonian article explored, the Washington area has a deep, rich history with the Masons. (To read the article, go to As the new book’s release approaches, Brown fans have been looking for hints to the plot—and some have been released on The Lost Symbol’s Twitter feed. Here’s what might come up in the novel:

1. Washington traffic is bad for a reason.

You don’t need to burn shoe leather looking for Masonic symbols in the nation’s capital—all you need are Google Maps and a Sharpie marker. It’s no secret that George Washington was a Freemason, but what about Pierre L’Enfant, the architect of DC? The layout of the city’s streets and landmarks seems to suggest as much—triangles and pentagrams abound.

Occult theorists have speculated that the six points of Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Scott Circle, Washington Circle, Mount Vernon Square, and the White House form a pentagram (the five points of the outer star and one vertex of the pentagon inside it); the coordinates of the six places were recently posted as a clue on Twitter. Dupont, Scott, and Washington circles all have six major streets leading into them, encoding the satanic number 666 into the city’s structure.

That may sound sinister, but the pentagram is an ancient symbol occurring in the three major religions as well as a prominent Masonic feature. In the 2006 article, authors Paul Dickson and Thomas B. Allen also noted that the four points of the White House, the Capitol, and the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials form a diamond when linked on a map—the shape of the Masonic logo.

2. That pyramid on the $1 bill isn’t just a picture.

Speculation mounted when the Lost Symbol Twitter feed posted a clue: “29.979093, 31.133891.” If you put those coordinates into Google Maps, they point to the Great Pyramid of Giza, prompting guesses that pyramids will play a role in the novel. The pyramid symbol dates back thousands of years, implying not only order and symmetry but also divine unity. The pyramid on the dollar bill (also referred to in The Da Vinci Code) is a Masonic symbol for the all-seeing eye of God, which dates back to Egyptian mythology but also appears in Christianity as the Eye of Providence.

Symbologists have noted that the dollar’s pyramid has 13 steps, while the Latin script underneath reads novus ordo seclorum, or “new order of the ages.” Conspiracy theorists have long believed that the term refers to an organization of globalists seeking to rule the world, and they’ve linked this belief to Freemasonry.

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4 responses to “The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown’s Pentagram City

  1. Discordianism?

    What is your precise definition of that again? I took it to mean an extremely vigorous, relentless and evil form of disinformation and distraction, and opposition management and neutralization.

  2. That’s about what it is, but it is technically a kind of smart-ass pseudo-cult popular among followers of Robert Anton Wilson. Ultimately, Discordianism protects and provides disinfo for Freemasony, Aleister Crowely etc usually with a form of flippant humor. Almost every mainstream article on Freemasonry is a type of discordian spin (not to mention the vast majority of “news”), but that isn’t any reason not to post them up for dissection. By posting these articles, there forms a base of mainstream-verified information on the subject as seen in the Secret Societies section.

  3. Ah–the purported hipness of the Church of Bob/Subgenious/Slack.

    They actually have a book out crammed with that stuff. Gave me headache to skim.

    And the book screams in many places–Why are you reading this?

  4. Yes, and they actually worship Chaos ie Order Out of Chaos. There is no doubt they are linked to Freemasonry as was RAW.

    They are nothing but confusion agents. They know all about the NWO, Illuminati, police state, eugenics, the whole mess and yet their whole thing is to make it all into a big joke. hahaha…

    Sublime Lodge of the Holy Blue Brethren Sacerdotal Knights of National Security

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