American Police Force modifies name, changes logo to “ease tensions”

American Private Police Force new logo | Oct 5, 2009

In the latest twist of events, the American Police Force has modified its name on its website.

Formerly seen as “American Police Force,” visitors to the website will now read, “American Private Police Force.”

According to the company’s spokeswoman, Becky Shay, the company’s official name has always been “American Private Police Force Organization.”

“That’s how it’s incorporated in California,” explains Shay.

Shay also says “APF” has become the common acronym for the company because it’s shorter and easier.

But, the modified name isn’t the only change on the site’s homepage.  The site now boasts a new crest in blue with a touch of red and features a double-headed eagle.

APPF has received criticism for displaying a similar crest, which was yellow and red.  Critics say the old crest looked like the Serbian Coat of Arms.

Shay says Captain Michael Hilton, the face of the California-based company, redesigned the website because there are many positive and negative political affiliations to the old crest.

“It was the quickest way to ease tensions they’re under right now,” Shay explains.

Official documents say that Hilton is a naturalized citizen from Montenegro and that’s where he drew his inspiration for APPF’s crest.

APPF is in negotiation to take over the empty Two Rivers Detention Center in Hardin.

Two Rivers Authority is meeting Monday afternoon to finalize the contract.

One response to “American Police Force modifies name, changes logo to “ease tensions”

  1. A private military is never a good idea

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