Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey reach out to flu vaccine victim Desiree Jennings

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey reach out to Desiree Jennings

Celebrity-backed autism organization Generation Rescue offers help to flu vaccine victim | Oct 30, 2009

The whole world has followed the tragic story of 25-year-old cheerleader, Desiree Jennings, who became famous after a seasonal flu shot in late August left her with a rare neurological disorder called dystonia which causes body jerks, convulsions, and abnormal or repetitive movements, among other symptoms. She now has problems walking, talking, and eating and her health condition has progressively worsened.

Ten days after she received the shot she came down with flu-like symptoms (nausea, vomiting, body aches, fever). Then for a week she became lethargic and later began blacking out.

“I was hoping for Lyme, praying for lupus, even Graves’ disease,” she said. “Unfortunately they were all ruled out.”

After seeing a slew of physicians, doctors at Johns Hopkins finally diagnosed her, giving her a dismal prognosis; dystonia is know to be a permanent, lifelong affliction.

Enter Generation Rescue. Actress and autism activist Jenny McCarthy cried after seeing video footage of the vaccine victim said Stan Kurtz, president of the organization. They knew they had to get involved: “We happen to be very good at handling vaccine injury – we’ve got a lot of doctors that have experience in doing that. So our doctors and our resources are completely available to her. We’re going to do everything we can to give her a lot of options to help take care, to help recover her from this condition as best we can.”

All we can say is “Go, go, go!!” We are sending our deepest and most heartfelt wishes that Generation Rescue can help recover this beautiful and courageous young woman who has a lifetime ahead of her. Learn more in the video below:

2 responses to “Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey reach out to flu vaccine victim Desiree Jennings

  1. It’s debatable that she even HAS Dystonia and there is no actual evidence the vaccine is what caused her illness.

    Why the fear mongering?

    In fact, the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation says she does not have Dystonia.

    Where is the evidence that the vaccine caused her unknown illness? Correlation does not equal causation. That doesn’t mean the vaccine is not responsible, just that if we pretend to know it is without doing any research on it we will stop looking and may never find the true cause if it is not the vaccine.

    The anti-vaccine crowd jumped all over this with their “support” and are delighted to use this poor girl to further their agenda of fear.

  2. Why are you such a big supporter of Big Pharma Nikki?

    The real “agenda of fear” comes down to us courtesy of Big Pharma hand in hand with Big Government, whether it is terrorism, global warming or swine flu. Fear, fear, fear is what government thrives on.

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