Obama hails China’s expanded role in world affairs

AP | Nov 13, 2009


TOKYO — President Barack Obama said Saturday that he welcomes a robust China on the world scene, but he cautioned that all nations must respect human rights, including religious freedoms. In a speech to prominent Japanese, Obama called himself “America’s first Pacific president” and urged greater cooperation between the United States and Japan and other Asian countries.

He played down some Westerners’ fears of an ascending China, especially in economic affairs.

“We welcome China’s efforts to play a greater role on the world stage, a role in which their growing economy is joined by growing responsibility,” Obama said.

“The United States does not seek to contain China,” he said. “On the contrary, the rise of a strong, prosperous China can be a source of strength for the community of nations.”

But Obama diplomatically reminded China and other non-democratic nations in Asia that the United States wants them to allow more freedoms to their citizens.

“Supporting human rights provides lasting security that cannot be purchased in any other way,” he said. “That is the story that can be seen in Japan’s democracy, just as it can be seen in America’s.”

Obama said all people want to speak their minds, choose their leaders, access information and worship as they please.

He did not mention particular sore spots such as Tibet, a region of China where authorities have suppressed religious freedom and nation aspirations. He did, however, criticize Burma for suppressing human rights and North Korea for pursuing nuclear weapons.

In a weeklong visit to Asia, Obama is emphasizing cooperation, warning North Korea that there will be tough, unified action by the U.S. and its Asian partners if the Koreans fail to abandon their nuclear weapons programs.

3 responses to “Obama hails China’s expanded role in world affairs

  1. I said the same thing under Bush, he/they follow an agenda–but whom do they serve? It’s not an agenda for the American people, or any benign service to humanity worldwide.

    And aliens (or in this case “changelings”)in sci fi seem to be just metaphors for Illuminati NWO elites and minions anyway.


  2. The point in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, was that “changelings” were in key positions to cause conflicts and destablize the region by their “bad” decisions. And make the area easier for overthrow.


  3. I would think that fellow science fiction lovers would be furious and vindictive at how they’ve been played all these years/decades.

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