12 yr old girl arrested for doodling on her desk at school

Alexa Gonzalez, 12, was arrested for drawing on her desk in Spanish class. Her mother Moraima Camacho says the principal at Junior High School 190 said calling the cops was agency policy. Pace for News

Don’t blame me, says principal who called for the arrest of Queens girl, 12, for doodling on desk

nydailynews.com | Feb 5 2010

BY Victor Epstein and Rachel Monahan

Education officials say it was a “mistake,” but the principal of a school where a 12-year-old girl was arrested and cuffed for doodling on her desk won’t back down, the student’s mom said Friday.

Alexa Gonzalez no longer faces a suspension for scribbling with a lime green marker, but principal Marilyn Grant told her mother, Moraima Camacho, that agency policy dictated that she calls the cops.

“[She said] that it wasn’t their fault that it was something they had to do,” Camacho said of her meeting with Grant at Junior High School 190 in Forest Hills. “She doesn’t consider it doodling.”

A message left for Grant was not returned.

After Alexa scribbled her name, the date and a smiley face on her desk during a Spanish class on Monday, her teacher reported her to an assistant principal, who placed a call to cops, city officials said.

The cops arrested Alexa, escorting her out of the school with her hands behind her back in metal handcuffs, Camacho said.

City Department of Education spokeswoman Margie Feinberg called the episode a mistake. “The principal made a mistake and has lifted the suspension,” she said.

Though other students have been arrested for petty wrongdoings, this was the first time the city admitted to an error, said New York Civil Liberties Union executive director Donna Lieberman.

“This should be a wakeup call to the mayor,” she said. Teachers, students and parents at the school agreed Friday. “I definitely think it was excessive for this girl to be handcuffed,” said a teacher at the school .

The NYPD is expected this month to start using Velcro handcuffs to subdue unruly kids following a pilot program in 22 schools in northern Queens.

5 responses to “12 yr old girl arrested for doodling on her desk at school

  1. “The NYPD is expected this month to start using Velcro handcuffs to subdue unruly kids following a pilot program in 22 schools in northern Queens.”
    WTF? to subdue unruly kids? they are just kids I mean what the hell is wrong with these people? unless a ‘kid’ has committed a real crime there is no reason for any cuffs. in fact the reason to have cuffs is when you capture a violent offender who has the intention of using violence to escape. ever see those leashes that trash people use to ‘walk’ their kids in the park? Most of these people aren’t fit to be parents. of course we are all products and this is all a big sick joke! isn’t that right DoD Intel writers?

  2. An adult who does not have the physical strength
    to “subdue” a 12-year old isn’t fit to be a police-officer . Being a weakling is no excuse for behaving like a nazi-pig .

  3. Doodling? I’d gotten the electric chair.

  4. Just goes to show how ridiculous things have become when children are getting arrested for doodling on the table.

    There used to be a time when detention would have solved the problem or just getting the child to clean the table.

    These days you can get a criminal record for such a thing, which they would most probably file under criminal damage.

    In the meantime, murderers, paedophiles, rapists, burglars and other criminals are allowed to walk the streets freely.

    Just amazing.

  5. Thats not rite cuz shes olny 12 yrs. old and gettin arrested 4 doodling on her desk in school i mean i dont all da time @ school

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