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Is ‘Green Goon Squad’ at your front door?

‘Climategate’ warns of privacy invasion that could be coming

WorldNetDaily | Apr 12, 2010

Just when you thought the government couldn’t get any more invasive than the 2010 Census and requirements under “Obamacare” that your medical records be posted on the Internet, a coming book called “Climategate” by veteran meteorologist Brian Sussman warns that soon there could be a “green goon squad” visiting at your door.

Sussman’s book, the newest title by WND books and scheduled for release April 22 “Earth Day,” has been charting for several weeks already among Amazon’s top 10 preordered titles. It arrives just as people who thought the campaign over global warming was being dropped over revelations of apparent manipulation by researchers in the field are becoming concerned that Washington still has it on the fast-track.

Sussman writes in “Climategate” that not only are promoters of the belief that starting a car in Texas or heating a home in North Dakota contributes to a cataclysmic environmental warping are continuing their campaign, Washington already has parts of it in writing.

In Chapter 10 of his book, he cites the 2009 America Clean Energy and Security Act which already has passed the U.S. House.

“Buried in the 2009 America Clean Energy and Security Act are federally mandated energy
-efficient building regulations, which supersede all local and state codes and which will be enforced by a national, green goon squad, funded in part by revenues from energy taxes, as well as by an annual $25 million from the Department of Energy ‘to provide necessary enforcement of a national energy efficiency building code,'” he confirms.

“The legislation also authorizes the Secretary of Energy to ‘enhance compliance by conducting training and education of builders and other professionals in the jurisdiction concerning the national energy efficiency building code.’

“The plan is modeled on building code enforcement in California. Each time a home is built, remodeled, or – in the case of the federal plan – preparing to be sold, a G-man wearing a federal badge and armed with a clipboard will show up at your house to make sure … all of your appliances have been updated with the most recent Energy Star-approved internal communication devices, and that the Home Area Network has been properly installed and connected to your new SmartMeter, whether you like it or not,” he says.

“This is not a helpful plan to assist you in meeting your family budget; it’s a social engineering scheme, designed and promoted by the federal government to change your behavior,” he said. “By having the capability to read your meter many times a day, the utility company is able to effectively establish demand pricing schedules; thus, using too much electricity during the peak periods is going to cost you.”

Further, he writes, part of the Big Brother spy system actually already is embedded in the law..

“The term SmartGrid [made law in 2007] refers to a distribution system that allows for flow of information from a customer’s meter in two directions: both inside the house to thermostats and appliances and other devices, and back to the utility. … Once the…SmartMeter [is] connected to the SmartGrid, Big Brother will become the new authority figure in your home. Want to do a load of laundry or read at 3 p.m. on a hot afternoon in August? Good luck. With a bureaucratic keystroke, anything attached to your [home] could be selectively turned off – or on – without your approval.”

The book details, among other things, the warping of the scientific process over global warming, the massive enrichment of its supporters, President Obama’s early and continuing support and the anti-American roots of  environmental alarmism.

Sussman, formerly a highly acclaimed San Francisco meteorologist, also is the newest morning host at KSFO Radio (560 AM), the highest-rated talk show in the San Francisco Bay Area and the fourth-largest radio market in the country.

In the original scandal that spawned the name Climategate, the hacked e-mails of Phil Jones, head of the Climate Research Unit in Norwich, England, and others uncovered schemes to employ “tricks” with warming trends, squelch skeptics and defame journals that published them.

But Sussman reveals that Jones’ work at the University of East Anglia wasn’t alone in its apparent manipulation of research. He charges that James Hansen, director at NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, has treated his position as “activist-scientist.”

Hansen is quoted in the book with the opinion, “We’re leaving a situation for our children and grandchildren which is not of their making, but they’re going to suffer because of it. So I think they should start to act up and put some pressure on their elders, and on legislatures, and begin to get some action.”

Probably the most visible alarmist over global warming has been former vice president Al Gore, who reportedly has made tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars for himself. Sussman notes that Gore has said “our grandchildren would one day look back on us as a criminal generation that had selfishly and blithely ignored clear warnings that their fate was in our hands.”

Sussman even documents how Obama, as a board member for the Joyce Foundation, voted for a $1.1 million grant to launch a privately owned “Chicago Climate Exchange.”

Sussman warns it never has been about weather; it’s about control of Americans and everything they do.

“It’s obvious to everyone that this global-warming facade is in meltdown mode,” said Joseph Farah, publisher of WND Books and founder and CEO of WorldNetDaily.com. “Now Brian’s important book comes along just in time to reveal exactly why this Big Lie was foisted on us – and what we can do to stop it cold.”

Earth Day is all the evidence of deception needed, said Sussman. First celebrated in 1970 on the 100th anniversary of the birth of communist leader Vladimir Lenin, it was founded by Sen. Gaylord Nelson, D-Wis.; former Stanford student body president Denis Hayes; and author and Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich.

“Lenin’s core political philosophy was linked at the hip with these newly fangled environmentalists who maintained that America’s government must be altered, its economy planned and regulated, and its citizens better controlled,” writes Sussman. “The environment
would be the perfect tool to force these changes, and the most efficient way to gain converts would be through the public school system – the earlier the better.”

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Stop and search UK: A Briton is interrogated by police every 20 seconds

Stop and search UK: A Briton is interrogated by police every 20 seconds. 90% aren’t even arrested

Daily Mail | Apr 16, 2010

By James Slack

Singled out: Innocent BBC photographer Jeff Overs was stopped on suspicion of being a terrorist

Somebody is stopped and searched by the police every 20 seconds in ‘Big Brother’ Britain, it was revealed last night.

More than nine out of every ten of those interrogated by officers are not even subsequently arrested, let alone charged.

Opposition parties say the revelation is yet more evidence of the Government’s disregard for civil liberties and ‘state knows best’ attitude.

According to figures released by the Home Office yesterday, the use of each of the three main types of police stop and search powers is rocketing.

The statistics follow warnings that police are making unjustified stops to give the figures ‘racial balance’ and that suspects are being searched even though there is no evidence against them.

The biggest rise was in searches carried out because an officer believed a suspect may be about to commit an act of violence – up 182 per cent in a year, to 150,174.

Use of the controversial Section 44 anti-terrorism power – which allows police to search people without any reasonable grounds they suspect wrongdoing – leapt by 66 per cent, to 210,013 cases.

The police’s long-standing stop and search power, which dates back to 1984 and requires an officer to at least suspect a person could be involved in crime, was up ten per cent, to 1,153,572 cases.

In total some 1,513,759 people were interrogated on the streets or in their car by an officer in 2008/09 – an overall increase of 24 per cent.

That is the equivalent of three every minute.

Yet the searches led to only 118,118 arrests. In the remaining cases, an entirely innocent person had been put through the humiliation – often in public – of a lengthy search for no reason.

The most controversial aspect will be the steep rise in the use of the Section 44 anti-terror powers. It led to the arrest of only nine people for terrorism offences – or 0.004 per cent of those who were stopped.

The power has already been ruled unlawful by the European courts.

Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of terror laws, has also said he knows of ases where suspects were stopped by officers even though there was no evidence against them.

But, pending a final appeal, the Home Office has decided to allow officers to continue to use the power.

Conservative Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘Gordon Brown and Labour have trampled our civil liberties for far too long. Whether they’re trying to impose ID cards, or allowing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to be stopped and searched under Terrorism powers, they always seem to think the state knows best. We can’t go on like this.

‘Conservatives will end the abuse of stop and search powers as part of a full review of all Labour’s counterterrorism laws.’

Liberal Democrat spokesman Chris Huhne said: ‘Stop and search powers are being over-used and abused.

‘When trainspotters, photographers and Japanese tourists are all up in arms, it should be clear even to Labour that this law needs to be tightened up.

‘Random and indiscriminate use of stop and search is an infringement of liberty and alienates the communities we rely on most for the intelligence and witnesses to fight terrorism.’

He spoke as the campaign group Big Brother Watch called on the three main parties to make the scrapping of Section 44 powers an election promise.

Anti-terrorism chiefs ordered an escalation in the use of the powers after the failed bomb attack against the Tiger Tiger nightclub in London’s West End in 2007.

Section 44 of the Terrorism Act allows officers to stop anyone in a specified area without the need for reasonable suspicion. From last year, the powers were limited to specific parts of London, including Westminster.

Photographers and protesters have claimed the powers are used excessively against them.

Critics also say that the alleged unjustified stopping of white people to balance racial profiling figures is ‘almost certainly illegal’.

The Home Office said the increase use of the stop and search power in ‘anticipation of violence’ was a result of the tackling knives action plan.

. . .

BBC photographer who was treated as a terror suspect

By Luke Sakeld

Of the hundreds of thousands of innocent members of the public who have been victims of Labour’s stop and search legislation, many have been photographers – be they amateurs, professionals or even tourists .

One of them was BBC photographer Jeff Overs who was stopped by police in November on suspicion of being a terrorist as he took pictures outside the Tate Modern gallery in London

The 48-year-old was focusing on a sunset over St Paul’s Cathedral when a policewoman, with a community support officer, told him she was ‘stopping people who were taking photographs as a counter-terrorism measure’ and demanded his name, address and date of birth.

The photographer said it so enraged him he sent the policewoman away with a ‘flea in her ear’ but not before he had been issued with a stop and search form.

He said: ‘I was outraged at such an infringement of my liberty.’

‘I pointed out that nearly every other person walking along the South Bank was taking pictures of the view using their mobile phones and we had drawn her attention because we were using cameras.

‘Did these officers seriously believe two people with cameras around their necks photographing the sunset were a danger to national security? Foreign tourists must think Britain has become a police state.’

Other cases include trainspotter Stephen White, who was enjoying a family camping holiday in Wales when he was confronted by officers who had ‘evidence’ of him taking pictures of some railway engines.

Using CCTV images and car registration plates, they tracked Mr White, his sister and her two children to the campsite and demanded he handed over his pictures.

When he refused, police followed their car the next day and stopped him in the road, with blue lights flashing, and repeated their demand.

He said: ‘This has totally ruined the holiday, just because I’m a bit of a train geek who took pictures of some engines.’

Last April, two Austrians were stopped at an east London bus station and told to delete their photos of red buses.

College hands files of climate change skeptics over to police

The Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia

scottishdailyexpress.co.uk | Apr 16, 2010

By Donna Bowater

THE university embroiled in the scandal over leaked climate change emails has sparked outrage by handing the personal details of climate change sceptics to police.

The University of East Anglia claimed it had been deluged with requests from sceptics under the Freedom of Information Act shortly before hacked emails were published which appeared to show scientists manipulating climate change data.

But the university has angered privacy campaigners after passing on the details of those asking for information to Norfolk Police, which is investigating the alleged email theft with the National Domestic Extremism Unit.

Detectives are interviewing all those who legally used the FOI Act to request information from the Climatic Research Unit, questioning them about their scientific and political beliefs.

One of those targeted said: “It’s alarming – I thought it was a bit heavy-handed. My understanding is everyone who put in an FOI request to the university has been contacted.

“The police were looking for a conspiracy. They felt there had been an organised group of people bombarding the university with questions. I would have appreciated more of a briefing before launching into questions about my political beliefs.”

Another, businessman Sebastian Nokes, said he had been called by a detective who “wanted to know what computer I used, my internet service provider, and also to which political parties I have belonged, what I feel about climate change and what my qualifications in climate science are. He questioned me at length.”

Mr Nokes’s FOI request had asked for details about the training given to scientists to disclose information and for copies of any emails suggesting they had withheld information.

Dylan Sharpe, director of privacy campaigners Big Brother Watch, said: “It’s disgraceful that people are being targeted without evidence. Sending an FOI request should not be a police matter.

“It is not a crime to want to know how public money is spent, any more than it is to question the science of climate change.”

A Parliamentary Select Committee report found the university had a “reprehensible” culture of withholding information and called for greater transparency in climate research. The row broke out over emails that suggested scientists used “tricks” when dealing with raw data to prove global warming was man-made.

Detective Superintendent Julian Gregory, who is leading the investigation, said: “As with any investigation we will interview anyone who may have information which is of relevance.”

Bayer admits GMO contamination out of control

NaturalNews | Apr 15, 2010

by: David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) Drug and chemical giant Bayer AG has admitted that there is no way to stop the uncontrolled spread of its genetically modified crops.

“Even the best practices can’t guarantee perfection,” said Mark Ferguson, the company’s defense lawyer in a recent trial.

Two Missouri farmers sued Bayer for contaminating their crop with modified genes from an experimental strain of rice engineered to be resistant to the company’s Liberty-brand herbicide. The contamination occurred in 2006, during an open field test of the new rice, which was not approved for human consumption. According to the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Don Downing, genetic material from the unapproved rice contaminated more than 30 percent of all rice cropland in the United States.


Fears grow as study shows genetically modified crops ‘can cause liver and kidney damage’

“Bayer was supposed to be careful,” Downing said. “Bayer was not careful and that rice did escape into our commercial rice supplies.”

The plaintiffs alleged that in addition to contaminating their fields, Bayer further harmed them financially by undermining their export market. When the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the widespread rice contamination, important export markets were closed to U.S. producers. A report from Greenpeace International estimates the financial damage of the contamination at between $741 million and $1.3 billion.

Bayer claimed that there was no possible way it could have prevented the contamination, insisting that it followed not only the law but also the best industry practices. The jury disagreed, finding Bayer guilty of carelessness in handling the genetically modified crops. The company was ordered to pay farmers Kenneth Bell and Johnny Hunter $2 million.

“This is a huge victory, not only for Kenny and me, but for every farmer in America who was harmed by Bayer’s LibertyLink rice contamination,” Hunter said.

According to Hunter, the company got “the wake-up call they deserved.”

Bayer is still being sued by more than 1,000 other farmers from Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

TIME Magazine Lists Flouride as “Environmental Toxin”

Flouride -a known toxin-  is currently in toothpaste and our water supply

Mark Matheny

A report from TIME.com lists among other household Items – Flouride- as an “Environmental Toxin”. The article starts out, saying:

Chemicals in plastics and other products seem harmless, but mounting evidence links them to health problems — and Washington lacks the power to protect us

Of course, activists and scientists have for years been aware of Flouride’s toxicity, but propaganda and Big Pharma have sought to keep these facts from the general public by showing flouride in a favorable light through the controlled media.

The article went on to say that “Government studies support current fluoride levels in tap water, but studies on long-term exposure and cancers are ongoing”.

What It Is: A form of the basic element fluorine

Found In: Toothpaste, tap water

Health Hazards: Neurotoxic and potentially tumorigenic if swallowed; the American Dental Association advises that children under 2 not use fluoride toothpaste

What You Should Know: Government studies support current fluoride levels in tap water, but studies on long-term exposure and cancers are ongoing

So, What are the lethal levels for humans?

As of April 7, 1997, the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration) required that all fluoride toothpastes sold in the U.S. carry the following poison warning:

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.

Potentially fatal dose = 5 mg of fluoride per kg of bodyweight.

Ingestion of fluoride can produce gastrointestinal discomfort at doses at least 15 to 20 times lower (0.2–0.3 mg/kg) than lethal doses. [7][8] A 2-year-old, for example, may experience gastrointestinal distress upon ingesting sufficient amounts of flavored toothpaste. Between 1989 and 1994, over 628 people—mostly children—were treated after ingesting too much fluoride from their toothpaste. Gastrointestinal symptoms appear to be the most common problem reported. [9]

In 1986 the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established a maximum contaminant level (MCL) for fluoride at a concentration of 4 milligrams per litre (mg/L), which is the legal limit of natural fluoride allowed in the water. In 2006, a 12-person committee of the US National Research Council (NRC) reviewed the health risks associated with fluoride consumption[12] and unanimously concluded that the maximum contaminant level of 4 mg/L should be lowered. The EPA has yet to act on the NRC’s recommendation.[13][14] The limit was previously 1.4 – 2.4 mg/L, but it was raised to 4 mg/L in 1985.[15]


Excessive flouride consumption in studies has been shown to be the culprit in the following;

  • A weakening of bones, leading to an increase in hip and wrist fracture
  • Adverse effects on the kidneys
  • possible liver damage
  • Chromosomal damage and interference with DNA repair
  • a correlation between increased fluoride and low IQ
  • suppressive effects on the thyroid

While it is refreshing to see the truth about flouride being published in the mainstream media, it is disappointing to see, that when most people are told about the devastating effects of flouride in our drinking water, toothpaste, and other household items – they ignore the facts, or even categorize these facts as just another “Conspiracy theory”.

Disabled man gets criminal record for keeping “offensive weapon”, a Swiss Army knife, in his glove compartment

Caravanner, 61, prosecuted for having Swiss Army knife in his glove box… to cut up fruit on picnics

Daily Mail | Apr15, 2010

'Stupid law': Rodney Knowles, who walks with the aid of a stick, poses with the penknife found in his glove compartment

A disabled caravanner who kept a penknife in his glove compartment to use on picnics has blasted the authorities after being dragged through court for possessing an offensive weapon.

Rodney Knowles, 61, walks with the aid of a stick and had used the Swiss Army knife to cut up fruit on picnics with his wife.

Knowles yesterday admitted possessing an offensive weapon at Torquay Magistrates Court. He was given a conditional discharge.

But speaking after the hearing, he said: ‘It’s a stupid law. Now I have a criminal record.’

Prosecutor Philip Sewell told the court that Knowles was stopped by police when he left a pub on February 24.

He was arrested for suspected drink-driving but a breath test showed he was under the legal limit, the court was told.

But Knowles was charged with possession of the knife, which was found in its pouch in the car glove compartment.

Mr Sewell told the court: ‘He told officers that he had the knife for caravanning. He is not working and had no malicious reason for carrying the blade’

Defence solicitor Jolyon Tuck said Knowles, who is a carer for his wife, had used the knife to cut up fruit on picnics with his wife.

‘He accepts it was in his car and the law is very clear,’ he said. He admits possession of it and he had no good reason for having it.’

Chairman of the bench Robert Horne ordered forfeiture of the knife and £40 costs to be paid.

He said: ‘There is no previous conviction history whatsoever and it was not in his possession and was in the car glove compartment in a pouch.’

The retired maintenance engineer, from Buckland, Devon, had no criminal record before the case.

He said: ‘The tool was in my glove box in a pouch, along with a torch, first aid kit and waterproofs.

‘It is everything I need for the maintenance of my car or if I break down.

‘Now I have a criminal record for the first time in my life. I am upset by that.’

Study: Baby girls and boys instinctively reach for stereotypical toys and colors according to gender

Baby girls make a beeline for dolls as soon as they can crawl – and boys will head for the toy cars, a study has shown

‘Politically correct’ efforts to steer children towards things they wouldn’t normally play with are doomed to failure.

Daily Mail | Apr 16, 2010

Why girls are naturally drawn to dolls as soon as they can crawl

By Jenny Hope

Baby girls make a beeline for dolls as soon as they can crawl – and boys will head for the toy cars, a study has shown.

With no prompting, they will choose the stereotypical toys for their gender.

The findings – the first to show consistent differences in very young babies – suggest there is a biological basis to their preferences.

This indicates that ‘politically correct’ efforts to steer children towards things they wouldn’t normally play with are doomed to failure.

Psychologists Dr Brenda Todd and Sara Amalie O’Toole Thommessen from City University London carried out an experiment involving 90 infants aged nine months to 36 months.

The babies were allowed to choose from seven toys. Some were stereotypically boys’ toys – a car, a digger, a ball and a blue teddy.

The rest were stereotypically girl toys: a pink teddy, a doll and a cooking set.

The infants were placed a metre away from the toys, and could pick which ever they pleased.

Their choice, and the amount of time they spent playing with each toy was recorded.

Of the youngest children (nine to 14 months), girls spent significantly longer playing with the doll than boys, and boys spent much more time with the car and ball than the girls did.

Among the two and three-year-olds, girls spent 50 per cent of the time playing with the doll while only two boys briefly touched it.

The boys spent almost 90 per cent of their time playing with cars, which the girls barely touched.

There was no link between the parents’ views on which toys were more appropriate for boys or girls, and the children’s choices.

The researchers presented their study yesterday at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Stratford on Avon.

Dr Brenda Todd said: ‘Children of this age are already subject to a great deal of socialisation. Boys may be given “toys that go” while girls get toys they can nurture which may help shape their preferences.

But these findings are consistent with the idea of an intrinsic bias in children to show interest in particular kinds of toys.

‘There could be a biological basis for their choices. Males through evolution have been adapted to prefer moving objects, probably through hunting instincts, while girls prefer warmer colours such as pink, the colour of a newborn baby.’