Website exposes names of Freemasons to show “The full extent of masonic influence”

Freemasons’ names published on website

Western Mail | May 5, 2010

by Martin Shipton

A DIRECTORY containing the names of 13,000 Welsh freemasons has been published by an investigative website.

It is the first time such an extensive list has been made publicly available.

Rebecca, a magazine set up by Paddy French in the 1970s, has been resurrected this month as an online publication.

French, a former senior current affairs producer with ITV Wales, said: “The full extent of masonic influence will never be known until the identity of all freemasons is revealed. There are a quarter of a million masons in England and Wales, and Cardiff alone has 65 lodges [branches].

“The governing body, the United Grand Lodge of England, holds computerised registers and it would be a simple matter for them to place these online.

“At a stroke this would make freemasonry completely respectable. Time and time again, the United Grand Lodge has refused to give information to Rebecca.”

The directory, which lists about two-thirds of freemasons in Wales, includes the names of police officers and prominent lawyers.

As well as written journalism, the website will show video investigations.

A trailer for Rebecca TV: Brothers In The Shadows

. . .

THE FULL extent of masonic influence will never be known until the identity of all freemasons is revealed.




Welsh Assembly blocks move to halt Masons Registry

BARRISTER claims application to become a judge turned down because he is not a freemason

Mason allegation as three stand for RIBA president

4 responses to “Website exposes names of Freemasons to show “The full extent of masonic influence”

  1. I demand that you expose the names of those sneaky Boy Scouts! Not to mention the Girl Guides, no, I’ll mention them too! Rotarians, there’s the risky bunch, infiltrating our most hallowed halls of small business. Bad, Bad, Bad, all of them.

  2. I agree Steve. Let’s expose the the whole evil Masonic Matrix despot system that dominates every sphere of life in the “civilized” world. Good for you. Glad to see you are on top of it.

  3. Freemasonry ties to Scouting hi-lighted in award

    National Association of Masonic Scouters

    Daniel Carter Beard
    Raised April 11, 1911 in Oriental Lodge No. 240.
    Raised: November 30, 1917 Mariners’ Lodge No. 67, New York
    He formed “The Society of the Sons of Daniel Boone” which developed into “The Boy Pioneers” in 1905, which then became the Boy Scouts of America after he heard about the work of Baden Powell.

    The Daniel Carter Beard Scouter Award
    The Daniel Carter Beard Scouter Award is to be presented at the discretion of the Grand Master for each Jurisdiction. It is recommended that it be presented at a Grand Communication or similar meeting where a representative of the Grand Lodge makes a presentation. Arrangements can also be made to make the presentation at a Scouting related function. In all cases, the award is to be presented by a Grand Lodge representative. The award consists of a certificate endorsed by the candidate’s Grand Master, and a Boy Scouts of America-approved Masonic neck medallion and knot patch to be worn with a Scout uniform.

    Founder of Boy Scouts Was A Mason

    Daniel Carter Beard
    He merged his organization into the Boy Scouts of America when it was founded in 1910. Beard became one of the first National Scout Commissioners of the Boy Scouts and served it for 30 years. The work of both Beard and Ernest Thompson Seton are in large part the basis of the Traditional Scouting movement. Beard also helped his sister organize the Camp Fire Girls and became president of the Camp Fire Club of America. Beard was a Freemason in a New York Lodge, and an award for Masonic Scouters has been named in his honor.

    B-P and Freemasonry
    The organizational pattern of achievement in Scouting and the Scottish Rite are similar

    Freemasonry and Lord Baden-Powell

    In a previous article on Freemasonry and Scouting I discussed the honor society of the Boy Scouts of America called the Order of the Arrow. Founded by two 32nd degree Freemasons in 1915, it spread outwards through the nation to become an official part of the BSA in 1936.

    The Boy Scout / Freemason Connection
    The organizational pattern of achievement in Scouting and the Scottish Rite are similar: Tenderfoot, First Degree; Second Class, Second Degree; First Class, Third Degree; followed by stages of merit, like Chapters or Degrees, the one culminating in the Eagle, while the other culminating in the Double Eagle.
    That the pattern in Scouting achievement resembles advancement in Freemasonry is no surprise. A scholar has pointed out that “the founder of the Boy Scouts, Lord Baden-Powell, was very closely inspired by the Masonic model, a fact that allowed the French Boy Scout organization to preserve its unity while grouping together Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and lay associations.”

    Trial opens in Portland, with Boy Scouts accused of hiding pedophiles

    $1.4 million verdict in Boy Scout abuse case
    Secret Scout “perversion files” — records of known sex offenders — were used as evidence

    Mormons and the Boy Scouts cover up boy rape

    Why Isn’t Sexual Abuse of Boy Scouts A Valid Concern?

    Ex-Scout leader admits to rape

    Gay Child-Raping Scoutmaster Damages Boy Scouts
    But it reminds people about the problems the Scouts have had with abusers among their leaders and volunteers in the past—and that secret files have been kept to identify them.

    Boy Scouts and the Horrors of Their “Perversion Files”

  4. Oh and one more thing of interest, since we are talking about Freemasonry and the Rotary boys, might as well talk about how Freemasons use these types of clubs to recruit, how Rotary and Lions and many others are used to promote the Masonic globalist agenda through the Masonic United Nations (ie Novus Ordo Seclorum, New World Order, HELLO-O….). Examples? Oh there are plenty of examples:



    Chartering of the United Nations and Rotary’s Continuing Relationship

    Rotaract Club at the United Nations

    Rotary Club of New York at the United Nations

    Rotary International

    Rotary Youth

    Rotary, Freemasonry and the United Nations (ie World Government, NWO etc)
    Masonry, a secretive brotherhood, uses social clubs such as the Kiwanis International, Rotary International, and others as feeder organizations or recruitment centers to enlist new members in addition to referrals by their own members. At the top end of the secretive spectrum are three interrelated organizations that capitalize on their low key relationship with worldwide masonry.
    Rotary has had a special relationship with the United Nations for more than a half century. At the 1945 UN Charter Conference in San Francisco, California, USA, nearly 50 Rotarians served as delegates, advisors, and consultants. And the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), established one year later, can trace its roots to a Rotary conference promoting international cultural and educational exchanges that was held in London in 1943. In 1946, the same year UNESCO came into existence, RI was granted nongovernmental organization (NGO) consultative status with the UN and UNESCO. Today, a growing number of projects are implemented in collaboration with UN agencies around the world.

    Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri of the terrorist P2 Masonic lodge is head of the Rotary Club at the United Nations in New York


    Independent Order of Oddfellows United Nations Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

    International Organization of Good Templars

    Junior Chamber International

    Kiwanis Worldwide Service Project

    Lions and the UN Global Compact

    Lions Day with the United Nations

    Then of course you have the other masonically inclined groups like Elks, Moose, Eagles, IOOF Hoo-Hoo, etc, etc with millions upon millions of members all interlocking with Freemasonry and all supporting the official government story on everything from Wars, to 9/11, to Global Warming, to the War on Drugs, to assassination etc, etc, all the coverups that are kept in place by faithfully corrupt-to-the-core brothers of the many, many service lodges.

    Hence, the Masonic Matrix, about which all brothers are very proud. Hence the New World Order, which they all claim doesn’t exist, goes on.

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