Farmer’s Almanac predicts colder than normal winter

Farmer’s Almanac predicts cold, dry winter

Lincoln Journal Star | Sep 24, 2010


The Farmer’s Almanac is counting on the influence of La Nina this winter.

In Eastern Nebraska, the Heartland forecast includes a slightly colder than usual winter with below normal precipitation and near to below normal snowfall.

Coldest periods, they say, will be in mid-January and mid-February. Snowy periods will be the last two weeks of January, early and late February and mid-March.

Hmm. Sounds like a pretty typical Nebraska winter.

The Almanac uses what it calls a combination of modern technology, solar science and a secret formula for its predictions. Last year, the almanac contends, they were right 81 percent of the time about the regional forecasts.

The original Farmer’s Almanac, which sold in 1792 for six cents, was to be “useful with a pleasant degree of humor.”

Gardeners will enjoy this year’s section on colorful vegetables, among them Cheddar cauliflower, New Red Fire lettuce and Chiogga beets.

And, as always, for those who plant with direction from the moon phases, this is an excellent resource.

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