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FBI uses fake bomb plot sting to snare homegrown terror suspect in Maryland

FBI fake truck bomb: Dallas-2009-US Govt. Photo

theenterprisereport.typepad.com | Dec 8, 2010

By Eric Longabardi

Adding to a long and increasing list of cases where U.S. based terrorism suspects have been arrested and charged with attempting to carry out mass terror bombing attacks on U.S. soil, Federal authorities in Maryland have charged a 21-year old Baltimore man, Antonio Martinez, (aka- Muhammad Hussain) with attempting to blow up a Armed Forces Career Center in a suburb of Baltimore, MD today.

According to the U.S. Attorney in Baltimore, Martinez attempted to carry out an attack with a car bomb he believed was real, although the bomb in this case was a fake supplied to the suspect by the FBI in an undercover sting operation.

Geraldo Rivera Tells Bill O’reilly Recent Domestic Terror Plots Are Fake

This is the latest arrest in a string of FBI cases daring back to last year in which suspects have been charged with attempting to carry out terror attacks on U.S. soil, with the help of undercover FBI agents. In addition to the Baltimore case today, recent cases just earlier this year have unfolded in Portland, OR, Washington DC, Chicago, IL.  Last year similar cases happened when the FBI provided suspects with fake bombs in Dallas, TX and in Springfield, IL.

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U.S. Government Now Creating Terrorists So It Can Arrest Them

wonkette.com | Nov 29, 2010

by Jack Stuef

Have a seat. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a 19-year-old U.S. citizen, was arrested this weekend for plotting to detonate a bomb at a downtown Portland, Oregon tree-lighting celebration. So that’s good, right? Americans appreciate not getting blown up. But the thing is, Mohamud was never a member of a terrorist group. The FBI provided him a fake bomb and worked with him in the planning of the attack. But that’s not unusual these days, because the government no longer just tries to find and arrest actual terrorists; it also tries to create terrorists it can then arrest. In fact, informants now like to stand in the parking lots of American mosques, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars and fancy cars to anyone who will sign up for jihad. It’s a brave new world for thoughtcrime.

Mohamud was a student at Oregon State, and as far as we can tell from this AP story, was not promised to get rich quickly by becoming a terrorist. He, at least, did have an actual interest in becoming one, because the FBI saw his e-mails to a friend in Pakistan, asking if he knew Osama bin Laden’s AIM handle or whatever. When Mohamud had no luck getting this contact info (WHAT? HIS FRIEND WAS IN PAKISTAN! HE MUST HAVE KNOWN TERRORISTS!), the government swooped in and told him they were hip terrorist guys with a bomb and a terrorist letterman’s-jacket with his name stitched on it.

Geraldo Rivera Tells Bill O’reilly Recent Domestic Terror Plots Are Fake

Oh, why was the FBI reading this Mohamud guy’s e-mails in the first place? It’s never explained in this AP story. But c’mon, the kid’s name is Mohamud. He shouldn’t have let his parents name him that if he didn’t want to be a terrorist. So obviously the answer to this problem was not continued surveillance but rather to entice this kid into dropping out of college to become the ULTIMATE TERRORIST.

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MEP mounts poster campaign against ‘ineffectual, expensive green policies’

thisislincolnshire.co.uk | Dec 9, 2010

MEP Roger Helmer

A BILLBOARD campaign challenging climate change theory has been launched by a Lincolnshire MEP.

Posters featuring the image of Roger Helmer and a wind farm will go up on billboards in Oxford Street near Lincoln’s train station.

In his campaign to challenge what he describes as “climate hysteria” Mr Helmer’s 20ft by 10ft image proclaims: “Green Climate Policies – Probably unnecessary, certainly ineffectual, ruinously expensive”.

He was scheduled to unveil billboards across the country – with Lincoln’s due today – but the below-freezing weather has so far prevented it because the glue will not stick, according to his office.

His views are based on the theory that the Earth is not the victim of climate change as brought about by humans but it is just part of a series of natural, cyclical events.

Speaking to the Echo from the Cancun Climate Change Conference in Mexico, he said: “The world has always got warmer and colder if you look back and 500 years ago it was a period known as the Little Ice Age and the Thames was frozen over, so we have a regular pattern of warming and cooling.

“The past 100 years is simply the natural recovery of that ice age so you do not need someone else’s explanation for it.

“More and more scientists are now coming out of the woodwork and disagreeing with the orthodoxy.

“India and China are not simply going to give up on their economic development. China is building a coal-fired power station every week and India is not far behind.

“In the world economy, India and China are growing rapidly and the West is struggling.

“The East is going to be powered by coal and nuclear and nothing we can do will change that.

“If you closed down the British economy completely, China would make up the difference in emissions in 12 months.”

Mr Helmer said the Climate Change Act 2008 was estimated to cost £18 billion a year for 40 years.

“That is the most expensive piece of legislation that Britain has ever seen,” he said.

He said the UK would be looking at a 40 per cent increase in electricity bills by 2020.

Despite his views about emissions, Mr Helmer said people should take more care of the environment.

He said: “I don’t think we should be cutting down the rainforest, we need to protect biodiversity.

“We want clean air and the key point here is that the thinking that CO2 is a pollutant.

“But it is a trace natural gas in the atmosphere and high levels increase crop yields and will help feed the growing population.

“Something I have heard recently which is incredible is that biologists have said that if CO2 was cut by half, plants would stop growing.

Our Green Climate Policies:Probably unnecessary; Certainly ineffectual; Ruinously expensive

Al Gore: The Greatest Environmental Hustler?

blackvoicenews.com | Dec 9, 2010

by Harry C. Alford

(NNPA) The subject of the Environment has long been a political football. Many manipulators have used it to gain power, thwart power or to save the world from something that isn’t quite clear. Global warming; global cooling, cancers, flooding, droughts, etc. causes questions and worries about what is going on and how we can bring it under control. The first major politician to finesse this issue was the late President Richard M. Nixon. He elevated the Environmental Protection Agency and started “Earth Day” as a mechanism to divert attention from the anti-war and the civil rights movements that were whirling from Vietnam/Cambodia and the recent assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Before long, more than a few politicians saw the advantage of embracing the issue and rallying the masses for political gain.

The Clinton/Gore administrations brought it to new heights. Vice President Al Gore saw it as the cause celebre going into the 21st century. He brought on the environmental zealot Carol Browner as the Administrator of the EPA and gave Greenpeace, Sierra Club and others a prominent place in environmental matters. Stealing a bit from the Nixon mentality they even brought in a racial theme: Environmental Justice or Environmental Racism. Things were so hot that Vice President Gore decided he was going to ride this matter to the White House and beyond. He latched on to a new concept known as Ethanol. This is an alternative to oil and is also known as “gasohol”. Simply, you process everyday corn into an alternative for gasoline. It was incredibly earth friendly and we could use everyday farming as the source. How sexy: Dump the oil companies and embrace our farmers.

However, Al and the environmentalists didn’t do their homework. This had been tried before. The great Henry Ford licensed Black inventor George Washington Carver to do the same via peanuts. The sales of automobiles were skyrocketing and exceeding the pace of oil exploration. George Washington Carver came up with this conclusion: There are many uses of peanuts, especially peanut oil, but a replacement for gasoline just isn’t feasible. It is too costly and it would disrupt the American agricultural system. Leave oil for energy and peanuts for human consumption and agri-business.

Al Gore saw this as his ticket to the White House. He would preach, advocate, and lobby the virtues of ethanol. By doing so, he would win the hearts of farmers especially in states like Iowa where the presidential primaries would start. He would become known as the Chief Environmentalist and best friend of agriculture. It was like “Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead”. The conclusion of George Washington Carver proved true and the ethanol industry grew but at great expense to the American economy.

Corn is used in a myriad of food applications including feed for our cattle and chicken industries. Corn syrup, corn starch, etc. is used throughout the products that make up a typical grocery store. The supply of corn greatly shrunk as the ethanol craze took off and the price of food has caused serious harm to our everyday economy. This “sea change” hurt all of us economically, except Al Gore. He stuck with it even after he realized the ill effects. His hope was to become the next President. He failed and now, in retrospect, he laments his devious activity.

Despite recognizing his mistake, he stuck with it anyway for the sake of big bucks. Al preached and preached the virtues of ethanol as if it was the salvation to Mother Earth. He and others arranged $7 billion in annual subsidies to ethanol producers and, even today, it is out of control. Brazil is the only nation to adequately manage ethanol production as it farms new land in the Amazon and utilizes the less expensive sugar cane. They under price us and we cannot compete with them on the global market.

Al wrote a book about his ventures entitled “An Inconvenient Truth”. His dreams were realized. The book was a great success and the documentary film won an Academy Award. The guy even received a Nobel Peace Prize from the encouragement of the environmentalist community. In the end, he made many millions of dollars and is still rolling. He didn’t become President, but he is filthy rich by anybody’s standards.

The above can become a case study in how to take advantage of half science, fear, and a strong hunger for answers. A good hustler will provide the “answer”; sell it with a vengeance, and reap the cash some kind of way. The old country boy did it. It was all about “an inconvenient lie”.

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Website: http://www.nationalbcc.org.
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MEP starts billboard campaign against climate ‘non-problem’

thisisderbyshire.co.uk | Dec 9, 2010

MEP Roger Helmer

AN East Midlands Euro MP has launched a campaign against what he calls “climate hysteria” – the belief that human activity is causing global warming.

Conservative politician Roger Helmer has long fought against policies which mitigate greenhouse gas emissions or impose ‘green taxes’ which fund measures to fight climate change.

But his new campaign, which he launched yesterday, will now see him set up billboards in big cities around the country with the slogan “Green Climate Change Policies: Probably Unnecessary, Certainly Ineffectual, Ruinously Expensive”.

Mr Helmer said: “In the last hundred years, average global temperature has risen a mere 0.7 degrees Celsius. There is ample evidence that results from ground-based weather stations have been contaminated by urban sprawl, tarmac, car parks, vehicles, buildings and air-conditioning units.

“Temperature data from satellites over the last 30 years show some warming, but less than that from ground stations,” he said.

“This slight 0.7 degree rise is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term, natural climate cycles.”

Controversial MEP Mr Helmer has organised seminars in the European Parliament on the issue, attended conferences in the UK and the USA and published books, a booklet and a DVD on the subject, entitled “Straight Talking on Climate Change”.

He is currently also on his way to the UN Climate Conference in Cancun, Mexico, which started on Monday, November 29 and will run until Friday.

He argues that the public are tired of being blamed for “a non-problem” and are especially reluctant to pay green taxes and higher power bills to combat climate change.

Mr Helmer added yesterday that the icy temperatures which recently prevented his billboards being erected on time served to highlight his claim that green policies are “probably unnecessary”.

Our Green Climate Policies:Probably unnecessary; Certainly ineffectual; Ruinously expensive